The Horns of the Unicorns - Chapter 2

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copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


It was a small gathering–a live band played out by the pool area–guest wandered about–liquor flowed–but this was anything but a simple party. There were people from different areas of entertainment–broadcasting–music industry–this was business and at the head of it all was Lilith Judas–a super rich–ultra smart business woman–and a witch. Many of the people at the party were members of the Red Pearl Club. Not knowing any of this–Isaiah had been invited by someone who was invited–because the rules were that anyone invited could invite someone. He had been invited by a woman named Cloie Hobson–a rich heiress–whose money was connect with precious stones–mined way out on the outskirts of Malaocean’s solar system. The solar system had two planets that were naturally inhabited and one that had been colonized centuries ago (TD Time) Transdoor Time.

Cloie strolled over to Isaiah–drink in hand, "Hey, handsome–glad to see that work didn’t keep you from play."

Isaiah kind of chuckled, "No, Cloie, I’m not like you–work has it’s rewards–but so does plain old kicking back. A man has to have a way of getting rid of stress–some how."

Cloie nodded, "I’m planing on a special vacation–a super cruise–on one of the luxury cruise liners–ever been on one?"

Isaiah sipped his drink and they began to politely stroll through the small party–the smell of fine cooked food floated through the air, "Man, that smells good...."

Cloie quickly took the cue, "Oh–what was I thinking–you must be starved–let me get you something," and she quickly went off to take care of it.

Isaiah had caught the eye of the hostess–Lilith herself–who skillfully made her way through the crowd, "Are you enjoying yourself?"

Isaiah had been cleaning his Blind Glasses–so he was caught off guard–and he hadn’t recognized the voice, "Oh–I’m sorry–yeah–yeah this is a really nice party."

Lilith smiled, "Good–because I want you to be happy..."

Isaiah frowned, "Well that is nice of you–I–er–am–I’m happy."

Lilith realized, "How silly of me–I’m Lilith Judas–the hostess of this little get together. Mostly members of my club–really."

Isaiah kind of stepped back–the woman–while stunningly beautiful–was pressing too close for him, "I’m sorry–I was invited by a friend–I’m not a party crasher."

Lilith laughed in what could only be describer as sophisticated, "Oh–you are really a gem–I think I’m going to keep you," she gently touched the side of his face–careful not to interfere with his Blind Glasses’ functioning.

Isaiah could smell the awesome perfume she was wearing, "Wow–you smell really good."

Lilith got really close to his face and whispered, "I only place it on three places on my body–can you guess..."

By then Cloie had returned, "Isaiah–I got you a little of everything–just in case...", she was taken back by the fact that Lilith had swooped in on her date (fact was–she was a little more than taken back–that Lilith was trying to pick up in Isaiah).

Lilith didn’t even blink, "Cloie–so you are the one that this handsome gentleman is with."

Cloie uttered softly–controlling her jealousy, "Lilith meet Isaiah Silverhawk."

Lilith’s eyes showed excitement, "Thee--Isaiah Silverhawk–I have one of your paintings."

The robot butler showed them to a comfortable seat–while a robot maid brought out a tray of refreshments and set it before them–moments later Nehushtan came with his wife Vagabona. It was very obvious that they were extremely wealthy–but Vagabona poured their drinks for them–something very uncommon for someone of her class–economically speaking.

Nehushtan took the first drink from his wife and then turned his attention to his visitors, "I am told that you have some questions for me–concerning what?"

Pandora showed her TSP badge, "We are TSP agents–I’m Pandora Wilson and this is Kragon. We are working on a case–a murder."

Vagabona frowned, "And what could something like that have to do with my husband?"

Nehushtan motioned to his loyal wife, "Let the police people talk, dear–they have caught my curiosity–but I shall echo my wife’s question–what does any of this have to do with me?"

Kragon voiced, "Probably nothing–but we discovered a murdered woman–on property that the city says belongs to you," he handed him a flashpad with photos and other documents.

Nehushtan took the flashpad and studied it, "Very disturbing–you say this happened on property that belonged to me?"

