The Wayfarer's Atlas of the Universe

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Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"Whoso boasteth himself of a false gift is like clouds and wind without rain" Proverbs

Socloud was a business man who happened to also believe in the Lord Jesus Christ–not that the two were mutually exclusive–but in the day and age of the false god Technoligion–the false religion of Tdiepvomohy–the basic philosophy of man’s religion and technology–the blending of the two–once diametrically opposed philosophies–now through the use of Governing Machines–a tool to control vast cultures–over an even vaster distance of time and space–all thanks to the transdoor.

Translaser technology was the fore runner to transdoor technology–which was a machine–that looked much like a giant television set–but obviously infinitely more complex. The transdoor had channels on it–a person who wanted to go to a distant world–only need to change the channel–one could see images of the distant worlds–much like a person would view images through a television–if a channel didn’t have a connection–then–it appeared–static instead of a clear image.

Mestoa was of the Martian Druids–a religious sect–which was loosely connected with the Faithers–Faithers were modern Christians–of the future–for Christianity–in the future had to merge and unite–in order to stay alive–God’s Remnant–which was spoken of in the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible survived after the Reckoning–because the Faithers were forced to go underground–while–after the Rapture–a Dark Age for mankind fell. Where the evil Beast spread lies and disinformation–saying that those who had been actually taken during the rapture–were victims of some alien conspiracy. The masses bought the story–having been already conditioned by numerous science fiction shows and stories–and rumors about alien abductions–via the mass media–which was a tool of the Evil Ones.

Socloud had discovered–through his many business dealings–an ancient scroll–which contained ancient Christian writings–the Martian Druids got word of this and wanted him to donate the scroll to the Martian Druids–who were unofficially and officially keepers of the Holy Flame–but there was subversive opposition by the Dark Powers–which were an extension of Technoligion.

Mestoa was a Martian Druid monk–her mission was to help Socloud–in getting the ancient Christian scroll–now called the Scroll of Hope, "I come from the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Martian Druids–here are my credentials."

Socloud took the document and examined it, "So–you are called Mestoa–is that your last name or your first name?"

Mestoa smiled, "It is the name given to me–when I finished all of my trials and tribulations–emerging on the Other Side–as a Martian Druid monk–my former name being cast off for a greater spiritual revelation."

Socloud nodded, "Well–I hope that you are very good at what you do–because the Scroll of Hope is being held by a government that wants to have it destroyed..."

Mestoa raised an eyebrow, "And with good reason–they do not want faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to flourish–they think that by destroying all documents that point to the Beauty of Christ–that they can change times and time of times–but they do not understand God Almighty!"

Hamon sat across from the Blue Fairy, "Tell me–why have you called me into the Enchanted Woods?"

The Fairy Queen–known as the Blue Fairy uttered, "These are strange times–and I have seen strange things in the last few days–things that the brothers and sisters of men need to know."

Hamon was a reporter from a big news service–he kept record, "Okay–so why is this news so important to the people that I write to?"

Blue Fairy voiced, "Mankind has breached the gap between that which is imaginary and that which is non-imaginary–things have changed on a quantum level–but the changes affect the macroscopic reality of our time and space."

Hamon was confused, "Why would any of this be so important? I mean–long time ago–people used to believe in imaginary beings–like yourself..."

Blue Fairy cut in, "Until it was discovered that fairies and other so called mythical beings and creatures–were not imaginary at all–but were as people called them–aliens from distant places–some from other star systems–and others from other dimensional realities. It was with the invention of the Transtimeut–that machine that allows people to travel both through time and space and imagined realities–suddenly–what was once thought of as being imaginary–became very real–as it was in the beginning."

Hamon frowned, "What do you mean–as it was in the beginning–I don’t understand..."

Blue Fairy walked to a large bowl of enchanted water–she passed her hands over it and an image of things appeared in the water, "What was thought of as being imaginary is very real–when men sleep and dream at night–people thought that their dreams were simply unconscious psychological wanting and desires–because when they woke up–behold–it was just a dream–but there is a reality just beyond the edge of time–a place just after the stone throw of our known universe–and there lay the essence of reality."

