The Horns of the Unicorns - Chapter 7

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Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"What wide reverses of fate are there" Thomas Hood

They were pinned in–someone was shooting at them–it was others from life pods that didn’t want to have anything to do with other survivors–food–resources–it was at a point where it was dog eat dog.

Lilith whispered, "Whoever it is–they have power blasters. I guess they must be from the staff on the space cruiser."

Someone with them uttered, "But why would they be shooting at us? I mean–we are all from the same ship–and we are all trapped on this moon."

Isaiah stated, "They want to keep their resources to themselves–it happens sometimes in situations like this–in some–it brings out the best in us–and in some–it brings out the worse. They don’t want to have anything to do with the other survivors."

Lilith uttered, "Well–that only means that they–they must have something important–technology that we can use to build a transdoor–and get the heck out of here."

The other said, "If we can manage to overtake them somehow–we can take their technology and still build what we must. I mean–why are we just going to turn around and go in another way. They have what we want–let’s take it!"

Isaiah looked at the others, "We are not going to become what they have become. It is not the Christian way–God Almighty will show us away. Besides–going down the path that these have chosen–will only lead to death. Sometimes–you just have to trust that Jesus Christ is going to make everything alright–even if it doesn’t look like it–in our eyes."

Lilith spoke, "But it would be easier to just over take them–and get what we want."

Isaiah stated, "You told me that you wanted to learn about God–and give up your ways with Technoligion–that false god. Well–this is the way that it is going to be done–if we act like them–then we have become no better than those who blew up the luxury space cruiser. We were created by God–with his own hands–that is very special–very wonderful. If we then debase ourselves–by becoming like the pagans–then we loose that which was most special to us. Our relationship with God Almighty."

Someone questioned, "Then we just give up–we let it all go–we don’t even try to get off this miserable moon?"

Lilith muttered, "I don’t think that is what Isaiah is saying–we have to look someplace else. Face it–they have weapons..."

The other voiced, "So do we–I mean–Isaiah has a power blaster–parwea–I say that we fight for what we need to survive."

Isaiah barked, "By doing what–killing? Is that what we have become–we will kill someone else–all so that we can survive–I have to tell you–if that is the only way that we can survive–then I think that we are already dead! Killing for the sake of survival is what the evil spirits want us to do–act evolutional–the strongest only survive."

Someone asked, "What’s wrong with that?"

Isaiah pleaded, "What’s wrong with that is–if the entire universe is not a produce of Creation–but of evolution–then it is God who takes the spoil–because no one–no body–no thing–is greater the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the truth–so we find another way–look else where."

Mudiges the evil dragon king surveyed them, "So–you come here–all the way from your safe palaces and your inventions of war–to deliver unto me this scroll?"

The dark palace halls were filled with all sorts of evil and disgusting creatures–some half human looking–others–obviously minor demons. Regard looked about himself–his hands never far from his sword of enchanted steel, "We come in peace, King Mudiges–it is with great hope that we may also leave that way!"

There was great commotion in the dark palace–obviously the creatures about them had other thoughts in mind–Mudiges motioned his hand–after reading the scroll, "I can not agree to these terms–with out there being bloodshed–blood must be poured!"

This saying made the awful creatures happy–Pandora spoke, "If it is a fight you are looking for, King Mudiges–then I will be the one to give it to you!"

Mudiges looked on, "You are the strange one–the knight that has come from–the Farplace–the Futurian! Have you come to torment us before our time or is there some other reason that angels reveal themselves?"

The others looked extremely puzzled at Pandora and Mudiges–they were confused as to what had just transpired–Regard spoke up, "If there is to be any fighting done here this day–it will be my sword that does it!"

Mudiges nodded and waved, "So be it–the brave and mighty knight–Regard–will do battle with one of my minions–if you prevail–you may go in peace to your own land–if you do not–you all will die here!"

Pandora’s hand rested firmly on her sword–the Iydamicus, "If one of us knights must do battle–then all of us–do battle," and she drew her sword.

