The Horns of the Unicorns - Chapter 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Christian Science Fiction

Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


The coffee shop was half full–Isaiah and Lilith sat in the back–Lilith said, "Isaiah I’m so sorry that I’ve dragged you into this–this is my mess–I have to fix it..."

Isaiah uttered, "What happened to us–you don’t have to face it alone."

Lilith voiced, "There are other things that the Red Pearl Club can do–I know–I’ve done it to members that strayed–but in most cases they went back to us. I my case–I’m leaving the club for good."

Isaiah questioned, "So–you are saying that you are going to stop being a witch–give up centuries of bloodline and walk away from them?"

Lilith nodded, "That is what I’m saying–I’m not going to go back to them–I mean–come on, Isaiah–they tried to kill us–with that killing machine. And believe me–there are more where that came from..."

Isaiah said, "That thing almost seemed military."

Lilith spoke, "It is–as I told you–the women in the club have connections–power–both political and military–we are a group of business woman–who know how to play hardball–in the world of business men!"

Sandra came over, "Wow–I guess that makes you really popular with the guys," she gave Isaiah a kiss and grimaced at Lilith.

Isaiah said, "Sandra, I didn’t know that you’d be here..."

Sandra uttered while still giving the other woman a hateful stare, "It’s on the news–some crazy robot experiment went crazy and killed a little old man–messed up a lot of valuable property–before the police were able to take it down–I think it killed a few more people before they did. So–from what I was able to hear–you are behind that all," she was looking at Lilith.

Lilith felt uncomfortable, "Maybe I should leave..."

Sandra said, "Oh–by all means–you two were here first–stay–I’d like to hear more–how a super rich business woman–is being chased across town–by some crazy military killing machine."

Isaiah looked around to make sure they were not causing too much of a scene, "Sandra, it is really complicated."

Lilith reached across the table and kissed Isaiah, "I’m going to go and freshen up–make a few calls–business..."

When Lilith was gone–Sandra uttered, "What is wrong with you–you know better getting involved with that woman."

Isaiah voiced, "Hey–she needed my help–I was just there–you already know what happened–from the news–stuff like this doesn’t happen all the time–fact it is rare in our society."

Sandra glanced around and spoke softly, "Which makes it all the more suspicious–killing machines don’t just go around hunting people–I mean–on other planets–different circumstances–but here–well–she is dangerous. Look, Isaiah, we’ve known each other since we were children–I’m your friend–and–and I’m also in love with you..."

Isaiah looked–then took off his Blind Glasses, "Wow–don’t you think this is not the time and place for this?"

Sandra touched his hand, "If you ever need me–ever–for anything–you know you can count on me–don’t forget–I’m a Christian just like you–she isn’t!"

Isaiah put back on his Blind Glasses, "You are a really good friend–I need you..."

Pandora uttered, "There is no power greater than the power of the Lord Jesus Christ!"

Kragon said, "Okay–but we are faced with a situation that is quickly getting out of control."

Pandora voiced, "There is a plant facility–I’ve been going over a lot of information–it might hold a key–but the problem is that it is heavily guarded and we really don’t have a legal right to enter the facility."

Kragon shook his head, "I am not comfortable with this–there are other ways to get the information that we need. We don’t have to lower ourselves to their level–we still have standards."

Pandora said, "If we go to Chief Teall–he’s going to use protocol–that means that information about what we are looking for and the mere fact that we are seeking a warrant to search the facility will more than likely leak out."

Kragon shook his head, "Chief Teall is a good man–I’ve known him a long time–as has you–he’s never done anything but the right thing–when ever he was able."

Pandora spoke, "I’m not calling the chief a traitor–no–you are right–this thing is above the chief–he’s just doing his job just like us. But he has to file a report–and that report can be compromised–then Nehushtan and his horde of zombies will move any evidence in advance of our search."

