Red Butted Baboons

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"To whit those who suffer can chime the fates." Oscar Handler

"The dreams of man is like a drop of water in the desert." Confucius

We see a tower, perhaps a school or church tower. On the tower is a deranged woman, she is babbling all sorts of things. Mostly about the horrible state of the political agenda in the civilized world. Down on the ground are officials and police as they try and talk the crazy woman down. She manages to evade authority, by slinging her own feces at them, like a red butted baboon. Off to one side are three young people. They are all twenty-something. We see Fade and Panda and Butterfly.

Fade said, "Oh dude, I don’t think I can stand to watch this any longer."

Panda spoke, "Well. What do you want to do about it. She is our mother."

Butterfly uttered, "I say, let the bitch stay. Eventually, someone is bound to capture her."

Fade expressed concern, "Yes. But just look how they all are going about it. They might end up hurting her."

Panda stated, "I’m not going to let the world know that woman is my mother. It is embarrassing. I mean, she has her ass all hanging out and she is slinging her own poo at everyone who moves."

Butterfly retorted, "I guess we have to consider the fact that we are her only family."

Fade responded, "You mean, family that cares half ass about her."

Panda voiced, "Well? What do we do? Do we get involved or do we let the so called asshole authorities have their way with our mother?"

Fade interjected, "If you put it that way. It sounds so awful. It is like they are going to rape her or something. They are just trying to get her down from the tower."

Butterfly spoke, "Yes. But look how those firemen are putting their hands all over our mother’s butt. It does look like they are trying to do her or something."

Fade said, "I don’t want those people doing my mom."

Panda pronounced, "Look, Fade, they are not really doing our mother. They are trying to get a crazy woman down from a really high place where she can get herself hurt or killed."

Butterfly spoke, "When did mom go off her meds?"

Fade uttered, "She does that some times and then, this is what happens. Maybe she wouldn’t make such a scene if she were to come and stay with us?"

Panda announced, "You mean, come and stay with you?"

Fade spoke, "I mean, that grown children, should have a responsibility to take care of their elders. Like in other countries, where they revere their elders more than in this one."

Butterfly said, "Our mother is a nut job."

Fade countered, "So. That is no reason not to care about her. In fact it is all the more reason to care for someone. We don’t want to see our mother institutionalized, do we?"

Panda took a deep breath, "You know he is right."

Fade uttered, "Look, sisters, it is just the three of us. Dad has moved on and found a new wife. Mom is still reeling from ten years ago when her boyfriend that she was cheating on dad with, suddenly was found dead. And there was a million dollar insurance policy that finally paid off a year later, after it was determined that mom had nothing to do with the guy’s death."

Butterfly announced, "We all know that mom killed her boyfriend."

Fade stated, "No. We don’t know that."

Panda added, "That is what made her crazy."

Butterfly went on, "Murder will do that to a person, you know."

Panda added, "Unless that person is psychotic and just plain old don’t give a shit."

Fade pointed out, "Well. I love mom and I think we should get involved."

Panda uttered, "Fine. Then it is decided, we are going to expose ourselves to all the world by pulling our poo slinging crazy mother from off the tower. Come baboons, lets ride!"

We see Fade and Panda and Butterfly as they sit on a large rock near the ocean. Butterfly has a handheld mirror and she is vainly admiring herself. Fade and Panda are engaged in conversation with a leprechaun named Fashus.

Fashus said, "So. The three of you make up the group Red Butted Baboons? Create a lot of music videos do you?"

Panda spoke, "It is one of many things that we do."

Fashus spoke, "And you seek wisdom of the ages do you?"

Fade answered, "Well. We just happened to come across you. Not that we find you so wise and all that."

Fashus replied, "Ah. You don’t like the wisdom of the darkness. You hate Dark Wisdom."

Butterfly interjected, "That doesn’t make any sense. The darkness is not wise."

Fashus uttered, "That all depends on who you ask. If you three are Children of Light, then yes, you are right. The darkness can not help you. But if you are the children of darkness, then much can be done."

Fade spoke, "So. The only way that people who don’t believe in God can make it is to embrace the darkness."

