The Hypocrite's Hope: The Secret Place of Thunder

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Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011




The Secret Place Of Thunder

Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"Is bound in shallows, and in miseries" Shakespeare

The meeting was getting on the way–everyone in the office was concerned and worried–as to what things might come–even though the people in the office were the best at what they did–they were salespersons–and the company specialized in selling military parts and components. But these were trying times–trouble with the unions–some collapsing–others breaking away from the once mighty Veantest Union.

Now the other shoe hit the floor–Adusa was a representative of the new mother corporation–which had just taken over their company–she was their new boss, "Thank you people for coming–though in truth–you all had no choice in coming to the meeting. As you know–your company has been bought out by Veffy-L–it’s what happens when you mistakenly listen to your financial advisors and make your company public. You are subject to buyouts and in your case Veffy-L has taken over. Now what does that mean to you–well it means that you will be seeing some new faces–and yes–some old faces will have to go..."

Everyone in the room reacted–they were all mostly middle aged men and women–some had been with the company since its inception–someone asked, "So–you have called us here to fire all of us?"

Adusa smiled and shook her pretty head, "No–no–not at all–there is a right way and a wrong way to do things–I said that some of you will have to move on and others of you can stay..."

Someone else voiced, "Who will stay and who will be fired–because that is what you are talking about–firing some of us and bringing in people from the corporate office."

Another person raised, "And who decides who stays and who gets fired–most of us have been here for a very long time–what will come of us?"

Adusa spoke, "Well–I’m sure that in those years of service to the company–you have managed to save a little something–besides–some of you look like you might be ready to retire..."

Everyone reacted–these were people that were skilled at selling products on various planets–knowing the customer and having garnered the customer client base themselves. Hardknocks spoke up, "Look–what everyone is saying–is that this company is like our home–we built it–most of us–from the ground up–Veffy-L might be able to come here and buy us out–but the skilled men and women–here–in this room alone–can’t be replaced."

Adusa took special interest, "Who are you?"

Hardknocks answered, "My name is Hardknocks–and I am one of the co-founders of this company–partners if you will. These people that you are so casually throwing around–have families–mortgages–children in college–you can’t just let these people go. Call them old–and then throw them out to pasture–that is bullshit!"

Everyone reacted–they all felt that way–but most of them were too frightened for their jobs–to say anything–but Hardknocks said it for them.

Adusa responded, "Well–Mr. Hardknocks–why are you complaining–you were never one that was going to be fired–as you said–you are one of the co-founders–your wisdom and skills in running this company are very much needed. The very nature of your company–needs you..."

Beringer looked out at the ocean–it was terrible–waves were crashing onto the land and people close to the shore–were being pulled back out to sea. The rich resort was being torn apart by the waves and the on coming waves–which seem to find there way into every little corner and alleyway. At times–it seemed like pure carnage–old people and young people and little children–all alike–being taken and killed by the mighty roar of the waves as they violated the most sacred of boundaries–they came on land–like some invading aliens from outer space–bent on taking captive–the children of mankind.

Some had managed to reach high land–but only some–people were separated from loved ones–children from parents and parents from children–where there once was five–now–there might be three or four–at most often–only one survived.

Someone yelled in fear, "We are all going to die! We should just go out there and let the waves take us!"

Someone else countered, "Shut up, you fool–we have women and children in here–do you want us all to die!"

Beringer–who was a holy priest of Jesus Christ–motioned with his hands and calmed the crowd, "These are trying times–you must remain calm and pray to God Almighty–that the Good Lord will deliver us."

Someone possessed slightly yelled, "Why should we do that–isn’t it God who has caused all of this to happen? I mean–just look–the ocean comes in–destroying our businesses–wreaking our buildings–there was once magnificent hotels and resorts here! Now look at it–just look at everything–destroyed by the tsunami–is this your God’s work?"

Some in the room agreed–but the ever rising waters outside–caused others to look on in fear–knowing that death was surely coming–even though they were at a high point in the tropical village–there seemed to be no end to the rise of the waters.