Kragon pointed out, "If we just break into the facility–without a warrant–and something goes wrong–we are going to be in deep shit! And you know it! Good grief, Pandora–if they remove us from the case and assign some one who plays by their rules–they can cover this up forever. It’ll be like the AIDS cover up centuries ago–where the government winked at allowing Africa to be contaminated with the AIDS virus–just like they did centuries before that–when they gave contaminated blankets to the Native Americans–they had been infected with Small Pox. We may never be able to prove that the government directly had anything to do with the Necrobzom Protein Bacteria..."

Pandora was passionate, "Yes we can–because we can not allow people like Nehushtan and his many associates–people who knowingly have infected countless people with this deadly and violent disease. You can not say that this bacteria doesn’t have the stamp of the military."

Kragon thought on it, "No–you are right–this thing is too perfect–big money had to be pumped into the research of it–alone–let alone the secrecy that had to take place while the military infected countless civilians."

Pandora said, "And they will cover it up–if we continue to play by their rules–we have to make up our own rules–this is chess–make no doubt about it–and I intend on winning!"

Kragon suddenly became rational, "But our careers..."

Pandora sat down, "What–you are worried about your next paycheck?"

Kragon seemed embarrassed, "Well–yeah–I need to eat and to live–I’ve been at this for a long time–what do I do–just throw it all away–on some hunch?"

Pandora went on, "No–you do what is right–through out the history of law enforcement–the police have always been on the rich man’s side–oppressing minorities–killing innocent blood–all in the name of the government–it’s like the way things were centuries ago–when the police would ignore the terrorist actions of the KKK–and other hate groups–winking while poor blacks and or minorities were terrorized!"

Kragon uttered, "And if we look the other way–we become just like them–okay I’m in!"

Vyna was full of herself and drunk to boot, "You haven’t been returning any of my calls!"

The party was going strong–but some were starting to notice the scene–Isaiah uttered, "Please, Vyna–you are drunk–you are starting to make a scene–people are starting to notice," in fact it was the way that he had first met her.

Vyna voiced, "You contracted with me to do a portrait–where is it–I want it now!"

Isaiah took in a deep breath, "First of all–I’m not at my studio–and secondly–I’ve refunded all of your money–and I told you–I changed my mind–go find some other artist that I’m sure–will be happy to draw you–for the amount of money you were willing to offer me."

Vyna was pissed, "You bastard! I paid good money for that portrait–but you went and had to listen to those jealous little bitchy friends of yours–they turned you against me!"

Isaiah nodded, "Yes–you are right–but with good reason–you really believe that if I paint you a portrait that somehow–you are going to become super wealthy and that your whole life is going to go for the better–my advice to you is to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ–He can turn your life around and set you on a permanent course towards salvation."

Vyna mocked, "Oh–you and that stupid Faither beliefs of yours! I don’t care about where my soul goes after I’m dead–it’s what happens in this life that I care about–hell–I don’t even believe that you can paint!"

Others had come to listen by now–Isaiah said, "If that is the case–then my returning the money is a good thing–you don’t think that I can paint you. Besides–there are other painters–other artist."

Vyna staggered out onto the balcony–the warm night air blowing–then she pulled out a parwea and aimed it at him, "You really think that you can say no to me? How about this–you don’t want to paint my portrait–how about if I see to it that you paint no more?"

Cloie happened onto the balcony and saw the situation, "Oh my God!"

Vyna pointed the weapon at Cloie, "You–you bitch! All of you–a tight little net–partying and eating and having a good time–all the while others suffer! I hate the rich!"

Isaiah said, "Then why do you want to be like them so much–and why waste all your time and energy trying to become more wealthy–it makes no sense."

Vyna answered, "Because it is better to be miserable–and rich–than miserable–and poor."

Cloie started off, "I’m going to go and get help!"

Vyna waved the weapon threateningly, "Take another step–and I’ll kill the both of you–you just want him all to yourself–that’s it. He painted a portrait for you–didn’t he..."

Cloie shook her head, "No–I know about the curse–for some reason–those portraits cause people to get rich–super rich–and then they die suddenly. I got my money the old fashion way–I did what I had to!"

