The Horns of the Unicorns - Chapter 6

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Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"Tell me, that I, too, may admire" Charles T. Brooks

It was dark and wet–only a few life pods managed to find the tiny moon–and even less were able to successfully land on the surface without crashing. The pod that contained Isaiah and Lilith was one of the lucky ones. Throughout the ordeal–Isaiah and some of the others–openly and silently prayed to God Jesus Christ–who obviously heard their prayers–and answered them–because–they were still alive.

Moving through the thick vegetation–Isaiah uttered, "We need to stay together–we don’t know what type of planet we’ve landed on–what’s out there..."

Paxton–a coward and a betrayer voiced, "Who made you the leader?"

There was twelve of them that survived the landing–but if they looked around–there were signs–that other life pods had managed to land–the only question was–did the people inside survive. It was cold and wet and dark–the air on the tiny moon was barely breathable–and the water tasted funny. Out on the horizon–giving off a weird unearthly glow–was the primary planet–it was a semi-gas giant–having properties of both a gas giant and a land-mass planet. But the moon that they were on–it obviously had both land and water.

Isaiah finally spoke, "We are going to need to set up camp–the automatic emergency beacon–on the life pod–will broadcast our position. We will be saved–it might take some time–however."

Paxton yelled, "It’s every man for himself! We only have–just so much food–and clean drinking water. What if it takes a really long time–for help to come?"

Lilith cut in, "Look around you–this planet–moon–really–by the looks of the primary planet–is our home until we get off of here."

Someone questioned, "What happened–why would someone plant a bomb on the cruise liner in the first place?"

Isaiah and Lilith looked at each other–both were smart enough–not to answer that question, "Right now–it is about survival..."

Paxton yelled, "I say–we vote–on a leader!"

The others seemed to like that–so they got to a place–a cave–they were out of the rain–someone made a fire–using the emergency equipment from the life pod–and they all voted. The lot fell to Isaiah–more people had confidence in him and his leadership–basically because of the way that he conducted himself–when they were all in the life pod.

Isaiah spoke, "In the battlefield–there are no atheist–so too–in extreme times of tribulation."

Paxton was not happy–about the way that the vote turned out, "You–and your religious bull shit! You’re nothing more than a Faither–a Christian–it’ll be technology that gets us out of this mess and off this stinking moon."

Isaiah answered, "If it were not for the hand of God–we’d all be dead. Just look around you–out of a hundred of us–only twelve survived in the life pod. And while there are signs that other life pods did indeed land on the moon–they could be on the opposite side of this world. Much is needed in order to survive–and even more–but to live requires faith in Jesus Christ."

Paxton hated this, "I live by my own wits–we shall see–Technoligion verses Christianity."

Prince Regard approached in the corridor, "What do you know about fighting dragons?"

Pandora was taken back, "Much skill is needed..."

Regard studied her for a moment, "Agreed–some of the fools around here think that they can form a league with the dragons and the unicorns–saving the villages and the kingdoms."

Pandora went on, "But you don’t agree?"

Regard walked with her, "Of course not–and judging by your words–you do not also. A small group of us knights have banded together–to seek out another approach–other than agreements."

Pandora voiced, "How many dragons are there?"

Regard hesitated, "Too many–most of them are of the smaller variety–but it would seem that each group of them–has at least one really big one."

Pandora asked, "And your people talk to these dragons?"

Regard uttered, "The smaller ones can speak as men speak–they are really no bigger than say a horse–but the bigger ones–are fire breathers–and they eat men and cattle and scorch the land."

Pandora was puzzled, "I thought all dragons breathed fire?"

Regard uttered, "Not all dragons are the same. Just as not all horses or cattle or other types of animals–the dragons come in many varieties–some small–some big–some intelligent–and some brutes."

Pandora questioned, "Where did they come from?"

They went around a corner, "Some legends have it–that they came from out of the sky. Great ships of fire brought them to our planet–they fell from the sky like demons."

Pandora said, "Hmm–perhaps there is more to these legends than what meets the ear. I am to understand that a small group of knights–here at Castle Nebat–want to kill the dragons–because they torment the people and kill the flocks."

Regard spoke deliberately, "These creatures are as smart as any man–indeed–smarter–they do not belong here–on this world–they came from some place else–this is commonly agreed upon throughout all the civilized kingdoms. But not all kings see the dragons as enemies against mankind–some want to align themselves with them–with intentions of eventually ruling the world."

