Stand on Distant Land

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


Archibald Gardener

"And I looked up and behold, Jesus Christ smiled upon me" One Of The Followers

Sheyouany looked puzzled, "Are you going to drink that? I mean–it looks absolutely awful–the color is even dirty..."

Lewanda cut in, "I don’t know about you–but it is very hot–there is little to no shade–and we’ve been stranded on this God forsaken planet for ten days–what does it matter at this point–we need water..."

Archibald finished, "I’m drinking this water because there is no other water to be found. Yes–it might have all sorts of alien germs and whatnot in it–but if you have a better suggestion–please–now is the time to make it."

The three young people–royalty in their blood–Sheyouany being a Martian from a distant star system–her ancestors came from Mars–but left due to a global crisis and relocated on a beautiful planet in a distant star system–while Lewanda and Archibald were human in origin–but each came from a different planet located in a distant star system. They had been sent on a diplomatic envoy that had been brought under attack by the Dark Powers of the Anti-Realm. The people who were with them had met with swift death when their transdimensional cruiser was ambushed and crashed on the wilderness planet that they were now stranded on.

Sheyouany held out a device, "Here–at lease let me try and purify the water before we drink it–this may kill most of the germs and whatever else is in the water."

Lewanda looked frightened suddenly, "I thought I saw something..."

Archibald let Sheyouany purify the water and handed the canteen filled--to each of them, "Are you sure that the heat and the three suns aren’t playing tricks on you. Face it–in all the time that we’ve been here–none of us has seem any real signs of higher animal life."

Lewanda looked about, "There are bugs! There are plenty of signs of those forms of life. And if those things are on this awful planet–there might be other forms that we just haven’t come across. I mean face it–some planets–even Earth Prime–if you land on the wrong part of the planet–you might think that the whole planet is just water–or desert–or ice..."

Sheyouany interjected, "What little ice is now left on Earth Prime–it’s been melting for centuries."

Then Lewanda shouted, "See there! Over there–just over that dune–something moved–something kinda big!"

They all looked–and behold–Lewanda was right–there was something moving. Kind of big and traveling at a good pace. They all began to get near their survival rockets–and they quickly put them on–strapping them on their backs–in anticipation of what danger may be. And then they could make it out–it was a colossal land crab–or that is what it resembled–but it was also different–evolved perfectly for the wilderness. And it seemed to be heading for them and looking at the three as its next meal. Well–the rockets flared with a sonic burst and the three were in the air and jetting in the opposite direction of the monster–Archibald said, "The next time you think you see something moving, Lewanda, make sure that we believe you!"

It was just after evening when on the following morning–had been given the east side. Getting out drew aside and satisfied that the three suns had risen and that is was a fine morning.

Archibald began with his usual meticulous care. Having finished–he wrapped himself and a wound around his neck.

Through the silent–he opened noiselessly and passed into the garden oasis.

The suns just showing now–misty with the mist of morning–followed round the side until he stopped and surveyed the scene.

Immediately outside a strip of alien grass ran parallel with the front of that was still made in front of the border–a strip of grass ran behind the border carefully–he turned his attention to either side of it.

Very slowly in the right hand distant soft mold.

Stared down at them–frowning–sound caught his ears–lifted sharply.

Above had been pushed up–red framed–an aureole of heaven–intelligent faces of Sheyouany and Lewanda.

"Gee–I didn’t know that you were such a morning person," Sheyouany voiced as she exited the mouth of the cave.

Lewanda stretched–the large mass of water off to her side–they had managed to find that cave and it was shelter from the hot suns, "It really doesn’t matter because we have to be going–the geosynchronous will be tracking today–and help is no doubt on the way."

Archibald uttered, "All we have to do is survive until they arrive."

Lewanda frowned, "What about those who attacked us in the first place–they think we are dead."

Sheyouany grinned, "Just think what they are going to be in for–when they see an armed militia coming out of hyperspace. They are going to freak!"

Lewanda spoke, "They’ll be dead before they can freak–but we all have to be careful–no doubt–they have spy drones flying about the planet–we don’t want them by chance to discover us before help arrives."

Archibald examined his emergency rocket-pack–the system was going through a diagnostic, "And then there is the problem of the overgrown animal life on this planet–I mean–just look–the best place to survive this heat is also the closest place by the sea. Who knows what might come out of the water next..."

Lewanda interjected, "Or–what might try and slither into the sea. Maybe we shouldn’t stick around here–maybe it is too dangerous."

Sheyouany shook her head, "No–we have to be careful–too much exposure to the three suns–and quite literally–we are toast. Get out too far from water–not good either–and the factor of the flying spy drones is a really serious one."

Archibald nodded, "I agree with Sheyouany–any dumb move now could spell disaster..."

Lewanda cut in, "You mean–a bigger disaster than the one that we are already in?"

Archibald sighed, "Let’s eat first–we can’t do anything on an empty stomach. Besides–while there might be little honor in our hiding out–being brave and stupid is even worse."

Sheyouany smiled, "I knew there was a reason why we all liked you–a leader with sensibilities."

Lewanda uttered, "Leader? I’m a leader too–we all are–or will be when we grow up!"

Archibald said, "I’m not trying to be a leader–I’m trying to be your friend."

Another night and another chance at hope now gone. The planet was a hostile planet and the odds of the three being rescued any time soon waned. It was a strange world they had managed to land on. On the one hand–there were strange forms of life–sand creatures and water creatures. Strange airborne creatures–they seemed all hell bent on eating them and one another–the cycle of life. Kill or be killed.

Sheyouany said, "This place is most inhospitable–in fact it is down right hellish–I wouldn’t mind if we were all rescued right this moment!"