Vyna was swaying more profoundly, "Who should I kill first–you–no–maybe you..."

Then some other guest wandered out onto the balcony and witnessed the scene–they yelled and ran back inside telling the others–someone yelled for the police to be called.

Cloie uttered, "Put the gun down, Vyna–the others have found out–the police will be here–you can’t get away with it."

Vyna said, "What makes you think that I wanted to get away with it–maybe I came here to kill wonder-boy here and anyone else that I could–then kill myself."

Isaiah voiced, "You need help."

Vyna started to cry, "Yes I do," then she started shooting wildly.

The area was damp and dank–Pandora stepped over a few police barricades, "What do we have here?"

Washington glanced up, "Dead male–late fifties–neighbors said that they saw some really big frog like thing–hopping around the house–then an hour later–someone called in what they thought was some kind of accident. This is what we found," he uncovered pieces of a body–most of it was missing.

Kragon said, "I’m going to check over there..."

Washington uttered, "Do you think this is the work of your zombie-killer?"

Pandora was silent as she studied the remains, "I’m not sure–from what I know of the creature–when it is in its zombie-state of being–it can eat a big man whole. There are pieces here–the zombie would have eaten everything."

Washington voiced, "How do you kill a creature like that–it can change back to human form–you said yourself–you fired at it point blank with a parwea–and nothing happened."

Pandora finished her basic examination–motioned for other crime experts to come in, "I hate to say this–but this might have been the work of another zombie. Not the one I shot."

Washington was fed up, "Are you telling me that multiple killings are going to become the norm around here–because I can’t take that–I’m gong to do something about it!"

Pandora said, "Don’t think for a second that I haven’t wanted to do the same thing–but the force that is guiding them all–is too rich and well connected to be touched."

Washington yelled, "To hell with that! Witnesses say there was a frog-zombie hopping around here–lots of witnesses–fact of the matter is–the media got to the witnesses before we did–now it’s going to be all over the news."

Kragon came over, "This is the work of a zombie-frog–I just talked to two people–they actually have recordings of the thing–they tried to sell it to the media–but from what I can gather–the media already bought more than it needs."

Washington voiced, "Great–I can already hear it–zombie-frogs kill innocent people! I’ll be right back–I have to report in to my superiors."

Kragon watched the detective walk off, "Poor guy–I don’t envy him–his bosses are probable going to have his head–the cat is out of the bag–and people are going to start seeing zombie-frogs every place they look."

Pandora stated, "They might very well–but the one thing that they don’t know–is that the zombie-frogs are just like them–they don’t know where they come from–and I want to keep it that way. If the public found out that their neighbor or wife and sister–could be one of these creatures from hell–then the whole community will turn on itself. They’ll be seeing zombies where there aren’t any. And then the real nightmare will start–people killing people–all in the name of thinking they are zombies–any one different–or new in town..."

Kragon nodded, "I understand and I agree–the story is already out–but the true facts are still a secret."

Pandora said, "Ever ask yourself what is truth?"

Kragon spoke, "The truth is what really happened–facts."

Pandora shook her head, "The truth is God’s Word–the facts are lies with a little truth mixed in–like the devil told Eve in Eden–oh–you surely won’t die..."

Kragon uttered, "I guess that is what makes up the whole of our knowledge now–lies with a little bit of truth mixed in–just enough for us to believe it."

Sandra found Isaiah sitting on the beach at the evening sun, "I’ve been looking all over for you–I tried your studio twice–but your robot servant said that it hadn’t seen you for a while."

Isaiah looked up, "Did I do this to her?"

Sandra sat next to him, "No–what happened at that party was not your fault–Vyna is disturbed–she’s not right in the head."

Isaiah sipped some orange juice, "All she really wanted was her portrait done–I mean gees–is that so wrong–the woman wanted her portrait done–just a stupid painting–and now look–people are dead–she’s in the mental hospital–I don’t know what they are going to do to her..."

