The Horns of the Unicorns - Chapter 3

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Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"In the fourth year was the foundation of the house of the Lord laid" I Kings

Isaiah was busy in his studio–working on various painting projects–which also included the portrait for Vyna–there was a ring and he answered the door–it was Sandra, "Hey–what’s up? I wasn’t expecting you to drop by," he told her as they kissed.

Sandra came on in–making herself comfortable–what you do when you are in a friend’s house–Isaiah kind of went on back to work, "I came over to see how you were doing–just dropping by–got a beer?"

Isaiah motioned while still working on a painting, "You know where the fridge is–help yourself–in fact–bring me one too."

Sandra went and got the beers and gave one to him while kicking back on the sofa and watching Isaiah work–he had a very creative way about him–made no sense to her–but the paintings progressed–so it obviously worked for him, "I saw that woman earlier today."

Isaiah looked over his shoulder for a moment, "What woman..."

Sandra sipped her beer, "You know who I’m talking about..."

Isaiah thought then shook his head, "Lilith?"

Sandra frowned–she wasn’t referring to her, "No–Vyna–that–that bitch!"

Isaiah took off his Blind Glasses and began to work his magic on the canvas, "Oh her–yeah–I haven’t seen her in a while."

Sandra said, "Really–from what she told me–she was suppose to be all over you–trying to get you to finish her portrait–I don’t know why she is in such a hurry–though."

Isaiah worked, "You know–that kind of struck me too–I mean–you can’t rush art–it has to flow–now I told her–there were plenty of robotic art machines–fact I actually own several top of the line ones–that could whip up a portrait in not time–really make it look good–in about a hundred classic styles–so good even–that an expert would have trouble telling if it was an original or a fake. Gee–these machines now days–they can copy just about any style you want–you just have to know how to program them."

Sandra took off her shoes and put her feet up, "Yeah about that–how much is she offering you for the portrait?"

Isaiah took in a deep breath, "Er–why are you asking?"

Sandra took a swig of her beer, "Because it has dawned on me–that if she is that desperate–maybe she wants it for all the wrong reasons. I mean–what if she falls victim to the curse–like the others."

Isaiah uttered, "I spoke to her about all that–she seems to think that I’m superstitious–says that my faith in Jesus Christ is what is wrong with me."

Sandra sat up, "She told you that?"

Isaiah voiced, "Yeah–and not in so many words–almost point blank–I told her it was my faith in Jesus Christ that made me who I am. But she just rambled on–after that–I just did the act like I was listening thing–that guys do to woman–when they want to get in their pants–not that I wanted to get in her pants or anything–I was just playing along."

Sandra finally said, "I’ll pay you twice as much to use one of your art machines to do her portrait–I just have a bad feeling about this one, Isaiah–she’ll never know–you keep the money."

The three sat in Washington’s office–doors closed–though occasionally someone would pass by and stare briefly into a section of the window that wasn’t covered–Pandora and Kragon sat facing Washington who was at his desk–but they were not uniformed where they sat, "I can’t hardly believe what you are telling me–I mean I do–there have been stranger things happen on other planets–but not here–not on Evegastus."

Kragon glanced at Pandora then back at Washington, "The thing that Agent Wilson shot at–is called a Frosco demon–they are the product of the Necrozom protein. And it only comes out to feed–then–as was reported–they can meta-morph in seconds back into the host shape."

Washington looked at Pandora, "But you shot it several times with a parwea (particle weapon)–I’ve never known of anything that can withstand a parwea–it’s like getting hit with a piece of the sun."

Pandora finally uttered, "They can morph according to the planet that they are on–on some other planet–with a different environment–they will look different–that is another reason why they are so hard to catch."

Washington leaned forward, "And that is what you are trying to hunt down and stop–a thing that can hide in broad daylight–and change at night–and kill. But why doesn’t it kill a lot more–not that I’d want it to–but what triggers it?"

