The Horns of the Unicorns - Chapter 5

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Christian Science Fiction

Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"Upon thy thoughts, and make the loneliness" Richard Henry Dana

The luxury Royal Cruise line moved through space with a study course–the passengers had paid a hefty price to be onboard. Everybody seem to want to be seen by some one else–there were celebrities and the famous and the powerful and the wealthy and the rich. It was the grand voyage of the Royal Cruise–music filled the air–dancing and polite conversation and casual business deals pending.

In their quarters looking out to the blackness of space–Isaiah and Lilith were getting ready to have dinner–Lilith uttered, "Does this gown make me look fat?"

Isaiah being no fool uttered, "You look just fabulous," then he smiled.

Lilith was happy and she came over to him and hugged him and kissed him, "I’m so glad that it was you I could turn to–in my hour of need."

Isaiah voiced, "Well–you need help and I guess–well..."

Lilith spoke as she put on her earrings, "What?"

Isaiah said, "Naw–forget it. This is suppose to be a great cruise–we are going to travel to all sorts of places–let’s enjoy it–your enemies won’t find you here."

Lilith voiced, "We could always stay in–I mean–a few hours," then she slipped out of her dress revealing her voluptuous nude body–she came to him, "Perhaps this is the night for love?"

Isaiah kissed her, "You are a very beautiful woman, Lilith–but you know that I’m a Christian–I don’t believe in fornication."

Lilith smiled, "I will not tempt you–and I do understand and respect your religious values–specially when it comes to having sex outside of wedlock."

Isaiah held her in his arms, "But there are other things that the Lord Jesus Christ–approves of that a man and woman can do to show their affection and love for one another."

Lilith read into it too much, "Oh, Isaiah–you just said that you love me," then she kissed him long and passionately–not giving him a chance to react.

At the table there were others seated–lots of decorations and big plates of specially ordered food–it was the first official meal of the voyage–and the captain of the ship sat at the table with them.

Captain Brimmin uttered, "To the Royal Cruise–and all her wonderful guest–may you enjoy your time with her and not forget to tell your friends about the great times you experience."

The people at the table laughed slightly–because Brimmin was obviously promoting word of mouth advertising of the cruise–it was all in jest and everyone toasted and went on eating and having a polite conversation.

George uttered, "This is the best time I’ve ever had."

Mary came back, "We’ve save a life time in order to afford this cruise."

Brimmin asked, "Is it living up to your expectations thus far?"

George looked at his wife Mary then at the others, "Better–everything is better..."

Lilith voiced, "It is a wonderful event–my compliments to the ship’s captain..."

Everyone toasted Captain Brimmin and the party went on and there was dancing and music and laughter and just generally a good time.

But–in the bowels of the ship–a certain package–a crate that had been skillfully loaded.

Washington looked at the two TSP agents, "You know we’ve had this conversation before–I know you intend to just up and kill Nehushtan..."

Kragon was offended, "Wait a bloody minute..."

Pandora cut in, "No–you don’t have to say anything, Kragon. You are right, Washington–I have been seriously considering other ways to put an end to this madness–however–I’ve learned that simply killing Nehushtan may not be the right choice–this conspiracy goes deeper than I had first suspected–more complicated."

Washington frowned, "What can be more complicated than–zombies–morphing from regular citizens? I mean–this is beyond crazy–if I hadn’t gotten this case–I’d tell anyone listening–that they were crazy."

Pandora said, "But the truth–the truth is stranger than fiction."

Kragon stated, "But it still has to make sense."

Pandora shook her head, "No–it doesn’t. You see–the truth does not have to make sense–it is the truth–whether you understand it or not. Facts and lies–have to make sense–because they are the instruments of the evil ones–demons tell lies to men–to manipulate them into doing the devil’s doing."

Washington frowned and shook his head, "First zombies and now demons?"

