The Windows of Heaven

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"Such in the soul of man is faith." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We see David and Rachael as they are sitting in what appears to be a very expensive study with all sorts of expensive first editions. The man sitting across from them is an old man, very rich in appearance. There is a robot butler standing off to the side. There are expensive drinks in front of them and caviar sits on a coffee table, along with the fixings.

Rich Man said, "So. You’ve come this far. To be honest. Most of us at the Builderburg Project didn’t think that you’d get this far. We thought that the United Planets police or the Stais would capture you and kill you all. That is why most of us didn’t take your quest as seriously as I knew that we should. I never underestimate Dr. Space."

Rachael nodded, "Ah. Well. Perhaps you should never underestimate anyone. Be they rich or be they poor."

Rich Man spoke, "You have a point. The people in this secret society, they are so full of themselves. Scattered throughout the galaxy, like they think they are gods."

David finally spoke, "You brought us here for what reason? To kill us?"

Rich Man laughed, "If I wanted you and your little friends dead, you’d be already! No. I’m not like that stupid demon Pharo. Who has his head up his ass! You guys have developed over the Cosmicnet quite a following. They are calling you Cosmic Robin Hoods. Indeed?"

David uttered, "Well. We just have a mission. Something that needs to be done."

Rich Man voiced, "Ah. The Cosmic Reset. It is all over the Cosmic Internet. The universe is buzzing with the pending possibilities."

Rachael observed, "You don’t seem too upset at the possibility of losing all of your wealth. Why?"

Rich Man answered, "Because I want you to succeed."

Rachael and David looked at one another for a long moment, finally David said, "Why would you want us to do that?"

Rich Man explained, "I had a daughter once. Her name was Linette. She was a rebellious daughter. She would not listen to what her parents had to say. One day she was found dead, on some stinking little planet. All my wealth and power could not bring her back."

Rachael voiced, "With your wealth, you could have gone into another reality, gotten another version of your daughter and brought her back to this reality. Just use the transtimeuet."

Rich Man pronounced, "Ah. There are laws against that very thing."

David pointed out, "You don’t look like the type of man who care about laws."

Rich Man went on, "The planet that she died on. They are deeply religious and it is reflected in their laws. Yes. You are right. I’d have given up my kingdom to have my daughter back. But. There was nothing I could do. They were not interested in my money. And those I found that were willing. Well. They all ended up in jail and executed for trying to violate the planet’s sacred laws."

Rachael spoke, "Seems you’ve felt the sting that all us little people feel. You are powerless in your power."

Rich Man nodded, "Until now. The Cosmic Robin Hoods must succeed so that I can be given another chance. Even as a poor man. But I’ll have my daughter back."

David announced, "You know what they will do to you if they find out?"

We see Dr. Space and Friar Joe as they talk to Herodia. They are all aboard a vast spaceship. There are all sorts of wonderful things going on. This vessel is clearly beyond anything that the people of Earth could create.

Herodia said, "It has been reported to me that you are at the final leg of your quest."

Friar Joe answered, "What you have heard is true, Herodia."

Herodia spoke, "I think you need to know that there are forces that are going to be laying in wait. They have not revealed themselves to you thus far because they wanted your team to gather the twelve Holy Artifacts from the four corners of the universe."

Dr. Space uttered, "That explains a lot. I was starting to wonder why we hadn’t encountered more resistence. Not that we haven’t had our fair share of trouble. We have. But I always knew that if the powers that be, really didn’t want us to succeed, then they would mount an all out war against us."

Friar Joe retorted, "Really? I always thought it was because we were so good at what we do."

Dr. Space agreed, "That is true. You get a bunch of old farts like ourselves gathered for one final mission. And well. One can’t help but have years of experience to draw from."

Herodia voiced, "You should not dismiss your experience. It is what has kept you alive all these years. That and faith."

Friar Joe spoke, "I’m sorry. It is so hard for me to hear those words coming from, well, coming from a Herodian."

Herodia responded, "I’m not your average Herodian. I am married to an Earth man, in whom I love dearly. We have a child together. So. My loyalty rest with Earth doing the very best that it can."

Friar Joe uttered, "But. How can we know that we can trust you?"

Dr. Space announced, "I’ve known of Herodia from a time before. Our paths have crossed."

Herodia nodded, "Indeed, Dr. Space. One wonders if you be man or angel, or both?"

Dr. Space answered, "Why do you ask such a thing? Seeing that who I am is a secret."

Friar Joe looked at the both of them, "Obviously there is more going on than what meets the eye. The two of you have serious history. But the task at hand is what concerns me."