Pandora shifted her body, "We are not entirely sure–some seem to morph at will–others have to wait for some trigger–best that we can tell–the ones on this planet need some type of external trigger."

Kragon put in, "Hunger is one of them–but they can go for months–maybe even a year without feeding–don’t forget–they are not just eating the physical body–but the soul of the victim–the most pure source of power known to the universe."

Washington nodded, "Yes I’ve read popular science–and they do teach paraphysics in most colleges and high schools. So how do we trap this thing–and how many are there?"

Kragon voiced, "We have to discover their hiding place–where they like to hangout–breed if you will."

Washington spoke, "If there was a place in my town–where such a thing was going on–we’d know about it. You just can’t go and throw a party and kill people without word getting back to the police–plus we have random locator chips in everyone–just like everybody does who live within the League of Worlds. So if that many people just came up missing–red flags would go up everywhere–not just at the local level but federal–governmental–you know how those BEAST Machines like to keep tabs on the public."

Pandora gazed off, "These are troubled times for the innocent..."

Washington frowned, "Hell yeah–if you got a bunch of filthy–what did you call them–Frosco creatures hiding in normal folks–killing and eating without anyone able to stop them."

But that wasn’t what Pandora meant–however, "We need to make a stand here. Nehushtan is a main source of the zombie bacteria. Stop him and his wife–and we might have a chance."

Washington nodded, "He’s super rich–can’t violate the rights of rich people–not like the poor..."

Pandora replied, "Not if you don’t care about your career–I plan on stopping this plague!"

Kragon sensed Washington, "But we all must uphold the law of the League–of course."

Vyna looked at Lilith, "I hear that you’ve been making inquiries into my business affairs–why is this?"

Lilith kind of laughed, "You know an artist named Isaiah Silverhawk?"

Vyna sat back, "Not that it is any of your concern–but–yes I do."

Lilith said, "Then I’m looking into your–concerns."

Vyna leaned forward, "For what purpose–I mean–from what I can gather–you are stinking rich–and have connections to members of the High Council of Technoligion–so why are you concerning yourself with this man–or for that matter–with me? Unless–you plan on talking him into painting a portrait for you–so that you can become more powerful–maybe even climb the political ladder yourself?"

Lilith uttered, "You believe in those silly superstitions–that Isaiah’s portraits can make you rich and powerful–you are one of those."

Vyna didn’t like that, "One of those–what do you mean by that–I’ve paid him a down payment–a good sum of shekels to paint me a picture–it is really none of your business–or for that matter–anyone else–what I choose to do or not to do with it–hell I could sleep with the damn thing–if I want to–it is none of your business."

Lilith spoke, "You need help..."

Vyna yelled, "What?"

Lilith was stoic, "Some of you business ventures–are failing–in fact–you are being attacked by corporate mercenaries–and you are struggling to stay afloat."

Vyna was pissed, "How dare you spy on me like that–maybe you have some dirty little secrets that need to be uncovered–things–like that you are a witch–and that you are romancing Isaiah for his powers–just like I am!"

Lilith shook her head, "I’ll admit that I find Isaiah–to be one of the most interesting men–I’ve met in a long time–very handsome–but my feelings for him are really none of your business..."

Vyna snapped, "That is exactly how I feel–none of your concern–and you don’t want to stand in my way!"

Lilith questioned, "Stand in your way of what–financial melt-down–oh by all means–I won’t get in your way–oh–by the way–have you done your research–do you really know how many people–that had portraits done by Isaiah–have ended up dead? No–you don’t know the exact number–do you–you just heard that this painter has mystical powers–powers to gain wealth–and you couldn’t stop yourself from whoring yourself out! Yet–you say that you are not superstitious..."

Vyna barked, "It is a known fact–that all sorts of weird and wonderful things have been discovered–specially–since mankind ventured out amongst the stars--humans have mutated–some in weird ways–others in special ways–gaining powers to do all sorts of things–not to mention the children of the Dark Planets. But you are a witch–you are a stinking mutant also!"