Kragon had hoped for a better outcome–but faced with the obvious–he drew his sword, "Fight one of us–fight us all!"

Mudiges saw Pandora’s sword as it was unique, "So–behold–the woman wields the sword–Iydamicus–this sword could have only been forged in the Lake of Fire and Glass! If you are not an Angel of God–you have been in contact with them! Seize them!"

And a battle broke out–the three brave knights against a horde of evil minions–but even though they were out numbered–their blades tasted the blood of the evil ones–and when the battle looked like it might not go in their favor–Pandora would yell out, "The sword of Jesus Christ," and things would again fall in their favor.

They had managed to get themselves over and way down the halls–it was a blood bath–with all sorts of evil things coming at them–but they were the bravest and the most blessed of the kingdom–they prevailed. Finally they managed to get to the point–from whence they came–so they mounted on their horses and robe away–as swiftly as the wind.

Regard uttered, "Mudiges recognized your sword–how can that be?"

Kragon voiced, "I think our new comrade is an enchanted one..."

Pandora rode hard, "Not enchanted, Kragon–just extremely complicated!"

The two men looked at each other–finally Kragon said, "And when was there ever a time when a woman–wasn’t complicated?"

Regard spoke, "We can not go the way that we came–it will be too dangerous–Mudiges will have even bigger dragons hunting us–they’ll expect us to return by the way that we came–because it is closer to safety."

Kragon questioned, "And if you don’t mind me pointing out the obvious–dragons come!"

Some others–from other life pods–a group was attacking Isaiah’s cave–most of the attack was carried out with bows and arrows–as did Isaiah’s people–they had managed to become very skilled with the bow. But the months had passed by–making a transdoor out of the spare parts–finding the right circuits and the energy required to create such a device–was proving almost next to impossible–yet they were making progress. Attacks occurred sporadically–but when they did–they were fierce–this was starting to suck the morale out of Isaiah’s camp–there was talk of joining another group.

Isaiah said, "This is stupid–to do so now would only endanger the rest of us."

Paxton was like a sickness–that would not let go, "Why not–what is it–are you afraid that we are going to discover something better than what we have here? You know what I think–I think that you don’t want anyone to go because you will lose your leadership position with the group. That’s what I think!"

Some others seemed to go along with that notion–murmuring amongst themselves. But there were still others that realized–that they were on the right track. Centuries ago–if a stranded group wanted to build something like a transdoor–well they couldn’t–basically because no one knew how–and even when it was discovered–the first ones were very bulky. Later came refinements–the original blue prints–designs which were found on Mars–and later made to work by Dr. Evert T. Pystrum–the world renowned African-American physicist–the technology became advanced enough to readily be able to build a transdoor. Two problems made it impractical to have them in every home–one was power source–and the second was the extreme complexity of the machine. At the point were Isaiah’s group was at–they were trying to build a small and crude transdoor device–inside the cave–because it was safer and easier to protect it from the constant attacks of other groups. Some how–word had gotten out–to other groups of survivors–that Isaiah’s group had a plan to get off the moon. But Isaiah’s group was not the only one–others had decided that the space craft idea was a good one–each group having access to different pieces of technology–scattered about the area.

Someone voiced, "We were out scouting as usual–and we came across a large area of bits and pieces of a crashed life pod. A lot of the main drive–with the monomagnet-drive still intact. See this is some of the stuff that we found–but we’ll need help getting the important stuff back to the cave."

Lilith uttered, "I will go with you–along with some others–this is very important–and remember–other groups have need of the salvage–just like us. We are not alone–with the thoughts of building something to get us off this moon. I think by know–most of us know–that we have been written off–as lost or dead. Because no help as ever come."

Paxton challenged, "You are saying all of this–because you are Isaiah’s woman!"

The others looked on and reacted because the tension was too great between Isaiah and Paxton–the truth be told–Isaiah would have much rather--just fallen into place as one of the pack–but the demands of the group pushed me to the forefront–as a leader and Lilith’s steadfast loyalty to him–no–her great love for him–supported that leadership–but Paxton would not go quietly.