Beringer responded in faith, "Not all things done to mankind–is done without cause. Just look at what is happening–you blame God Almighty for the disaster that has happened–and you harden your hearts–thinking to turn to some other way. But I tell you–the evil of men’s hearts–is at the root of all troubles. For example–look at you rich business men and women–you have come to this planet–and transformed it into a resort planet–for you to come and play–with your gambling–while perverting the Word of God. You have turned your backs on the Lord Jesus Christ–and went a whore after false gods–created by men and machines!"

Someone yelled from the crowd, "You–what do you know–you Holy man of God–maybe it is you who has brought this curse on us–by challenging the official ways of Technoligion–our ways are to worship technology–because it has brought us so much–even unto the stars!"

But the man of God only shook his head–Beringer said, "You have sinned–by allowing yourselves to be captive of doctrines of devils–you believe that this demon Technoligion–of the philosophy of technoligion will save you–but it has trapped you–and made you slaves to evil spirits. You worship money and science and secular powers–all the while–shedding your souls–like serpents shed skin!"

A great many did not want to hear what the man of God was telling them–and all the while the flood waters were rising–even unto the door–so that half of the people were in peril–and then the man of God prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ. And behold–just as the evil group would have laid hands on him to cast him into the flood waters–the room divided in half–sending the evil ones into the deep–while preserving the people who humbled themselves before God Almighty.

Susan had fixed a really nice meal–they all sat across from one another at the grand table–she knew that this dinner was important to Hardknocks–after having being his wife for some twenty years. They had a good marriage–better than most–better than some. Oh–there had been rocky times–times when it looked like it wasn’t going to come together–or that the holy union which is between a man and a woman–was going to fall apart. But when those times happened–and there was only a few at most–they all prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ–for Him to forgive them of their sins and to bless them–so that they could continue.

Love was very important to Hardknocks and his family–a lot of people who were married–a good many of their friends–were married in the modern way–they had marriage contracts drawn up by attorneys–it was the modern way people got married–people would contract out for a specific number of years–the usual amount of years was three–and then the contract was automatically renewed–if the two parties wanted to continue to live as man and wife. The marriage contract came about because the divorce rate was so high–way beyond fifty percent–something had to be done–it was messing up the fabric of society–no one couldn’t depend on the union of marriage to sustain them anymore. So–the marriage contract became the modern way–plus it had a special advantage–of spelling out all the details that each person agreed to do–and not do–long ago there was the so called prenuptial agreement–which was a legal and binding contract. The marriage contract just went a little further–and included the actual agreement of marriage. Divorce attorneys fought against it at first–lobbying political powers–saying that the so called sanctity of marriage was sacred–well no one was ever arguing that marriage was sacred–and in other cultures–different people go married in different ways and had different customs.

It was simply a matter of what was good for the society at large–not everyone liked the same things and not everyone wanted to be married forever–it was so obvious–by the high divorce rate–so as society changed and grew–technology pushing ever forward–science pushing the limits of knowledge and religion changing and evolving–so did that aspect of society–when it came to marriage–the corner stone of civilization.

Now–there were those who liked the old fashion ways–and nothing was keeping them from being married the old fashion way–till death do us part kind of stuff–but now there wasn’t anything keeping people from being married either way. And that in itself–was how society began to change–into the Society of Technoligion. Where people began to turn their backs on the teachings of God Almighty–and worship the work of their own hands and the product of their own inventions–modern mankind openly and in direct defiance of the Lord Jesus Christ–began to worship idols–instead of the only Living God Jesus Christ.

Adusa had been invited for dinner–or rather–she had managed to manipulate herself into being invited, "The food is really good–thank you..."

Hardknocks said, "Oh–it is our pleasure–nice to have company over–from time to time," he was trying to put a pleasant spin on things.

Ja-tolan–their teenage son voiced, "So–you are my dad’s new boss–you don’t look much older than I am," that was awkward.

