The Horns of the Unicorns - Chapter 8

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Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"My thunderbolt has eyes to see" Ralph Waldo Emerson

As they made their way through the thick forest–the three suns in the distance shining in the noon sky–with the huge gas giant looming just off to the horizon–someone said, "I don’t trust her..."

Lilith uttered, "Do you have a reason?"

The person voiced, "I guess I don’t really have to have a reason–now do I?"

Isaiah cut in, "It would help–I mean–now that we know that there are some really evil creatures–who live on this moon–semi-intelligent evil creatures–we have to hunt and explore in packs–just for our own safety’s sake."

Someone else said, "Don’t you find it funny–that in all the time that we a have been stranded here–on this awful moon–that none of us have run into these demon people..."

And someone else uttered, "I agree–and in fact–we only have her word to go on–she seems strange to me–like she’s hiding something–I get a strange feeling from her."

Isaiah uttered, "Look–we are close–very close to finding the third and final monomagnet–one of these destroyed life pods is going to have a working one–and when we find it–we finish the project."

But someone else stated, "That is another thing–notice how she is really interested in getting off this moon?"

Lilith voiced, "So are we–I mean look at us–we are venturing out farther than we have ever before–trying to find a crashed life pod that might have a working monomagnet–I mean–just because someone wants to get off this moon–doesn’t in and of itself–make them a threat."

Someone said, "Doesn’t not make them–either..."

Isaiah was the kind of leader–that listened to the others–then after getting as many facts as possible–made a decision, "What you all are saying is that you just flat out–don’t trust Jezeba–for reasons that you can’t put your finger on–but none the less–you don’t trust her."

The others uttered in agreement, "What if she’s after our transdoor–seeing that she showed so much interest in it?"

Someone else questioned, "What if this is a trap–I mean–we really don’t know what happened to the other camp–and why did she survive–where all the others died?"

Lilith voiced, "That bothers me too..."

Isaiah looked at Lilith–this was the first time she had doubts about his decisions, "I can’t believe what I’m hearing–you want to throw out a woman–who was found in a camp where some mad evil beast people–or creatures–had raided the place and killed everyone..."

Someone said, "Ate everyone–these minotaurs–raided the camp and ate the people in it–let’s keep sight of what we are dealing with here."

But someone else said, "We only have her word to go on–none of us have seen anything like that–and we’ve all been here just as long as anyone–explored just as much as anything one."

Isaiah finally said, "Okay–we’ll keep an extra watch on her–she goes no where without someone watching her–not even the bathroom–you know what I mean. You might be right–maybe this was the mistake that the other camp made–and they paid the price."

Lilith voiced, "Look–up ahead–a crashed life pod..."

Kragon questioned, "You say that you come from someplace beyond the hills? What place is beyond the hills–there is only the sea–and we all know that the sea goes on and on. Many have sailed the sea and some who have sought to explore the vastness–have sailed until they did not come back."

Pandora said, "There is a lot about this world that is beyond the basic understanding of mankind..."

Regard voiced, "But the dragons have knowledge of these things–and the perverse wizards–who worship false gods–and perhaps the Holy Priest know of the strange things. But you have been called Futurain–those who come from someplace else–beyond time itself. Why–where have you come from and what business have you with us in this time and place?"

Pandora was cautious, "Whether I am Futurian is not important–the fact remains that there is a great danger brewing in the here and now–between the king and the dragons–there will be a great plague released–a plague that will span the course of time and space–it will infect many worlds and places. I have come to try and stop it..."

Kragon asked, "Are the dragons Futurain as well?"

Pandora stated, "The dragons are creatures of the damned–they are the essence–in physical form–of demons long ago–cast down from Heaven–by God’s Holy Angels–these Fallen Ones–have managed to evolve–through a Choas–a madness–that presents itself as angels of light–when in fact–they have no light in them–just darkness and misery."

Regard went on, "So–that plague–why would any human want to help the dragons destroy all of mankind–it just doesn’t make any sense–unless–the madness has reached into the king?"