Lilith moved in closer, "What I am–and who I am–you have no idea! But this I can tell you–unlike you–I genuinely like Isaiah–no–check that–I’m falling in love with him–there–I’ve got that out of the way. And who is to say–maybe his faith and beliefs might convert me..."

Vyna laughed, "Convert–who–you–thy shall not suffer a witch to live–that is what his religion teaches–you are living in a fantasy world–you can’t convert–because of what you are!"

Lilith spoke softly, "I’m in love with the man–and love changes everything..."

Chief agent Teall seemed serious, "You finally found one of these things..."

Pandora stated, "Zombies, sir..."

Teall cleared his throat, "Yes–well–zombies–and you watched it transform and eat a human being–then transform back into what you say was a human form?"

Pandora nodded, "I couldn’t believe it myself–it was a Frosco zombie–it ate the man whole–the thing has barbed-wire teeth–it ripped the poor soul in seconds."

Teall sat back, "Why didn’t you kill it?"

Pandora sat up, "You have my report, chief–you know what happened–I fired my parwea at the thing–but nothing..."

Teall said, "You fired a particle weapon point blank at this thing–but it kept on going? How is that? A P-weapon can cut through steel–it fires in short bursts or one continuous beam–there is no way that you could have shot that thing and not killed it!"

Pandora was very uncomfortable, "Look, Chief Teall, the reports from the scene–indicate that I did–indeed hit the creature–but it seems to be composed of some--here to unknown regenerative powers. The TSP labs are testing what was found–to be honest–I don’t think it can be killed in a conventional way."

Teall shook his head, "All things die in this universe! You just have to know how to kill it!"

Pandora put her head down, "Have you considered the fact or the possibility that this thing is already dead–and that is why we can’t kill it. I mean–I saw it transform back into a human form–that means that it is out amongst the population–waiting its time–to kill again–maybe. We can’t ignore this threat–I need to know everything–so I can stop it!"

Teall uttered, "What did your partner sense–he’s the psychic on your team–what did he have to say about it?"

Pandora frowned, "He wasn’t there..."

Teall raised a brow, "I’m sorry–I didn’t get that part–what did you say?"

Pandora sat straight, "My partner–Kragon–was not there–he was working on another lead–we decided to separate–an investigate. When I came across the murder–I acted the best way that I’ve been trained to act–but I believe if we had more cooperation from the military–maybe we could put an end to it–plus–there is the factor of having finally located the prime infector of the Necrobzom bacteria–Nehushtan and his wife."

Teall suddenly seemed very agitated, "They are off limits to you and your investigation!"

Pandora almost leaped out of her seat, "Why–who is protecting them–the military?"

Teall seemed empathic, "I know it is tough–trying to do an investigation–with one of your hands tied–but that is the political reality that the TSP has to deal with–we can’t do our job–unless we have the blessings of the various planetary governments in which we police–from one planet to the next–the laws vary–often–one planet has one set of laws–and another planet just the opposite–while the League of Worlds–does impose the higher standard of laws–each planet is free to govern itself."

Pandora was really disgusted, "So–that is it–we let a bunch of governing machines decide the fate of the human race–alien race too–it is not enough that Technoligion governs us like they are gods–but when people start dying from one planet to the next–they keep the TSP from doing what it is suppose to do–what’s going on, sir? Who is pulling the strings..."

Teall shook his head, "This is way bigger than the both of us–do the best you can."

Lilith led a team of specially picked scientist and engineers as they went through a super expensive facility–in which work on medical cryogenics was being done, "I want the test results by the end of the day."

Setha was one of the project managers, "Everything looks fine–in fact–projections say that we can have the MC Project out amongst the general public in a little over a year."

Lilith said, "One of the many basic applications of the MC Project–is to combat cancer–which while cures have been found–the plague of mankind–resurfaced–as humans spread amongst the stars. This is a none invasive way of curing the disease."