Adusa ate like she hadn’t eaten a good home cooked meal in a while, "Huh–oh yeah–but don’t worry though–I’m not going to fire your dad–Hardknocks and I have an understanding–all is good at work–that’s why I’m here–I guess–making friends. Susan–this food is so good–I really am happy that you’ve extended your hospitality–and opened up your home to me."

Princess Eve looked across the deck of her Dragonfly spacecraft–she was a cargo commander–her crew members were only three–but they all worked together–having a vested interest in each other’s welfare.

Oneman was a priest from the Holy Order of the Martian Druids–Faithers of the highest quality and devotion–because it was on Mars that the first true resistance and restructuring of the Ancient Christian faith began–post-technoligion philisophy.

While her crew looked on–Eve questioned, "You know–this is not a transport ship–what we do is mostly handle cargo–taking it from one point to another–mostly where there isn’t a transdoor built."

Oneman nodded and glanced at the others–he held a wooden box–long tube shaped, "I’m aware of your ship and what it does. But I have special needs–this box–inside of it is a very special document..."

One of the crew uttered, "What’s in it–what’s so important that you can’t book a flight with the regular passenger ships?"

Eve looked at the crew member in a way that suggested that she was the one in charge and doing the asking–she turned her attention back to the priest, "It is a good question–though I wouldn’t have put it in such a way..."

Oneman voiced, "I’m carrying the Sacred Scroll of Hope–it was part of a set–with it was also the Wayfarer’s Atlas."

Some of the crew members laughed–one said, "The Wayfarer’s Atlas is just a myth–it doesn’t exist!"

Oneman countered, "Oh–I assure you–it is very real–as real as this scroll I have in my hands. Though they were suppose to be used together–the Wayfarer’s Atlas has been separated from the scroll–by necessity–in order to safe guard and preserve the scroll. Also–the atlas must not fall into the wrong hands."

Eve spoke, "And the wrong hands–being–the Nebat assassins–who work for the Dynasty."

One of the crew retorted, "Okay–so what is that Wayfarer’s Atlas–and why is it so important?"

Oneman answered, "It is a device–believed to have been inspired by God Almighty to be created–it contains proof–that the universe was created by our Lord Jesus Christ–for without him–nothing was created–and before the beginning–Jesus Christ was."

Another crew member spoke, "How does this device work?"

Eve fielded that question, "It is suppose to contain the locations to every natural occurring portal in the entire universe–with it–a person can freely move back and forward in time and space and realities..."

A crew member said, "Like a transdoor..."

Another crew member uttered, "No–more like the Transtimeuet!"

Oneman shook his head, "All those devices were created by mankind–or by aliens–using ancient designs–found on distant planets. The Wayfarer’s Atlas is unique–only one exist in the entire universe–in all of realities–and times of times. It was said–that the Lord gave inspiration as to its design and creation–though no one really knows who actually made it–or where it was made."

Eve nodded, "I guess you got your safe passage with us, priest–I’m a Faither–also..."

Susan sat back drinking a cup of weak coffee, "I’m sure everything will work out, dear. You know–these thing happen–just look around us–three houses over–the husband lost his job–and just down the street–two families–both husband and wife lost their jobs. Things are getting tough–the unions aren’t as powerful and they once used to be–the government is shipping out jobs to other planets–third world planets–because the manufacturing can be done cheaper there."

Hardknocks kind of slumped in his big comfortable chair, "Yeah–I’m just worried–because I’m not young like I used to be. You know how things are–everybody is looking for the young kids–right out of college–Ja-tolan’s age–when he graduates from college. This company was our brain-child–you and I came up with the concept and worked hard to make it happen–then you decided to go back to college to get your degree–and became a teacher. Now look at me–I’m over fifty–society considers me a has been–and in many cases–a never was been–now the company has been bought out by some high finagled super corporation–who doesn’t give a damn about the hard work that me and the others have put into it–all they want is the bottom line to grow. And that is the wrong concept for a family owned company–this company was created so that people could have jobs–my family–and all the other people’s families that have been hired over the years."

Susan said, "She bothers you..."