Pandora voiced, "What do you think the zombies are–they are demons–remember–the evil ones can change themselves–the devil disguises himself as an angel of light–they change to fit the occasion–always have. They are hunters–hunting men’s souls–and good hunters don’t camouflage themselves with something that the prey will run from–they camouflage themselves with the environment and make lures that attract the prey–mankind is the prey and the demons are the hunters."

Kragon uttered, "We can either catch Nehushtan in the present–or we can go back into the past–catch him in the beginning–stop him–kill him in the past."

Washington was taken back, "You really plan on doing this–what about all the laws and transdoor paradoxes–are you just going to alter history and the future–won’t that make you just as bad as Nehushtan himself?"

Kragon put forth, "What is the worse? Letting all those innocent people get infected with this military grade Necrobzom bacteria? Or–doing the right thing and hoping that in the grand plan of things–God Almighty will make everything work out."

Washington nodded, "Okay–I suppose that putting your faith and trust in God Almighty will work–but isn’t there the little problem–with messing with God’s plans in the first place?"

Pandora stated, "Who messed with what first?"

Washington shrugged, "From what you are telling me–who can really tell–just how far back in time do you need to go in order to fix things–to the best that they can be fixed."

Kragon said, "Look–the less you know–the better it is for you–believe me–there will be an investigation–anybody attempts to change the Reckoning–there is an investigation."

Washington said, "Didn’t those who started this whole thing encounter that problem?"

Pandora answered, "They might have–we don’t really know–there are so many things going on–for one thing–centuries ago–mankind finding a timeportation machine along with the blue prints for making a transdoor–both discoveries on Mars–changed mankind’s fate. The timeportation machine allowed space crafts to travel to distant solar systems in the galaxy–because the machine could speed up or low down time–on the space craft."

Lilith confessed, "I have seen how your faith has blessed you in the Lord Jesus Christ–and I believe in God–I no longer want to be like I was–a witch and a heathen! For all my life I have been searching for something–I knew that something was missing but I could not put my finger on it. Then I met you and things started to become clear–I started questioning my former beliefs–that was when the trouble started."

Isaiah asked, "What do you mean?"

Lilith voiced, "They started plotting against me–to kill me–you see–the coven that I was affiliated with–the Red Pearl Club–is well connected–very serious about gaining and holding as much political power as possible. But in order for the spells to be cast and all the evil potions to be made–and the modern day evil manipulations–the true craft of witch craft–there has to be absolute secrecy and loyalty."

Isaiah spoke, "I see..."

Lilith went on, "They control all sorts of political and social groups–that do nothing but try and undermine the infra-structure of the League of Worlds for their own perverse and sadistic purpose. I admit–that I use to go along with all of that–it was how I was raise–what I had been taught to do–but I had never really met a Faither–a modern day Christian–when I met you–and saw how you were with God and more importantly–how God was with you–that was when I realized that I was missing out on something very important."

Isaiah uttered, "So–as a result of your turning away from the evil works of magic and witchcraft–the women in your coven want to have you killed."

Lilith said, "Because I know too much–if they let me life–they run the risk that one day I will turn on them–and destroy all that they have been working for."

Isaiah questioned, "So what does this mean–what are you going to do?"

Lilith answered, "I don’t want to go back to the old ways–because I have learned the truth–that the living Word is with the Lord Jesus Christ. I can’t allow myself to slip back into the dismal abyss of the evil lies and half-truths (facts)–I need to be with you, Isaiah."

Isaiah went on, "I don’t know if I can help you and ultimately–it all depends on where the hand of God is–is it to deliver–or damn. You see–all things are subject to the Lord Jesus."

Lilith said, "The Lord Jesus Christ is Almighty and He rules all things–the universe bows down to Him and all things in both Heaven and Earth–have been made subjected unto his own Almighty Will."

Isaiah voiced, "Yes–the Lord is wonderful!"

Lilith said, "The Lord liveth!"

Isaiah spoke, "You have to have that faith in God’s divine plan and creation–for the Lord created all things for his pleasure."