Sandra told him, "They are going to re-invent her personality–they are going to wipe out her existing personality and create a new one for her–one that is stable and does not conflict with her real past–just–it’ll be better for her. They are going to give her good memories and good thoughts."

Isaiah shook his head, "That’s not real–God I hate the times that we live in–seems like technology has an answer for all our needs–is it a small wonder that so many of us have turned away from our Lord Jesus Christ. Technology has caused us to believe in evolution and the big bang as real events–when in truth they all can be explained by other more profound theories."

Sandra agreed, "While all the other animals in the world–did come from the ocean–the sea–man–was created by God’s own hands–and there was darkness before the light–but God commanded that there be light."

Isaiah uttered, "God created everything–because God created the beginning and the ending–we are like complex computer software–playing out our core command–us people are the data–the environment is a product of the core programing–God is so far above us–that there are really no analogies that can really explain our relationship to God–except one..."

Sandra nodded, "I’m listening..."

Isaiah spoke, "The Lord Jesus Christ!"

Sandra went on, "Vyna will be treated–and then–because doctors would have re-invented her personality–she’ll go before a criminal panel–they will more than likely allow her to return to society–because her personality would have been fixed."

Isaiah was both angry and sad, "That is the whole point! Maybe she didn’t need to be fixed–maybe what was really wrong with her is that she needed to be loved–oh–not in sexual ways–but in a Godly way. Maybe I failed her some how–maybe society failed..."

Sandra stood up and extended her hand, "Come–let’s take a walk on the beach..."

Isaiah was reluctant but did, "You don’t see it do you?"

Sandra voiced, "See what?"

Isaiah spoke, "This whole thing was my fault–if I hadn’t agreed to do the painting–none of this would have happened."

Sandra said, "You told the police about the whole thing–Cloie told me that you did–they didn’t believe that you were guilty of anything–you didn’t break the law–she did."

Isaiah shrugged, "The law–the law of the world is in direct conflict with the law of God–has been since mankind fell from perfection–the law of the world is the law of the devil! I don’t care what the police say–there was a time that the police hunted and killed my people–because we were Faithers–I’d be a hypocrite–a lying serpent if I played their game now!"

Sandra took him in her arms, "No! I will not let you believe this–because I love you!"

The Dope-Lady smoked on something that was really mean, "You are in danger–very great danger by the others..."

Pandora waved the evil smoke away, "I want you to tell me how I can stop Vagabona and her husband–without losing my job and reputation."

Dope-Lady laughed slightly, "You are not going to be able to do both–you have to make up your mind–do you want Nehushtan and his horde–or do you want to play games with the TSP and other government agencies–while they pull your strings and yank your chain–whenever you get too close to the truth."

Pandora was seriously frustrated, "I want to put an end to this–but what is the truth?"

Dope-Lady said, "There is only one truth in the whole universe–that is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God–everything else is just bullshit–garnished up real pretty."

Pandora voiced, "If I trick Nehushtan into leaving the planet–maybe I can take him out without any danger to my job or other people getting killed."

Dope-Lady spoke, "Do you know how many people have been infected with the Necrobzom Bacteria?"

Pandora shook her head, "I’ve had this conversation before–I know that the number is very large."

Dope-Lady laughed and coughed at the same time, "You underestimate what this disease really is–it comes from the future–but was created in the past–it is the same bacteria that killed Adam and Eve–but it has mutated–partly on its own–and partly because the military wants it for Black Ops."

Pandora uttered, "How can that be–what are you saying–that the government got hold of the sickness that killed the first two humans–changing them from perfect beings into the abomination known today?"

Dope-Lady voiced, "I’m telling you that this conspiracy goes deeper and has more heads than any Beast–the Evil Ones–they know that the only way to fight God’s Angels–is to try and change the past in hopes of changing the future."

Pandora shook her head, "I don’t follow..."