Pandora uttered carelessly, "The dragons are aliens..."

Regard asked, "What mean you about this?"

Pandora snapped out of it, "Nothing..."

Regard said, "Then there is the problem with the unicorns?"

Pandora had never seen a real unicorn–this excited her, "Where do they roam and what is the trouble with them?"

Regard voiced, "The dragons seem to have some interest in them–they do not hunt them as they hunt cattle and other animals–but they do take them from time to time."

Pandora asked, "Why?"

Regard stated, "Come–we will have to talk to the castle wizard–he knows much about such things. It is commonly thought–that the unicorns and dragons were on the same vessel when they rained down from the heavens. But they are not the same creatures. The unicorns are pleasant to look upon–and the dragons are most foul creatures."

Pandora expounded, "Then perhaps I should meet this wizard–let us go forth."

Five of the life pod survivors were gathered around Paxton as he yelled, "We don’t have enough water and food–most of our rations were contaminated with fuel–when we jetted out of the space cruise linen."

Uh–if it was one thing then it was another–with that guy–Isaiah said, "Then we will have to hunt for food–if there is any–I’d say there might be fruit and berries–but the problem is–they could be poison."

Paxton looked at the group that seemed to like his way of thinking, "What if there are animals that will hunt us? Going out into the thickness–to hunt might prove dangerous."

Lilith had it with the guy, "Damn it–what is your problem–we are all stranded here on this moon–who knows when help will come–and who knows if the other life pods–the people inside of them survived–I mean–look at us–out of a hundred of us that was in the life pod–only twelve of us survived. And here you are–whining about every little thing–because you want to be the leader. If we have to hunt–then we all will hunt–men and women–it doesn’t matter!"

Paxton was trying to look good in front of his new recruits, "Then–I’ll lead the hunting party!"

Isaiah said, "Fine–seeing that you have those who seem loyal to you–your group pick out a few to gather and hunt–while I’ll do the same. Look, Paxton–all any of us really want to do is live–help will come–but it might take us a little while–before it does."

Isaiah’s saying sounded good to all of them–so they all split up into groups–some gathered–some hunted–and their survival continued.

Lilith went with Isaiah as they hunted, "Do you think that the other life pods found this moon?"

Isaiah uttered, "It’s hard to say–I have a feeling that the semi-gas giant–that this moon orbits around–might have taken the majority of the pods down–it does have a strong gravitational pull."

Lilith uttered, "If that is the case–then the authorities might not be able to locate us–because the mother planet–might obscure our help beacon."

Isaiah looked at her, "You might be right–but I happen to know that a localized beacon was sent into orbit around this moon–just before our life pods entered orbit."

Lilith said, "The bomb that was on the space cruiser–it was meant for me–what if some of the survivors find out that the reason that we are stranded on this moon–is because of me–because someone was trying to kill me..."

Isaiah motioned with his finger to be quiet, "You don’t know that for a fact–do you? I mean–it could very well be that something else is going on here. Something that we don’t know about–I mean–it is a little extreme to blow up and entire space cruise liner–just to kill one person!"

Lilith nodded, "Okay–I’ll believe it for now–but you and I both know–that assassin that was going to kill us–he wasn’t working alone completely."

Isaiah questioned, "What are you saying?"

Lilith voiced, "I’m saying–what if in the struggle–he had some kind of trap-set–so that if he didn’t succeed in killing me–that something else would happen?"

Isaiah spotted an animal–it looked like it could make a good meal–big enough for several days, "Be quiet–look–I think we’ve found food..."

Isaiah used the parwea weapon that the assassin was going to use on them–and shot it.

The holy priest of God–Ezekiel Flymonk voiced, "You seem to know many things, Pandora. Things that the average knight might not–and I’ve observed you in court before the king. You have business with King Nebat–that you have not revealed."

Pandora raised an eye brow, "You are very perceptive yourself. But I came to the church to get a blessing–there are many things that I have to do–things that require the full power of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Ezekiel uttered, "So–you believe in Jesus Christ. Not the pagan gods of this world?"

Pandora spoke, "I was not always a Christian–but–in the course of my work–I have learned that there is only one truth in the world–that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And I have seen a great evil unfold–an evil that threatens to kill all mankind–through possession..."

Ezekiel said, "Are you taking about spiritual possession or the physical possession–the one most observed?"