Lilith said, "I repent, Isaiah–how do I go about getting baptized?"

Isaiah stepped back, "Are you serious..."

Lilith repeated, "Yes I am–I’m ready to be baptized."

Isaiah voiced, "You know–you’ll have to undergo all sorts of Bible School–learn about the Lord–learn why God loves us so much."

Lilith smiled, "Oh–thank you! I’m so glad that God put us together."

Isaiah spoke, "So long as we humble ourselves before the Lord."

Lilith stated, "I can’t go back–so there is only the way–it is the Lord for me now,"

Isaiah murmured, "Then we’ll have to see what comes next."

Pandora voiced, "So–this machine..."

Dr. Falker looked over her shoulder, "The Transtimeut–it is a machine that will allow a person to go anywhere is time and space in an instant. You see–centuries ago–scientist thought that the universe was expanding–based on their primitive understanding of the laws of physics–that was before Dr. Everet T. Pystrum invented time travel–based on schematics and blue prints discovered on Mars–led the way to a whole new understanding of the universe–and what was more important–the body beyond the universe–the substance that the universe exist in."

Kragon asked, "How is this going to help us?"

Falker said, "There are only a few Transtimeuts in the known universe. They are very difficult to make and even more unstable–that’s why transdoor technology is so widely used–because of the stability issue–and transdoors–while costing billions of shekels to make–are still cheaper than making a Transtimeut."

Pandora uttered, "You understand why I’m asking you to send me through the Transtimeut–because there is a mass serial killer loose in our present day culture–and killing him in the present will not stop him–he has managed to exist in more than one reality and in more than one universe of conscience."

Falker nodded, "I understand–you see–the Transtimeut can take you to any reality–whether it be an alternate universe or and alternate reality of conscience–be it in the past or in the future–time is an artificial imposition on the universe–it did not exist until all the elements of the universe were formed. Think of it this way–once upon a time all the known universe was darkness–and there was no time. Then came a universe of pure light–in which all things existed in different ethers of light–and there was no time. But the two came together–forming a third universe–the universe in which we exist in now–a universe of light and darkness."

Kragon looked at the super complicated machine–it kind of looked like a transdoor–but more complicated–while transdoors had an entry way–which led into a series of super complicated machinery–when turned on–the transfield energy generated a perfect conduit of the world it was connected to, "Will you be able to come back?"

Pandora looked at Kragon, "I have to kill Nehushtan–in whatever reality he exist in–that might take some time and there is a good possibility that I might not be coming back."

Falker nodded, "She is right–this very well might be a one way trip–the only way we will know if it is a success–is if this Nehushtan you are hunting ceases to exist in our world."

Kragon questioned, "Won’t that simply produce a transdoor–paradox–just like the translaser technology does?"

Kalker shook her head, "No–by using the Transtimeut–only the event changed is changed throughout all time and space–nothing else–that is what makes this machine so dangerous!"

Pandora said, "So–evil people–who were influenced by the BEAST–could use this machine to travel back to the beginning of time–and alter the outcome of Eden. And only a targeted effect would be felt in this present?"

Falker shook her head, "You kind of understand–but it is much more complicated than that–you see–if a person changes the past by using the Transtimeut–they change and alter all events in both time and space and conscience."

Kragon uttered, "Then this is the only way?"

Pandora nodded as she prepared to enter the Transtimeut, "I have to try..."

Lilith stood on the observation deck sipping a glass of wine, "I think some of the witches that want me dead might be on this cruise line."

Isaiah came from behind her, "What do you mean–we were careful not to leave a clue as to where we were going?"

Lilith said, "Yes–we were–but there is something I need to tell you–something that might make you run away from me."

Isaiah said, "What could be stranger than a witch trying to leave her past behind?"

Lilith turned to him and kissed him on the lips passionately, "I think you know that I love you dearly–you mean more to me than anything in the universe and I thank you for opening my eyes–to the love and salvation of Jesus Christ..."