Pandora spoke, "The hearts of men and women are filled with madness. You see–in the future–people will do things that ancient people thought were reserved for gods–in fact–machines will rule over mankind–and they will worship technology–like it was a god–because technology will have appeared to have solved all of mankind’s problems. When in fact–it is that same technology which will have enslaved mankind to the dark forces."

Regard asked, "Why would mankind allow itself to be fooled by such deceptions?"

Kragon agreed, "I too find it hard to believe that people would allow themselves to willingly become slaves to devices as you speak of..."

Pandora resigned, "The things I speak of–are true–but there is a bigger picture–people in the future can travel back and forth in time and space–making things like death--all more complicated–imagine–a person–who dies in one moment–their loved ones can go back in time–to a point before that person died–and bring them from that point in time–into the future–where they will live on. So society had to create laws in order to govern the use of such advanced technology."

Kragon put forth, "So–in this future that you speak of–if I were to die by the hands of my enemy–my friends–could go back in time–and get me–before I died–bring me back–and I could avenge my own death–having been taken from a time and place before the events leading to my death happened? This is madness..."

Pandora uttered, "And that is just the gist of the conundrum–history records both events–your death and your coming back–from beyond the grave–now there are two events that happened–you died–and you were brought back via technology."

Regard wondered, "What manner of paradox that must be..."

Pandora explained, "That is exactly what happens–so the future truly is Futurain!"

Paxton was furious, "You can’t just let strangers into our camp–we are too close to getting the transdoor that we are building–to work. What if this is all a trick–in order to find out what we are doing–to sabotage our progress?"

Lilith responded, "Why would someone kill an entire camp–all those people–just to find out what we are doing. It makes no sense..."

Someone else uttered, "But we don’t know anything about this woman–where she is from–what’s her story?"

Another person added, "I’ve been watching her for a long time–specially when she thinks that no one is watching. She is strange–not natural–something is not right–maybe we should make her leave. After all–her camp was overtaken by these wild evil minotaurs–so why should we take her in–she might cause them to attack us."

There was someone who said, "The fact of it–is that we have been here just as long as anyone–and we’ve encountered very strange creatures on this moon–but nothing like she has described. Maybe she killed everyone and is making the whole story up?"

Lilith stated, "Are you trying to tell me that you think that Jezeba is the killer? You think that she had all those people in that camp killed–but how?"

Someone uttered, "Can we really be willing to take the chance–I mean–like everyone knows–we are the ones with the best chance of escaping this moon. The transdoor is almost finished..."

Another person put in, "Maybe she is a spy–you know–sent by some other camp–to spy out our secrets."

Lilith frowned, "But it is no secret that we are building a transdoor–in fact–we have requested help in this project with many other camps. That is the whole process–because we need bits and pieces of technology–that the others have–in order to build a way out of here."

A person in the back uttered, "Some of the other camps have named this moon–Limboa–because it seems like we are stuck–just between what we all once had–and what is now our obvious reality. There are many things about this place–that causes one to question everything."

Lilith asked, "What do you mean by that?"

Still someone else explained, "What if this whole thing was no accident–what if forces beyond our control or understanding–brought us all here–for some horrible reason. I mean–just look at us–we above just the right amount of technical know how–and we are one of the lucky ones who have found a perfect cave in order to make camp. Is that all just plain old luck?"

Lilith answered, "The Holy Scriptures state that–chance happens to everyone–the rich and the poor–but that God Almighty controls our every step."

Someone voiced, "Then what you are saying–is that God caused all of this to happen to us–but why would God do that?"

Lilith spoke, "You err in not knowing the Holy Scriptures–God Jesus Christ is a wonderful God–and he loves us all. This universe has been infected with a Spiritual Virus–just like the physical body can be infected–so can the entire universe–which is a physical universe–be infected–the Evil Ones are like a virus–infecting–corrupting–destroying–because the devil is like an infectious disease–infecting all living matter–causing false readings and understandings. But the Lord Jesus Christ–is the Cure!"