Hardknocks uttered, "Huh? Who–her–nah–you’re wrong–she’s just a snotty nosed kid fresh out of college–trying to impress the big-wigs at the top. She thinks if she comes in here–and fires a few people–then the rest will fear her and the others will show her respect–either way–she’s way off base with this one–this is not the way to run our business. She says that I’m too valuable to be fired–but hell, Susan–I just look around and behold–people I hired and have worked with for two decades–are being given the door–their walking papers. These are my friends–they all have families that depend on them–and mortgages–and kids in college–some have young children–because they wanted to make sure that their careers were on track before they started to have a family. Now what do I do–what do I tell them..."

Susan voiced, "She likes you–you know..."

Hardknocks countered, "She needs me to guide her through the loops and corners in our company–there is too much personal and technical stuff–that has been left behind–due to the short sightedness of her firing the wrong people–fact is–she should not have fired any of them–the company was like a well oiled machine–old–but working like a laser–and then–in comes Adusa–like a monkey wrench–messes up all the gears. God Almighty–how am I suppose to work under these conditions?"

Susan hoped, "Maybe things will even out–the big wigs–at the top will finally realize that this is not the way to run this company–that it works best–when you just leave everything alone–and let the people do their jobs–jobs like they have been doing for over two decades. Maybe they need to be seeing these things–and just maybe–just maybe–you are the one that is going to have to show them the true way. Because to be honest, dear–there isn’t anybody left to strand up to the corporate office–and you are the bravest man I’ve ever known–and had the privilege to love."

Hardknocks announced, "You were always good at building me up and getting me ready to face the difficult challenges in life–that is one of the reasons that I love you so much."

Susan reached over and kissed him on the lips, "The Lord Jesus Christ help us all..."

Poncius looked across the battle field and the war was arrayed before him–the killing and the death and the destruction, "This is a glorious time–see how the war prevails!"

The harlot–drunken with the wine of fornication and adultery–the Great Whore who makes all the world to come at her door step said, "Did I not tell you, my lord–that the victory would be yours. You have only to ask and I will show you all things that concern the Great Chaos–for evolution of the universe has taken place–like a cunning virus that rewrites the DNA code of mankind–it was present in the First Evil Fruits–in which Adam and Eve ate upon!"

There were great instruments of death raining down from the sky and many nations of people ran and tried to hide–but there was no hiding for them–for they were caught up in the anti-rapture. This was a time when evil reigned over the land–countless star systems had been affected by the coming of the Beast Society–a culture and system of government that used idols and cunning machines–to manipulate the people and to circumvent the Truth–which was that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. And behold–even the demons know that God is real and the Jesus Christ is the Lord–but for mankind–God had called on them to repent from their sins so that they maybe forgiven. But woe–certain light men and women–subverting the Holy Spirit of God–to their own personal gain–they had managed to plant the seeds of doubt–by the cooperation of devils in the doctrine of perversions and the doctrines of backslide–for the whole world was deceived by the devil–finding ancient artifacts–that were plants by devils–in order to detract from the Holy Word of God–for the whole world was deceived by satanic miracles–and evil sayings and perverse doings.

Poncius voiced, "Today is my victory and my coming complete–the entire galaxy will have to bow down to my superior fire power–I have gone forth like Alexander and conquered all the known civilizations–all in the name of the Dark Powers–which exist between the brightness of the stars–separating one galaxy from another–the dark matter that is most sought after–but is in truth the means to control and possess the very souls of mankind!"

The harlot–drank of her own fornication–as the evil cursed wine of damnation washed down her throat-- and she made the man to drink of it too–even as Eve made her husband to eat of the forbidden fruit, "Yes–yes–yes that is it–drink and be filled with the wrath and perversions of the Dark Chaos–for Technoligion has spawned a new child–more evil and sinful than the mother–she has created the Bastard Child–the seeds of damnation–which have been spread across the entire galaxy–indeed–even corrupting the whole of Creation!"