Hamon said, "You are saying that the reality that I know–is not real?"

Blue Fairy shook her beautiful head, "No–what the enchanted waters are showing you–is that because you are alive–and life is–complicated–life exist on many planes of existence–to you it is stupid–to believe that your dreams are any less real than your waking moments–which–though they seem to be dominant–it is the dream-state of mind–that is real. Have you ever wondered why dreams seem to hold such important messages to you–why–when one dreams–there seems to be a connection with the so called waking future?"

Hamon pondered, "Yes–now that you mentioned it–I guess people do seem to put a lot of time and interest into dreams. But–I was taught from my infancy–that dreams were not real–as all people are taught–so they can not hurt us..."

Blue Fairy became angry, "Fool–you and your entire world are victims of the Cosmic Coverup–there is a device called the Wayfarer’s Atlas–it contains the entire surveying of all the known and unknown universal realities. With it–a person can navigate through all Dream Realities–back and forth–up and down–in and out–all about the Transtimeut. For the Cosmic Reckoning has come and gone–and the Dark Ages are already here–it is the illusion of the Evil Ones–that cloud the minds of men–and shadow the visions of the human race."

Hamon voiced, "Then you have called me to report to my people–this Oasis of Dreams?"

Blue Fairy spoke softly, "I have called you to witness the Alter-world–where all sanity has been cast off–and Jemm rules the Awakening of the Spells of Ewim Foes!"

Hamon adjusted his recording device, "So–the Dream World will become reality!"

Mange uttered, "So–the two of you are on a quest to secure the precious Holy Scroll–but you do not even know what the document is really about..."

Mestoa voiced, "We seek the Scroll of Hope–it is already part of this businessman’s collection of many things."

Mange countered, "What you will find instead is far more important than what you think that you have–for the documents are two–one of the scroll that you are coming for–and another–is called the Wayfarer’s Atlas."

Socloud interjected, "I have heard rumors about this thing–ancient in days is it. But from what I was able to gather–it is only a rumor–shrouded in myth and superstition."

Mange told, "On your journey–you will find that there are many that seek the atlas–and will stop at nothing to possess it..."

Mestoa questioned, "What is this atlas–why is it so important–that some might kill?"

Mange explained, "The Wayfarer’s Atlas of the Universe–is like a Grand Cosmic Map of the entire known universe. There are portals–places–locations throughout the universe–places leading to vast and powerful civilizations–civilizations long gone–some–just starting–but there are great riches to be found. The atlas maps out–the entire surveyed universe–beings long ago–used it to trade with other beings–these beings were called–Apdiepvt. They were a race of people old as time itself–they were present when the universe was first born–it is said that they are Eontimeoc."

Socloud expounded, "Then this document that I must have–is far greater than what was once thought or expected–who will try and stop us from getting the Scroll of Hope and the Wayfarer’s Atlas?"

Mange responded, "They call themselves the Apvidjsitv–for in the abundance of the places that the atlas reveals–great knowledge and treasure awaits the true owner of the atlas. The Jemm Sect–is what they are known by–the way of ungodliness is their order–they will kill any who get in their way. And there is worse..."

Mestoa said, "What do you mean–worse..."

Mange who was part of the Secret Society, "The Jemm Sect are cannibals–once they have captured their victims–they eat them–that way–there is no forensic evidence. It is because of their cannibalistic rites–that they have been able to survive all these long centuries–capturing their victims and eating their very essence!"

Socloud stated, "Now that we know of these abominations to God–we can avoid them–and now that we know that this mission is of far greater consequence–not just for religious purposes–but there is a bonus–the atlas can reveal where great wealth is hidden–throughout all the known universe."

Mange cautioned, "Ah–but beware–most of the civilizations that are still around–will not allow their great wealth to be taken lightly..."

Socloud countered, "I am a businessman–seeking only that which can be acquired--is a possible way–obviously–the places that are still in existence–with beings protecting their wealth–I’m not interested in–but the places–that the atlas can show me–where there are no beings to protect the treasures–places and cultures that have long since fallen–there will I go."