Setha who was also a medical engineer put forth, "The basic idea is to kill the cancer without killing the host–the person–the way that medical cryogenics works–is that the patient–after being properly prepared–is placed into the MC chamber–where their body temperature is lowered to the controlled point of freezing–seeing that cancer cells are weaker than normal–healthy cells–they are more susceptible to the freezing process. As a result of this highly controlled freezing process–cancer cells throughout the patient’s body die–because it is a known face that freezing living tissue causes damage to the tissue–killing it. But in this case–we have used the natural effects to our advantage–seeing that killing tissue is what we want–killing the cancer tissue first–with limited damage to normal healthy tissue. The MC chamber allows doctors and technicians to freeze the patient scientifically and medically–controlling the process–step by step and even micro-fractions of a freezing point–while totally monitoring the patient’s over all medical condition. The patient–naturally is in a medically induced coma–not feeling or being aware of the super-cold process–which if the patient were conscious of the freezing cold–would not be able to survive it."

Lilith smiled, "So–the billions of shekels that I have invested in the project has paid off–we are now ready to test with human subjects."

Setha nodded, "And as you know–Malaocean is a planet that has soft laws concerning human medical testing–lots of bio-products are tested here."

Lilith uttered, "And this process is safer than conventional genetic and surgical and radiation procedures because..."

Setha cut in, "Because–those procedures alter the body in most unnatural ways– chemotherapy–being the most debilitative of them all–because–while surgery radically alters the body and does serious trauma to the body–forcing the patient to have to recover from the surgery and fight off the remaining effects of chemotherapy–medical cryogenics–makes use of an event that occurs naturally in the environment–face it–parts of the world freezes. By controlling the freezing process–we can get better results–than radiation or chemotherapy–in even radical cases–tumors shrank–cancer cells die and are absorbed by the host body. All the things the other older and more conventional therapies are suppose to do–but when the patient is brought totally out of the medically cryogenic state–they do not have to go through the long and debilitating process–which have long been associated with chemotherapy–radiation therapy–surgery."

Lilith stopped briefly–with all others stopping–there was no question that she was in charge, "We stand to make trillions of shekels–while medical cryogenics got started centuries ago–it has become a reality in our time. Good work people...", and she headed off in a different direction–while the scientist and technicians that were following her–went back to work.

Setha uttered, "Will you make the Red Pearl Club meeting?"

Lilith frowned, "I–er–I have something else that I have to do–very important."

Kragon voiced, "They change from planet to planet–we’ve known this for awhile–but maybe the reason that we’ve had such a hard time catching Nehushtan and his horde–is because Nehushtan and his wife can change too–I mean–maybe they can take on a different form."

Pandora sipped some coffee and ate a sweet roll, "Have you been talking to the chief?"

Kragon hesitated, "Yes–he told me all about yours and his–conversation–but it doesn’t change the fact that these things–and they might just be from alien origins–maybe from the Dark Sector–they have some kind of natural defenses that help them evade capture."

Pandora put down her roll, "No–not capture–hunting!"

Kragon uttered, "What–what do you mean?"

Pandora said, "They use this ability–to change shape–to hunt–and maybe you are right–maybe we’ve been looking at the wrong profile all along–maybe they are from the Dark Sector. That would explain why they seem to possess demonic powers..."

Kragon stated, "Because they are demons..."

Pandora cut in, "Or humans who have sold their souls for physical immortality."

Kragon didn’t respond right away–he just sat there watching his partner eating her breakfast, "So–you are saying that–they can’t be killed in the physical world–and they probably sold their souls in the spiritual world–so–how do we stop them?"

Pandora voiced, "We’ve speculated it before–kill the source of the Necrobzom bacteria–and because they all seem to be linked in some way–we kill them all."

Kragon was cautious, "Or–slow them down–at lease."

Pandora became angry, "No! I want to kill them all–and killing Nehushtan is the way to do it!"