Another person uttered, "Then the praise be to God Jesus Christ–who will save us!"

Yaga was Queen of the Fairies and lived deep in the Enchanted Woods of Thetford, "You are fighting an up-hill battle."

Regard said, "We know that the battle is rough and the odds are against us–but much is at stake–in fact–the future of the entire world and our future hang in the balance."

Pandora spoke, "The Dragon King must be destroyed before he can make a pact with the evil kings of this land–one in particular–who will gain hold of a deadly bacteria–one in which–enslaves the infected person–and dooms them to become zombies."

Yaga uttered, "How can this be–you are talking about things that have not happened yet–it is very possible that the evil that the dragons plan–will fail!"

Kragon cut in, "Believe me when I say this–she knows what will come to pass–she is Futurain!"

Yaga paused, "Can this be true? If you truly are Futurain–then you know the key events that will happen in the future. You could reshape our world into the image that you want it to be–just by doing or not doing certain things. This is a great power..."

Pandora cautioned, "If I were to be trapped in such a notion–I would be no better than the ones I have come all this way to defeat. In fact–a sign of pride or greed–might tip the fates in their favor–the Evil Ones do not need more allies–they need more enemies–those who are not afraid to fight them–and with the help of God Almighty–defeat them all."

Yaga spoke, "But there truly must be some other way–the secrets that you know of–they must be shared with the people and beings of this time–this world–before the time and place are gone–and all is lost."

Pandora responded, "You are falling into the same old trap–that men fall into–thinking that you can play God–and force your own will upon the world–the universe..."

Yaga stated, "And why not–is not that the destiny of mankind–to change that which can not be changed–and to will–that which can not be willed?"

Pandora explained, "These are the tricks of the devil–to trick us into thinking that we are doing things for one reason–when in fact–we are doing things for a totally different reason. Where I come from–all manner of things are possible–and things just keep on getting worse–death comes and then people go back in time and bring the dead back with them. There is advanced technology which has gone mad–insanity governs the science in the form of the Chaos. Where people err–is that the entire universe and the thing that the universe resides in–was created by God–and with change--happens to both the rich and the poor–God’s Almighty will is our destiny!"

Yaga questioned, "Are you saying that people become like gods in your future? What happens to the creatures of the forest–the magical creatures of this time and place?"

Pandora hesitated, "They are no longer with us–not in the form that they exist today–science has replaced magic–and people use mathematics–to cast spells on the entire human race. It is a sterile time–and time when dreams are reality and reality dreams. On some planets–they no longer die at all–having exchanged their human bodies for artificial ones–the Abomination is responsible for the down fall and decay of mankind–by tricking him into believing that all that technology and scientific advances were for the benefit of mankind. But the devil created the hellish situations–and then–presented himself as an angel of light–offering cures and solutions–to problems that he had created."

Yaga uttered, "A false god–but what of the unicorns–do they exist in your time?"

Pandora voiced, "In another reality–a different time and place–but God’s will be done!"

Jezeba voiced, "I know that you don’t trust me–I can see it in the eyes of the others. But I don’t know what to do about it."

Isaiah was taken back, "That is not it–you don’t understand..."

Jezeba cut in, "No–you are just trying to be nice–I know this. But the others–they don’t trust me–they think I had something to do with the people dying in my camp. But I didn’t–I couldn’t do something like that–and anyway–where are all the bodies–how could one woman–like myself–kill all those people–and get rid of the bodies. And you have to consider–you are the ones that found me–how would I have known to be at the place that I was and at the right time–you didn’t announce that you were coming or anything."

Isaiah nodded, "You are right–but many of the people in my camp are very suspicious. They don’t take things for granted–because of the tragedy–with the luxury space cruise liner blowing up and all."

Jezeba uttered, "But what does that have to do with me–I’m as much a victim of all of this as anyone."