Mange pointed out, "Then–you might find that you very well–go to your death–for the ancient places that the cultures have long since fallen–for all cultures rise and fall–it is the way of life–those places are guarded by things and devices–most foul!"

Mestoa uttered, "We must not loose sight of our goal–to uncover the truth!"

The spacecraft was very powerful and the design was based on an old principle–it was a space-train–there was one very powerful engine–pushing many cargo and passenger compartments. As the space-train passed by specified stops along the way–if need be–new cargo compartments were added easily–by attaching them to the front of the space-train. Thus this was a very efficient and cost effective way to travel in space–from one planet or from one star system–or in between.

Crohest sat comfortably in first class, "This is your first time taking a space-train to Lost Star?"

Seina responded, "Yes–why–does it show? I know that it might be more convenient to travel by transdoor–but I’d heard so much about traveling on space-trains..."

Crohest smiled, "Yes–the best thing about a space-train is that you get to see the sites–the various planets that the space-train goes by–the interesting stops that they make–the local people along the way–it is a nice way to travel–a throw back to the days–when there were no transdoors."

Seina nodded, "That is what I was looking for–seems to me–that today–everything is about getting to your point of destination–really super fast–and if you are on business–then it makes a lot of sense to use the transdoor–because you just walk into another world reality in the twinkle of an eye. But for vacation and other needs–the space-train still seems to be the tourist attraction."

Crohest said, "So–you are not taking the space-train for business–but for pleasure?"

Seina voiced, "I’ve been kind of stressed out lately–you know–long work hours and little real rest. Oh–I’ve tried those artificial rest machines–and those artificial vacation amusement parks–they are great–don’t get me wrong–there is a place for them. But every once and awhile–it seems that I need to just really let go and get away from it all."

Crohest spoke, "I know what you are talking about–I’m not sure what is wrong with society today–it’s all about making money–earning credits–it seems that the more shekels a person can earn–the more happy that the mass media claims that we are suppose to be–there is no real balance–in life,"

Seina agreed, "You noticed it too–you know–there is a phenomena that I’ve been noticing–maybe it is stupid to state the obvious..."

Crohest urged, "No–go ahead–I’m interest to hear what you have to say..."

Seina continued, "Okay–have you noticed that time seems to be moving quicker? I mean–everythings relative–everything seems the same in the actual measurement of days and time and years–but on a purely spiritual basis–time seems to be moving faster."

Crohest spoke, "You know–I’ve noticed the same thing–you can’t put your finer on it–but time does seem to be going faster. I mean–if you say something about it–scientist will say that is stupid–that people are only suffering from some type of stress–but the evidence is there–maybe it is something that can only be noticed on a spiritual level–seeing that science uses and relies on machines and devices to measure time–maybe their instruments are right–but not in the way that they think..."

Seina voiced, "Exactly–that was what I was thinking too..."

Crohest went on, "Time is now like an ancient tape recorder–you know–the ones that used open reel tape–the tape is winding at the same speed–but as one reel loses tape–it appears to be moving faster than the take-up reel–which is gaining tape. But they are both relative."

Mestoa voiced, "The overall treasure–that thing that the Faither Church of God–both seeks to protect and to share–the Wayfarer’s Atlas–is part of the Scroll of Hope–many will try and take it from its rightful place. For even now–as we journey to recover what was once lost–the Dark Powers are also on the same journey–to steal and take control of the Sacred Scrolls."

Socloud uttered, "When I was young–I didn’t take much care in those things that related to Holy Scriptures–I was more interested in what I saw–what I thought was important–according to what the world said was important–namely money–the honor of mankind–false glory which comes from the world."

Mestoa spoke, "The things that you talk about–those are the things that the Hepvimet seek–they seek the glory of men–of the world–because they are not from God Jesus–therefore they do not value those things that the Good Lord has provided–before us."

Socloud said, "Still–I have great wealth–that is why I was able to make the deal that would bring the Scroll of Hope into the hands of the Faithers. But the Governing Machines–those old dragons–the false gods of Technoligion–that old devil–they will stop at nothing to get the Sacred Documents for themselves–even though they do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ."