Pandora responded, "I’m not sure–I mean–the people tat are afflicted–they all seem normal–at first–but then–this disease–over-takes them and they become Frosco zombies."

Ezekiel went to some books and quickly studied them, "Most people don’t truly understand possession. You see–people think that only they or animals can be possessed–but they

don’t realize that creatures–smaller than the eye can see–can be possessed–in fact–it is that evolution–that the evil spirits of this world first took form. So–infection with such unclean spirits–in many cases–is a disease of the body."

Pandora said, "So–if say–a bacteria was the physical manifestation of the possession–the evil spirits could spread though the bacteria."

Ezekiel answered, "If the bacteria–is the creatures too small to be seem by the naked eye–all things are possible–but not all things are allowed!"

Pandora nodded, "Then it is here..."

Ezekiel voiced, "You’d do well to stay away from the castle wizard–Kalibus. He and the witch–Airama–they never speak as their minds are–they talk in gainsaying. And of course–they practice dark magic. God’s way is more powerful than magic–or the sciences of witchcraft. I am willing to help you–using God’s powers and His Holy Ways."

Pandora spoke, "Then I shall count you as a friend–but as you surely must know–all that is–I must deal with."

Ezekiel nodded, "I understand–but they will seek you out–because–they can feel that you are not from here–just as I know that you are from a future time–a time not yet revealed."

Pandora expounded, "Yet–you know..."

Ezekiel smiled, "Nothing is concealed from God."

Pandora said, "Then–if God has revealed me to you–he must have told you that I came here–to stop Nebat. You see–in my time–Nebat is called Nehushtan–and he is working with an evil sect called the Abomination. They want to change the course of time and events–by killing and other sorts of evil. But the killing actually started in the past–and in an alternate reality–this one–and perhaps many others. But–if I can stop him from getting the bacteria called Necrobzom bacteria–I can stop the evil from spreading to all known civilizations–on many worlds."

Ezekiel voiced, "I have seen many visions–priest like myself–have been told by God Himself–to stand ready–because the end comes–but not from the future–but from the past–because the past is the future and the future is the past."

Pandora was surprised, "You know this–you can’t be from this time anymore than I am."

The fire embers blew up into the air–a stone oven had been constructed–in a part of the cave that suited it. The animal that Isaiah and Lilith and some others had caught–had been skinned–gutted and was roasting in the fire. It smelled really good to them–they were all hungry.

Other things had been done–the skin of the animal–was being used–some of the others–were getting parts of it ready for clothes and weapons–and other items. The skin made for good string–for making bows and arrows.

As they all got some food–a piece of meat and some strange looking vegetables–they gathered near the fire. Someone uttered, "This–this really tastes good..."

They all began to laugh a bit–then settled down–to the business of eating. Finally someone spoke–it was Paxton–his group had gathered the strange looking vegetables–but they tasted good also.

Paxton voiced, "I don’t think that we are alone..."

A woman over from him questioned, "I wouldn’t think so–there were other life pods that reached the moon–we saw them falling out of the night sky."

Paxton nodded, "You are right–maybe it is them–some of the others that are roaming around the place."

Lilith uttered, "Hey–this is a big moon–and for the amount of life pods that crash landed on the surface–it does seem odd that we haven’t seen more of us–survivors..."

It was at that time that Isaiah began to think, "You know–you are right–now that I think about it–seems like we should have been running into at lease the survivors whose life pods fell close by."

Someone uttered, "Not unless..."

Paxton seemed jumpy, "Not unless what?"

The person went on, "Not unless they all were killed. I mean–I hate to point out the obvious–but there were a lot more of us–when we go into the life pod–than what came out–on the surface of this moon. Maybe we are the only ones to have survived?"

Isaiah shook his head, "No–I don’t want to believe that–those life pods are made well–strong enough to withstand entry ento a planet’s atmosphere–and able to locate land–before touching down. These are some tough machines..."

A person questioned, "Then–why did so many of us die?"

A silence fell over the camp–the cave was big–and went back as far as the eye could see. No one had really volunteered to explore the cave–to see what was in there–besides them. But the thought was now crossing a few of their minds–now that their stomachs were getting full.

Someone uttered, "I saw some really nice looking berries–not too far from the cave–I was thinking about making something to eat and drink with them."

Paxton went on, "Are they poison–I mean–you don’t want to give us something that might kill us..."

The other person went on, "I’ve tasted them–hours ago–they taste sweet–like the kind of berries that you might make wine out of."