Lilith went on, "Anyone of you–not--believing that God Almighty will deliver us–is free to go–at this point–most of the technical things have been done–to the transdoor–it is just a matter of getting a few critical parts–and getting the machine to work. But we are in tough times–other groups attack us–few have forged alliances with us. It is better–if we have faith in Jesus Christ!"

The fire burned well as they sat around the camp–each to their own tent–horses fed and put for the night–out in the distance a storm was developing–that it would come there way–only God Almighty knew for sure. Pandora and Regard and Kragon had managed to best the horde of the dragon king–but they all knew that in turning down the path into Thetford Forest–more danger lay ahead. These were enchanted times and the forest held a host of enchantment–the creatures that dwelt within the forest itself–and the very air that they breathed–was filled with mischief of enchantment. It wasn’t without reason that the fork in the road was well posted–or that not even the most fierce of knights–hesitated–and turned away from going down the path into the deep of the forest. Fairies dwelt in the forest–elves–and strange people–lived there. It was also the land of the unicorns–they lived peaceably in the forest with all the other enchanted creatures–but the unicorns were feared by the dragons–because of the unicorn’s horn–they were magic and could pierce the dragon’s scales–easily. So–while dragons liked to eat unicorns–a small group of even three unicorns–could easily take down a big flying dragon–and there were many different kinds of dragons.

There were the dragons that lived in the water–they snaked about like serpents of the deep–killing and tormenting and doing the evil of the Evil Ones–for dragons were the cursed creatures of the land–they were the ones that did the devil’s doings–when they talked Eve into committing suicide–by eating of the forbidden fruit and giving it to her husband–thus killing the human race–before it had a chance to take root. So–the dragon–that evil old serpent–held a very dishonorable place in the kingdom of creatures–while flying high above the land–were debased even to the lowest of the creatures of the world.

Regard uttered, "We have to keep an eye out for trolls–and other nasty creatures of the forest."

Kragon voiced, "I thought that trolls won’t venture–where there are groups of elves and fairies?"

Regard spoke, "The Forest of Enchantment is filled with elves and fairies–would that was all there were–but like in any ecosystem–you have the good creatures and the bad creatures. If we are to take this journey–then we must be ever vigilant–dropping one’s guard for even an instant–in some cases can get one killed–or worse..."

Pandora ate a piece of something that Kragon had managed to kill–it cooked even as they sat, "There are things worse than death?"

Kragon voiced, "Ah–yes–in this forest–death sometimes is preferred–there are the abominations of madness that lives in this forest. I have heard of tales–where brave men and women–warriors–have ventured into the Forest of Enchantment–only to lose their minds–to be stripped of any form of rational thinking–and become totally mad."

Pandora laughed slightly, "And what becomes of them–we lock them away in the towers or in the dungeons?"

Regard went, "Only if that were their fate–they wander–like lost souls–wandering in the darkness–doomed to tread up and down the paths–in the Lost Forest–for all time. So–this is not the best of choices–we may never find our way back to our reality and time and place."

Pandora said, "A portal–a twisted byproduct of the Transtimeut..."

Regard questioned, "What is–this Transtimeut?"

Kragon went, "Sounds like a demon to me–if ever there was one–and there are!"

Pandora gathered herself, "What–no–it is nothing–more like Kragon has said..."

Lilith uttered, "This animal that keeps attacking our camp–it has to be dealt with..."

Someone voiced, "I have heard that this same animal has killed several of the survivors of the other camps. It is some kind of monster!"

Isaiah tried to be the voice of reason, "Now–come on–there are a lot of wild things on this moon–things that frankly are very dangerous and deadly! We can’t lose focus of our plans–if we can manage to get all the right pieces of technology–then we can transdoor off this moon–and all of this wouldn’t have been for nothing!"