Mestoa answered, "That is because–ever since the beginning of the Dark Ages–after the Great Reckoning–when all that was left–were the Fallen Things–those who were not taken in the Rapture–those souls that were left–they have sought to erase all the consciousness of God Almighty–first by persecuting the Church of God–which caused all fractured sects of Christianity–to unite–in order to survive. It was that Shadow Government–which later became the foul artificial religion–which swept the known civilized star systems and planets–controlling the people–the masses–by declaring that the governing machines and Technoligion were gods of mankind."

Socloud announced, "History is still very clear–the world was attacked by aliens from another star system–who used a DNA bomb to kill certain people–while leaving others. It is recorded in all of the official news chronicles of the world. So--you can see why the general masses would believe the Dark Powers and willingly follow the teachings of Technoligion."

Mestoa answered, "It does not matter about the will of machines–devices of inventions–for they have their small victory–but only for a few years–lies that were carefully planted in the culture of mankind–via the mass media–slowly getting the people ready for the Great Lie. But the truth is far more frightening–and many times more terrible–for those who have been left behind are automatically damned. And as the Holy Bible foretold–the Apvidjsitv seeks to have changed time and time of times–because the robotic systems of men have backfired on the psyche of mankind–they seek their own inventions–to worship what their own hands have built–ever since the beginning–mankind has rejected the Word of God–and embraced that which was most profane–as beautiful and sweet. Little knowing–that they were embracing the Doctrine of Devils..."

Socloud began, "And now we are at this point–because of the invention of translaser technology–and the perfection of the transdoor–we can go back through both time and space and retrieve those documents that prove technoligion systems wrong and false–the inventions of our own hands–to destroy all mankind."

Mestoa added, "And if that were not enough–the invention of the Transtimeut –has allowed mankind to journey into the nightmares and dreams of the total consciousness of the species–that and the Transmographyer–the machine that can shrink all objects microscopically."

Magnifa sat on a toad stool–a large mushroom plant–the silver moon seeming to center around her form, "You are wondering about the affairs of men–in the Kingdom of Mankind..."

Amacer was a creature of the woods–one of the wee folk, "I have come to you seeking wisdom and to ask you questions about things to come."

Magnifa smiled, "You have crossed a vast distance to seek me out–all those that seek me out have to cross the Marshlands of Como-tu-ga. What is it that you want to know?"

Amacer asked, "In the kingdom which is of men–are they all going to destroy the world as it is known?"

Magnifa sat there smoking a long extended pipe–filled with essence, "If you look back at the history of mankind–you will see that they are a violent and killing race of beings. Once their kind was confined to Earth Prime–but now they breed across the stars. But–to give them credit–they are not straight away destined to be the way that they were..."

Amacer voiced, "So–what happened to them–that they came to be this way?"

Magnifa went on, "They were part of a Grand Experiment–to see if a race of beings–who given the choice of knowing right from wrong–could pick the right way..."

Amacer questioned, "So–what happened–did they pick the right way to go?"

Magnifa shook her head, "Mankind was tempted at an early stage of their development–just after their creation–or so it seems–so that in that temptation–they were beguiled by Beings of Ugliness–the Dark Powers sought to eat them–feed on their vary souls–like people eat cattle."

Amacer uttered, "Then the folly of mankind is not entirely their own. They were placed in a situation where they were destined to fail. But how can that be–if those Dark Powers were not there–then mankind would have flourished–and would have never known sin–it doesn’t see fair..."

Magnifa cautioned, "Mind your ways–for you do not understand the Grandness of God Almighty–none of us do. We see things through eyes that have been corrupted by the ways of the world–the fallen are the minds of men–for they can no longer see and hear their Creator–in a direct way. They have to seek out the wisdom and the knowledge and the understanding–which was once given to them–without measure."

Amacer spoke, "But–how were they to ever win–I mean–those Ugly Ones–they were there–just outside–waiting to kill the Children of God–how could they ever have to win?"