Isaiah looked at her long and hard, "Okay–so what is the matter–now?"

Lilith obviously felt ashamed, "I’m not human–I’m a robot–an android..."

Isaiah stepped back, "What the hell..."

Lilith tried to move towards him–but he kept stepping away, "I know I should have told you sooner–but I was afraid of losing you–I thought if you got to know me–that you’d see that I was a nice person. Some one that you could..."

Isaiah yelled, "What–fall in love with–you’ve been using me from the beginning!"

Lilith uttered in complete heart ache, "No–my love–I needed a knight in shining armor–and there you were–you didn’t see me with your eyes–because you are blind–you saw me with your heart–and that is the person that I really am."

Isaiah came back, "Person–you are not a person–you are some kind of fancy machine! Designed to look and act like a person–but you are no human being!"

Lilith spoke, "What is a human being–how much organic material does a person have to have in them–in order to be considered a human being? If a person is sick–and needs organ transplants–and those organs happen to be synthetic–does that person stop being a person and become a machine?"

Isaiah voiced, "That is different!"

Lilith went on, "How? How is it different? I’m in love with you, Isaiah–I’d do anything for you–anything–you have to believe this! Now–I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you the truth at first–but I was afraid that you couldn’t handle it–I was afraid that you would reject me–just like you are doing right now. What was I suppose to do–walk up to you and say–hi–my name is Lilith and guess what–I’m an android–a perfect copy of a human being."

Isaiah was obviously upset, "I don’t know what you are trying to pull..."

Lilith uttered, "I’m not pulling anything–I’m a woman in love with you."

Isaiah backed off, "You are some kind of an abomination–an insult to God! How can you stand there and call yourself a woman–you are just a machine like an appliance!"

Lilith was seriously hurt, "Oh–my–no–not coming from you–not from you–surely you can see the genuine love I have for you..."

Isaiah stated, "All I see is the false prophets of your god Technoligion! You’ve been trying to trick me–learn about Christianity and the Faithers–you are a spy for the soulless–the Abominators of Technoligion!"

Lilith pleaded with him, "I don’t care what you say–I truly do love you–and I know in my heart–that you have feelings for me too–I’m not with Technoligion anymore–I’ve denounced them–and I really do confess the Love and the Beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ–I believe..."

Dr. Falker voiced, "This machine is called the Quantum Transmorgrphyer–it has the ability to shrink objects."

Pandora uttered, "How far down can an object be shrunk?"

Falker voiced, "To the size of an atom–in theory–even further–but that is a different story–for all practical uses–shrinking an object down to the size of atomic structures suits most of practical industrial engineering needs. There once was a time when–though engineering could create robots and other complex machines–they had a serious problem with the power source. They couldn’t find anything powerful enough that was not totally radioactive–then came the Transmographyer–it changed everything–engineers could create a viable power source–large scale–working on the machine from the inside out–then shrink it down to the size of an atom–if need be–just think of it–power sources that could generate serious output–but could fit on the edge of a pin–with the power source solved–there was no limit to design."

Pandora questioned, "And how does this affect what I am going to do?"

Falker voiced, "In order to send you back through time–you should understand how it works–the universe is infinitely big and at the same time infinitely small–there is no limit because at some point–the infinitely big becomes the infinitely small."

Pandora frowned, "I don’t understand."

Falker nodded, "It is a complicated theory–but a theory that has been proven–it all started with the Theory of Relativity and then the theory of Quantum Physics–these early theories led to the Theory of One."

Pandora asked, "What is the Theory of One?"

Falker uttered, "Put in the simplest of terms–the theory states that the universe is alive–and is governed by one intelligent power. Ancient Christians–back on Earth Prime–used to believe in One God–one Almighty God that controlled everything. Well–it took modern science centuries of millennia–to come to that very same conclusion–that the entire universe is governed by one intelligent power source–we are living inside of something that is alive."

