The Harvestman

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Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011




Copyright © Victor Darnell Hadnot


"Been borne abroad upon the winds of heaven" Robert Southey

Pazazz looked about the room–it was kind of dark in certain areas–he had his sword drawn and ready for action, "It all looks clear to me."

Savanna cautiously walked from around the corner–her sword too drawn, "If Count Zek-coc’s royal guards were tipped off–then they are doing a good job of acting like they were not."

There was a lot of scrolls and books and papers laying around on the various desks–Pazazz voiced, "Here–maybe these are the things that we were sent to take back."

Savanna went over to one of the desk and examined the items, "No–no I don’t think that these are the papers that the Wizard Krinot was telling us about. Remember–he said that there is a book of prayers–the Book of Uranus. This book contains the prayers of some of the most holy of saints and prophets–known to the world."

Pazaaz said, "If you ask me–none of this is worth anything–if it doesn’t save the queen. Her sickness is obviously unto the death–and we both have seen enough things in our lives–to know what the face of death looks like on a person."

Savanna responded, "You are right–but that is why Wizard Krinot sent us here–because of the possibility of getting the book–there might be a prayer in it that can save the queen."

Pazazz countered, "And what if there isn’t–what if we have gone all this way and fought all those evil and most vile creatures of the darkness–just to have found a book with no real value?"

Savanna insisted, "We can’t talk like that–remember what Wizard Krinot told us–it is about faith–having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. That is what all of this is about–we can’t just let ourselves be duped by the negative talking and the false doctrines. Only God Almighty knows if the queen is to die or not–and it is said that when it is a person’s time to go–nothing can stop it..."

Pazazz interjected, "But it is also said–that the Lord can have mercy on those who love him and keep his commandments. And we both know how spiritual and devote the queen is to God. That is why the kingdom has done so well–because the Lord has blessed us."

Savanna suddenly motioned–indicating that she heard something–someone was coming–so they both found separate places in the room to hide. They watched as the person–who looked like a scribe entered the room–searched about the scrolls and books and found the one he was looking for–but he also went to a secret vault in the wall and opened it–taking out money–but revealing to his unknown guest the place they hadn’t looked. He left after that.

Savanna quickly went toward the vault, "So–there are places that are hidden from the normal eye..."

Pazazz drew his sword and guarded the doorway cautiously, "Make it quick, Savanna–he might come back any moment."

Savanna responded, "Just give me a chance to figure out the right sequence of stones to push–so I can open the vault–I managed to get a good look inside–there is a special book inside–the Book of Uranus–I believe."

She managed to open the vault and took the book–then they began their escape.

The land of Dishmod was filled with ancient secrets and wondrous visions–things that seemed to seep through the mind out of the unconsciousness of every man and woman. These were terrible times in which Count Zek-coc exercised his influence and power over the entire Valley of Anom’shurm. The alchemy of the ancients seemed to be ever evolving into a type of magic that could be used for good and evil. And a single quest to create the Cringle–a device that would allow a person to garner great controlling power over the land and its people.

War had become a way of life for those who fell victim to Zek-coc and his armies–they made use of strange instruments of war–things that serpentined the enemy and struck with great force. And then Zek-coc had flying machines–strange wooden and canvas machines that took to the air in silence and then raged to wherever the captain of the vessel desired. These were the years of the Dark Ages–when history would later recall that writing and learning were at a limit–but if those historians could have lived in those dark times–they’d have discovered that there was great learning going on. The only reason that it appeared that there was not–was because of the Cringle–which could change the fate of time and space.

Zek-coc made use of a great witch and sorceress–Wexelda–her magic was strong and she understood things–ideas that seemed to be beyond the time and age of the common knowledge of the era. She was very proficient in casting spells and making magic potions–her power also came from strange books–books from the future that dated after all known people had passed on–a future that had not become. Wexelda was about to take certain base metals and through a complicated process–using machines that seemed to be from the gods themselves–she was able to change these base elements into gold and other precious things.

But her real fame and power was in the ability to also cast spells and potions to heal–that was how Zek-coc came to know the evil witch–because he had been injured in battle and all the magicians and pseudo-healers could not heal the count of his wound–and so the evil kingdom that he ruled was preparing for his death. But then came this strange woman in her flying machine–and with her came her magic–and she made a deal with Zek-coc–that if she were to heal him of his sickness that he would provide her with all the things that she needed to do her magic. It was a perfect pact–for she was what he was looking for and then began a reign of terror and weirdness–for even the forest with its enchanted creatures fell victim to Wexelda’s spells.

It was in a time of old when magic was in the air–when the good folks of the Castle Childfair–became only too aware that the rest of the valley was coming into a darkness that seemed to suck everything it touched up into a cauldron of misery. The land of Childfair was a God fearing land–the people believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and they were surrounded by infidels and barbarians to one side and the land of Zek-coc to the other side. This was not a good place to be in and Wexelda exercised even more influence than what Zek-coc imagined–this was because when she healed him–she cast a spell on him that made him bow to her will–when she wanted something–she seduced the count Zek-coc at her will–beguiling what she needed when she wanted.