Pandora nodded, "We believe that there is a serial killer loose–I’ve tracked the killer from one planet to the next–the murders are all similar–we just wanted to ask–who had access to your property?"

Nehushtan stood and went to a console–entered a few key words and looked back at them, "I have a dozen or so servants and security that have access to the property–mostly for routine maintenance and security."

Kragon questioned, "Would your security have noticed any strange behavior as regards to your property?"

Vagabona cut in, "My husband does not have hands on attention–it is delegated out–we are quite wealthy–and have quite a large empire–that requires many people and resources to keep things working as they should."

Pandora said, "And finding a dead woman on one of your many properties–is that working as it should?"

Nehushtan stepped in, "No it is not–I’ll have my security personnel look into this and I’ll order them to assist you in any way."

Kragon uttered, "You said that you own lots of business and land on other planets–are you hands on with any of them?"

Nehushtan sat back down–emotionless, "I only take personal interest–when I’m actually on-world–for example if I go to Blago-7--then I’m hands on there–or wherever I go–it is for a reason."

Pandora spoke, "Pleasure?"

It was Vagabona who fielded the question, "I’m sorry–what was that again?"

Pandora cleared her throat, "Do you visit any of the estates you own off-world–just for pleasure? I mean–it can’t all be for business."

Vagabona intoned, "We enjoy life when we can–and take many vacations. You have to understand–that we employ hundreds of servants and have even more robotic servants. It gets to be a complicated network," she smiled–but something was wrong with it.

Kragon voiced, "Any trouble with any of them lately–malfunctioning robot servants–angry personnel–anything?"

Lilith answered the door herself–not too risky considering there were security robots and surveillance equipment all about her estate–she smiled warmly, "Oh, Isaiah–I’m so glad that you decided to show up," and she gave him a little kiss on the cheek–while showing him in.

As they made there way across the room into the kitchen–warmth and good aroma of great cooked food captured him, "Whatever you are making–smells great."

Lilith was relieved, "Oh that is wonderful–I was afraid that you might not like it–come–we are going to get right down to the meal," as she showed him the readied table–a robot servant came out to assist–but she shooed it away.

After they had sat–before they ate–Isaiah gave thanks to God Almighty for the food then began by tasting it, "This is really good–your robot chef is worth keeping," he joked.

Lilith laughed–it was genuine–not strained–it would be like that the rest of the night–there was smooth jazz playing somewhere in the background, "I’m glad that you like it–but I have a confession..."

Isaiah stopped eating for a moment and looked at her, "There was suppose to be more people here?"

They both laughed–then Lilith uttered, "You got me–but when I heard that you had accepted the invitation–I canceled with everyone else..."

Isaiah was having a good time–but he kind of craned his neck, "Why?"

Lilith was almost like a school girl at that point, "I wanted to be with you, silly–that was the whole point of the evening–I had all these things planned–how I was going to steal you away from the rest of the guest–and then it dawned on me–I’ll just have you all to myself," her smile was warm–inviting in a nice kind of way.

Isaiah voiced, "I didn’t know you liked me like that–fact is–I just thought that you were playing around–when I first met you–you know–one woman trying to make another woman jealous."

Lilith sipped some red wine, "You mean–Cloie–yes–I can see why you might have thought that–no–when I saw you come in–I wanted to get to know you better–you have a vibe about you–something special."

Isaiah was eating, "Well–thank you–I don’t know what to say–no one has ever told me that I vibe–that’s a good thing–right?"

Lilith nodded, "I’m sensitive to people–I pick up on spiritual vibrations–and yours are very strong–I’ve never sensed anything like it before."

Isaiah put his fork down, "Not that I’m not grateful–but conversations like this usually lead to some sort of business proposal..."

Lilith ate on–trying to encourage him to do the same, "I made this meal myself–just for you–you seem to be enjoying it–and I’m very happy."

Isaiah voiced, "Is that business?"

Lilith put everything down and looked him directly in the eyes, "Oh–I hope not–nothing could be further from my mind," she kind of tossed her hair–reflexively.

Isaiah went on, "I noticed one of my early paintings on one of your walls–it was in good company–it almost feels out of place where you have it–with all those rare works of art."

