Set Free My Spirit

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Scientist experimenting on deep meditation leaves his body and the building is struck by lightning.

Submitted: June 07, 2012

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Submitted: June 07, 2012



Set Free by Rolf Luetcke


I sat in the chair and went into a deep state of meditation.

The various electrical sensors taped to my body were feeding information into a bank of equipment and computers.

I focused inward and tried to keep out peripheral thoughts.  I concentrated on becoming the electrical current that flowed along the various neurons to the central nervous system and into my own brain.

I had been experimenting with deep meditation for some time and had been able to eliminate the outside influences and explore my physical body from the inside.

My grant had come through the week before and I had rented the old sound studio for the sound proof room with the outlets for all the equipment I had ordered.

The equipment had arrived in a series of deliveries and I finally got things set up.

I was just reaching the mental state I wanted and started willing my concentration to follow my nervous systems pathways when the storm started building outside.

Tucson’s summer thunderstorms could build in a hurry and the conditions were right for a good day.  The Four Corners high circulated the air clockwise from the east and there was a lot of moisture coming north out of Mexico.

When I went to the lab at eight this morning, the sky was blue and the sun was heating up the day to what they said would be near record heat for July.

I unlocked the door and locked it again behind me.  I didn’t want to be disturbed this morning and I turned on the lights and set the air conditioning to sixty-five.

I was in the sound proofed room and relaxing into a deep state of meditation as the moisture boiled up into big clouds.

The sensors were working and recording heartbeat, electrical activity and lots of other data.  I was not thinking about the data.  It had crept into my thoughts several times but I’d finally purged myself of conscious thought and was in a deep state of meditation.

My subconscious wandered my neurons and slowly followed the pathways of neurons up into my own brain.  It was like a real experience as the mind focused on the neural pathways.

Outside, the clouds were reaching thirty thousand feet and their bottoms started to turn gray.  They were flat on the bottom and you could see the mass churning.  The first lightening snaked from the cloud at eleven-fifteen a.m., early for a storm but the conditions were right and it was going to be an active day.

The studio was over on Speedway and Campbell and the storm was to the east.

The sheet of heavy rain fell from the cloud like a curtain and the flashes of lightening exploded at the leading edge, heading west.

In the studio no sound of distant thunder came into the room in which I sat so my concentration was undisturbed.

The subconscious had taken over and somehow it had figured, or remembered the electrical probes and was aware of the slight flow of electricity exerted by the probes.

Subconscious and conscious thoughts wrestled and my thoughts wondered if it were possible to follow a pathway through the neurons and to the wires outside my body.

My mind pictured the probe taped to my temple and I suddenly found my thoughts following the wire.

There was no way to put into normal words what was going on but my total concentration seemed to be following the electric line and it was as if I was now outside my body and looking back at myself sitting in the chair.

Outside, it was getting windy and the people still on the street hurried to their cars or into stores.  The storm was moving directly toward the studio.

A young homeless man tried the front door to look for a place to get out of the coming storm but the door was locked.  He turned to the station wagon parked at the curb and found it was unlocked.  He looked both ways and not seeing anyone he climbed in and set the pack in the back as he settled in the passenger seat.  He figured it would be easier to explain he was just trying to get out of the storm if the owner came up.  If he was in the driver seat, they might think he was trying to steal the car.

In the sound proof room, there was no rumble of thunder as the storm approached.

There was a bright flash and the man who’d just gotten into the car jumped and a half second later the crack as loud as artillery going off nearby.

My thoughts were inside the wire and at the first computer and it felt like I was a roving video camera as I looked from the wire at the circuit board to the inside of the computer.

I couldn’t quite figure how I was doing it but I was not even aware of my body at the moment, only the inside of the computer had me in its grip.  It was an amazing experience and I just went along for the ride, wherever it took me.

The reason the building had been empty was something I had not been aware of.  The record company that had been in here had left because the wiring was substandard and during storms, the electrical activity outside interfered with the recording.  There were often blackouts, completely disrupting their recording sessions.

As my thoughts were inside the computer, it happened.

My thoughts were exploring the computers pathways, the positive and negative ions were searching for a path and the homeless man sitting in his station wagon out front felt the hair on his body stand on end and he knew what it meant and cringed at what he knew was imminent.

I felt something odd, like a magnetic pull and was just sensing something was about to go very wrong when it happened.

There was an incredible surge of energy and everything went white!

Outside, the man had been right to cringe.  The feeling of static in his body, the flash and explosion were simultaneous.

After the extreme flash of white energy, I was completely disoriented.  I tried to come out of my meditation state but I could not sense my body at all.  I tried to concentrate but even that was hard.  Nothing was familiar and nothing made sense.  I had no sight, yet I could “see”!

It took a moment to even make sense of where I was but slowly things started to materialize into something I could understand.  I regained a sort of sight and saw I was in the room of my lab.  I seemed to be floating and could “see” the room around me.  I saw my physical body slumped in the chair and I wasn’t moving.  All the instruments were off and I didn’t know how I could even see, there were no lights on.

It seems that the “spirit” of a man is cohesive all by itself. 

This would have been a great discovery had I been able to communicate my findings.

There was something after death and it was beautiful.

Much as I tried, I could not get my thoughts into my body again.  I was thinking I should be panicking but that must be a pure physical emotion and I just observed, trying to make sense out of it all.

Time seemed to mean nothing now.  And as I floated in the room, I observed a strange thing.  The physical body that had been me slowly decomposed but nothing else changed in the room.  The only thing I had realized, my body had been killed by the electric surge going through the wiring of the building.I had been hooked up to dozens of electric wires and the pathways had led to my death, my body’s death.

Suddenly, the door opened and two men entered with handkerchiefs over their mouths.  They wore uniforms and looked like members of the Tucson Police department.

“Yup!  He’s in here!” one called back to someone outside.

“Jesus!  He must have been in here for months.  God, it stinks in here.  Hey, Pete, call in the stiff squad, I gotta get out of here, this place makes me want to puke!” the one officer said and left.  The other followed the first and I found myself drawn to the open door and as I thought about it, my thoughts took me out of the door into the other part of my old building.  The door to the outside world was open and I saw the broken lock.

I floated out the door and as I reached the sunlight, something happened!  My sense of myself winked out and was replaced by something much greater.  I had been trapped in the soundstage and as a new spirit, was not aware of what I could have done to join the bigger sphere of the universe.  Now I was free.  No longer was I bound to a body or even a planet and it was the last time I even thought of Earth.

On Earth, North America, Western U.S., Arizona, and at last, Tucson, a man was buried and there was a brief article in the local paper.

 “Dr. Albert Sropfer was found in his lab on Speedway.  He had been dead for over a month.

He was doing research on electrical impulses in the human nervous system.Dr. Sropfer must have been killed instantly when lightening hit his building back in July.  He was found when inspectors for the City of Tucson spotted numerous flies crawling on the inside of windows in his building as they were tracing some electrical faults and reported an odd smell to the police.

Dr. Sropfer had no immediate family in Arizona and is survived by his estranged wife Clara, living in Indiana and a sister in France.

Services were at-----“

His instruments had faithfully recorded his experiment and the “spirit” leaving the body.  It would have turned the scientific community upside down and changed everything we think but nothing was written down and there was no one to interpret the instrument readings.

There had been a direct hit by lightening and the power had gone out and he’d lost the path back to his body.The body had died from the surge of electricity.

The computers were sold to the University of Arizona and man went about his business as usual.

Albert’s spirit was free and Earth was only a tiny dot in a vast universe and was quickly forgotten.





Copyright Rolf Luetcke

© Copyright 2019 marieray. All rights reserved.

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