They all had managed to find another cave to rest in–near the sea but not too close as to be ready prey for whatsoever came out of the water–and there were some big ugly creatures they had seen during the daylight–who knew what came out at night. The planet had four moons that cast a pretty mystical aura across the distant night sky.

Archibald said, "I think we need to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for deliverance."

The others agreed and the three of them worshiped and prayed to the Lord so that God would deliver them from their current predicament. Then came time for the night’s meal as Lewanda fixed what looked like some form of fish soup. The others helped by chipping in and the meal quickly took form.

Lewanda said, "I wonder what is taking our rescuers so long?"

Archibald answered, "It could be anything–we know that those who ambushed our envoy are still above the planet’s atmosphere in orbit–sending out drones and other machines–trying to find us. And then there are the problems of space pirates and other nefarious notables–all this and anything could be making the search and rescue hard–what we need to do is keep our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. God will see us through this crisis–he always has and he always will. Jesus Christ is an amazing God–he never stops listening and caring and saving his people. We’ve been in tough situations before and the Lord has delivered us in a glorious way."

Lewanda said, "Point taken–you are right–the three of us have been in some sticky situations and some how–the Lord has always managed to bless us with salvation. God never fails and we all need to keep the faith."

Sheyouany said, "Yes–we do. Besides it isn’t much fun thinking about being eaten alive by some creepy monster. But oh–how I wish that we were someplace save and sound!"

Archibald said, "Some time–God allows us to be put in situations in order to test us–or rather prove us–so that we can see–what he already knows about us–because God is Almighty and knows everything–but we often doubt and question our lives at any given moment."

Lewanda said, "But that is only natural–people have doubt–it is human–without it we couldn’t be cautious–we’d believe any old thing put forth–sometimes doubt can save your life."

Sheyouany said, "Yes–people are very complicated–but knowing who to doubt and when to doubt is the key–one must never doubt that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he was raised from the death of the cross three days later."

Archibald said, "There is only one truth in the entire universe–and that is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God–everything else is just a bunch of B.S."

Lewanda questioned, "Do you think they will come for us tomorrow?"

There was a long silence in the camp as the three ate slowly–her question resonated in their minds like some kind of obscure riddle that needed to be pondered in order to be solved. Slowly their eyes fixed on one another–Sheyouany tried to launch a smile of hope.

Archibald answered, "Faith–hope–charity–love–grace–mercy–compassion. We can hope."

There was fierce fighting in the air–the drones that the ships that had ambushed their original diplomatic convoy–we now in hot pursuit of Archibald and Sheyouany and Lewanda. They streaked across the alien sky–using their emergency rocket packs to their fullest in order to maneuver out of harm’s way. Then suddenly–as if things weren’t bad enough–flying predators–indigenous to the planet caught wind of the chase and the three young people were out numbered and seemingly headed for disaster.

They flew low and hard–zig-zagging across the tops of dunes and around mounds–occasionally crossing an oasis and then dropping hundreds of feet over the face of steep cliffs. They were doing everything in their power in order to survive. Finally Archibald spotted a great place in order to hide–if not but for a few moments–in order to give them time to think and pray to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sheyouany said, "It’s a miracle that you spotted this place from the way that we were all flying."

Lewanda uttered, "I’m tired–I don’t think I can go on much longer."

Archibald said, "I think it is time that we pray to God for deliverance–let’s face it–if we are going to get out of here alive and in one piece–we are going to need the power of the Lord Jesus Christ–in order to prevail."

Sheyouany nodded, "I’m in agreement..."

Lewanda cut in, "So am I..."

So–the three young people began to pray and worship the Lord God of all Creation. They humbled themselves before the Lord making contrite supplications.

And the Lord did hear their prayers–even on that distant land.

Suddenly–after they had finished praying to God–one of their communicators activated. It was help on the way. Their rescue party was busy engaging the ships that had ambushed their diplomatic convoy–the battle was hot but the victory was to be theirs, They had been given instructions to fly as high as possible–in order to make themselves available for rescuing.

The three were a little afraid–as anyone would be–but they kept their faith in Christ and did not waver–they stood their–at the mouth of the cave seated in the face of a cliff. Archibald looked over at Sheyouany–and then Sheyouany looked over at Lewanda–who in turn nodded and smiled at Archibald. Then–they all stepped off the cliff into the air in a rushing free fall. And as expected the drones picked them up and so did the killer flying monsters that had been chasing them.

They then kicked in their rockets and the machines came to life with a mighty roar–now suddenly they were no longer falling–but they did fly. Up and up they went with death surely pursuing behind them–there were the machines hell bent on killing them and then there were the horrible flying creatures–hell bent on eating them.

But they had prayed for a miracle–because whenever you pray to God Almighty–what you are really asking the Lord to do is bless you with a miracle–no matter how big or small the petition is–God is a miracle maker–and there is nothing too hard for the Lord to do. So–with their souls filled with the Spirit of God–the three carried on–as they rocketed higher and higher into the sky. Sheyouany said through her communicator, "The air is starting to get pretty thin..."

Lewanda said, "I’m starting to feel the cold..."

And Archibald shouted, "To the Glory and Majesty of Jesus Christ–we shall be delivered!"

And in that instant–a transported beam locked onto the three and they were picked up to safety.

In the clouds of tomorrow I see Jesus Christ coming

The land and the sky cry out his holy name for joy

And my heart is filled with holiness for the Christ

Has come to save us from the wickedness of the

World and the salvation of the Children of God is

Upon the nations to whom the Lord has called to

Righteousness because the blood of Christ has been

Made the wine of the sinner to be forgiven of the

Trespass this would hold one back from being saved

So holy is the Son of God for his reign is forever

And no calamity can take us down or destroy us

Because Jesus Christ is our God and Savior forever

© Copyright 2017 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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