Lilith said, "Tomorrow–some of us can go and check out the berries and other things that might be good to eat."

Isaiah cautioned, "Be careful of wild animals–what we are eating–could have just as easily eaten one of us."

They all nodded and murmured in agreement–some one uttered, "We need a plan..."

The room in the castle where the wizard Kalibus practiced all sorts of pagan abominations was well lit at one end–but there were chambers that led into darkness–not just darkness of physical light–but darkness of spiritual light–there was no mistake about it–Kalibus was evil.

Pandora uttered, "You asked the king to summon me here–why?

Kalibus said, "You and a small group of knights are going to deliver a message–you’ll need to be ready for that mission..."

Pandora looked about at the wizard’s strange potions and even stranger enchantments, "Why should I have need of you, wizard?"

Kalibus marveled that she was not impressed with him, "They say that you come from a land far from here–where?"

Pandora laughed inside, "I’m not from here–exactly–I’m not from these parts. But where I come from exactly is of little concern–the king seems to find my letters of acceptable concern."

Kalibus nodded, "Yes–the king–well–if the king approves of you–then who am I to strike concern about?"

Pandora sensed something, "A lot of these things–that you have about your walls and on the tables..."

Kalibus uttered, "Magic–of the highest–I think it is safe to say that I am one of the best–if not the best magician–wizard in all the land."

Pandora voiced, "Could you go up against the priest–Ezekiel?

Kalibus almost recoiled at hearing the man of God’s name, "Him–he’s not wizard–he calls on his God to do this bidding–he doesn’t seem like much–in his church–planning his sermons–reading his–Holy Bible..."

Pandora responded, "No–he is not a wizard. But as a man of God–he does have great power. I can sense it when I talk to him–there is a halo of faith about the man."

Kalibus was jealous, "Well–we all have our ways–don’t we. Anyway–the reason I wanted to talk to you–is because you and the other knights–will be going into dragon country..."

This was the first Pandora had heard of it, "Dragon country–and why would the king want us to go there?"

Kalibus answered, "To deliver a message to the king of the dragons–Mudiges!"

Pandora voiced, "This information comes in face of the king–I have not been summoned–so what special message would you like me to deliver to the dragon king–not that I’m in a position to do so as of yet."

Kalibus went to a small drawer and pulled out a scroll–it was tied with magic silk cloth and by the way he held it–had a powerful spell cast upon it, "I want you to give the dragon king this scroll."

Pandora took it and examined it lightly, "What does it say?"

Kalibus grinned, "You wouldn’t understand it–if you could read it–it is written in magic–and intended for the dragon king only."

Pandora said, "You practice the science of magic–you are no more from these times than I am–did you really think I wouldn’t recognize your craft–some of your tools are ancient–from this time–but you have engines of magic–that are from another time–a time not here–but from the future!"

Kalibus spoke softly, "Be very careful, knight–you know things and your mannerisms are not of this world or time–you know things–people have been talking–you are Futurian."


The Word of God is divine and it calls us to a new and wonderful glory

For we are honored to be part of a new universe and to be named among

The Kingdom of God for Jesus Christ is King and Creator of our new lives

So that we may live forever in a world without hate and sin and wickedness

Praise the Lord Savior with all your might for God has risen to give us hope

And to go forth to build a new heaven and a new earth so that we may live

Our earthly bodies will be no more as is evident of the corruption of the

Flesh as we all must die the first death but faith brings us up unto Christ

As a man I have walked as a man but from my youth I humbled myself before

The Lord God and though I sinned as do all people I prayed for forgiveness

And God was faithful to forgive me and the world is like unto one man and

Can be forgiven of its awful sins if we would but all turn our hearts to God

Lord of kings and King of lords is my God and Savior for Jesus Christ is Lord

And the salvation of the nations rest with Him who is risen and the latter

Days are upon us even though we walk in the shadow of death our God is

With us to save us from the dragons who hunt us down like animals to feed

For God has ordained us better than the animals of this world and has treated us

With love and forgiveness because the Lord is great and has love without end

And we have seen the hand of God just like one might observe the wind for

The wind is invisible yet we know it is there by the things that it can reveal

Blessed is the Son of God in His Holy Palace for God has given us the perfect

King and we are the people of the King and the glory of God rest upon us all

For we are happy to serve in the Kingdom of God because it means that we

Will live forever and that we will receive glorified bodies from God Almighty

Gone are the flesh and blood bodies and in comes the spiritual bodies like the

Angels who have spiritual bodies so will we have bodies that are better suited for