Dope-Lady explained, "What would happen if Adam and Eve didn’t die? What would be the outcome of all mankind–those are the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself."

Pandora said, "I guess we’d all be perfect–some how–though–I can’t actually understand in which way..."

Dope-Lady murmured, "Why–in the way that counts, agent Wilson–if people don’t die–and the Evil Ones are amongst people–then they can possess humans–without ever having the fear of dying–you see–it under minds the Salvation of Jesus Christ!"

Pandora uttered, "My God–the anti-Creation!"

Dope-Lady said, "Exactly–if the first two humans never sin–and the bacteria that alters DNA is never introduced–then the Good and the Bad live as one–there is no coming of Christ–therefore–there can be no Armageddon–the world and the universe goes on. The devil wanted a kingdom to the north–if this world doesn’t roll away and a new one take its place–then he would have gotten exactly what he wanted!"

Pandora was confused, "But the bacteria..."

Dope-Lady stepped back into the shadows, "It wasn’t the fruit that Adam and Eve ate–it was what was on it–the Evil Ones had poisoned the whole tree–with the Necrobzom bacteria."


We are the children of the Most High and these are the times of our

Lives when we sing and do praise to God Almighty for it is He who

Controls the time and events of our lives and the Lord Jesus Christ

Is our God in the flesh for the Living Word is Jesus Christ Almighty

Though I have been ripped off by representatives of mine those who

We suppose to represent me but have shown their true colors by playing

The harlot with my enemies and taking bribes to do me harm are all

Given over to God because vengeance is the Lord’s and I await on God

For who is the mighty except they be made low and who are the great

Except they be made of no concern for there is but only one great man

Born in the world and he is Jesus Christ the Son of God and there are

No others and many anti-Christ have come in the world but they are liars

For God Almighty foretold of the coming of false prophets that say they

Know the way when in fact they are speaking for their own gain and they

Are so cunning that they can deceive the entire world except for God’s

Anointed for false prophets say they know the way but it is to hell they guide

The Holy Bible is the book of all ages the word of God is forever and I am

Glad that I have the word of God to cling to and to lean on because I am

Tired of this world and the evil that I have seen and heard but this is not to

Put down the good that people try and do in God’s name because God lives

The Lord liveth and his ways are divine and God loves us and he understands

Our concerns and does not put us down for being human no the Lord Himself

Is a human being for Jesus Christ is of the flesh but God hates the evil prophet

Who says not to worry when damnation is at hand and the anti-days are here

Praise the name of Jesus Christ by reading the Holy Bible and praying and keeping

God’s commandments for many false ministers have come up and the science of

Deception is perfected in the flesh so that we do not know right from left and the

Ways of the world have become the ways of the evil ones who are damned to hell

I am not a great man and I am not of myself for I know that Jesus Christ is Perfect

And the Truth which is His Being is the way to salvation for who can save us but

The Son of God and who can help us except that we be helped first by Jesus Christ

For God loves us beyond comprehension and His salvation goes beyond this world

We humble ourselves before the Lord by listening to what He is telling us to do

For wars are not the way of peace and famine is not the way of the Word for the

Lord wants more from us than being selfish and proud it is not the Kingdom of God

To hate and war and kill in the name of things that are of the world and not of God


Isaiah answered his door–it was Lilith–looking rather moved, "Hey–it’s late–what are you doing here?"

Lilith fell into his arms, "I need someone–no–I needed you..."

They made their way to the living room–Lilith collapsed on the sofa–while Isaiah went into the kitchen and poured each of them a glass of milk and made a snack–he came out, "What seems to be the problem?"

Lilith sipped on the milk and nibbled on the snack, "Thanks–I haven’t eaten in awhile–the problem–I need to leave–go some where--the Red Pearl Club won’t find me and I don’t want to go alone."

Isaiah ate his food, "Did you ever consider going public with what you know about them–maybe exposing them is the right thing to do. That way–there will be a record of their actions."

Lilith lean in on him, "They’ll kill me and anyone that knows about their dirty secrets."