But there was a coast that was on Castle Childfair’s side–and with that sea fairing ships came and went–so that even with all of that Zek-coc did in the valley–Childfair still prospered and also was able to warn other lands about the diabolical gains and ways of the land of Zek-coc–with all of its evil magic and spells and wars against its neighbors. Yes–these were troubled times in the Dark Ages–but events seemed to erase the knowledge–but this was too a spell of Wexelda–for things could not be foretold or revealed–the bones in the ground of time.

Wexelda flew in riding bare back on a dragon–when she got off–Pazazz could see that she was wearing a long bearskin cape to keep warm–a mystically ornamented belt with enchanted sword in sheath–but nothing else. For all intents and purposes–she was nude with the exception of high rising leather boots–to protect her feet. She took out her sword and drove it into the ground before her–then she quickly ran into Pazazz’s arms. They kissed with unbridled passion for a long moment.

Wexelda whispered, "Oh my love–it has been so long since I’ve been able to touch your lips with my own..."

Pazazz said, "I’ve been busy doing the king’s bidding–and yes–it has been awhile," he gently kissed her again.

Wexelda took his face in her hands, "My love, I have waited for your signal so that I might fly into your arms. How is it that the people of Castle Childfair have managed to keep you inbounds within the castle walls–I would have thought that you would have been sent on many a mission–and in doing so–allowed us opportunity to steal away nights of love making..."

Pazaaz uttered softly–but what he was unaware of–was that Wexelda had cast a powerful spell on him–causing him to fall deeply in love with her–a spell that could not be broken–except for the love of another woman to come, "Illness has struck–maybe even unto death–only the Lord Jesus Christ knows–I have been sent to get the Book of Uranus–Wizard Krinot believes that there might be a prayer in the book that will restore health–even from impending death."

Wexelda said, "Dear love–don’t you know that I have spells that can heal–even from death?"

Pazazz walked away from her and found a seat on a large rock, "I’m not sure why I feel the way I do about you–half of me wants to ride off–knowing that you are filled with evil–yet the other half–is captured and tormented by your physical beauty."

Wexelda conger with her hands–strengthening the spell she hand on him, "Dearest love, come with me and let us go to my secret palace–where we can drink the wine of passion and sensuousness."

Pazazz was once more enraptured in her web of lustful pleasure, "If I am gone too long–the others will start to worry about me–our affair might become compromised."

Wexelda allowed her body to move sensuously against his, "My dear love, what I want–no–what I need is to feel your skin inside of my body–to feel the swelling within me!"

Pazaaz took hold of her and kissed her hard, "I too long for our loving–perhaps they will not notice that I am gone."

But even Wexelda–wanting him so badly–knew the dangers of being found out, "Maybe spending the whole night is not a wise thing after all–perhaps a few hours together will feed our hunger for one another," and she pointed out a nearby cave–where they might have privacy and they could make love inside.

Pazazz quickly gathered fire wood and they both went inside the cave–he made a kindling which brought on a nice warm fire–the two of them undressed and lying on her warm and thick bearskin cape–they loved one another with strong passionate desire. Their love making seemed to last forever–and finally the two lay spooned together, "The night moves on..."

Wexelda answered while still breathing heavily, "Soon–after this quest is over–the king will send you on a lone mission–and we can spend days together," then she began to passionately kiss sweet spots on his body.


How wonderful are you oh Lord God of the Most High for your love is great

You deliver us from our troubles and teacher us the complex ways of Heaven

By allowing us to believe in your Divineness and letting the Holy Ghost quicken

Our belief in the Lord Jesus Christ for without none of us would truly exist

Shame on those who worship the image of the beast and shame on them are

Those who claim to have more money than God for what is money but ink on

Paper and what are the treasures of mankind for behold the Lord does own all

Things both seen and unseen and the entire universe is filled with his treasures

The wicked do say bold blaspheme on the television and the radio and the other

Forms of communication like the internet and the other things of man’s creation

For the image of the beast was foretold long ago and the filth that he has forced

Upon a world seemingly ripe for the Harvestman for the time has come for faith

It is not what was said to believe for if just believing in something no matter what

That something was could save us then the world would not have to be destroyed

And a New World would not have to come to take its place but we are convinced

Of a better place and a better existence for Jesus Christ has promised us all things

The wars that seem to rage on and the death that seems to be all about us is too

Horrible for us to bare alone but the God of Ages has shown us these things and

In them do we know that the time is short but not like those who preach on the

Image of the beast telling us things for money and gain but from the Holy Scriptures

For our God Jesus Christ has paid the ultimate price for our salvation and we are

Not without our Champion for Christ has gone to prepare a New Heaven and a New

Earth for us all to live in and in this New World we will be free from the wickedness

And the lies and the deception of the devils because we are forgiven while they are not

Has flesh and blood created something new and wonderful or are we still seeking

Something better so that if we are perhaps it is about time we come to realize that

Something better has already found us and that something is the Holy Spirit who

Does represent the spiritual embodiment of the Lord Jesus Christ in His Glory

The deceptions of time travelers who have gone back into time to change the things

That were and to make new the things that are not are present throughout history

Causing paradoxes and changes of events ever so slightly so that in order to win

A battle that God the Father has told us has already been won by the Holy Jesus

What aliens from distant stars have we encountered that speak of blaspheme abound

For in the end they are but demons in disguise for the devil does deceive the entire

World and the fallen angels do come in changeling forms to make the minds of men

To trip and stumble for the hunter of souls is not satisfied with the souls of animals

© Copyright 2018 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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