Isaiah said, "True–we all are victims of someone who has no compassion for human life–it is horrible about the human life that has been lost. And what makes it even worse–is that the survivors–may never be rescued."

Jezeba questioned, "But isn’t that why you are building a transdoor–so that we all can be rescued–taken away from that God awful place–with its monsters and strange images–I’ve seen things and heard voices that seem to come from out of nowhere. I’ve heard things eating people–people screaming and yelling for help."

Isaiah voiced, "Did you see what was killing the people?"

Jezeba shook her head, "Not all the times–I know that those awful minotaurs have been killing and hunting down people–seems like from the very beginning. You and your camp have been lucky–because they don’t seem to like this part of the woods."

Isaiah asked, "You wouldn’t happen to know why–they seem to hunt just certain camps and not others. I mean–I have to be honest–I’ve seen some pretty creepy things–since I’ve been on this moon–but–I haven’t seen minotaurs–human eating minotaurs. And why do they hunt humans–when I’m sure that there are other animals on this moon that they could hunt?"

Jezeba went on, "Forgive me for asking–but the glasses that you wear–they are Blind Glasses–used by blind people so that they can see..."

Isaiah nodded, "Yes–I am blind–but with the Blind Glasses–I can see just fine–nothing is as good as what God Almighty made–but this is the cross I have to bear."

Jezeba spoke, "That is another thing that sets you a part from the others–you are a Faither–you believe in Jesus Christ–and I have noticed you and a woman–the two of you go off and pray together..."

Isaiah voiced, "You are right–I am a Faither–and because of that faith in Jesus Christ–I believe that–while I might be limited in doing things–God Almighty can compensate–with his Almighty Power! It is that faith that gets me through these tough times."

Jezeba moved over to him, "You need true companionship–someone to help you–someone you can lean on in these tough times."

Isaiah said, "I have friends–people that I can talk to and confide in."

Jezeba announced, "You mean–like that woman–Lilith–I have heard them call her. Does she do the things for you that you need to have done? I know where a third monomagnet is..."

The Magog-cret voiced, "You are not of this world–yet you come unto these ancient places–why have you come here?"

Pandora responded, "I am here to stop a great evil that will happen in this time–and to stop the spread of a plague that will spread throughout all time–the plague of death."

Magog-cret answered, "And who are these that stand with you–are they come to do the things that you say that you are come to do?"

Regard spoke, "We are friends of the Knight named Pandora–what she says is the truth–it has been revealed to us in visions and dreams. We can not allow this evil that is coming to befall all mankind–even though it will happen in the future."

Magog-cret announced, "What has the past to do with the future–and what has the future to do with the past?"

Kragon uttered, "From what I’ve seen–these things are but one and the same–it is like a river that pours down into the sea–the waters are the same–but the places along the way–seem to make the difference."

Magog-cret stated, "What if you can not stop this thing from happening–perhaps the things that you see can not be done. It is possible that the destiny of mankind has already been written and that all is left is to play out the acts of men. It is like a piece of music–that a master has written–then that master takes that music and brings it to other masters–masters of the musical instruments–and those masters study and examine the music–finally after many days of practice–they all assemble–and do perform the masterpiece–so is life."

Pandora went on, "It is true that we may not be able to defeat the Beast–but from where I come from–the evil has taken hold in the hearts of men and women–they abort their children and trade flesh for silicone–preferring the synthetic over the natural–there are people who walk like men and women–but are not. They seem to ambulate and speak–but there is no soul in them–and demons possess the vessels for the purpose of escaping their hellish exile."

Magog-cret nodded, "Truly you are Futurian–for no man or woman could know these things unless they had been there and seen them with their own eyes and heard these things with their own ears. The future is the past and the past is the future–there is no difference–it is only and matter of perception."

Pandora stated, "These are the Journeys of Pandora–for I am here until I succeed–and I can not go back home anymore–because of the mission that I have been sent on. I must stop the evil king and queen from taking the poison and spreading it to all mankind."