Kragon uttered, "This is what Chief Teall was trying to install into your head–you can’t just go and accuse rich people like you can the poor–the rich have powerful attorneys–and connections in high political office–for the very reason–that if something ever goes wrong in their lives–they can call on their political favors–to get them out of trouble. You know about that super rich woman on Malaocean who did a really awful crime–something that would have gotten anybody else years in psychic-prison–but she got off with a slap on the hand–doing a few months of house arrest. No–criminal psychic rehabilitation–no mind altering training–nothing but a slap on the hand."

Pandora nodded, "It happens all the time–because even though the League of Worlds is suppose to be run by living governing machines–half of the power in the High Council–is run by humans and aliens–fifty-fifty–so mankind has managed to corrupt even his greatest dream–a perfectly run society."

Kragon stated, "A dream of physical perfection–and we all know–there is no such thing as physical perfection–the universe is made of a imperfections–and we are in the universe–we can’t rid ourselves of it."

Pandora voiced, "It all goes back to Adam and Eve and the devil-serpent in Eden.. Good God–the government has even done time-travel back to the beginning of time–trying to change the outcome of that event–hoping to engage a physical perfection–retroactively. Tampering with key events in time and space."

Kragon spoke, "Time and space–are the same thing–we can’t undo what God Almighty has done–His word is Supreme."


Pandora barked, "But these Necrobzom zombies–they can be killed!"

From when I was young I was taught by my mother to pray to God

Now that I am old my faith in Jesus Christ has been justified but

Not by me for it is the Lord Jesus who justifies his people for how

Can we the clay justify the living hands of our Creator but God does

Praise the Lord Jesus with all your heart and all your soul for the

Lord God of our hope and mercy is worthy of the praise and we do

Well to honor that Almighty Work that the Lord has done because

The work of the lord is to the Love of mankind and we all benefit

St. Paul taught of the love of God and how we all can’t be great

In this world yet we are all part of the body of Christ for it does not

Matter if our work in the Lord is great or small for the word of God

Teaches us that we all can’t be the head or the eyes or the mouth

For the Lord Jesus Christ is wonderful to us all and He has not placed

Upon us a burden that we can’t endure for even if we be the feet or the

Toe we are all One in Christ Jesus and that belonging to such a great

God as Jesus Christ is more than enough for we share in God’s glory

The scientist are seeking out the unification theory which will explain

Everything that goes on in the universe but I say to you that Christians

Have always known of the Grand Unification of God for there is only

One God and the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are all One

Do your best in your everyday life for we are not all called to the greatness

Of the world and if we were all called who would do the work of Christ

For God’s work is not only in the grand scheme of things but in the tiny

Details which are evident in the inner workings of the atoms and the soul

For who can say that they have told God anything and who can say that

They have taught the Lord to do this or that except they lie and damn their

Only soul for even when Jesus Christ walked in the flesh no one taught

Him the scriptures for Jesus Christ is the Living Word of God the Teacher

O world humble yourself before the Lord and maybe all the curses that have

Been foretold will be made softer and perhaps be made undone for Holy is

The word of God and the Lord has said that if the whole world would stop

Its evil ways and bow and worship the Lord Jesus Christ we would be saved

For who is the sinner except he who denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God

And who holds back the progress of healing but the big businesses for the gain

Of wealth many times over for the rich oppress the poor and the devil oppresses

Mankind and we trip because of the stumbling blocks that are placed in our way


Setha was the most vocal–the other women in the Red Pearl Club sat quietly–reserved and wanted to listen, "You are suppose to be the leader of the Red Pearl Club–being the elected member of our coven–why have you been seeing a known Faither named–Isaiah Silverhawk?"

Lilith got up from her plush sitting chair–walked about the room–studying her fellow witches, "Is this what this meeting is all about? What business is it who I romance?"

Setha barked, "It is all of our business–because we are all members of this sisterhood–and you are the chosen leader–you need to set an example for the younger members–the weaker sisters who might misunderstand your actions–and think it is okay to stray!"

Cruela cut in, "Wait a minute–who said anything about Lilith straying?"