Fashus nodded, "That is correct. This is their time. This world has been conquered.. So the world knows them and helps them but it tries to hurt those that it does not know. God created the world but the world knew God not."

Butterfly said, "A great New Beginning is coming."

Fashus replied, "And those that are not taken will be left to fight the New Beginning. Because that means the end of the Old Ways."

Panda uttered, "But the Old Ways are filled with darkness. We all should be gland that the Old Ways are going away."

Fashus answered, "But those of us that are left behind, those of us that can not be saved, we are not happy about the New Ways."

Fade uttered, "Because if the new is coming then the old has to make way for the new."

Fashus retorted, "Ever since the fallen angels were cast from Heaven down into the chains which bind them, in the bowels of hell, they have been trying to figure out a way to escape. They created evolution so that they could evolve their way out of hell and gain access to the stars once more. Even though it would be by proxy, through the children of darkness, which they evolved, copying off of God’s creation of mankind."

Butterfly spoke, "So. There are more than one kind of human on the Earth. We all did not come from the same source."

Fashus nodded, "That is correct, Red Butted Baboons. Not all beings that look like humans are in fact human."

Panda asked, "Then how can you tell them apart?"

Fashus uttered, "God has a way of doing that, with special angels, who can sift out the wheat from the weeds."

Fade retorted, "The wheat are the Children of Light while the weeds are the Children of Darkness."

Fashus went on, "And they have been at war with each other since the beginning."

Butterfly said, "A war that they can not win because God Almighty has already won."

Fashus voiced, "But still the fight must go on. Because the fallen angels believe that they can change the outcome of the Final War, by changing the very foundations of Creation."

We see Panda and Fade as they are sitting in a banker’s office. They are all dressed up and it appears that they have serious business with the banker.

Banker said, "So. You two are part of a small startup company called..."

Panda spoke, "Red Butted Baboons."

Banker cleared his throat, "Yes. Er. That is a strange name for a company. What do you do?"

Fade fielded, "We make music videos but we have a bigger project that we are working on and we are seeking to produce it."

Banker looked over the portfolio, "I see that you have several hundred thousand in the bank from previous projects. Sounds like your little company is doing just fine at this point."

Panda spoke, "Yeah. We want to take it to the next level. This next project is projected to gross several million."

Banker uttered, "Hmm. I see that it calls for hiring several new staffers. Why? Seeing that the three of you seem to have the basic expertise to produce the project. You have the technical talent and the business talent and the artistic talent, between the three of you, you have done so well thus far."

Fade spoke, "This is a bigger project. It is a full length movie. With lots of music and a great plot."

Banker spoke, "You all have the right stuff. And the bank is minority friendly. That means that we do like to lend money to minorities because we have learned over the years, since the great recession, that non-minorities can’t carry the economy forward. It requires thinking outside of the box. And that is where fresh blood comes in."

Panda voiced, "I thought all lending institutions were mandated to be equal opportunity lenders?"

Banker responded, "That is what they all say. But the reality of it is, that most lenders are either predatory, that means that they go out of their way to lend to minorities, seeking to take advantage of them, or they tend to lend to only non-minorities. But they all say that they are fair because they have by law."

Fade asked, "So. Why are you telling us this?"

Banker announced, "Because we are different. When we lend an up and coming company like your, we stay with them. We offer all sorts of support, tailored to their particular project and we see it through. You see, if one million small companies, would hire from five to ten workers. Then there would be no unemployment crisis. Just think of it. The country moves on the backs of small business not on big business. Hell. All big business ever does is out source all the good jobs overseas. It is the small businesses, that manage to keep the jobs here at home."

Panda uttered, "So. You are saying, that if more lenders like yourselves, would help new up and coming companies, like ours, and the small business, would just pledge to hire from five to ten workers, then, there would be no economic crisis, because the country would move out of the recession for good and not slip."

Banker nodded, "That is what makes us different from other lenders. And we offer really low interest rates, because it is more important that you succeed and go for long term growth with us. It is good for the economy. It is good for the middle class. And it is good for you and your company."

Fade spoke, "So. It is a deal?"