Paxton spoke with contempt, "You think you know it all–don’t you, blind man! Look around you–we are on a moon that is crawling with all sorts of beasts–they hunt us like we hunt them. Then you have the other survivors–and most of them think that they have the best way–the best plan–to get off this moon. Some of them are even building a massive tower–to try and send a help signal–hoping that a ship passing by–will hear them."

Lilith said, "Ships don’t regularly travel this route–this is way off the regular path of commercial and tour ships–basically because of the gas giant–and other space related anomalies that are not safe for space travel. I mean–it might work–in fact–anyone of a dozen plans might work–and then we all will be saved. But we have to work together..."

Paxton stated, "You are in league with Isaiah! You’re his woman! So–anything that you say is suspect! We need fresh leadership! A new vision..."

Another person put in, "Wait a minute–so far–things have been okay–yes we have trouble with the other survivors–and yes–there are beasts out there that hunt us for food–like we hunt them–but the idea to build a transdoor–and get the heck off this moon–that is a good one. Trying to build a ship and fly off this moon–poses some serious problems–first of all–is the gas giant–it could pull you right into it–if your calculations are off by just a little. And there is the problem of speed–with regular engines–it could take a very long time–for someone to spot us–and rescue us–also–any ship able to blast off this moon–isn’t going to be able to hold very many of us–because of a whole number of reasons."

Isaiah said, "Look–I know that we all are worried–it takes three monomagnets–and a lot of technical and scientific know-how to build just the smallest of transdoors–but if we succeed–we can all be saved–even the other survivors..."

Paxton yelled, "Why would you want to save them–they have all worked against us–at one point or another!"

Lilith really was growing tired of this guy, "Look, you fool–it is a matter of just plain old common sense–we work together and build the damn transdoor–who cares if the other survivors benefit from it–and even–we are still a far cry away from having all the parts and components that we need–basically–the three monomagnets–which are the main components of the machine!"

Someone uttered, "We have one monomagnet–from our life pod–and one of our neighbors has promised a second one–for trade and a promise to come with us–when the machine is completed–we can find the third one–and we can make it!"

Isaiah pronounced, "We will make it–because God Jesus Christ will deliver us with his strong right hand!"

Paxton blasted, "You see–there you go again–with your stupid Faither talk–that kind of superstition is going to get us killed!"

Lilith went at him, "Believing in God Almighty–is not superstition–Technoligion–now that is superstition–no–in fact–it is a pagan god worship! You are the fool!"

The elf king and queen sat on their thrones–through the castle windows could be seen many herds of unicorns–grazing about in the open land. Regard turned his attention back to the throne, "We are noble knights from the north..."

The king elf uttered, "There in lies the problem–everyone knows that the kingdoms–both to the south and to the north–that they are ruled by treacherous kings. There is nothing noble about any of them..."

Pandora quickly cut in, "Though we are knights from these places–we have not campaigned with these kingdoms–save that mission that has brought us here. We were sent as messengers–to deliver what we supposed was a writ for peace–between the dragon king–Mudiges–but there was deception in the parchment!"

King Nahid surveyed them, "What would you have thought would have been in the parchment, knight. Everyone knows that the dragons and the humans fight all the time. They rain fire down from the sky and men fire inventions of death towards them. The other–intelligent beings–all have there place in the on going battles."

Queen Tezemha announced, "The dragons like to hunt the unicorn–but the animals of the forest--are under the protection of the elves of the forest. There are many magical creatures in the forest–some very terrible and crafty–good and kind. The unicorns once grazed beyond the forest–but the dragons would hunt them–however–the dragons also fear the horns of the unicorns–because the horns can penetrate their thick scales–and kill them easily."

Kragon spoke up, "Would it be possible for us to be granted safe passage–through the forest?"

The king and queen looked at each other–then Nahid voiced, "We will not keep you from your journey–but beware–there are many different kinds of dragons–some very big–some that breath fire–some that are very small–but all evil."

