Shadow of Heavenly Things

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Christian Science Fiction

Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011




Copyright © Victor Darnell Hadnot


"That wiry web of silvery dew" Joanna Baillie

I am an Exacter. We’ve all heard the rumors and tales about the dark forces in the world. The things that strike fear and loathing in our hearts. Well--I have news for you–they are real. I’m part of a greater force--one for good that helps to fight the forces of evil. What are these evil forces? Well–there are many but the ones I’m trained to fight are demons that have taken on the forms of physical precepts–we call them-- vampires and werewolves and frankins. We all know what vampires are–those conceited demons of the night–forever doomed to walk in darkness–fallen souls which have traded their real beings for physical immortality.

And then there are the demons called werewolves–who like the vampires were once human but have fallen into the same traps as their counter parts–humans who have forsaken their souls for physical immortality–forever doomed to hell. And then there are the frankins–humans who have traded their souls for physical immortality by making use of transplanted organs and artificial means–eventually forsaking their true spirituality and being transformed into the image of the beast. The frankins are the hardest of the three to recognize and fight–because of their artificial nature.

These are the times of the Neo-Crusades. These are dark times when what is right has been called evil what is evil has been called good. These are the times of the Twisting. Once there were seven days in a week–now there are only six days. And a month comprises of six weeks and a year makes up six months.

Yes. These are evil times. And no one can escape the Twisting. My name is Eveana and my partner is called Adamus–we are Exacters. Our mission and goal is to eradicate the world of the demons known as vampires and werewolves and frankins.

From on top of a cathedral we watch and overlook the city–searching and seeking the vile things that have stolen humanity.

Adamus said, "It is confirmed–Likanus–the leader of this clan of werewolves and Vikaros–the leader of the house’s vampires–have agreed to a meeting–to try and join forces against the Neo-Crusaders–us."

I uttered, "What about the frankins?"

Adamus spoke, "From what our intelligence can gather–the frankins want nothing to do with the vampires or werewolves..."

I stretched my arms in a form almost resembling a cross–it was going to be a long night, "Then I guess we have our night cut out for us."

Adamus answered, "If they succeed in forming a pact–they will try and turn the tables on us–this will mean full out and out war–between the vampires and werewolves against the Neo-Crusaders."

In one confident swoop–my heavenly wings spread open and I stepped off the roof into the cool night’s air–soaring like an eagle–on my personal hunt. Adamus likewise opened his wings and followed. It was going to be a long night–but we are Exacters–the night belonged to us.

It was an ancient structure built by the raging sea–two great pillars rising up. The clouds bellowing slowly across in the distance with blue sky dominating. Up on the green hills were other ancient structures–some seemingly defying the hands of time–ancient mystic buildings housing secrets that mankind–even to this day did not know. There was to take place a secret meeting of the terrible creatures that had dominated and preyed upon mankind for so many centuries.

Likanus said, "You may think me a fool but this meeting had to take place..."

Jakxa interjected, "Don’t think of what they feel, Likanus–if the vampires think that they can handle the situation so well–then let them leave!"

Vikaros glared at Jakxa–more for speaking out of turn–then he focused on the leader of the werewolves, "You need to teach your woman some manners, Likanus–these are troubling times for both our clans–the werewolves and the vampires."

Xerotica could not contain herself, "We all agreed to meet here–in this holy of places for both the vampires and the werewolves–for it is this place–that from where our powers evolved."

Likanus said, "No–not evolved–they were given to us by the gods–the gods that came from distant worlds and briefly settled here on Earth–before moving on."

Xerotica hissed, "Our bloodlines are pure–we have no ties with the werewolves!"

Vikaros lifted his hand ever so slightly, "Hold your tongue, Xerotica–for there is truth in the words that Likanus has spoken. It is little known–but our paths once crossed–there were indeed great beings that came from the distant stars–beings that to the simplest of men and women–must have seemed like gods. But these beings were creatures not unlike ourselves–after having evolved many thousands of years."

Likanus went on, "They did experiments on the primitive people of the then surrounding villages and towns–testing them and screening them–looking for certain genetic markers. A science that mankind could not even begin to fathom at that time. But those experiments would lead to changes in the overall genetic makeup of all mankind. For these ancient astronauts from another world introduced manufactured viruses that were past down from one person to another–viruses that were designed to alter specific properties of the human DNA."

