Quantum Synthesis

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Submitted: October 30, 2017

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Submitted: October 30, 2017



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Victor Darnell Hadnot

Sara Velos was born during the Trying Times. It was a period on Earth when all the governments were forced to admit that Earth had been contacted by alien cultures for centuries and that the events were systematically covered up.

The hacker that hacked the system and discovered the truth was Dave Plower. He was first hunted down like a dog and thrown in jail. But the public out pour of support transformed him into a hero for revealing to the world what some had been saying for centuries, that we are not alone.

Sara said, “These times are the turning point of our society. How we proceed from here will determine the future.”

Sara worked on the project for the government that finally realized that the cat was out of the bag and decided to freely and willingly provide the public with answers. Not that any government on Earth could spin the truth anymore.

Don Heilcan was raised on Mars Colony 3. He had always dreamed of visiting Earth where he had distant relatives he wanted to visit. But then the war broke out and all hopes of doing so were dispelled. He had a third cousin that he had stayed in contact with throughout the troubled years.

After he came of age he was forced to join the war efforts. As with all young people no matter the gender or IQ they all were called to serve the Red Planet. It bothered him to have to fight what essentially were his own relatives. It seemed senseless to go to war with the planet that all Martians originated.

Don uttered, “In a brief moment perhaps all things are made relative. But only in nature can true understanding be gained.”

However he just wanted to go some place and hide until the war was over but the war raged on taking countless lives and fueling the industrial military complex for decades.

Daniel Greco was a technician stationed on the space station Uberog in the Quito System. He had been on that particular assignment for over three years. Within that time he became friends with a scientist Claudia Ford. She was a very smart dark haired woman. Short in stature but Daniel liked that because he too was not very tall.

Daniel suggested, “In the complex universe there exist a place were all things can be understood. The trick is locating the commands of the universe and applying them.”

As time went on the two of them grew even closer and began to date. At first it was kind of awkward because they both were kind of nerdy. But as time went on they both got into a groove and things worked out very well. At some point in time Daniel got up the courage to ask her for her hand in marriage. It was an old tradition honored by some but mostly discarded.
However the romantics those who were left liked going through the motions. But in reality the only thing that actually mattered was a social contract which was carried out for short periods of time like five year intervals. Something that was created in the Twenty First Century to replace tradition marriage.

Thea Howard worked as a physics technician on the asteroid station Pupus. The captain ordered her to engage the quantum molecular matter converter. However there was a problem with the ratio proximity field generator. She order some maintenance robots to get to work on fixing it.

Thea explained, “If you want to know the true nature of something you must first understand its place in the universe.”

After her shift was over she met up with a few of her friends at the local pub and proceeded to enjoy the evening. Her birthday was only twelve days away and she was already getting into the mood. Some of her friends were aliens one of them came from Xiqu a small planet in a binary star system about 100 thousand light years from Earth. They often hung out together and enjoyed each others company.

Sara Velos had the opportunity to meet and share ideas with the African American physicist Dr. Everet T. Pystrum who postulated the mathematical theory of Quantum Synthesis.

X = (A + B)  - Q(s)

This theory suggested that nature was the best way to solve complex mathematical problems. After all nature did routinely solve very complex things in the most simple of ways. For example how does nature know how many seeds to place in a fruit so that a tree can grow? Or how do animals know how many offspring are in a litter? How much sand is in the ocean or how many hairs are on a man’s head?

Dr, Pystrum expounded, “The best way for children to solve mathematical problems is to allow them to solve the problem as individuals creatively. That is the benefit of Quantum Synthesis and the solutions are already genetically encoded in our DNA. We are primed to solve problems innately so why not mathematics?”

Quantity is all over nature. Long before man created complex equations to explain complex systems, nature had already mastered all those artificial concepts of the fractal base 42. Where the inverse base was a derivative of a prime times the quantity.

The best example was how creative people such as artist and musicians and writers created their art. They made use of the Quantum Synthesis. They used creativity to solve complex non-quantum objectifiers. Thus solving mathematical problems inherent in nature by making use of creative processes. Instead of making use of scientific methods to solve mathematical problems nature made use of creative probability models encoded in the very fabric of the universe.


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