Banker answered, "I’m going to recommend that we finance your next project."

We see Panda and Butterfly as they are talking to their dad and his new wife, their step mom. They are at a small family gathering and are having a good time. There are steaks on the BBQ and lots of high quality beer floating around.

Dad said, "Yes. I heard what your mom was doing."

Panda uttered, "I’m not sure what set her off. She gets like that when she stops taking her meds."

Butterfly added, "It is really embarrassing."

Dad responded, "You have to understand. Your mom is not right in the head. She hated me because when we were young and in college. We met. I wanted to be her friend. She had lots of emotional problems. When a time came, she wanted me to marry her. I told her that we could be good friends. But she started to tell me that she was going to commit suicide if I didn’t marry her."

Panda spoke, "That is just sick. To try and manipulate you like that."

Butterfly uttered, "That explains a lot about her behavior."

Dad went on, "Anyway. After a few years of wearing me down. I did try and get away from her but she kept on following me. I finally agreed to an arranged wedding. I would marry her for a short period of time. You know six months to a year. Then she would get psychiatric help and we would get a divorce. Well six months became six years, you kids came along and well, you now the rest."

Dad’s Wife came over, "You guys seem to be having a pleasant time. Mind if I join you?"

Panda said, "Oh no, please do. We were just talking about my mom and her latest insane act."

Dad’s Wife nodded, "The whole town is talking about it. It was all over the news. It was brave of the three of you to go over there and talk her down."

Butterfly uttered, "Yeah. Real brave. Fade got hit with some of mom’s poo that she was slinging."

Dad’s Wife shook her head, "I don’t understand what makes a woman do something like that."

Dad spoke, "She has issues."

Dad’s Wife added, "Committing adultery is an issue, dear. Your ex-wife is just plain old crazy."

Dad nodded while sipping a good beer, "I suppose so."

Panda asked, "Do you think that the two of you will ever be friends? Like you originally wanted to be?"

Dad answered, "Like I originally wanted? No. Can we find a way from here? It will all be up to your mother."

Butterfly retorted, "Relationships are complicated. Marriage is scary."

Panda voiced, "That is why I am just going to remain in a state of perpetual engagement and never let it go beyond that."

Dad’s Wife announced, "Now. That is why what your mother has done is so sad. Because she has poisoned your idea of what a good marriage can be. When the right man and woman meet, it is magical, it changes the way you see the world."

Butterfly said, "Noted. I can see that the two of you are really deeply in love. I only wish that the two of you had met before dad met mom."

Panda responded, "If he had, then we would have never been born. So. In a way, God moves in a mysterious way."

We see Fade and his girlfriend Jojo. They are sitting on a sofa playing video games. There are others in the background, we catch a look at Panda and Butterfly with their boyfriends. So. This is a young people’s gathering, with cool music and all.

Jojo uttered, "You used to say so much about how Latin women hated your dad."

Fade answered, "No. It wasn’t that Latin women hated my dad. It was that Mexican American women hated my dad."

Jojo asked, "Why is that?"

Fade uttered, "I’m not sure. I know that when he remarried, he married a Filipino woman named Tina."

Jojo nodded, "Yeah. And she is so pretty. Sweet. I think I met her once."

Panda came over and flopped down on the sofa next to Jojo and Fade, "I want you to look at this."

Jojo asked, "What?"

Panda pointed, "Look at them. They look like Muslim aliens from another planet."

Panda’s boyfriend came over, Barnie asked, "What are you guys talking about."

Chip came over, Butterfly’s boyfriend, "What is going on?"

Panda spoke, "Those people over their. They look like Muslim aliens from another planet."

Butterfly asked, "Why are you saying that? That is so racist!"

Panda said, "Why is it racist. They look like aliens from another planet. And they are dressed like Muslims. I didn’t say that they looked like terrorist or something. That would be racist. I just said, that they looked like aliens from another planet and they are dressed like Muslims."

Fade asked, "Why would aliens from another planet dress like Muslims?"

Jojo went, "Why would aliens from another planet dress like anybody from this planet at all?"