Vikaros finished, "But in some humans an unexpected result occurred–instead of the mutations being subtle–taking place over hundreds and thousands of years–there were radical exactions. Some causing the werewolf genetic changes to take place and others causing the vampire genetic changes to occur. That is our common heritage–the same beings from a distant world–infected the same virus into our ancient ancestors–but very different results took place."

Xerotica said, "Then let this common bond be the one that unites us against a common enemy–the Neo-Crusaders. Who have been systematically attacking both werewolves and vampires alike."

Jakxa uttered, "There is a wise man–he seems to be a leader of the Neo-Crusade–his name is Peter. Some say that he possess great wisdom and that God Almighty speaks to him in common form. He his a great prophet amongst the Neo-Crusaders."

Xerotica asked, "To what end, werewolf?"

Jakxa growled at the vampire woman but went on, "We should kill him! If we can get in close enough and kill their leader–the prophet of God–then we would have struck at their heart!"

But a wise Vikaros said, "Or–we would have created a martyr–this thing must be planned out right! We must do this thing in a systematic and politically sound way in order to get the effect that we seek. The vampires and werewolves are united in this one thing!"

To tell–the vampire was dining with friends in the village. He had learned that he had to go abroad at once. His address for forwarding letters was Casdmay’s, Daiso. I knew from a letter in his pocket that he kept an account with a branch of Casdmay’s–and Daiso is a complicated town through which to trace a man’s passage.

I said, "The evil of the demons known as vampires and werewolves must be stopped."

Adamus answered, "They all take the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in vain–they believe in false gods that fell from the heavens..."

I was none too sure of that, but his best chance of success was to shine and put forth the utmost confidence.

I gave him a tip--the woman who had made the bed–if there were such a woman–and another which he was to hand to her for her daughter’s savings.

I voiced, "You might be right–but given that the only beings that fell to Earth were demons–kicked out of Heaven–then the Dark Cult of vampires and werewolves are beholden to fallen angels that disguise themselves as angels of light."

Adamus said, "That might explain the infection of the virus that turned them into those monsters of the night–in the first place. But I think that now–they are filled with the darkness and can never return."

I spoke, "I tend to agree with you on that–it doesn’t seem like there can ever be a cure for them–they went on their own–the first ones being experimented on–by the aliens–we call them aliens from another world–but they really are fallen angels–pretending to be whatever we want them to be so that they can subvert the entire world."

Adamus answered, "They all must be stopped at all cost–but the word is that the frankins are still holding out on joining the Dark Cult."

I announced, "That is because the frankins have more in common with natural humans than the others–they make use of the dead–and pillage body parts in order to prolong life–in a most sinful way–because after awhile–they have forsaken the Word of God for the words of science."

It was perfectly safe advice to give a beginner, and it would establish bona fides.

I let him cross the strange paddock and go round the corner of the barns into the yard–then I followed to watch, so far as possible, over my fate. This time there was no need to take extreme pains to hide myself–the blood dogs had an excuse to bark. I squatted behind a tree whence I could see the front of the large door.

Received the caller with sudden surprise but no hesitation. She shut the door and there was no movement for six minutes–which I spent wishing I had cut the wires. Then an oil lamp was lit in an enormous upper room, and I saw someone pass back and forth across the window. He came out with a suitcase in his hand, followed by them with a silver gun case, with the rug, and with a packet of blood sandwiches. The whole party were chattering except, who was far too glum in my mind–and sending messages. They entered the stable to watch and load and start the aircar, and I ran back to the gothic gate.

I spoke, "The vampires are on the move–we might get caught if we continue to spy on them like this..."

In spite of his powerful grip his elbows were quivering like the Gills of Cast. I knew that the night was still young and that all of this seemingly removed behavior for the Dark Cult was leading up to something wickedly sinister–but God’s people were ready for them.

Peter the Good uttered, "With God Almighty–all things are possible–all we need to do is but believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

Adamus said, "This is a true saying and one worthy of the remembering for the Neo-Crusaders. But we have come to you because the children of darkness have risen up against the children of light–they do unite to try and defeat our cause."

Peter responded, "It is written–that we should give our causes to the Lord our God and God will take care of us. You are filled with fear because the darkness that hides just beneath the skin of mankind is rearing it’s ugly head. But don’t be afraid–have not fear–fear not..."

Eveana said, "I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is righteous and good–for he died on the cross for our salvation–but these things that roam in the night–they seem to defy all holy reason."