The New World which is coming for Jesus Christ has gone to create a new paradise

For us all because the first Eden was corrupted but the second Eden will be forever

Though we suffer with many things in this world and much sadness is abound it

Is our faith in Jesus Christ that will see us through these evil times for God will

Not let us down because of His Word that he promised to us and we humble

Ourselves before the Lord so that we may be saved in the crossing of times

What meaneth the rain or what comes the wind because they are just messengers

Of Christ calling us to a new and better way of life and a world without sin and

Evil because evil disguises itself as science and knowledge when it truth it is nothing

More than darkness and lies switching light for darkness and good for evilness


Lilith said, "I was talking to a few of the others..."

Isaiah uttered, "What about?"

Lilith continued, "They say that they have seen signs–that we are not alone–like areas where they have been picking berries and fruit–those areas have been left one way–but when they come back–they are another."

Isaiah precautioned, "Are you sure that natural beast of this moon have not been there?"

Lilith took in a deep breath, "It sure doesn’t seem that way. I mean–anything is possible–but even I have noticed that things left seem to have been disturbed when I come back. Nothing big–mind you–more like–someone has been examining the things left–or the area."

Isaiah stated, "If it were other survivors of the life pods–they would have made themselves known–there would be no reason to hide–sneak around–after all–we were all from the same luxury space cruise liner."

Lilith said, "One would think that way–but there could be a number of reasons why that person has been hiding from us."

Isaiah looked at her, "Really–why?"

Lilith went on, "This is a strange situation, Isaiah–the stress alone makes people do strange things–like with Paxton–acting all–I’m the leader and all. Strange things–I think that maybe we all need to set a trap for this person–flush them out into the open. If not for our sakes–then for the sake of the person–I mean–imagine–living outside the cave–and we all know that there are wild animals on the moon–we’ve been eating them."

Isaiah reasoned, "We might be able to set something up. But–I don’t want the person hurt–that is one thing that we can all do without–injured people–means more stress on our resources. Besides–this person hasn’t really done anything wrong–they are just looking at the places where we’ve been. More than likely–gathering small amounts of food–after we’ve gone."

Lilith questioned, "But why–why not just come up to us and join our camp?"

Isaiah put forth, "Maybe they are afraid–who knows how some other survivors of the life pods are acting–I mean–just look at Paxton–he’s turned into a total jerk–maybe something like that has been going on–elsewhere."

Lilith voiced, "Alright–but the others are starting to get worried about another thing..."

Isaiah asked, "What is it now?"

Lilith stated, "How are we going to get off this moon and back to civilization?"

Isaiah spoke, "Well–in our case–we don’t want to–do we–I mean–getting back means that we risk exposure to the same elements that wanted you dead–and me too–now that it probable has become obvious that I’m helping you."

Lilith announced, "We need some element of hope, Isaiah..."

Isaiah spoke, "Lilith, what would you have me do–promise the others false hope. Would if I could simply create as way off this moon–like I do my paintings. I say we pray to Jesus Christ."

Lilith lit up, "That’s it–maybe we can do just that..."

Isaiah frowned, "People pray to God–what are you talking about?"

Lilith stated, "You are an artist–what if you could create some plans–draw up plans to build a space craft that could get us off this moon. I mean–I know it seems a bit of a reach–but what if we could take the remains of the life pod–and create a new ship–one that could get us off of here?"

Isaiah nodded, "We do have a diverse group–engineers–scientist–it might work."

Kragon uttered, "You are a strange one–Pandora of Boxland–but I’m not sure why I and Sir Regard have been chosen to deliver this message..."

Regard voiced, "Because we are disposable–the king does not want to risk sending out his good knights–the ones who kiss his ass on regular basis."

Pandora controlled her horse, "Well–there you have it–if we die–the king hasn’t lost anyone that he really cares about."

Kragon didn’t like the sound of that, "So–you are saying–that the two of you know that King Nebat hates us–and this is his way of getting rid of us–without making a public scene?"

Regard voiced, "Kings have done far more–to those that they did not like–why do you think that the front lines are always littered with those poor fools that did not hold the king’s favor?"

Pandora spoke, "This dragon king–has Nebat done business with him in the past–or has there always been semi-war between them?"

Regard answered, "It would seem that the dragons have little use for humans–but there does seem to be a kind of bond between the more heartless kings and the dragons."