A Muslim alien woman came over to them, "You know that we can hear you guys talking. And we find your conversation very offensive."

Chip uttered, "We didn’t mean anything. They we just doing what they always do. They look at people and then pretend that they know all about them, when in fact, they are just messing around. We really didn’t think that you were Muslim."

Muslim Alien Women retorted, "The truth of the matter is that we are Muslim aliens from another planet."

The group just sat there for a long moment, then, Barnie spoke, "Okay. We were just trying to pass the time. We really didn’t mean any harm. In fact, we are sorry, okay?"

Muslim Alien Woman answered, "While in fact I do accept your apology. You need to know that I find one of you very attractive."

They all looked about themselves, "Who? Whom?"

The Muslim Alien Woman pointed to Fade, "You. I think you are cute. If you ever tire of your current girlfriend. Consider me?"

Jojo was pissed, "Now wait just a moment. You are a Muslim alien woman, who wants to steal my boyfriend right in front of me? I don’t think so."

Muslim Alien Woman spoke, "Oh. I’m sorry. Did what I say offend you?"

They all paused for a moment, then said, "Okay. We get it. Point taken."

Muslim Alien Woman smiled, then she pressed a button on a bracelet, an vanished. They all are astonished as to what has just transpired. They sit quietly then, "Now that was different."

We see Panda and Barnie as they make their way through the busy streets. There are all sorts of people about, doing whatever they must and have to do. Barnie points out a nice little restaurant that has an outdoor patio. They find a seat and order. Then they just casually get into their thing.

Panda said, "I think that the company needs about ten new people."

Barnie spoke, "Why? Because the business loan requires five to ten new people?"

Panda responded, "Well. Yes and no. The loan does state that we have to hire anywhere from five to ten new people. It is part of a comprehensive strategy to combat the recession. You see, if a million small business owners hire anywhere from five to ten new people, then that is ten million new jobs. And if five million or more small businesses do the same then they wipeout the unemployment problem."

Barnie uttered, "It is not about big business?"

Panda retorted, "Big business has failed the country. In fact, they have failed the entire world. That is why so many people in so many different countries have suffered. What is needed, is what this banking institution is doing, focusing on small business and setting the bar very low. Most small businesses can manage to hire from five to ten new employees. If they can, and everything else looks good, then they get the loan and also, all the business support that they need to succeed. But success is touted as one year at a time. Each year, if the company is doing well, breaking ever is the bar, then they are eligible for another loan and further help. If not, then bank gets its money back that it invested in the upstart, and moves on to some other small business that shows promise. Remember, it is all about stimulating the economy, one small business at a time."

Barnie spoke, "What if things don’t work out and the Red Butted Baboons fail?"

Panda shook her head, "We are not going to fail."

Barnie asked, "How can you be so sure?"

Panda responded, "Because the project that my sister and brother have planned, is simply to product a B movie. No big block buster or something. Do you know how many B movies get their producers rich? All we have to do is double or triple our initial investment in order to claim total success. That is not going to be hard to do, not in a world market."

Barnie asked, "But what if people won’t come to watch your movie?"

Panda explained, "They will. Because the movie is going to be dumb and stupid. Most B movies are dumb and stupid. We are going to follow the dumb and stupid formula. B movies that take themselves too seriously, trying to make like they are big budget movies, when in fact, they are just low budget movies with reject scripts. The secret that we have, is that we write our own script."

Barnie stated, "I see. Can I be in it?"

Panda asked, "In what?"

Barnie went on, "Your movie. Or at lease let me work for you guys. I need a good job and I have creative ideas."

Panda responded, "Okay. I tell you what. I’ll let the others know that we have hired our first new employee. But..."

Barnie voiced, "But what?"

Panda admonished, "You are going to have to carry your own weight. No slacking because you and I are involved."

Barnie stated, "Not even a little bit?"

Panda let him know, "If you do. It won’t be me who fires you. Each of us can do that."

We see Dr. Space and Sandra as they meet with the Baboons. This is a place where it is kind of dark but there is a source of light, perhaps Holy Light. There is an object off two the side, it is the twelfth artifact this is needed for the Holy Quest.