Pandora asked, "What are you saying–that we are inside some living being?"

Falker nodded, "Pretty much–that is the reality that we have to accept–because it has been proven to be true. There are infinite realities and infinite anti-realities–they all converge on the Theory of One. For centuries–mankind looked for laws that could account for his existence–when in all that time–it was staring him right in the face–everything in the universe is alive–but at a anti-molecular level."

Pandora questioned, "So–you are saying–that when I look up at the stars at night–I’m not really looking at planets and stars and galaxies–I’m looking at the inner-workings of a living being–a living creature–life--if I’d look into the inner-workings of a living creature–the cells–the microscopic organisms..."

Falker stated, "From our point of view–we are viewing the basic compounds–the atomic structures–before they form molecules–clusters of so called galaxies are really complex molecular structures being formed–we’d have to be able to step away–from the whole universe–in order to tell what it is that we exist inside of."

Pandora uttered, "So–what is the Theory of One?"

Falker stated, "The Theory of One states that all things in the universe exist inside of a larger–living entity–remember–that in the living human body–there are organic and inorganic substances–things that by themselves don’t seem alive–but are when combined with other things."


I will give praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for all my life because it is

The Lord Jesus who has saved me and allowed me to live as long

As I have and He has saved me from many pearls things that would

Have taken my life long ago and he still saves me and my family today

There was a time in the Wilderness of Sin when men and women did that

Which was evil in the sight of the Lord and God was very displeased and

He caused to rain down on the children of men all sorts of discomforts

That enraged the hearts of men and pride came out and the ugliness of sin

For mankind seems to love his inventions and seeks out answers from

That which was created instead of seeking out answers from the Creator

And the imaginations of men is to televise the image of the Beast and to

Call on science and money the great false gods of the current century

For the Lord Jesus has blessed us in His suffering and caused us to enter

Into His salvation and we are the Children of Light that do take part in the

Lord’s Saving because we are not worthy to do this great thing on our own

Because we do not have perfect hearts as does the Lord Jesus Christ

There were great waters on the land of Rainer and the planet was afflicted by

War and sudden changes but the people and the king of the planet called

Out to the Lord God and God healed the planet and caused the people to

Rejoice in His wisdom again for the people sought out the Lord for salvation

Woe to the people who seek out God through trickery and false doctrine

For they are the children of darkness and they pervert the word of God to

Feed on their own flesh and to eat their own dung and drink their own piss

For the Dark Ages are once upon us and the sins of the world are too great

Humble yourselves before the Lord Jesus and know that the Lord is quick

To forgive and loves us greatly and while musicians of darkness sing songs

Crying out for God to simply accept their satanicness it is a false cry because

They know they have not repented from their evil and they are damned

Make a loud and joyful noise unto the Lord and play on all sorts of instruments

Naming the songs and making instrumentals that praise the Lord for there are

No gods beside the Lord Jesus Christ who loves us and brings us into His

Perfect salvation so that we may live in Christ forever and so that we find peace

Blessed is the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for God calls us to obedience and

Not to success for it is the Lord who fights the battles and has called us to believe

On his Greatness and to suffer in his Beauty and to repent in his Glory for God

Is Almighty and the universe is humbled by his presence and the Lord is forever


La-crap’tac held a parwea on them, "You really freaked up this time, Lilith–you knew that the Red Pearl Club was watching you–but still you persisted."

Isaiah asked, "What the hell is going on here? Who is this guy and why does he have a parwea on us?"

Lilith tried to be calm, "This is one of the many ghouls that the witch coven has–men and women who have sold their souls for the privileges and power that the Red Pearl Club offers its members."

Isaiah said, "So–you are some kind of an assassin?"

La-crap’tac nodded, "That an more–I’m an all around ghoul–as Lilith so plainly put it–I kill and get things and do other things more heinous. The fact of the matter is–only a small faction of the club wants you dead, Lilith."