Herodia voiced, "Your monk friend is right. The task at hand is for your team to trigger a Cosmic Reset. And end the domination of the super rich and bring in the Era of Fairness and Compassion."

Friar Joe chimed, "To hear this coming from a demon is so strange."

Herodia spoke, "As I said, monk, I have vested interest in the well being of mankind. It is a long story but all you need to know is that if mankind does not make it, then my heart will be broken forever. It is not just about myself. I have vested interest because of my husband and my child."

Friar Joe asked, "How can such a thing truly be?"

Dr. Space interjected, "It is. She is telling you the truth. I was there when such things took place."

Herodia stated, "You helped my husband and for that I am grateful. It was a critical time, when the powers within my own kingdom were fighting for power, and there we those who would have rather that I be cast aside."

Friar Joe spoke, "But. Obviously you were able to defeat them."

We see Friar Joe and Amanda as they speak with three young people. We see that they all stand on a steep cliff overlooking the Edge of Tomorrow. About them passes all time and place. They are surrounded with the mystery of Creation.

Archibald said, "The things that you have to do are very important."

Amanda voiced, "But it all looks like we might fail. We know that there is a trap set for us when we try and activate the Cosmic Reset."

Sheyouany voiced, "You can’t let those people who do not carry your faith. They are the ones who stand to lose the most if you succeed."

Lewanda nodded, "Believe us. It is better that your group go through whatever you have been chosen to do. For it is true that your group have been chosen."

Archibald retorted, "All of us are called to serve God Almighty. But few of us are chosen. Few of us have no choice. We have to serve God because we were created for a specific task that has to play out in order to further the plan of God."

Friar Joe uttered, "The three of you are so young. What do you know about the things to come?"

Sheyouany fielded, "Don’t let the form you see us in fool you. We are not what we appear to be. In this place where time and space are flowing like water in a stream, we are different than our counterparts back in the world."

Friar Joe asked, "Can the three of you see if we make it or not?"

Lewanda answered, "That is for God Almighty to decide. I know it is tough for you right now. But sometimes, the things we do we have to do them in faith. Specially, if what we are doing, is trying to serve God. And even in a small way, who can tell, that in the future, what seemed hopeless and un-important, God might take that work, and bless it that it touches the hearts and minds of many."

Amanda voiced, "So. You are saying, that even if a lot of people, even only one, comes in contact with our work. It will make a difference in the future. That even if what you do seems like you have failed, in Jesus Christ, you have not. Because no work done in God Almighty, is done in vain."

Archibald nodded, "So. If you live to see the fruits of your labor and God blesses every step you take, that is wonderful. But if you struggle and survive and give your all, trying to serve God, even if you were not chosen, you still will receive a reward, because, even if God didn’t choose you to serve him directly, he accepts your efforts towards the Kingdom Come."

Friar Joe spoke, "This is good news and it comes at an important time."

Sheyouany retorted, "I know that in doing this work, your heart feels like it is useless. But God can take your work and feed the masses."

Amanda voiced, "But if we are all dead, what good does it do anyone, to have served God, only to find out that they die before reaping the rewards of the service?"

Lewanda answered, "You mustn’t lose hope. It is true that a great deal of God’s people go about serving him in one way or another. We can’t all be famous and rich and well connected. No, the children of darkness seem to have that science down to the letter. What the Children of Light must do is to carry on."

Amanda uttered, "The burden is great. The process of causing a Cosmic Reset, will surely kill us."

Archibald nodded, "I won’t lie to you. It probably will, unless, God intervenes on your behalf. In that case, you might live to see tomorrow."

We see David and Rachael and Dr. Space and Sandra and Friar Joe and Amanda as they all sit around a table in what appears to be an alien restaurant. There are other beings in the establishment. They are all dining, call it their last meal perhaps? There is a band playing what sounds like a Miles Davis and John Coltran hot jazz tunes. It is a jazz fusion of song and ideas and the band is jamming on.

Amanda said, "You all know that we can just walk away from all of this at the moment."

David uttered, "Look. I know that it is getting too hot to handle. But that is a sign that we are making a difference."

Sandra spoke, "Okay. What good is it going to do, if we are all dead, no one will know what we have done and the great sacrifice?"

Dr. Space uttered, "You all have a point. I think we should designate two of us to hang back. Keep all the evidence and all the things that we have gathered. If the first group makes it but something happens or if the first of us fail, then there will be backup."

Friar Joe voiced, "Yes. But backup that really comes through. Learns from the first group’s experience, and makes the adjustments, then goes forth."