Magog-cret told, "Death and misery are the fates of all men and women–it was thus so from the beginning–but not the intension–yet it was the cause–and not the design–but the infiltration of the Evil Ones–who walk in the world in the nether parts–roaming up and down–having been cast down from Heaven–and forced to dwell in Jemm–for so are the fates of the Dead Spirits!"

Pandora said, "The dragons must be stopped–they are planning to give a great plague to the evil king–and the plague will consume and devour for the rest of time. Countless people will be infected and not even know it–yet the evil king and his queen will travel throughout time–spreading their foul disease–making men and women into Necrobzom Zombies!"

Magog-cret stated, "Alas–these thing are but the beginning of the Plight–and the end of the Reasoning–you are too late to stop what has already begun–for the dragons are the plague and the greed and lust of mankind–they are the carrier. You seek to chase your own tail..."


Praise be unto the Lord Jesus Christ for He has forgiven us of our sins

The Lord looked upon mankind and has had compassion on us and has

Shown us love and kindness for we have not been good but God Almighty

Has forgiven us just the same in our hour of need He has been merciful

The journey of life is a strange one that goes not just through the land but

Through time as well and we are not the end product of this world for Jesus

Christ has promised us a better life and a better way for God loves us beyond

Our imperfections and does comfort us in our pain even the emotional pain

I am a victim of emotional betrayal for those close to me had betrayed me

Even though I prayed and humbled myself before the Lord the serpents have

Encamped me and have plotted against me by calling me names and doing

Evil unto my flesh as if I were simple dung for the casting but still I have faith

For it is not of the foolish heart that I cling to the Lord but of the Promise that

Was given to mankind that we could believe on and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ

And that all would be made well in the Lord for God has the power to both bring

Down and to Save and His love for us covers a multitude of sins if we repent

So the Holy Scriptures tell us of a way that is better than the ways of the world

For who can be saved except that we humble ourselves before God Jesus and that

We make ourselves known to the Lord with prayer and fasting because the Lord

Desires of us a better salvation than the one we would pick for ourselves in lust

Who is a sinner except that he be saved by God and he repent and learn not to sin

Anymore but it is not by our actions that we are saved but by our faith in the Lord

Jesus Christ that we are made whole in Christ for our sakes and for the sake of the

Word of God which can not be moved or overturned for thus is the will of God

Praise be unto the Lord Jesus Christ for His love has no bounds and His compassion

Has no end because I have traveled in the wilderness for fifty years and my mouth

Has been dry and I have sought water but could not find it and then I heard a little

Bird who whispered in my ear and told me of a Sacred Well where the waters run

Behold I have found the well and it is true that the waters are sweet and run freely

For all to drink of and my thirst has been quenched and I no longer have need because

The Well of the Living Water has filled my body with the physical and the spiritual

Have been taken care of and I know my Maker lives and the Creation of the Good

For behold the salvation of God and the wisdom of our Creator for the universe was

Not evolved as the fools of science protest but the world and the stars and the galaxies

And the many things of Heaven and Earth were Created by God for the purpose

Of God’s wisdom to carry out and we are just part of a much larger and Grand thing


Isaiah and a scouting party lay on a hillside–observing a camp–something awful was happening to the people of the camp–as some big ugly monster–with a hundred legs–at the front of it–was a tee shaped body–with a hundred legs–and at the back of it was a tee shaped body–with a hundred legs. It had two mouths–one at the front and one at the back–so it could kill and eat in any direction. It was swiftly moving through the camp–this was a camp of many survivors–and it was killing them and eating them.

Someone said, "My God–I can’t believe what we are seeing–those poor people..."

Isaiah answered, "This moon if full of strange creatures–abominations to God Almighty’s design. We have to keep quiet..."

Another person uttered, "What if what is happening to these people happens to us?"

Lilith quickly cut in, "We can’t think like that–if we allow ourselves to think like that–then we are doomed before we even get started."