Lilith was humbled, "You really don’t see the talent you possess–that is so refreshing–an artist like yourself–without an ego. One of the many things that I enjoy about you," and she went on eating.

There was an intersection above her–aircars and airtrucks whizzed by–the way air traffic was controlled was in part by the fact that each vehicle had a transponder built in–and north bound traffic was assigned a specific altitude–while south another–and east still another and west another–the only time there was any mixing–was when changing directions–in the city–where the rules were kept strictly for obvious reasons–it was at intersections like this one–when direction changes were legal–otherwise–one could get a ticket for changing directions illegally.

Out of the shadows came a tall woman–dressed for the cold–she lit up what appeared to be a cigarette of drugs–the smell gave it away, "You are almost there," came the Dope-Lady.

Pandora ignored the obvious violation–dope smoking wasn’t illegal if done in the privacy of one’s own home–or in certain bars–that had a license to sell various drug cigarettes–and alcohol. Pandora voiced, "I know I’m close–I just interviewed the main suspect–Nehushtan–himself. But it is not going to be easy..."

Dope-Lady blew out a few puffs, "It’s never going to be easy–that is the whole point–if you think that this was going to just fall into your lap–you are sleep walking."

Pandora waved the strong smelling herb smoke away from her, "You should know–smoking that stuff–I’d be surprised if you are not–sleep walking. But to the point–his wife is really protective–and as I already knew–he is well connected–politically. No sooner did my interview finish–then I get a call by someone up high–telling me to back off..."

Dope-Lady said, "Back off–really..."

Pandora uttered, "Well–in so many words–it was a little more technical–orders actually–but this is my case–I’ve been chasing it for more years than I care to remember."

Dope-Lady nodded, "And you are close–this thing goes way up the chain–you’d be surprised who is protecting Nehushtan and his wife. But you haven’t gleaned the reason for all of this–to you–this is nothing more than a serial killing to be solved–you haven’t allowed yourself to phantom the cosmic possibilities..."

Pandora looked at Dope-Lady, "What are you talking about–I get it–I have to stop this serial killer–by any means."

Dope-Lady laughed slightly, "Ask yourself–why has that killer eluded you for so

long? Eluded those investigators before you–I mean–face it–you are a TSP agent–how is it that Nehushtan and his wife remain untouchable?"

Pandora was starting to feel a contact high, "Well–for one–there is his wife–Vagabona–she has family ties to powerful political networks within the League of Worlds. And then consider–the Zombie Bacteria–it can only be transmitted through sexual contact–no other way–it is impossible to contract the disease through blood, urine, a handshake, cough–why is that–and why was it first discovered in the poor third world planets?"

Dope-Lady smiled, "There in lies the real answers–not in the fact that after someone has sex with a person infected with the bacteria–they become infected instantly–and can transmit this deadly disease from person to person–each person–becoming a zombie–with the potential to kill–without reason. Think of it–mindless zombies–ready to kill on command..."

Pandora raised her hands in frustration, "But what command–what is the trigger–that allows an infected person to go as long as many years–acting normal–having relations–and then–snap and kill–or just fall over dead?"

Dope-Lady pointed a finger, "Now you said it–they knew you were coming."

Pandora was pensive, "Are you saying that factions within the TSP are behind this?"

The greens were good today–if you hit the right spot–you had a good chance of a birdie–Cloie and Jamie and Sandra were playing golf together. Jamie was all excited, "Looks like our man is going to land a big contract."

Cloie questioned, "You mean with that Vyna Ha-voa woman–I doubt that–she wants a portrait done–and Isaiah doesn’t do portraits–all of his friends know that."

Jamie took a swing, "Well–it is stupid–bad for business–he should do as many paintings as people are willing to buy."

Sandra was disgusted, "Gee, Cloie–just treat him like he’s your own personal poop bag! To be honest–I don’t know why he doesn’t just fire you and get another agent/manager–if that is what you really are..."

Jamie came back at her, "Now what is that suppose to mean–little miss high and mighty–you think you know him so well–just think about–the guy is good at what he does–making money off of him is just business."