Dr. Space said, "So. You three are the original Red Butted Baboons?"

Panda nodded, "That is us."

Sandra asked, "Why Red Butted Baboons? It sounds so derogatory."

Fade answered, "Why is that? It is just the name of our company. We make music videos and High G movies. If you ever went to the zoo when you were young. It seems that everybody likes to gather around the place where the baboons are at. Our parents took us to the zoo when we were young. We saw the baboons. We liked the experience. They were so strange and radical at the same time. It seemed like a good name for our company."

Butterfly spoke, "Besides. It seems to have worked out for us just fine. We are doing okay."

Dr. Space voiced, "You know why we contacted the three of you?"

Fade nodded, "Yeah. It is about the Holy Artifact over there. Personally, I always thought it was an expensive paperweight."

Sandra shook her head, "No. It is one of the twelve objects we have been searching the universe for so that we might cause a Cosmic Reset."

Panda voiced, "Hmm. Why would you want to go and do that?"

Dr. Space fielded, "Because in the future. Big business has wrecked everything here on Earth. They have caused the worse calamity ever known to mankind. And all so that a few families can get ever so richer."

Butterfly retorted, "Sounds like what is going on right now."

Sandra spoke, "That is the problem. You see, in every era, the rich, no matter who they are, are spoiling the Earth. They oppress the poor. But in the future. They are able to escape the planet and make their habitation amongst the stars."

Fade spoke, "Didn’t God Almighty say that he would draw then back to the Earth? Even though they seek to escape."

Dr. Space voiced, "Yes. It is really complicated. Anyway, what it is that we are going to do, is cause the trend to be reversed. Make the poor the rich and the rich the poor."

Panda said, "Like cosmic Robin Hoods?"

Sandra nodded, "I guess you could say that. And as you can imagine. The powers that be, in our time, are out to stop us. The super rich, don’t want to wake up one day and find themselves the super poor."

Butterfly chimed, "Serve then all damn well!"

Fade questioned, "But like you said. The powers that be are not going to like what you are trying to do. Why not just kick back and let someone else do it?"

Dr. Space answered, "When God puts it in your heart to make a difference. Then it is up to you to find a way. It doesn’t have to be like someone else is making a difference. Everyone has their own talents. Everyone has their own way. God moves in a mysterious way. But so do the Children of Light. The world hates them. But God loves them. The world makes fun of them and seeks to oppress them. But God delivers them. You can always count on God to come through for you in the end."

Panda spoke, "Thanks, Dr. Space. I think I will remember that. You can count on God to come through."

Fade and Jojo are seated by a running brook. It is towards the evening and the place they are at is really nice. While a few people can be seen off to the side, Fade and Jojo are basically by themselves and are enjoying the moment.

Jojo said, "It is so sad that such national tragedies have to happen in order for the country to come together."

Fade spoke, "Yeah. I wonder about all that myself. Things have gotten out of control. There are too many guns in this country. It’s like, all the politicians are afraid to speak the truth. If something isn’t done about the violence which can be traced right back to gun violence and other forms of extremism, everything that everybody has worked so hard to establish will just fall apart."

Jojo asked, "What do you think people should do? Ban guns and other sorts of instruments of violence?"

Fade shrugged, "The gun lobbyist are too powerful. Thy start talking about their right to bare arms. But what if the right to bare arms, really means, that everyone had the right to roll ups their sleeves and literally bare their arms, in working for a better country. The rich didn’t have the right to oppress the poor. The nation was obligated to preserve the moral fabric of a sound Christian nation."

Jojo spoke, "Yes. But people use Christianity and twist it to mean that they can carry guns and plot against the government if they don’t like what is going on at the moment. To them, Christianity stands for everything that Jesus Christ was opposed to."

Fade uttered, "Yes. And it is sad to think that they are the ones with the money and the power to get things done. But there is coming a time, when the poor of the world, will just have enough. And they will rise up against the rich and the powerful. And exact revenge."

Jojo asked, "Is that what Dr. Space told you is happening in the future? Are the poor exacting revenge?"