Isaiah uttered, "Well–whoever goes with you will be in danger."

Lilith said, "I know, my love–but I so need a strong hand–right now."

Isaiah got up and paced, "So you are coming to me–hoping that I’ll drop everything and just go off–runaway with you?"

Lilith voiced, "I wouldn’t have come to you–except that we have talked about it before–I’ve already made arrangements–we can leave–take a space cruiser–pleasure cruise–mix in with the rest of the people–then on one of its many stops–to different planets–we can just disappear."

Isaiah spoke, "And what about my life, Lilith–I have friends here–people who care about me–what I’m I suppose to do about them?"

Lilith murmured, "Are you talking about Sandra..."

Isaiah paused then nodded, "Well–yeah–she’s one of them–I’ve known her all my life–we grew up together."

Lilith pointed out, "But the two of you have never really gotten together–and I’m here–with you now–and I know a good thing when I see one. You and I can be so good together–my feelings for you are beyond what I’ve ever experienced with any other man. Isaiah–I’m in love with you..."

Isaiah took in a deep breath, "So you say..."

Lilith stood, "What–you think I am making this up–that I don’t really have feelings for you–Isaiah, you are grossly mistaken!"

Isaiah raised a brow, "Really–would you do the same for me?"

Lilith questioned, "What?"

Isaiah said, "Would you change your entire life to help a friend–in this case–me–would you have dropped everything and run off with me if the situation were reversed?"

Lilith didn’t hesitate, "In an heart beat..."

Isaiah reasoned, "I have contracts to do paintings–work that is not finished...."

Lilith argued, "Isaiah, I’m not expecting you to feel the same way that I feel about you–I’ve been decades ignoring love–and finally–I meet you–a Faither–Christian–not even of my faith–believing in a God that I have not known–yet–I know that your faith is right–and that it is time for me to change–Isaiah, you mean the world to me–come with me, my beloved..."

Isaiah took her by the shoulders, "I’m going to pray to God–for guidance–join me..."

Maximillion Coward gazed at the other people, "You really think you can change anything by killing the host of the Necrobzom bacteria?"

Pandora voiced, "Some one has to try..."

Maximillion grinned evilly, "And you think you are the only one who has come up with that idea–to kill Nehushtan. Did it ever occur to you that he might not be able to be killed?"

Kragon cut in, "Everything dies in this world–nothing lives forever..."

Pandora uttered under her breath, "Except God Almighty..."

Maximillion voiced, "Yes–well–that is for those who believe–or are starting to believe–because of the abomination that Nehushtan is–it is far better that you just round up as many of the zombies that you can. Catch them when you can and then figure out how to get rid of them later."

Kragon stated, "They turn back into regular people–and there is great evidence to suggest that the infected don’t even know that they are zombies. All–with the exception of Nehushtan and his wife–Vagabona–they seem to be able to control it..."

Maximillion nodded, "That is because he is the host for this sector."

Pandora questioned, "What do you mean–this sector–are there other Necrobzom carriers out in the League of Worlds that we can’t account for?"

Maximillion laughed slightly, "Oh–there are things out in the League that you can’t even imagine–horrible things–evil things–things not of the flesh or the spirit. Like the abominations found on ancient Earth Prime–dinosaurs were not from the past–they came from the future–crazy scientist thinking to make a name for themselves–and the military looking for a new weapon–came up with the idea. They used medical genetic engineering to create some of the most feared monsters known to mankind–and when they had wiped out most of the human race–they sent them all back in time."

Kragon spoke, "That explains why the creatures were not mentioned in the Holy Bible directly–but indirectly they were..."

Maximillion nodded, "Sure–but dragons and unicorns were mentioned in the Holy Bible–they are not mythical–but real–when the Holy Bible mentions them–it is in reference with other real animals. Just because an animal or thing can’t be found in present time–doesn’t mean that they didn’t exist–it only means that some thing or some one has managed to remove them from their original time frame–and place them into another. Some times on purpose–sometimes by accident–in this case–when mankind from the future transported all the dinosaurs back into Earth Prime’s past–it caused a quantum tweak–in order for the quantum tweak to stabilize–something from the past had to be moved into the future–in this case–unicorns and dragons were switched."