Jezeba included, "She is right–if you let yourself be taken in by the living-nightmares that exist on this moon–then you will become a victim of this place. I have seen it before–when people give up hope–and suddenly–evil comes upon them swiftly–you must learn to ignore the evil before you!"

Someone else yelled, "How can you lay there and be so cold–can’t you see the pain and the suffering that these people are going through. I can’t believe that you are so heartless and cold–these are people–just like us–they came from the same crashed luxury space liner–and in fact–if not but for the grace of God Almighty–it could be us."

Lilith stated, "Keep your voice down–yes–it is horrible what is happening to those poor people–but we came here to get the third and final monomagnet–if it hasn’t been destroyed in the horrible slaughter we are witnessing–then we can all get the hell off this God forsaken moon–and pave the way for all the survivors of the spaceship crash."

Another person added, "You are assuming that after this monster gets through eating and killing everyone in this camp–that it won’t come over to our camp–and kill everyone there."

Jezeba voiced, "What you are saying might be true–but we are a long ways from our camp–three days journey–it could also be that these things are just in this area–and that they will never find their way to our cave."

Someone uttered, "Our cave–who said anything about you being a permanent member of our camp–you are a stranger to us–for all we know–you might be behind all of this–some how..."

Isaiah questioned, "How is that possible–she is here with us–right now–what is wrong with you people–can’t you see that these things aren’t human–they are perversions. Abominations–just look at this thing–it eats from both sides–it is the most unholy creature I have every seen–and the killing it is capable of..."

Lilith uttered, "Isaiah is right–we can’t go around blaming Jezeba–for what obviously is this moon’s natural creature environment. What we need to do is stay focused–our goal–our objective–is to get that monomagnet–and get the freak out of here!"

Some person questioned, "But if we go down there–into the camp–we will be eaten by that monster! None of this plan makes any sense..."

The others started to murmur, "Yes–that is right–we need to go back..."

Isaiah boldly stated, "Where is your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ? You have come this far–only to turn and run–this can not be–if we keep our faith in Christ Jesus–he will show is the way–for when we are at our weakest–that is when God Almighty–is strongest to deliver us. "

The Quizart looked at them, "Who dares to come into these unholy woods–seeking to change that which can not be changed and alter–that which can not be altered?"

The three–had their swords drawn and stood ready to do battle–Pandora spoke up, "We are knights on a most holy crusade–to stop the coming forth of the Nebat Warriors–those who ally themselves with the Prince of the Necrobsom!"

Quizart yelled, "No mere human can stop the terror to come–for it is destiny that calls it from beyond the grave–these are dark hours–when Good shall battle Evil–and the outcome shall be painted throughout all time. You three think that you can change all of that–but the evil foundations go all the way to Jemm and to the Dark Sectors–all of them to which to come!"

Kragon responded, "Then it is not without honor that we take on such a quest–for all mankind needs defending."

Regard added, "We will not leave, demon! Our path is clear–we will pass and continue to fight the good fight–in hopes that in the end–our actions will be blessed–and that God Almighty will smile upon our efforts."

Quizart moaned, "Oh–how I have suffered in darkness–the tides of time have forgotten us all–the Fallen Ones–we were once great and honored amongst our race–the Holy Angels of God Almighty–but we rebelled against Him Most Holy–and we have been doomed to suffer the actions of our insurrection!"

Pandora shouted, "You do well to suffer, Quizart! For you and your kind–turned their backs on the True and Living God–only to follow the orders of a dammed creation–a creation designed with flaws and pride–now you all suffer the damnation and the wrath of God Almighty!"

Quizart said, "Ah–yes–you are the Futurain! But–surely–you know that the final battle–between Good and Evil–has already begun–it was seen the Garden of Eden–when the serpent beguiled the woman–lying and saying that she surely won’t die–for what is it–to die all at once–or to suffer the long and protracted disease and decomposition of one’s youth–to utterly become vile and unsightly!"