Tezemha uttered, "The dragons are the misnamed dinosaurs of old legends–but they are all the same. Legend has it that these creatures came from another world–from beings that wanted to terra-form this planet–but after their primary mission was complete–something went wrong–and they mutated and evolved–being creatures of abomination–not of the Spirit."

Pandora said, "So–what you are saying is that dragons–dinosaurs–were from another planet. And sent to this world to change it–but when it came time to die off–they somehow evolved and changed–a managed to evolve into the creatures that plague this world today."

Nahid spoke, "Many stories are told–about times long ago–dragons are evil by nature–they are possessed by the Fallen Ones–the evil which haunts the world."

Regard voiced, "This is a fight that goes on–it can never stop!"

Tezemha spoke, "You can have safe passage through the forest–none of our subjects will effort to bother you–however–stay away from the trolls–they are a nasty lot."

Nahid nodded, "Of all the subjects in the forest–the trolls don’t listen–they think that they don’t have to get along with the other creatures and beings in the forest–so–the smarter creatures leave the trolls alone–and the trolls go about their business."

Kragon uttered, "What of the dragons–do the trolls and the dragons get along?"

Tezemha answered, "Dragons only get along with other dragons–even the man-dragons–those abominations of half dragon and half men–but trolls only like other trolls–they hate the dragons as much as anyone. Stay the course–there are many forks in the road–keep to your right–because the left leads to unknown mystic places. Avoid flying dragons–small ones..."


How wonderful and fantastic is the Lord Jesus Christ in His awesome

Glory He is beyond the universe’s ability to comprehend and the ways

Of man can not find out the course of God’s hand for we were created

By the hand of God to do God’s bidding for our ways are of the Lord

How can we contend with the Lord who controls our every step and

Controls the entire universe for the Lord has made both the good and

The evil for its day and Jesus Christ has already gone forth and created

A new Heaven and a new Earth for us to live in forever and forever

God controls our path that we go down on for each step is of the Lord

And He has created the evil for a purpose and the good for salvation

And none of us can contend with God Almighty and say what are you

Doing or why has this been done for we are clay in the hands of God

Bow down before your God Jesus Christ all you nations and let your

Healing begin for too long you have been in sickness and your wounds

Not dressed you are sick with the love of money and power for you

Are an abomination to the Holy Word of God and you sell out to demons

But God will forgive you of your sins and he will allow you to come back

To him for He is the Life and He is the Way and no idol or animus will save

You from the Fire and Brimstone of the Lake of Fire and Brimstone because

Those things were designed for fallen angels and how much more you

What is this that I hear can it be that fools knowing too much and idiots

Passing themselves off as learned people sway innocent blood into the

Darkness of the pit for your wise men seek Dark Matter and your learned

Women throw out their young like a bowel movement oh how perverse

Wait for I hear the sound of the chariot and the music of a coming time

For who can stop Eontimeoc from happening and who can discover the

Healing herbs and spices of Riner for woe is the medical doctor for they

Practice witchcraft to heal and gather money for suffering of the soul

This is the time to repent and to give confession of our sins for we are

Not without a Champion to fight our battles and the sick shall be healed

And the poor shall inherit all the wealth of the world and the rich shall

Fall and the powerful shall become weak for so is the coming of the Lord

Is there a soft voice telling you to soften your hear to the Lord and is

There a prompting of the Holy Spirit telling you to Love and to Forgive

For many are the ways of the nations and hypocrites are every where for

All men are liars and hypocrites but God Almighty is Holy Forever


They moved through the camp cautiously–someone uttered, "What the hell happened here? I looks like–well–where are all the people?"

The camp was a friendly camp–a group of survivors that Isaiah’s camp had managed to make friends with. But now–there was blood on the ground and splattered upon various places–but no bodies–the people were gone.

There was a cold emotional chill about the place–something horrible had happened–Isaiah voiced, "Stay close and stay alert–we don’t know what happened here–but we have to assume–from all the blood–that it was awful–whatever it was."