Sandra uttered, "I knew Isaiah–when he couldn’t afford Blind Glasses–his family was too poor. So don’t come all up on me like that–truth be told–you’re not a real friend–anyway."

Cloie cut in, "Ladies–ladies–and I use the word loosely–what Isaiah decides to do–is his own business–as his friends–I think we should support him that way."

Sandra voiced, "You too, Cloie–it’s not bad enough that Jamie–here–wants to exploit our friendship–I don’t–I want him grounded–safe–loved..."

Jamie almost laughed, "Oh please–you act like you can’t get any."

Sandra was angry, "What?"

Cloie tried to diffuse the situation, "Let’s not get into sex talk–dirty tricks–whose sleeping with whom–we are better than this!"

Sandra took a swing and watched the ball’s flight, "Well–I’m not afraid to admit it–though it really isn’t anyone’s business–I love Isaiah–always have–always will."

Jamie countered, "To be honest–I like him–but business is business–if his paintings stopped selling–I’d have to move on–you know how it is."

Cloie tried to put some perspective, "Look we are all friends–but we are friends for different reasons. Sandra–you are Isaiah’s life long friend–Jamie–you just want to have a friendly business relationship with him–and me–I’m with Sandra–I think he is an amazing guy–to be honest–I wish I could get to know him better."

Sandra listened–almost as if for the first time–she had real competition–why hadn’t she realized this before, "I–er–think that it is your turn, Cloie."

Cloie took a swing, "Besides–people are just plain old superstitious–thinking that Isaiah’s portraits are cursed–they couldn’t be–he’s a nice guy."

Sandra retorted, "They are cursed, Cloie–and we all know this. Vyna only wants the portrait done so that she can advance her own personal career plans. Oh–she may be convincing herself that she feels more for Isaiah–than what is really there–I think she falls in the category with Jamie–using him."

Jamie voiced, "He’s a big guy–I see to it that he gets paid damn good money–money by the way–that he never seems to turn down."

Sandra stated, "Well–the Lord Liveth! Such good friends–Isaiah has," and she holed the cup, "looks like this hole goes to me–shall we move on?"

Jamie informed, "Besides–I hear that he’s been seeing super wealthy–Lilith Judas..."

Kragon threw his hands up in the air, "I can’t believe this–you told me that you were going to have nothing to do with that–that freaked out dope smoking woman–how can you trust her?"

Pandora looked up from a file she was reading, "I know how you feel–but she knows something–I can feel it."

Kragon found a seat across from her, "Oh–so you are the psychic now–well–why do you need me–I might as well apply for a transfer to another partner–another case–one that makes some sense–partner wise..."

Pandora straightened up, "You can’t!"

Kragon questioned, "Can’t what–can’t find another partner–or a case that makes sense?"

Pandora voiced, "Both–I know you–you are not going to be satisfied with some run of the mill case and some partner that doesn’t get you–come on–we’ve worked on this case for too long–just to give in now."

Kragon uttered, "I can walk out this door right now–you want to know why?"

Pandora put down the file, "Yeah–why..."

Kragon stated, "Because you are being influenced by the Dope-Lady! She is playing some kind of sick-o-dope-o game with you and you are buying into it! She is not on our side–think of it–how many leads has she sent us on–only to discover–they lead to other crimes–or worse–go in circles–some one profiled you long time ago–and sent this looser to try and place a stumbling block–in your way!"

Pandora nodded, "You know–you are right–this thing does go up higher–that is why Nehushtan and his wife seem to be just out of the touch of the law–and just before we can place our hands on him–he and his army of zombies seem to just disappear into the shadows from which they came."

Kragon said, "That bacteria that they spread–it was designer made–government stuff–it was first introduced on poor planets–where the people were too poor to protest properly–then–it spread–like a plague–hell–it is a plague–we really don’t know how many zombies are out there–blending in with the rest of the population–ready to kill–or just fall over suddenly."