Magnifa blew out a few mellow smoke rings, "Many things are hard to understand–and there are ways that seem not to make sense. But that is because we do not have a perfect understand of God Almighty–the entire universe has suffered the Down Fall of Man. It is not a small thing that happened to them–for they were the last to be created–and the first to fall. The entire universe once held it’s breath–hoping that mankind would not listen to the Dragons of the Damned–and that the New Ones would obey the voice of God Almighty–their creator. But–alas–what happened after that is Legend–the History of the universe is contained in a simple device called the Wayfarer’s Atlas."

Amacer retorted, "The plight of mankind seems doomed to darkness for ever–but if as you have said–their faith and the fate of the universe is linked–it would see–to our advantage to help them out–because–we also–are God Almighty’s creations–and if mankind can be saved–perhaps there is still hope for us..."

Magnifa smiled, "And there in rest the Truth and the Hope of the Lord Jesus Christ–for He has taught us that all things are possible with God. For us–we can not save ourselves."


The Lord Jesus Christ is the most wonderful and beautiful God for He saves

Us from our sins and He cleans us of our trespasses the Lord God is our Rock

And our salvation for we have only to ask and all things good are given unto us

Who believe on Him for the Holy Scriptures is plain in the Truth of Christ Jesus

There are those who plot and plan and seek a convenient time when they many

Bring forth their unholy things which include the changing of times for there are

Time travelers who have already affected the course of mankind and in the future

One year will be six months and one month will be six weeks and one week six days

For it is written that the evil ones will have thought to have changed time and times

Of time but in the end none of it will have mattered for God is above the imagination

Of men and nothing in the universe is greater than God Almighty for the universe is

God’s throne and the earth is God’s footstool and who can understand the mysteries

The Lord saves us each day from our trespasses and God Almighty rescues us from

Our fears by teaching us about his Holy Son in whom the Lord is will pleased and

Daily we are faced with the challenges and daily we face the temptations of this

Unholy world for God created the world but the world has fallen into sin most foul

Praise the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in all the things that you do no matter how

Small or how big for without the Lord Jesus Christ none of us could even rise in the

Morning to do the business of men for the Lord God has compassion on us and wants

Us to come back to him for it is not God’s desire for us to fall like the fallen angels

In my life time I have seen many things both small and large and I have been in dire

Straits and the Lord Jesus Christ has saved me by delivering me from the temptations

Of the evil ones who wander in darkness throughout all the world as they evolve and

Render chaos as the answers to our questions by telling lies that deceive the world

But the Holy Bible speaks the truth and the word of God is immutable for all the

Creation does do homage to the Lord Jesus Christ for it is He who created all that

Is and the Lord God understands our plight for He Himself was made flesh and we

Now have an Almighty Ally in the struggle to overcome the world and find peace

The fallen ones have children who seek the coming for Christ in the future but the

Saved know that God Jesus Christ has already come and the image of the beast

Shows great blasphemies while daring to speak the lies of the doctrine of demons

For the unchosen seek the salvation of antigods and err for Christ has already come

Woe to those who seek God in strange places for the Lord Jesus has already been

But the fallen children seek a god who is not god while having rejected the true God

Jesus Christ and are now looking for the anti-Christ to come and fulfil their dreams

By giving them Secular Salvation in the place of true Holy Everlasting Life in Christ


Socloud said, "It was only after the invention of the Transmographyer–which is a shrinking machine–that mankind was able to really create machines–that were before hand–impossible to create. Because by having the ability to make the device–large enough–so that details once though impossible could be devised and implemented–then once the machine was finished–people used the Transmographyer–to shrink the machine down to whatever size needed. That is why such sophisticated–nanorobotic technology finally came into existence–where the nanorobot was created in real time--very large and ultra complicated–many times more complicated than mere cells–some nanomachines were the size of atoms–or at lease there internal components were. This technology lead to all sorts of abomination of science and engineering and physics."