Pandora spoke, "So killing Nehushtan can’t be done in the present..."

Maximillion agreed, "No–it can’t be done–if you want to put an end to this madness–you’ll have to go back to the past and kill him in the past–before he become so powerful–before the Necrobzom bacteria can spread."

Kragon asked, "If this is the truth–then why hasn’t someone gone back and killed him–why tell us?"

Maximillion winked, "Why indeed–that is the question you need to be asking yourselves–before you embark on a journey with destiny–a destiny that if filled with all sorts of questions. If you are not the first to know–and you will not be the last to try–it is paradox!"

Pandora stated, "But we must try!"

Isaiah and Lilith came out of the building and got into a waiting aircar cab–the screen on the back of the panel went on and a remote cab driver’s face smiled, "Where to?"

Isaiah glanced at Lilith then back at the cabby, "The transdoor port at Wo’ran-dor."

The cabby uttered, "Ah–the Royal Cruise–lots of people have been going there tonight. I hear that it is going to be one super bash–lots of famous people and big shots. The rich of the rich–I tried to get some tickets for me and the misses–but when I saw the price–no way–we’ll just have to settle for one of those econo-simulated vacations–you know–the ones with the holograms and all."

Isaiah smiled, "Believe me–I know–this is way beyond me too."

Lilith cut in with a smile, "We are a couple celebrating our first year together..."

The cabby smiled as the aircar took off, "Really–that’s nice–me and the misses have been together for twenty six years–some of the best years of my life."

Isaiah looked at Lilith and frowned–then back at the cabby on the screen, "Yeah–well–it’s good to know that there are some people who value a sacred union of marriage."

The cabby went on, "You too–yeah–most people get those quicky marriage contracts–for three years or what ever–not me and the misses–we wanted the real thing–Faithers we are–marriage is a union from God–not to offend or anything..."

Isaiah uttered, "Why offend?"

The cabby said, "Well–the look on your girlfriend’s face–she looked like she preferred the marriage contract–I mean–hey–it’s okay–you sign up for a few years at a time–to see how things are going to go–if it’s good–instant renew–if not–you are out in three–with all the provisions that are stated in the contract. You see–I understand–but me and the misses are kind of old fashion."

Lilith finally stated, "I think it is romantic–to do it the old fashion way–why–we might consider it in the future," and she leaned over and kissed Isaiah on the lips.

Isaiah turned off the screen, "What is going on here?"

Lilith said, "What’s wrong, Isaiah–would it be so bad to be married to me–me and you–we make a perfect couple. Everyone seems to think so..."

Isaiah voiced, "Look–I’m trying to help you–keep those crazy witches–that you call friends–from killing you."

Lilith smiled and snuggled up to him, "And you are–you are my knight in shining armor–I feel safe with you."

Isaiah stated, "Well that is good–but what does this have to do with marriage?"

Lilith countered, "A girl can dream–can’t she–Isaiah, you are so wonderful to me–all my other friends are just out to get what they can–you are just what you appear to be–just a guy trying to help a friend–and I love that about you..."

Isaiah spoke, "Look–we are going on this cruise to try and hide–get away like you said–as soon as we find a port that looks right–we are going to get off and disappear into the native culture–that way you’ll be safe. Then I’m going back to my life..."

Lilith secretly had other plans but uttered, "Exactly–that is the plan..."

Isaiah told, "Then good–so long as we understand each other."

Lilith said, "We will be taken straight to the transdoor and then transdoored onto the Royal Cruise Liner."

Isaiah uttered, "It’s strange that the cruise liner has a transdoor on board–most don’t and transdoors are strictly controlled by the government."

© Copyright 2020 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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