Peter answered, "These things that you speak of–they are demons–who have managed to evolve into the living world of the flesh of men and women–by sharing--inhabiting the human bodies of people. But this is known by all the Christian Mystics as the Abomination."

Eveana questioned, "So what is this thing–and will our people be able to defeat the on coming assault of the Dark Forces?"

Adamus said, "All things are written in the Book of Life–for those who are saved are named in it–but those who are damned are not found. This is strange magic..."

Peter said, "Take not heed to the rumors heard–for many false gods have emerged and yet there are still those to come–there will be one final battle between good and evil–and that battle will be fought by God and his holy angels–however–the battles going on now are for this time and this reality. Thousands of years ago–the fallen angels hatched a plan to deceive all mankind–first by tricking Adam and Eve into committing suicide by eating of the forbidden fruit–this caused a virus to be introduced into their perfect bodies–a virus which was sexually transmitted–from one generation to another–since all human life came from the original father and mother–all human beings have inherited this genetic virus..."

Eveana said, "So–death is a virus that has mutated and altered our original genetic composition."

Peter smiled, "And that is what the demon children already know–so when the offer came for them to have physical immortality–rather than spiritual immortality–they opted for physical immortality–thus damning their souls to eternal fire and brimstone. The entire universe is going to be cast away and a new universe will be put in its place. There are those who don’t believe in destiny–but God Jesus Christ is the destiny of all those who love and believe and obey him. Jesus Christ is our destiny and fire and brimstone is theirs."

Adamus asked, "So then–this obvious battle that is brewing between the Neo-Crusaders and the vampires and werewolves–this is part of a bigger battle–one that can’t be seen with naked eyes?"

Peter nodded, "That is correct–ever since the beginning there has been an undercurrent–a separate yet just as real existence going on–there is the physical world in which we all take part in–but there is a greater world–just beneath our noses–just beyond the very breath we take–that is the spiritual world–and the spiritual world is greater than the physical world–you see–in the physical world–we are but images and copies–avatars of what is real. Our bodies are mere atomic representations of a more wonderful existence–and that is of the Spiritual Universe."

Eveana stated, "Then this war that we engage in must be won by Good so that Evil will forever be suppressed at the footstool of the Lord Jesus Christ. And mankind will be free!"


Oh praise God and his son Jesus Christ in all the days to come and let

His joy be upon us all for the Lord is wonderful and great in his Almighty

Creations because we can never know in this life the true wonders of the

Lord for great are the mysteries that are the foundations of the Almighty

God is awesome by the sea and his love for his children knows no boundaries

For we are saved in his Almighty Glory and we can all feel safe from the

Evilness of the wolves that would hunt us down and destroy us but our

God and our Shepherd is the Lord Jesus Christ and the awesomeness is his

Praise God for his splendidness because his mercy is so great and wonderful

And God’s forgiveness is everyday and will never stop because it is his will

That we be brought into the Covenant of Salvation through the blood of the

Lord Jesus Christ who was crucified on the cross and after three days arose

God is fantastic in all the things that he does and there is nothing too hard

For God because the Lord created those things that are too small to see by

Any means and are too large to be seen because we are too small and the

Wonders of the universe are his for God created Heaven and Earth with love

God is terrific because his salvation goes far beyond any kind of understand

That mere mankind can comprehend because we are like clay to a potter and

What intelligence is there in the vessel that is created by the clay-smith and

Who being but mere clay can question the mightiness of the Lord Jesus Christ

For God is wonderful and full of the greatness of his love for there is a power

In the universe that is greater and more terrible than anything known to mankind

For it is written that God is Love and his majesty is above the stars and the great

Lights of the sky for God’s hands and his will is upon all creation from the start

God is majesty and goodness and is mercy is upon the children of men and woman

For his is not without compassion upon all of us for even when we try we fall

Short of the true essence of the Lord Jesus Christ for we seek physical perfection

While ignoring because of the evilness of science the real perfection that is God’s

The Lord Almighty is merciful and more beautiful in all our sight for God has

Created an amazing universe for us to live in with all the mysteries of the Creation

Put forth for us to discover and to learn to praise him in all things for our God is

An Amazing God and there is none like unto him for there are no other gods

Praise the Almighty with all your hearts for the Lord is beyond our understanding of

The world because we are but shadows of the real things and we are simulations of

Those things that are real because the Spiritual Dimensions are more real than the

Physical dimension that we partly live in because we are Spiritual Beings first of all


© Copyright 2020 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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