Lilith saw light at the end of the tunnel, "So–this isn’t something sanctioned by all the members?"

La-crap’tac shook his ugly head, "Nope–this is what you call a special kind of action."

Isaiah said, "You can’t kill her."

La-crap’tac questioned, "And why is that–I’m the one with the parwea in my hand–all I have to do is pull the trigger and I get half a million shekels."

Isaiah voiced, "Wow–that’s a lot of money–just for killing a robot?"

La-crap’tac frowned, "What the freak are you talking about?"

Isaiah looked at Lilith then back at the man with the gun, "She’s a robot. You can’t kill what isn’t alive–oh–pulling the trigger–can kill me–I’m alive–but she is just a copy–a copy of someone that once was."

La-crap’tac suddenly became very nervous, "That so–you just some kind of machine that looks like a real woman? Whose controlling you–what’s this all about?"

Lilith finally gave in, "I’m a robot–an android–the truth of the matter is–mostly all the members of the Red Peal Club–are androids. We all wanted perfect health and perfect bodies and perfect beauty. Well–flesh and blood eventually fades–and even with all the modern medicines–health finally fails. But–an android body can last forever!"

La-crap’tac sat down, "So–all those bitches I’ve been serving–over the years–the reason that they don’t age or get sick–is because they are machines–a bunch of witches that are machines!"

Lilith and Isaiah found seats–Lilith shrugged, "You were never suppose to know–in fact–they only tell certain people–people that they can totally trust–no one else is allowed to know."

La-crap’tac questioned, "Who do you tell?"

Lilith glanced at Isaiah, "Only the ones that we intend on marrying–our spouses. Other than that–it is a well kept secret."

La-crap’tac laughed, "Well–now I know–when I finish this off–one way or another–I’ll deal with those satanic witches–machines–I’ll take care of them!"

Lilith cleared her throat, "You might have a problem–you see–you know–you know their little secret–how they live so long–why each and everyone of them is so beautiful–powerful–strong."

La-crap’tac uttered, "What are you saying..."

Lilith voiced coldly, "Now that you know–you are the one they will hunt!"

The royal hall was a scam–all around were nobles and lords from various families–the great tribes of the Dynasty–a group of knights brought Pandora forth–she had been engaged in battle with them–they looked worse than she did. It never was a question–of if those who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ would win–because it was God who stood between the good and the evil–fighting the battle for us–defeating our enemies.

Nebat–Nehushtan before he became the vile carrier of the Necrobzom bacteria–sat on the throne, "And who is this that you have brought before me?"

One of the knights stepped forth, "She claims to be from the kingdom from the south."

Nebat seemed different–almost human, "Don’t you know that this is the kingdom to the north–why have you traveled so far–and at your own peril?"

The royal court seemed active with low whispers–King Nebat–saw this and went on, "Do you have a tongue–or have my knights cut it out of you?"

The people in the court began to laugh as did the king–all until Pandora pulled off her hood–revealing her robust beauty and defiance, "If any tongues are lost–they belong to your knights–because it is I who commanded them to bring me before you. Not them to me..."

The knights all bowed before the king–indicating that she had bested them all–Pandora’s shining white sword rested at her side–she was neither defeated in battle nor unarmed–the king became uncomfortable, "So–what brings such an obvious knight as your self–before me?"

Pandora answered, "I am a rogue knight–seeking a castle to rest my tired bones, your highness. If I had wanted you harm–your knights would have been brought to you minus their heads..."

This caused other knights–braver and of greater valor–to draw their swords–but the king waved his hand and they all stood down–Nebat uttered, "I have been having trouble with the king to the south–what say you of him?"

Pandora relaxed, "As I said, your highness, I am a rouge–seeking only alliance where the food is not stale and the wine is sweet–and the beer robust and cold. I eat to my content–not wasting nor wanting more than I can handle. I know my place and keep it even better!"