Mestoa uttered in response, "I don’t pretend to be an expert in the technology which has led all of mankind down the Dark Path to perdition. And what I do know is that–we are at a time when robots look and act like people–and it is hard to discern an android from a human being–even the doctors have a hard time telling them apart. But the perversions of mankind go far beyond the telling tales of science–as perverse men and women seek eternal life in the physical world–and there can be no real eternal physical life. But when they die–they have in their wills that they wish to undergo the procedure–of using the Quantum Recycler–the machine that can transfer the living soul of one creature into a dead creature–in this case–taking the living soul from an animal and transferring it into a once dead human being–that the dead come back to life via the Quantum Recycler."

Socloud went on, "So–that is where the Dynasty has fallen into error–like the great civilizations of Earth Prime–once great and powerful–have all fallen by the wayside–because no civilization last forever–except that of the Kingdom of Christ. But I fear that we must be very careful in these days to come–for many seek the power and knowledge of the Wayfarer’s Atlas along with the Scroll of Hope. They both have great power when used in the right way or the wrong way. It all depends on who is using them."

Mestoa spoke, "I assure you, Socloud–that my people will keep the sacred Scroll of Hope safe and that we will use the knowledge in it for the good of everyone–those who believe on Jesus Christ and those who don’t–because it is not the policy of the Martian Druids to discriminate–for God Jesus Christ make us all–for He is God with us–God in the flesh–the Lord Jesus Christ is a God for all times and ages and places!"

Socloud nodded, "I am in agreement with you–but I fear that you do not fully understand the extent that the Evil Ones will go to gain possession of that which is forbidden for them to possess. You see–ever since the Transtimeut was invented–the realities of mankind have been invaded–there are no real parallel realities that have not been corrupted by people going not just back in time but back in the realities of the living–for the Transtimeut–does not stop at time travel–it crosses the bridge of sanity and insanity–dreams and nightmares. Imagine–a universe–where every dream and every nightmare is made real–for our dreams and nightmares are as real as our waking reality–and they share a common realm of existence–just like our waking state of being shares a common realm of existence. We are all linked by the Ether of Reality and Anti-reality–they both exist–imagination is not some whimsical farce–that was the view giving by minds that could not understand the significance of the totality of the grandness of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Almighty Powers–to create and to bring down and to reset. We live in a time of great uncertainty–for what was once merely dreams have now become mostly reality!"

Farmer Vell sat back on the porch–the day was all but coming to an end–out in the distance–a flock of genetically engineered sheep grazed and a herd of unicorns roamed–all under the protective covering of a huge dome–which kept in the artificial atmosphere–warmth and blocked harmful rays. Pocart was a businessman who had come to Vell’s farm to make a business deal.

Pocart uttered, "You have to be aware of the tremendous amount of money that can be made by joining the union."

Vell scratched his head, "I don’t understand your plan, Mr. Pocart–you are telling me that if I sell my farm–just turn it over to big business–that things will work out for me and the misses. I don’t understand any of this..."

Pocart expounded, "A lot of your neighbors are doing the same thing–just think of it–you will have the money you need to retire–go places–visit the sites of places you have only dreamed of visiting. Travel and see the galaxy–all those places..."

Vell rocked in his chair, "Hmmm–you make it sound so tempting..."

Just then–Amanda came out with some cool refreshments, "Makes what sound so tempting?"

Vell partook of the refreshments, "Well, dear–this young fellow here–seems to think that we need to take a vacation–or retire–see the civilized galaxy–go traveling to all the sites and places. He has it all figured out."

Amanda took a seat right next to her husband–of some thirty years–they were old–even by Technoligion standards–for ever since the changing of times–when it was promised that by accepting the Technoligion ways–the promise to increase the human life span–by doubling the human age–which did happen–but not in the way most expected. For when all was said and done–time had changed–or rather the measurement of time–it was now according to the laws and formula of the transdoor continuum. For by changing how weeks and months and years were counted. There were now six days in a week–six weeks in a month–and six months in a year. The months were all thirty six days long. This change increased the average life span twofold–people now easily lived to be one hundred and twenty–in good shape–looking good and able to get out and do things.

Pocart told, "This is a great opportunity–I was telling your husband–that with the money–you will be able to do all sorts of things–you can visit your kids–you’ve got kids–right..."