Setha went on, "She has been straying–dating this poor artist–he is trouble–I can feel it–he will make you weak in the ways of our coven."

Curela uttered, "We have all known Lilith since the beginning–she has never–and I repeat never let us down–we are among the wealthiest women on the planet–our spells are the strongest and our positions in society are without repute–the very movement of Technoligion was actually started by witches like ourselves–undoing the thousands of years of darkness which shrouded our believes. We are free women now–independent–self-controlling–wonderful and beautiful–these things that you are saying, Setha–it is not our way."

Setha was angry, "Sisters–perhaps it is time that we had a new leader..."

This thing got the women talking amongst themselves–Lilith uttered, "Sisters–who amongst you have not followed your heart–it is true that some of you are married to spouses that don’t even know that you are witches–is it not?"

Cruela nodded, "This thing is true–what Lilith speaks–I for one–am married to a wonderful man and I have wonderful children–my husband does not know of my secret life–and it works better for me that way–I am not alone. So–you are saying that this relationship with this artist is simply a fling–nothing serious?"

Lilith wanted to lie–but they had her under a spell of truth, "I am in love with him..."

Again the sisters were unsettled amongst themselves–Setha yelled, "See–she speaks what is in her heart–she intends to bring the Christians into our coven–and you all know what that means–they will destroy us–break us up–their God is Almighty! He will destroy us!"

Everything was getting heated up–someone suggested a break–robot servants brought in refreshments–Lilith took a glass of dry red wine and went out onto the balcony–Cruela followed her, "These are trying times for our sisterhood."

Lilith sipped her wine, "I can love someone without revealing my true nature–he is after all–only a man–why are the sisters all worked up over this?"

Cruela said, "Setha is seeking to influence the others..."

Lilith looked at her friend, "To what end?"

Cruela cleared her throat, "She wants your position–she is ambitious–if she were to be successful in her bid for power in one of the oldest and most powerful covens on the planet–she would be able to do the things she has been secretly planning."

Lilith frowned, "You have seen this coming?"

Cruela nodded, "For some time now–some of the sisters and I have divined and discovered–that she has been trying to divide and conquer–the coven–you having romantic relations with this artist has been her chance."

Lilith became defiant, "I will love whom I chose–this man makes me feel alive!"

Pandora said, "Back in the early Twentieth and Twenty first Century–the AIDS virus killed a billion people before it was successfully eradicated–I’m not talking about those treatments that only cured the symptoms–I’m talking about the real cure..."

Kragon voiced, "Okay–it is a part of history–and medical history."

Pandora stated, "This thing–this Zombie Bacteria–it is just like the AIDS virus–killing at will–silent–stealth–being spread by men and women that don’t give a shit! It has to be stopped–even if it means breaking the law in order to stop it!"

Kragon sat up, "You can’t be serious–you’ve been a TSP agent for over twenty years–how could you even entertain the idea of throwing all that away for–just one set of criminals–let the law take its course–we’ll catch them–and then we’ll put them away–legally–without any blemish to a perfect record of service to the Transdoor Star Police."

Pandora looked at Kragon–her eyes said it all–she was way past that point, "There are some things that can’t be put into neat little packages–this case is one of them–it is too big–coming from too many sources–the military–the political–the scientific–if we play by their rules–as we have been–they keep moving the chess players illegally–they are not playing the game, Kragon–we have to be like Jazz–changing and rethinking–adapting–evolving–if need be–that is the only way that we are going to put a stop to this."

Kragon took a deep breath, "So you are saying–do whatever it takes to bring these people down."

Pandora got up and moved across the room, "I’m saying–they play by a special set of rules–and in order to catch them–or stop them–we are going to have to play by our own rules–and no one else can know about it. Are you with me?"

Kragon didn’t like what he was hearing, "Damn it, Pandora–we are the TSP–we can’t break the rules–local planetary government and police–look to us to set an example–if we break the law in order to catch a criminal like Nehushtan and Vagabona–that reduces us to their level!"