Pandora expounded, "The walking dead–they are a new kind of super soldier–one that can kill secretly–and is already dead. The medical evidence seems to suggest that–no known means of contraceptives work–the bacteria passes right through them. It is a smart bacteria–yielding unknown results."

Kragon spoke, "What does it matter–the results are all the same–death–how do you stop an army of dead people–with unknown abilities."

Pandora said, "It is almost like they can change–or something–the file is loaded with conflicting reports–some say they were attacked by–creatures–but it makes no sense."

Kragon voiced, "We could stop it–right now..."

Pandora questioned, "What are you talking about–how?"

Kragon uttered, "We could–just grab Nehushtan and Vagabona–secretly–and have them vaporized! That would put an end to it–all the other zombies are psychically linked–I have sensed that much!"

Pandora stated, "So–we break the law–in order to uphold the law–that is not my way–if we do that–then we are no better than Nehushtan–worse maybe–no way–we do it right!"

Kragon got up to leave, "Then the killing will go on–you just don’t get it!"


Oh God my Heavenly Father forgive me for stumbling for I have fallen

Lord you are quick to forgive and Almighty to help your children to go

Back into the good graces of your Love and I am grateful that you have

Provided such a covenant with us because I love Jesus Christ wholly

The Lord Jesus Christ is great throughout the universe and God the

Father has sanctified his Son unto the Holiness of the Church which is

Of the flesh and blood this is our God and Savior for the Holy Spirit

Teaches us all and we rejoice in the spirit of God Jesus our Savior

I have been in deep trouble and my enemies are searching me out and I

Find myself hiding from them and they have great power to destroy but

My God Jesus is a Mighty God and he is quick to forgive me and quick

To save his people for the Kingdom of God is already at hand with joy

Lord I am not worthy to be named with your people because of my sins

But you have forgiven me of my sins and have wiped away the ugliness

Which is the lust and perversions and temptations of the fleshly body

And you have covered all of our sins in White Robes of Righteousness

For who can be saved except they first believe and humble themselves

Before the Lord Jesus Christ because Great is He who befriends us all

And the Greatness of Jesus Christ shines in the darkness so that we can

See the path that the Lord has chosen for us to go down and we are blessed

I have tried to do my best to not walk out on love and though my spouse

Has walked out on her children and on me I still rejoice in Christ for He

Has not abandoned his flock and He is the Good Shepherd that leads the

Way for how can we find life with out the Living Word of God Almighty

Great is the Word of God for it has changed the course of the universe

And given us a chance to live the promise that was stolen from us by

The evil spirits when they crept not unawares into the Garden of Eden

And spread their poison with lies and beguilement to kill our ancestors

For ancient are the time and ways of the past but in Christ Jesus we look

Forward to a new and fruitful beginning where we will not remember the

Past nor the pain nor the suffering because we have given ourselves to

The Honor and Glory of Jesus Christ and the Glory of God the Father

It is not about what we do that justifies us in this sinful world but it is

God Almighty that justifies us in faith and in truth and in spirit for if we

Could have done so would we have sinned in Eden and would there

Be death in this world and I say better that Jesus Christ lives in Holiness


Vyna was seriously pissed off–Sandra didn’t look any different–the two woman stood there a long moment–they were in public–otherwise–it was a sure bet that they would have been at each other’s throats–literally, "You bitch! Who do you think you are–telling me what I should and should not do!"

Sandra tried to keep control–it was failing, "Watch who you call a bitch–bitch! You don’t seem to care about anything but yourself–you just want what you want–and who cares who gets hurt–you don’t even care if it includes Isaiah..."

Vyna seemed to gain some composure, "Oh–is that what this is about–what are you–the blind man’s protector?"

Wow–that was cold–Sandra felt her fists balling up, "You know–I’m going to tell him what you just said–how condescending–and to think–you were acting like you liked him and all–what was that about–just to get him to paint the portrait?"

Vyna shook her head, "Look at you–the poor little poor girl–what’s wrong–you afraid he is going to meet a real woman–one with power and pride–and then you’ll be pushed out of the way–just like the trash that you are!"

Sandra let that one go, "At lease my conscience is clear–I didn’t sleep with every weiner that I thought could get me what I wanted–I have integrity!"