And the war raged on–with little children being caught up in the turmoil and destruction of the Holy Wars–those great wars between Good and Evil–in which there is no escape–there are no double agents–for the skin has been stripped raw–and all can see the realities of the damnation–for who can escape the evil Eyes of Triquerius! Looking upon the and feeding upon the souls of mankind–there are no drawn quarters–not over time--norms of non-sequitur!

Poncius was filled the evil spirits called Legion–and he wanted to do nothing else–but conquer all the known civilizations, "I must have power and I must execute absolute judgement upon the land–for the Beast has given me the true Dark Power’s revenge–I man consumed with the lust of the Mighty Perversions–and all who stand in my way shall be destroyed!"

The sky was black–even though there was light in the sky–the sky was blackened by the resoluteness of the evil that was in mankind’s heart–for they feigned to be nice and friendly–helping all those who sought it–but they–even the damned can be kind. And they stole the ways of the Holiness–and twisted them around for their own wicked purposes.


How great and wonderful is the Lord Jesus Christ for His domain is forever

The clouds bow down to the Lord of Host and the mountains bow their heads

For the Lord God is wonderful and full of compassion towards His children

And God is the only true Love of our lives for which there are no others

God does not judge His children nor does he challenge us in a base way for

The Lord wants us to survive and to grow and to become wonderful and He

Blesses us with the things that are important and He takes care of all of our

Needs for God Almighty is beautiful and His love is everlasting so that we live

Praise God Almighty in everything that you do for there is not a moment in our

Lives that the Good Lord Jesus Christ is not aware of and the loneliness of

Our hearts can be over shadowed with pure love from our God and Savior

For who are we but the creation of the Lord Jesus and to worship Him is love

There are those who outwardly go to church yet sit in judgement of their fellow

Mankind like the evil ones rail and cast accusations against us day and night but

The Lord is not blind to our plight and He knows our sickness and our cure for

God is Almighty and the Truth is forever no matter how it is viewed and told

Lord of my heart and God of my spirit please bless the chosen and the called and

The faithful for all of us are children of the Holy Light and no darkness can

Reside in us forever because the Light of all Creation has given us charge to know

The truth about the Creation of the entire universe and damn the lies of evolution

I once spoke to a principal who was suppose to represent the faith of the church

And all he did was try and sit in judgement of me and my children when in truth

The so call representative of the church should have been praising God as I was

Doing for the Lord is worthy of all of our praise and devotion and our obedience

For we are called to praise and worship the Lord and if you love God and praise

Him today how much more will we praise the Lord Jesus in the Kingdom Come

For I have seen the Holy City and the Holy Creation to Come and there are things

Too great to come to my mind and all tears have come to rest and the angels sing

Oh how fantastic are the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ for we are caught up in

The Spirit of the Lord and there are truths yet not told and Creation continues for

The Lord has gone before us to create a wonderful place for us to live and we will

Worship and praise the lord all our days which will be forever and praise be to God

Who is a sinner except that he or she deny the Beauty of the Lord God Jesus for

We have taken a journey that has lasted a life time and the trail leads to a place of

Peace and salvation for God loves us beyond our Earthly comprehension and we

Are free from the evil ones who once held us captive and our revenge is the Lord’s


Ja-tolan sat across from Adusa–they were eating a late breakfast and the little corner café was moderately full–polite conversations were all about and the sunrise in the east corner was warm and sweet. The two had been seeing each other for a few months and their relationship had grown with each date. In Ja-tolan’s family–premarital sex was forbidden–and while Adusa was morally–less conservative–the strong foundation and Ja-tolan’s faith in God Almighty and his father’s teachings throughout the decades–lay a great base for abstinence. Was it hard–yes–there was all sorts of peer pressure–like in the movies–if you are a virgin you are mocked and looked upon as less of a man–some even were so ignorant as to call him gay or some other rotten thing–but that only reflected on a perverse society–which–while on the surface–put on the good face–but underneath–took orders from devils–the television which evolved into the audio-image–a generational device that could project the sense of smell and taste to the viewer.