Lilith was right by Isaiah’s side, "Maybe they were attacked by one of those wild beast. They hunt people like people hunt prey for food."

Someone pointed out, "If they were killed by a beast–why is there scorch marks on the ground and on some of the things?"

Isaiah said, "When I was young–I once got up in front of my class–and though I firmly believed in God Jesus Christ–I had to give a speech–so I asked a provocative question–I asked–what if God didn’t exist? I did it–not to distance myself from the Lord–but to raddle some cages–shake things up–see what the other people in my class were really thinking. I was surprised to find out that my teacher embraced the idea of God not existing–and a lot of people in my class were atheist–but one girl–God bless her soul–spoke out in defiance–speaking good of the Lord. I often regret asking that question–it happened so long ago. I believed in God but I asked the question–what if God didn’t exist..."

Lilith spoke, "You were doing it to see what other people in your class were thinking–and you found out–much to your shock–that your teach was an atheist–if you had never gotten up and asked the question–you might not have been made aware of your surroundings–you might have gone on assuming that everyone thought the way that you did–you might have just gone on assuming that everyone believed in God Almighty. When in fact–you flushed out a demon!"

Somebody questioned, "What does that have to do with us–in this situation–I mean–that all happened a long time ago–when you are just a young boy..."

Isaiah stated, "Because I’m getting that same–funny feeling–that I had–when I stood before the class and gave my report. A bad feeling..."

Someone voiced, "This camp was friendly to our camp–we had formed an alliance–we were sharing knowledge as to how to build a transdoor–and we were sharing food and resources. This is going to set us back."

Lilith said, "We can still get the parts we need to help in the process of building a transdoor–and gathered food is obviously here. However–the real danger that this camp was wiped out by someone or something–is beyond disturbing."

Isaiah uttered, "Lilith is right–as far as gathering what we need–it is all here–but if this thing happened to this camp–allies of ours–it could happen to our camp–too. We need to gather as much information as we can–and try and determine what happened here–so we can prepare–and try and avoid it happening to us."

Just then–there was a distant crying for help–they all stopped and listened–then Isaiah–without speaking–motioned with his hands–instructions to the others. They quickly moved about–almost military style–and found the hapless person–a young woman–she was injured. They all helped her. Then they gathered as much as they could carry and left the unholy site–still not knowing if their fate was destined to be like that.

The big troll stood against them, "Why should I let you cross the bridge–after all–I am in league with the dragons–and the dragons hate the humans."

Pandora voiced, "And why do you suppose that the dragons hate humans?"

The troll said, "Because humans can’t be trusted..."

Regard cut in, "And you think that dragons can be trusted?"

The troll explained, "Since the beginning–there have been these–the elves–the dragons–the troll–and the unspoken ones–simply called the others. Many wars have been fought and many things have been done–but the dragons have never made war with the trolls."

Kragon uttered, "But all the other things that you have just spoken of–came as a result of the dragons. They take on many forms–some dragons are just evil spirits–some even have human-like form–yet there are those who are too wicked–and they just look ugly and evil–some fly in the night skies–dragons are evil-spirits who deceive mankind."

The troll spoke, "Then why does mankind make war and why do so many of your kind die in wars and do evil to themselves?"

Pandora answered, "Because for too long–mankind has been deceived by dragons–it was the dragon in the form of the evil serpent who deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden."

The troll stated, "I have heard this claim before–and it would seem that the serpent did not make Even do anything–it was her own disobedience that landed her and condemned the entire human race to death and misery–the dragon–as the serpent–just had a simple conversation with her."

Regard voiced, "Just like we are having a simple conversation?"

The troll nodded with large amounts of green and yellow snot erupting out of his nose, "Yes–just a conversation. There is no harm in that is there?"

Pandora uttered, "It all depends on the conversation–if you are trying to talk a newly created being into committing suicide–the conversation is more than just a simple means of communication–you are using words–in order to try and kill someone. People do it all the time–when they falsely–accuse others of doing wrong. That is why the Holy Bible says that you should not bare false witness."