Kragon voiced, "It is because of that one thing–that fires my furnace–in my heart and makes me want to avenge the death of the Mother of all People and Kinds–for all people came from the same woman–Eve was the mother of us all–and without her–there could be no people."

Regard stated, "The deception in Eden was to kill all people–before they were born. The Evil Serpent–that old dragon–thought that by killing the Mother of Mankind–he would stop the coming of the Era of Man–but God Almighty in His grand wisdom–saw to it that mankind did not die all at once–else all would be lost–instead–we all die slowly–painfully–but the human race lives on..."

Pandora raddled, "The wisdom of Lord God Jesus–is greater than the world–we can not understand it–we have to accept it in faith–because we have lost our ability to be one–with our conscious and unconscious–because–before we fell from perfection–we were of One Mind and One Spirit–our perception of reality was joined with our imaginations–our imagination was the software–and our carnal body–the hardware–for we saw things through our Mind’s Eye. But the poison in the Tree of Good and Evil–caused us to loose our ability to have our mind whole–divide and conquer! The dragon just outside of Eden had managed to subvert mankind with lies and guile. But those days are over–and the future is all that matters–for some–it will mean damnation–for others–salvation–but only God Jesus has the power to determine–whose who and what is what!"

The monsters of the moon that they were on were encamped about the cave that Isaiah and the others were in–the siege had been lasting for three days now–and their time was running out–it would be just a matter of time–and what happened to the other camps would happen to them. They were fighting for their lives–at times–they could see the strange creatures–ugly things–filled with great abominations–but the remnant of the survivors–fought long and hard and with great conviction and intelligence–using their battle resources wisely. All of this–while the others quickly put the finishing touches on the transdoor that they had been building in the back of the cave.

Isaiah yelled, "Make sure you keep the opening of the cave free from those monsters! Just hang in there–we are almost ready to make a connection–with the transdoor! Keep your hopes up–because we are just about there..."

Someone uttered, "But what about these evil creatures–they won’t stop!"

Another person rallied, "Even if we manage to hold them off–we can’t do it forever..."

Isaiah strongly stated, "Today–God Jesus Christ has given us the victory–we need only to endure a little while and we can all escape off this God forsaken moon–and find safety! But you have to keep your faith and keep your hope–because God Almighty is going to perform a miracle today–and allow us to live!"

The others found encouragement in what Isaiah had told them–they went back to defending the cave and believing the Lord Jesus Christ that He was gong to deliver them from those awful monsters–the Creatures of the Abomination.

Isaiah quickly moved back to the end of the cave–where he found Lilith and the others–working hard to get the transdoor to work, "How’s it coming?"

Lilith took him aside, "We are almost there–but we are having trouble getting the transdoor channels to link–we tried opening up a signal–through metaspace–but all we got was static..."

Isaiah questioned, "Did you try and change the channel–because at this point–going to anywhere safe–is preferable to being eaten–or absorbed–and becoming one of those monsters out there."

Lilith told him, "Some of the scientist feel that we’d have a better chance–if we dial a channel that we know will get us to a known location–I mean–the transdoor is just like a big television set–but it works on metaspace physics–allowing people and things to cross vast distances and linking–one portal of time and space with another–all we have to do is change the channel until we find an image–that is not too fuzzy or scrambled."

Isaiah put forth, "Just find any channel that works–tell them–this doesn’t have to be super exact–just good enough for us to escape."

By then–one of the scientist had come over, "I heard what you said–and you are right–both of you–we’ve been trying to get a channel that will send us to a place that we all agree–is a place not too distant from the port–where we all launched from–I don’t know why we all got fixed on that idea. But you are right–we need to focus on finding any channel that will get us the heck out of here..."

Then another scientist came over, "Thank God Almighty–thank Jesus Christ–we’ve managed to isolate a channel and make it work–we can see a clear image–we can transdoor out of here."

Isaiah was full of praise, "Thank the Lord Jesus Christ–tell everyone–lets go home!"

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