Pandora asked, "Where did they come from–the dragons?"

Kragon stated, "Wow–you must really be from some place far away–not to know the story of how dragons came into the world..."

Pandora said, "I’m not talking about the dragons falling from the sky–all children know these stories–what I mean–is where did the come from?"

Regard studied her for a moment, "We don’t know–legend has it that they are demons–cast out from Heaven and thrown on the planet–from what I know of them–this story probably holds some truth."

Kragon put in, "But that was a long time ago–these stories are as old as the dragons themselves.:

Pandora voiced, "So–why would our good King Nebat–want to strike a deal with demons?"

Regard laughed as he rode, "Power–money–treasure–these are the things that the dragons–some how get there hands on."

Pandora questioned, "How can big flying lizards–get treasure?"

Regard said, "I can see that you do not know the dragons–there is more than one type of dragon–some are huge fire breathers–some are small–like a man–they all can breathe fire from their mouths–but the smaller ones–they seem like part human and part dragon."

Pandora uttered, "Damn–genetic ex-breeding–gene manipulation."

Kragon moved his horse in closer, "What are you talking about–what is genetic ex-breeding and what have you?"

Pandora suddenly remembered where she was, "I didn’t mean anything about it–you see–I am not that knowledgeable about dragons."

Regard announced, "You may not be knowing about our ways–and dragon in particular–but you do know the strange ways."

Pandora questioned, "What are you talking about?"

Kragon added, "Yeah–what do you mean, Sir Regard–how is our good knight here–knowing about the strange ways?"

Regard spoke, "People have been talking–saying things–in your quarters–strange lights."

Isaiah pronounced, "I will praise the glory of my Lord Jesus Christ–for his love lasts forever and his mercy is only equaled by his love."

After having given thanks–everyone began to eat their portions–the cave was warm and had been made very comfortable. They all seemed to understand that they were in for the long haul. One of them spoke, "We can try to make a space craft and fly off this moon."

Another uttered, "It has been discussed–but when looking at the actual situation–there are some real problems."

Someone else asked, "What–what are the problems?"

The other said, "Most space crafts carry with them a small transdoor–or some type of time machine like a transdoor–because a transdoor works in many ways like a time machine–but different. We can make the space ship from the remains of the life pods–but–without a trandsoor onboard–we might be looking at spending a very long time in space–before being rescued. The fact of the matter is–it could be centuries before we were discovered and rescued–a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are near this gas giant–communications are very difficult due to the radiation."

Still another voiced, "Einstein theorized about the possibility of monomagnetism–but weaker minds argued that there were no such things in nature–but according to the theories of relativity–there should be. It wasn’t until people pulled their heads out of their asses–that they came to realized that Einstein was right–the planets are monomagnets. Because they have an tenancy to enter into stellar flux–as their magnetic fields shift–rendering the planet into a monomagnet. It was this observation that led to the invention of monomagnets–which actually operated very differently than regular magnets–you see–monomagnets deflect gravity–much in a similar way that regular magnets–attract some metals and electromagnetic flux."

Isaiah said, "I’m no scientist–wouldn’t want to be one either–but what you are describing is the basic process behind aircars–how they fly–because of monomagnetism–it is also how space crafts lift off into orbit."

They went on, "Yes–centuries ago–the only way to launch a space craft–was to use extremely volatile gases and fuels–then came the discovery of how to create monomagnets–and all of that changed."

Someone asked, "What does that have to do with our plans to escape this moon?"

The other person went on, "The life pods–have everything we need–except–a powerful enough–monomagnet engine. In fact–the monomagnets that cause the life pods to land without crashing–are too small to lift off a craft–just to land it."

People started to become depressed at the sound of that news–Isaiah realized that and uttered, "What if we didn’t need a space craft anymore?"

Someone questioned, "What do you mean?"

Isaiah went on, "What if we could build a transdoor instead?"

You could feel the mood lifting once more–hope was cast into the sea of gloom–the others that were scientist and engineers quickly began to calculate the possibilities–then one of them said, "This is a much better idea, Isaiah–you may not be a scientist–but you do have creative talent. We can do this–using the same materials that we were going to use to build a space ship to get off this planet–but we will have to gather up other parts–from other life pods..."

Everyone fell silent–what this meant–was that they would have to venture out–further than they had before–find life pods that could be salvaged–bring the parts back to the cave."

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