So–what is a young man or woman to do–if they have the upbringing of the Christian faith–even though they lived in the future–with an advanced society–whose only official religion was Technoligion–the Oracles of Devils–that was what is was. How did such a system of government come about? Well–it is a long story–but it started with the colonization of Mars–what was thought of as a great leap for mankind–had gross and unforseen implications–for on Mars was found the very old and ancient scrolls–and blueprints–documents of a civilization–long gone–yet influential in the development of part of Earth Prime’s culture. It was there–beneath the surface of Mars that astro-archaeologist discovered the myriads of things that modern mankind now took for granted–the ability to travel to distance star systems–taking hundreds and thousands of years to reach–then retroevolving time by coming back through the triangled shaped invention called a transdoor–which linked all subsystems of space and time and matter–to one continuum.

With this invention–aided by the writings and drawings of the Martians–left behind–why–for some race of people to discover–perhaps a legacy of sorts–a way of saying–we were here–for what is an alien being–why do they always have to be perceived as ugly creatures–shrouded in contempt for mankind–what if aliens were ideas–thoughts–notions that reached the human brain without bodily conflict–alien thoughts that resembled our own primitive thought precess. These alien thoughts–constantly influencing us–guiding us–taking us on a journey that–whether we want to or not–must endeavor to pursue–and imagine if you can–that these thoughts have been influencing mankind since the beginning–what is this? Why was it so important to openly deny the presence of spirits–to let science cover up the truth–while pretending to search for the truth. Because–aliens don’t have to have physical bodies–what was once a physical form–reigned over countless millennia–the physical forms of the dinosaurs–for once these aliens fell from perfection they became physical in nature–base and profane–just the opposite of the Most Holy Ones–they were the Dark Powers–who through evolution–rising from the deepest pits of Hell–evolved into mankind’s consciousness.

What great and grand ideas did mankind have–for mankind loved his inventions–but at what cost–did not his inventions constantly lead him further and further from the truth–from the Creator–for the aliens were influencing mankind’s actions–by granting him bits and pieces–of alien technology–those thoughts in your head–are they all yours? Haven’t you had a moment–when you realized on some level–that a thought–that voice in your head–wasn’t your own–edging you on–constantly trying to influence you–disguising the true nature to those who resisted them–revealing themselves to all those who embraced their fallen carnal nature.

No–ideas and thoughts are as real as any physical encounter–an idea can be alien...

The bombs fell heavily upon the children of men on the planet called Rixon-ripon–as the night sky lit up occasionally–with bright flashes of light–the war raged from all around them and it was starting to sink into most that they were at a pivotal point. Would the war be decided at Tesipivy? History would later record that the children of man fought gallantly–opposing an evil force that could not be disguised any more–the Nebat Warriors were dead set on taking over the places of mankind. It was not a battle that was fought with cunning and skill–no–it had come down to just one thing–sheer will and the faith to carry on. What was it–was it a hope that all would soon come to an end–and if they could just hold on just a little longer–then everything would be all right.

But the Dynasty was now circumvented with the Confederacy of Planets–it was the beginning and–yes–the ending of peace in that sector–for the evil Dark Powers–those Evil Ones that once slept between the blackness of the galaxies–the dark matter of existence–they had been awoken to a time to come–to ultimately fight one final battle on a tiny planet. But before Armageddon–there would have to be a cosmic staging of the powers that fought to rule the universe–the societies that were before the coming of mankind–before people started to make their habitations amongst the stars.

What was it to mankind–why did he have such a pull–to go out into the heavens–and seek out that which was not any of his business–was it because the human race were natural explorers–or was there a hidden drive–a command–planted long ago in their DNA–in their spiritual recognition–for there were aliens and creatures that had genetic recall–being able to transfer the sum knowledge of their entire race from one child to another–and then–there were humans–who unknowingly were blessed and cursed with spiritual memory–the ability to transfer from one generation to another–all the spiritual knowledge–and spiritual memory was more powerful and more subtle than genetic memory–which only gave the physical intelligence. For there was an intelligence about the children of men–that seem to have always been there–a time when things were murky–the Dark Ages. How many Dark Ages had there been–and suddenly–the light rose up out of the ashes like an all consuming phoenix rising from the ashes–to once again claim that which was rightly hers–the awesome power to understand and reason–at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ–for it must have been God’s will that men would not stay ignorant forever–because out of the Dark Ages of Space Exploration–came the resurgence of mankind’s efforts.