Vyna uttered mockingly, "Oh–you have that–do you–well let me ask you something–does it keep you warm at night–does it kiss you when you get up in the morning–does it place shekels in your bank account? No? I didn’t think so–integrity is for losers, honey! You can drown in your integrity for al I care! It never got anyone anywhere–business is about who can cut the other’s throat and not get caught! Sometimes–literally..."

Sandra yelled, "Leave, Isaiah alone!"

Vyna grinned–it wasn’t a smile–it was evil, "I’m going to use him–get what I want–and then I’m going to leave him–in pieces."

Sandra responded, "You know–every portrait he draws–the person ends up dead–so–go ahead–get your picture drawn–soon–you’ll be numbered with those who came before you."

Vyna uttered sarcastically, "Oooo–I’m so scared–I’ll tell you what I told him–I’m not superstitious!"

Sandra countered, "Oh yes you are–you believe that myth–that if he draws your portrait–you will suddenly gain massive wealth–well–I’m here to tell you that you might–I have seen people who have–their careers just seem to suddenly go right–personal life changes for the better–but with everything given of this earth–if it doesn’t come from God Almighty–then a curse comes with it. And that is the curse–you will die a very horrible death!"

Vyna said, "Now you see–I could have you arrested–right now–because it sounds to me that you just threatened me–see–look at all these people around us–they are witnesses–you just said that you were going to kill me."

Vyna flagged down a police robot–and explained her side of the thing–tagging poor Sandra as some kind of crazy terrorist–and had her arrested for threatening her life. As they were taking poor Sandra away–Vyna glanced back at her with an evil smile–Sandra knew that Isaiah was in danger–her life long friend had hooked up with the wrong crowd–his agent–no good–Vyna was obviously no good–and there were others. But right now–she was being arrested–because Vyna bared false witness–but her mind was still on Isaiah–he didn’t see them like she did. They put on airs when they were around him–wanting something from him–always wanting something.

The side of the door burst open onto the poorly lit back alleyway–the poor man was covered in blood as he ran for his life–moments later–something jumped out of the doorway and went after him. If you were standing a good few blocks away–you could hear the man as he screamed. It was the case–that Pandora was investigating events–she heard the screaming–screaming like the very soul was being sucked out of the man.

Through the darkness–Pandora moved cautiously–particle weapon drawn–held high–ready for action. Her eyes struggled to see what was going on–it was dark and wet–seemed like it rained on this planet–Evegastus–more than the suns came out.

There was a sound in back of her–she whirled around pointing her weapon at whoever it was trying to sneak up on her. It was a domestic robot–trying to throw the trash out–it looked startled–froze–partially emptied trash car in its hand. Pandora turned quickly back around and continued–the yelling was coming from over there.

She got to a tight area down the alley–the stink of rotting garbage in trash cans–made her sick to her stomach–but her concern wasn’t if she’d hold down her dinner–it was that sound of that poor man–screaming in pain–a type of pain that was hellish–evil–he was suffering–and all she could do was think–how can I find that person–to help.

There was a noise and some stacked rotting boxes came falling down upon her–she didn’t see them until the last moment–they knocked her to the damp smelly ground. Her particle weapon was knocked out of her hand–and for a brief moment–she saw a darkness pass over it–like a person or more likely–some thing–she thought for sure that the person was going to grab her P-weapon–but they didn’t–the shadow-thing just went on. She managed to get from under the trash that had fallen on her and recovered her P-weapon–just then another unearthly cry for help–the pain was obvious in the scream.

Over there–just to her left–was an opening–but up ahead–there was a clearing–which way–which way was the right way to go–she found herself wishing her partner was with her–Kragon was psychic–he always could sense these things. But another scream–she didn’t need a psychic to tell where it was coming from–she was right on-top of it.

Pandora remembered taking a big gulp of air–just before she preceded–now she could see shadows dancing–some distant light afforded this–and she was happy–nothing more dangerous–than entering a scene–that was dark and damp and filled with unknowns. She got her back up against the damp wall–now inching–slowly–there was violence going on just around the bend–now she braced her hands–locking them around the P-weapon–holding it out in front of her–she stepped out into the flickering light–what she saw–she couldn’t understand...