The troll yelled, "Bull-shit! All men are liars! And the ways of evil can be found in the seeds of mankind–not in dragons–no one made the woman disobey God–she did that by first going over to the tree of Good and Evil–and then by–allowing herself to be taken in by the serpent–what power did the serpent have–just words–and words by themself can do anything!"

Regard voiced, "You see–that is where you are wrong–words are a very powerful form of energy–an energy that mankind can use to destroy the dragons and all other forms of evil. The dragons are using the trolls–to do their dirty work."

The troll became angry, "We are not stupid–we are not being used by anything or anyone. Us trolls have been around since the beginning–when mankind did not exist–there were the dragons and the others and the trolls–we have seen civilizations come and go–but there still remains one thing–death comes to you all."

Kragon yelled, "Then perhaps death should come to you, troll?"

Pandora sensed the tension, "Maybe it will not have to come to this–the fruit from the tree of Good and Evil–was poison–it had a virus in it that broke down our immune systems–the virus was passed down from one generation to another–each time–blocking key components of the human genetic make up–separating the conscious mind from the unconscious mind–chaos!"

Lilith questioned, "Who are you–what is your name?"

Jezeba was still weak, "My name is Jezeba–I’m what’s left of my group–I was a technician onboard the luxury space liner–before the explosion."

Isaiah questioned, "What happened to your camp–when we found you–it looked like something came through it?"

Jezeba nodded, "It was a beast–a group of them–some of them had the head of a lion with the body or a human being–some had heads of other beast–they raided our camp–killing and taking whomever they so chose. It was horrible–they killed and then left as swiftly as they came."

Someone asked, "But where did they come from–I mean–we’ve been here just as long as anyone–none of us have seen such creatures?"

Jezeba looked on, "Believe me when I tell you this–you do not want to see these beasts! They are evil and horrible–it was like something out of my worst nightmare–I’ve never seen or dreamed of anything like it."

Lilith uttered, "The heads of animals and the bodies of men and women–it sounds like the Greek mythology of the Minotaur! But how can this be?"

Paxton spoke up, "That is because this moon is cursed and anyone who lands on this God forsaken place gets cursed!"

Isaiah quickly tried to calm everyone down–there were a few that went along with Paxton–as usual–he had his followers, "Calm down people–we don’t know all of the facts–there has to be a reasonable explanation for all of this."

Someone said, "I don’t think this moon has reason–it seems like we are stuck in a place just beyond time and space–I mean–weird things keep happening–and have you noticed–that every time we get close to finishing the transdoor–something happens! Like this woman..."

Someone else added, "She is right–weird things do keep happening–it’s like there is something alive–something evil–keeping us from returning home."

Isaiah voiced, "We can’t lose focus–if we start doubting each other–then we really are doomed to stay here–with no hope of ever returning."

Another person stated, "So–then we are going out to find these beasts–and kill them?"

Jezeba yelled, "No! I mean–no–you can’t–they are too powerful–they will kill whoever goes after them!"

The cave became quiet for a long moment–each person looking at another–someone said, "Then what are we going to do–fall victim to these beast–like this woman’s camp did?"

Lilith said, "We must keep our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ–so far–He’s been good to us–we have survived this long–we will survive..."

Some of the others muttered and agreed with her–but others had doubts, "I think that we are sitting ducks! If we don’t look out–we might be next–maybe that is what is going on–maybe this moon does evil things to the creatures that live on it?"

Jezeba questioned, "You people have a transdoor?"

Isaiah cut in quickly, "We have ideas about how to get off this moon..."

Jezeba went on, "But how–I mean–how far along are you–from finishing your project. Perhaps I can help–I am a technician–after all."

Lilith spoke, "Right now–you need to get your rest–you are welcome to stay with us–our cave–makes our camp easy to defend. That is probably why we have survived so long–and why those beasts that you spoke of–haven’t attacked us yet."

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