Fade responded, "I’m not sure. Because he and is friends are not just from the future, they are from the past as well. So, what might be happening in the future is not exactly what is happening in the past."

Jojo uttered, "I don’t understand."

Fade explained, "Well. From what I was told. The reality we all live in is just an illusion. Think of time and space like this. Long time ago they used to have these things call records. They would put music on them and you’d use a record player to listen to the music. When you first start, the record while rotating at the same speed, would seem to move slower, while the needle was on the outer part of the record. But as the needle moved closer to the middle, it seemed to speed up. Now, the record is still moving at exactly the same speed, but there is clearly a faster revolution talking place as the needle moves closer to the center."

Jojo spoke, "So. That is what is happening to us. We are like the record. When time first began, it was like the needle placed on the record at the outer edges of the record. But now things have been going on for awhile, and things are speeding up?"

Fade added, "But. From our point of view, time and space seem to be relative and constant. When in fact, the process of endingness has increased, moving faster. Time is running out for Creation."

Jojo spoke, "Then they don’t have must time to make things right."

Fade uttered, "There might not be much time for anything to happen. God created everything in this universe to be temporary. The universal Flush Theory, which explains phenomena that was once thought to be one way but is in effect another, applies."

We see the Red Butted Baboons as they stand at the Edge of Tomorrow. In front of them are all the possibilities that tomorrow can bring. We see that most of them are really nice and wonderful. But we also see that some of them are really terrible. There is an angel of God standing before them and the angel is telling them what must come and what must be.

Archangel said, "The three of you have done well. You kept the Holy Artifact until it was needed and you did not do otherwise."

Panda asked, "Will we ever know the outcome of what all this is suppose to mean?"

Archangel uttered, "There are times when mankind is meant to know the mind of God and there are times when mankind must move ahead in darkness., forever seeking out the Light."

Fade voiced, "But I always thought that God Almighty wanted us to know the truth and to learn what must be?"

Archangel responded, "The Lord Jesus Christ wants you all to discover the wisdom of the truth. But there are some things in this life that mankind will never know. The only way to know them is to pass on."

Butterfly said, "You mean, the only way that we will ever know all the truth is to die?"

Archangel nodded, "It is a hard thing to accept. But I tell you this knowing that the three of you will embrace the truth. Because of the nature of the war. I speak of the war in Heaven and the evil ones who must forever be put down asunder. Not everything can be made known to mankind."

Fade asked, "Is it because of our proximity to hell?"

Archangel spoke, "Hell is on Earth. In fact, when mankind fell from grace, there was only one place to go and that was hell."

Panda voiced, "So. We all are in hell?"

Archangel answered, "The devil is in hell. And if the evil ones can torment mankind and cause such suffering. It only stands to reason that the life you are experiencing is in hell. That is why it was so important, the Jesus Christ come, to free all those who would call on him, and save them. Because, in your present state of being, you are not aware of the true danger that is before you."

Butterfly chimed, "So. All those people who are agnostic or atheist, they are really in hell and don’t know it?"

Archangel said, "The evil ones don’t want you to know that you are already in hell and that the only way out, is that when you pass on, Jesus Christ takes you from this place."

Fade asked, "But how can we be in hell? It doesn’t look like hell?"

Archangel told, "Just think for a moment. Think of all the suffering and wars and famines and pestilence and death. Doesn’t it sound like hell? And now think about it, imagine that you had died, and that you are not saved. Then you are stuck here. With all the demons and foul creatures of darkness. The evil ones deceive the world. They make you think that you are not in hell when in fact, you really are."

Panda voiced, "So. Life on Earth is hell. Literally!"

Archangel nodded, "At death. The veil is lifted and you know the truth. But the problem is that it is too late to repent. One must make up their mind before death. You must decide if you believe or if you don’t. The lures of this world are so great, that most people, seek the pleasures of this world, not knowing, that they are illusions, because the devil deceives the whole world."

We see the Archangel as he spreads his wings and flies off up into Heaven. The three watch and then they too sprout wings like angels. They look at each other for a moment and then they glance about, then they take to the air like the Archangel towards Heaven. "Let’s fly!"

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