Amanda glanced at Vell with a smile, "Oh yeah–we have children. Seven kids..."

Pocart uttered, "Wow–that many..."

Amanda explained, "Well yes–you know–long time ago–the government encouraged settlers on the new colony to have children–in order to populate the colony."

Vell went on, "This was before Mars broke away from Earth Prime and declared itself an independent planet. Now that all led to the Mars and Earth war–which now seems long gone. Anyway–now Mars and Earth are best allies–joined at the hip–sort of speak."

Pocart said, "Yes–these are better times–there are so many different worlds–new ones being discovered–seems like a new one is colonized every other month or two."

Amanda poured the man something cool to drink, "Yes–there is a lot of colonizing going on–but without the first colonies–here on Mars–there would be no others–because this is where they found the blueprints in the ancient caverns–which led to the invention of the first transdoors and translaser technology. After that–it was just a matter of time before everything got started."

Socloud and Mestoa managed to out maneuver the enemy and gain possession of the Wayfarer’s Atlas. They were now on the run because the Dark Powers had sent their Nebat assassins to kill them and get the device. The Scroll of Hope was now in Mestoa’s hands and she was destined to hand the precious documents over to the church–the Martian Druids were keepers of the Holy Flame. What was now the Scroll of Hope had severe complications–and in the right hands–those of the Faithers–it could greatly upset the balance of power in the Dynasty of Technoligion–because the Holy Word–was the Living Light–shining in the darkness of damnation. The two of them–Socloud and Mestoa were hold up in an abandoned building–Nebats were shooting at them and they were returning fire–hot bore blast rays scorched the area–as one group–tried to kill the other.

Mestoa yelled, "We need to find a way out of here–or our hopes of getting the Scroll of Hope to the rightful place will be lost."

Socloud returned fire, "You are right–but the Nebats have the place surrounded."

Zaga–leader of the Nebat assassins yelled, "You all can die or you can give us the Wayfarer’s Atlas and we will let you live..."

Mestoa uttered, "Do you think that they will let us live if we give them what they want?"

Socloud glanced at her, "Do you really think that they are going to let us live. I mean–let’s just think about this–they are killers–sent to get what does not belong to them–and they have been trying to kill us ever since we got our hands on the Wayfarer’s Atlas..."

Mestoa said, "True–but at this point–it is hard to figure out–what to do. I mean–they have us boxed up here–and they are all around the place–creepy little buggers–trying to kill us and all. Maybe we can make a deal with them–or out smart them–I don’t know..."

Socloud leaned back–an occasional blast whizzing by, "To be honest–when I started out–on this little adventure–I didn’t really have the notion that we would be killed. I mean–true–we did discuss the implications of the find–and I did spend great amounts of money–trying to get the Scroll of Hope–which included the Wayfarer’s Atlas–but now I’m having second thoughts about the whole thing–maybe I’ve inadvertently doomed the two of us–and for that–I am very sorry..."

Mestoa voiced, "I understand–but–having heard you tell me that–I’m going to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ to help us–and having faith–He will deliver us."

So–Mestoa began to pray to the Lord Jesus–that He might be willing to deliver them from the hands of evil–in the form of the deadly assassins–the Nebat Warriors–which were the killer elite of the Dark Powers.

Hot bore blast rays scorched all about them once more–Zaga screamed, "You are surrounded by my warriors–there is no way out–if you do as I have commanded you–I might let you both live!"

Socloud yelled back, "Yeah–that is a lot of bullshit and you know it! You are going to kill us at the first chance that you get–take the Scroll of Hope and the Wayfarer’s Atlas–you know what I might do–I might just blast these things–and then nobody will get them!"

Zaga cautioned and yelled back, "If you do–then I will have my warriors storm your position–and kill the both of you–you will have nothing to bargain with–if you two are so stupid enough–as to take way from me–what I was sent to retrieve!"

Then the Lord Jesus showed Mestoa how to work the Wayfarer’s Atlas–and they escaped–the device hummed–and great lights and visions opening up a trans-dimensional portal.

© Copyright 2018 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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