Pandora said, "And if we don’t make up our own rules–they are going to do far worse than the AIDS virus–which was created by the military–and first tested in Africa–in order to wipe out all those poor dark people–so that a hand full of super rich countries–could just walk in and take over their continent–way back there–centuries ago. We have to learn from history–and never be victim to those kinds of political deceptions ever again! This battle has to be fought and won on this planet–for once and for all!"

Kragon uttered, "It will mean the end of our careers..."

Pandora countered, "And how many lives will we be able to save–how many people will we be able to keep from being infected?"

Kragon spoke, "But just killing the principles won’t stop everything–the military has the bacteria–they’ll just go and create other main carriers–and go to some far remote planet–and start all over."

Pandora seemed determined, "Then we will have to destroy their source–attack them at where they least expect it."

Kragon stated the obvious, "It is a good chance–that one of us if not both of us might get killed if we go down this path."

Pandora uttered, "Better we die and stop the slaughter of innocent blood–than we live–and know the truth."

Kragon thought a long while, "I’m in–we’ll do whatever it takes–hell–it’ll be fun!"

The big robotic monster was chasing Lilith and Isaiah–they ran around a corner of the building and down a flight of stairs–there they were able to catch their breath for a moment. Lilith voiced, "I knew it might come to this–the other members of my coven–don’t believe that I am fit to lead them anymore."

Isaiah kept an eye out for the monster, "Why is that?"

Lilith said, "Because I’ve been seeing you."

Isaiah was confused, "What does seeing me have to do with this big ass robot monster trying to kill us?"

Lilith explained, "Certain members of the Red Pearl Club have decided that my value to the club is over and they are trying to kill me–so that they can move up in the ranks."

Isaiah stated, "That is crazy–killing someone just so that they can gain a better seat in a social club membership–that is stupid!"

Lilith shook her head, "No–that is they way things get done! The Red Pearl Club is very old–our history actually can be traced back to ancient Earth–before transdoor technology opened up travel to other star systems. Killing the leader of a coven has always been the rite of ascension. It is no different here–thousands of star systems from Earth Prime–the old ways are still practiced–in secret."

Isaiah voiced, "I thought that you witches did things with spells?"

Lilith leaned on Isaiah’s shoulder, "We do–but these are modern times–and modern times yield way to modern means of casting spells–now days–death by poison and nano-virus are just as evil as the old ways–when spells were followed through with hypnotic potions and suggestive sayings–now modern witches make use of the modern ways of the world–as we always have."

Isaiah stated, "So–spells were really just a way of building up the psychic energy to carry out wickedness–via potions and trickery."

Lilith looked at him, "Trick or treat–where did you think that term came from?"

Then out of now where the robot monster broke through the walls–Isaiah and Lilith ran down the way–the machine began to fire a plasma weapon at them–but the were able to duck out of the way. Then the machine began to chase after them–there was a little old man that happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time–the robot machine killed him–almost seemingly in a rage.

Isaiah and Lilith were hiding–Isaiah uttered, "Did you see that–how that killing machine just killed that poor old man–it was almost like it displayed some kind of evil emotion."

Lilith answered, "Did you ever wonder why machines came into being in human society?"

Isaiah said, "Most machines make mankind’s life better."

Lilith shook her head, "Machines are soulless vessels–ambulatory–demons can easily possess them–they have no soul like a person–yet they can move about the world–it was one of the evil spirit’s tricks to convince mankind that he needed robots and sophisticated machines–when in fact–there was an alternative motive–an hidden agenda–one that only the children of darkness knew about. Machines are the evil’s army–with machines–they were able to leave Earth Prime–where they were once held prisoner–until they convinced mankind that they had business amongst the stars."

Isaiah uttered, "So you are saying that–mankind was tricked into believing that they should go into outer space–travel to distant stars–all so that evil spirits could escape their prison on Earth Prime? So the monster pursuing us is possessed by evil spirits?"

Lilith nodded, "We have to find a way of escape–my sisterhood is trying to kill us both!"

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