There was a long moment–when the king just studied her and the expressions of the faces in the courtyard–then suddenly–he broke out in laughter–this caused the courtyard to follow suit, "You must be one of the mercenaries I hired–for never have I seen such confidence–and skill–you have bested some of my favorite knights. You are welcome–er–what was your name?"

Pandora removed her cloak–revealing mail and armor–shining and flanked with symbols–sacred symbols, "I am Pandora of Boxlard, your highness–and yes–I answer your invitation."

Some of the people in the courtyard–after hearing her title–seemed very impressed–they had heard of her–she was a valiant knight–having won many battles. The other knights wandered off to their respected places–and a new place was made for her at the grand table–the king being located in the chief of places. As Pandora began her meal–a knight named Kragon took notice of her.

Kragon uttered, "I am Kragon of Lockshire–please to make your acquaintance."

Pandora glanced up from her food, "And I to you–I’m sure."

Kragon frowned, "Do we know one another? Your face–seems familiar–almost comfortable to me–have we met on the field of battle?"

Her plan had worked–the Transtimeut worked, "Maybe in another life..."

Lilith voiced, "I used a Quantum Recycler to transplant my living soul into this android body."

Isaiah uttered, "I thought such technology was outlawed on Evegastus."

Lilith answered, "It is–the women of the Red Pearl Club–all had it done in the Dark Sectors. We all went there and had our souls transplanted into robot bodies. It was our way of seeking immortality."

Isaiah asked, "What happened?"

Lilith went on, "Over the centuries–I began to wonder about real immortality–the type that God has to offer. I began to suspect–that the ways of Technoligion–that false religion–the false religion of the devil–was wrong and that God’s Almighty ways were–indeed–right."

Suddenly there was a massive explosion–the luxury space cruiser rocked and wobbled in space. It was at that moment–that Isaiah took the opportunity to attack the assassin that was holding the parwea on them. The fight ensued for a good long time but in the end–Isaiah’s faith and trust in God Jesus Christ won out–he was able to defeat the assassin and knocked the man out.

The two of them made there way out of the cabin and down the halls–people were running wildly–screaming and total fear was on their faces. Isaiah yelled--questioned, "What’s going on–what happened?"

A young rich couple answered as they ran away, "It was a bomb–someone planted a bomb on the ship–a third of the ship has been blown into space!"

Lilith looked at Isaiah, "It was the Red Pearl Club!"

Isaiah asked, "But why–they sent an assassin–why blow up the ship?"

Lilith uttered, "Just to make sure..."

Isaiah voiced, "But–all of these people?"

Lilith stated, "I told you–I have a lot of secrets–all of the members do–that is what makes us both powerful and dangerous. No one leaves the Red Pearl Club–and if you do–you die."

Isaiah stated, "And because you are a machine–that makes it extra difficult to do."

Lilith took Isaiah’s hand, "Come, my darling–we have to seek one of the many life pods–or we’ll die with the space ship."

Isaiah began to run–taking lead of her, "Quick–over here–we can use the stairs to get to the next level–and exit–the way to the life pods is down there."

Lilith expounded, "Even if we manage to get inside of one of the life pods–we are in a dark part of space–the luxury cruise liner had just made Time Jump–using the onboard time machine to travel across a vast distance in space–while only taking mere hours to us–it dropped out of Time Jump–when the explosion took place–we are lost–rescue will be almost impossible!"

Isaiah voiced, "We have no choice–we either get inside one of the life pods–or we die here!"

There area was all crowded–members of the crew were directing the passengers towards the life pods–people were screaming and all panicked–it was a nightmare–the power on most of the decks was going out–you could hear bulkheads popping–as raw space began to seep into the parts of the ship that could still support life. Isaiah and Lilith had just made it in a life pod–when there was a loud explosion–the crew member that was helping them into the life pod was killed–they managed to seal the pod and then the crowded escape craft jetted into deep space.

Lilith whispered, "Oh, Isaiah–my love–my love–I’m frightened..."

© Copyright 2020 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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