But there was more to the calling back to what some reasoned to be from whence they came–for out there–in the vast blackness–where there was only darkness–mankind once more journeyed to where he had not aught to have gone–for the heavens was not a place for children to play–the cosmic catastrophes which spawn the Fallen Ones to have been jailed on the planet Earth–were now the impetus–the reasons why mankind could not take home of things that he could not understand–yet lay claim to have mastery of the planets and the stars. For it is one thing to blow up a star–and another thing to have created the entire universe–both that which is seen and that which is not see and never can be known–for there are some things that mankind will never know in the flesh–because God Almighty in His Wisdom–had placed limits on what man can do and can not do.

Lieutenant Brick yelled at the top of his voice over the falling devices of death and destruction, "Hold the fort–help is on the way–it will just be a little longer and then–reinforcements are coming," and they did and the help so sorely sought did indeed come.

Hardknocks voiced, "Some times it seems like it is not enough–you save–or try to–and still unforseen things happen–being associated with light people–people that you can not count on."

Susan--his loyal wife said, "It is not your fault if things are not right–the world is bigger than just the two of us. I understand that you–we–worked hard in order to get the company off the ground–but then–life is full of surprises–some good and some bad. We have to keep our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ–to get us through these trying times."

Hardknocks responded, "You are right–I see the same vision and ways that you do–it is important that a man and a woman see the same vision and understand the same ways. I think that is what makes a good marriage different from a bad one. I have a friend–you know him–his name is Widvos."

Susan uttered, "Yes–one of the friends that we brought in–early on when the company was just getting started–a good friend..."

Hardknocks continued, "Well–now–his job is on the line–he had invested all that he had in the business–project after project. He’s a goodly man–believing in the Lord Jesus Christ–because we have hired on mostly Christians–because the world hires its own. Anyway–now the corporation that has bought us out–is demanding that we fire–yet another person–and the new boss is looking to fire Widvos."

Susan echoed, "Widvos is a good man–a hard worker and he is loyal to you because you brought him in–early on–I think he has a wife and children–three kids I believe. He’s up in age also–like we are–I don’t believe that he can withstand to lose his job–not with the mortgage and college and all the responsibilities that he has to his family."

Hardknocks sighed, "That is the point–this new boss–Adusa–she will be sending a good man to his grave before his time. The burden of trying to fend for his family–all the while–the world doesn’t look to their elders–like they once did–once we were revered–as having gained the wisdom that so rightly we had earned–but in the day of intelligent and self-aware computers–instant transport to distant stars and planets–hell–some people marry machines that look like people. And they seem happy for it–it is a burden on society–this world doesn’t know nor does it care–about what is right. Indeed–right has been made wrong and wrong has been made right."

Susan questioned softly, "What are you going to do–Widvos is you friend–my friend too–his wife and I are friends..."

Hardknocks spoke, "Did you know that his wife left him and the children for a robot lover–I mean--Good Lord–she’s one of those people who didn’t care about committing adultery–just because the laws of our land didn’t have provisions to stop it! There was a time when the law of God was the law of the land–now laws are created to serve devils!"

Susan voiced, "Good Lord–I didn’t know that–that poor man–and now this? Hardknocks, you can’t let that young pubescent woman–do this to poor Widvos–in fact–maybe it is time that you stood up to the company and gathered back our people–take back the company. It is hard–I know–but other companies have done it before–and once we have done it–restructure–so that it can never happen again. Some times it is better to be small–than to grow and lose perspective–at the risk of other’s lives!."

Hardknocks stated boldly, "Then it is decided–we shall embrace the Lord Jesus Christ! Because life isn’t about what you see but about what one can believe–faith in God Almighty!"

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