There was this poor man–all covered with blood–Good Lord–he looked half eaten–she thought–but in front of him–was this–this thing–it was about five feet tall–shaped like a huge frog–but it had a tail–like that of a scorpion. It opened up its enormous mouth–revealing huge steel-like spike-like teeth–and out shot a whip-tongue–with more steel like spikes–they caught hold of the poor man–spikes sinking into his body–then–as he seemed to look over to her in just one split second–the monster pulled him into its gaping mouth–whole. Pandora–Pandora–do something–the voice in her head was shouting–she came out of her shock and haze–and began to open fire–her P-weapon ripping into the thing–super bright blasts lighting up the darkness around them. The zombie turned–as if to attack her–but just then--noises and sounds–as people began to look out there windows–when she looked back–the monster had jumped almost a hundred feet from her–and then–it changed–the figure started to transfigure–into a woman and then ran off.

The winds blew through her hair–Lilith was feeling very happy–something that rarely happened, "I’m so glad that you accepted my invitation to come sailing with me. There is something liberating about being out on the sea–the wind–the smell of the ocean–I don’t know what it is..."

Isaiah was looking onto the waves, "It is freedom–the word is freedom–that’s what you are looking for."

Lilith moved closer to him–hoping he’d embrace her–make her feel safe, "As you know I’m head of a very special club–we are politically active and socially involved."

Isaiah did indeed embrace her, "Yeah–some of my friends we bringing me up to speed on your–er–social club. You are a witch–your club is a coven–that is against my spiritual beliefs."

She felt him starting to loose the embrace and moved in further, "Those are silly rumors–spread about–by jealous people who want to bring me down. Who told you these things?"

Isaiah looked at her beautiful face, "I heard it from more than one source–and they were not aware of each other–are you..."

Lilith tilted her head to one side, "Am I what–happy that you are here with me," and she giggled like a school girl.

Isaiah shook his head–indicating that he was serious, "Are you a witch–are you evil?"

Lilith actually walked away from him–trying to figure out how to say this–she then realized what she had done and quickly tried to go back to his embrace–but it was too late, "I try to do good in the community–help people–like the disaster that happened on Raguoa–you know–the planet that suffered that major world wide tsunami–killing hundreds of millions–it was so awful. A lot of children were left homeless and parentless–my club along with others–sent money and aide to help–we also set up adoption channels for the children. Is that evil?"

Isaiah studied the woman–she was smart–she was a witch–but she was so beautiful–so graceful–he couldn’t resist her–was he under her spell, "You didn’t quite answer my question–you know I’m a Faither–a neo-Christian–I believe in Jesus Christ."

Lilith smiled, "That is one of the countless things that I love–like–admire about you, Isaiah. I’m interested in your faith–how your people have been able to survive in such a hostile political and religious climate–and in a great many planets–gain considerable political clout and position. Faithers were persecuted in the early days of the Dynasty–the ruling Machines of Technoligion–they tried to kill all the neo-Christians. But your God–your Savior–saved you–did battle with the enemies of the faith in Christ–and defeated them. That’s a miracle..."

Isaiah agreed, "Yes it is–but it is what Lord Jesus Christ does–he is Almighty!"

Lilith finally got him to embrace her again–she was happy, "Yes–Jesus Christ must be–you know–you must invite me into your world."

Isaiah voiced, "Why–so you can spy on us–fined a weakness–seek to destroy us–like you said–we have suffered countless centuries of oppression–we are not stupid."

Lilith rested her head on his strong chest, "No–you are not–but you misunderstand–I’d never do anything to hurt you–can’t you tell–I’m falling in love with you," there–the cat was out of the bag–here she was–a woman not of the faith–falling in love with a man–a neo-Christian–it went against all she had previously held sacred–yet–the God–this Lord Jesus Christ–how Almighty was his Power–that it even moved a witch like her. She tightened her embrace–she’d do anything for Isaiah–even the unthinkable...

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