Rachael spoke, "We will go into three groups. Each of us having access to the main information. We will all position ourselves at key points. The first group will try and trigger a Cosmic Reset. If they fail. The second group will learn what worked and what didn’t then try. If the second group fails, then it will be up to the third and final group to succeed."

David asked, "Who decides the order of the mission?"

Dr. Space answered, "I will. Sandra and I will go first. If we fail. Friar Joe and Amanda. If they don’t make it, then it will be up to the kids, you and Rachael. And God bless us all."

Rachael voiced, "The poor people in the world, in the universe, have to be given a chance. This isn’t an isolated incidence. The wealthy always gather force and try and control those who are not as powerful than themselves."

Amanda spoke, "Mankind has spread throughout the heavens, like sand on a beach. Thanks to advanced alien technology, and future intervention along with brilliant human ingenuity, human beings are spread throughout the stars. As God said, though you make you habitation amongst the stars, I will draw you back, when the time comes. There is no escaping the fact that the end will happen. The great Cosmic Flush will wipe out all remembrance of that reality and the realities that are connected. The Cosmic Internet will cease to exist, leaving all the wealth and knowledge of countless alien civilizations along with our own, lost forever."

Friar Joe uttered, "Ah. But that is where faith comes in. Jesus Christ has gone before us to create a New Heaven and a New Earth. The Kingdom Come."

Dr. Space retorted, "We all are going to need it. This creation has been corrupted by the devil for too long. What has been done is done. The time has come for a New Vision to be ushered forth."

David said, "You know. We really should not split up. Doing so, will make us weak. The evil ones can win by divide and conquer."

Dr. Space answered, "We are not splitting up. What you say is true. If we do, there will be a chance that we can fail. But we are not going to divide ourselves. We are going to act in a coordinated way. The Cosmic Reset can be triggered by anyone of us. We know that evil forces wait for us to try. We have been told this. So, if one group is overcome, the other can still try, and a threefold cord is not quickly broken."

Rachael voiced, "The rich people will stop at nothing to put an end to this."

We see Dr. Space and Amanda as they are stopped by some United Planets Stais officers. The officers are armed to the hilt. We see that they are on some small planet that is not very well developed industrially.

Officer One said, "What are the two of you doing here?"

Officer Two uttered, "Where is your spacecraft?"

Amanda answered, "We are here on a goodwill mission to bring supplies to the local people. They need food and medicine and we are part of the United Planets Green Cross envoy."

Officer One voiced, "I see the stuff that you are talking about. But. How did you get it here?"

Dr. Space fielded, "We were transported down to the surface. The Green Cross spacecraft left us here while it had to deliver other supplies to other parts of the planet. This is a poor world and much is needed."

Officer Two spoke, "How do we know that the two of you are not spies?"

Amanda responded, "Spying on what? A bunch of poor people who have no power to do anything but try and survive? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have spies spying on each other where the rich and powerful are making decisions that will affect the lives of countless people on all sorts of planets and worlds?"

Officer One yelled, "When I’m here, I’m in charge! I’m the one with the power! I’m in charge!"

Dr. Space quietly responded, "You are the one with the gun. But Jesus Christ is the one in charge."

We see the two officers as they become pissed off at what Dr. Space has said. They proceed to beat up Dr. Space and Amanda. The two offer no resistence. It is an old trick hat police do. They provoke the innocent in order to justify violence upon them. And the court systems favor the police over the citizens. It is a corrupt system that has to change.

Officer Two yelled, "So. Who is in charge now?"

Dr. Space is on the ground from the beating, "Nothing has changed. You think that you have the power. But I know, that if Jesus Christ wanted to do so, he’d move on you in a mysterious way."

The two officers laugh at Dr. Space and Amanda who are bleeding as they lay on the ground. One of the officers draws his weapon.

Officer One voiced, "I could kill you right now. So. Who has the power?"

Dr. Space responded with blood coming out of his mouth, "The poor and the helpless will have their day. You can kill me. But you will never silence the righteous."

Amanda spoke, "Okay. Okay. The two of you have the power!"

Officer Two was seconds from pulling the trigger, thus ending Dr. Space’s life, he stopped, "What did you say?"

Amanda repeated, "You have the power."

Officer One yelled, "Finally! You show us some respect!"

Dr. Space uttered, "No."

Officer Two kicked Dr. Space in the face, causing massive bleeding, "Then you will die today!" He placed the plasma weapon to Dr. Space’s head. "Now. Worship me! Call out that you don’t want me to kill you!"

Dr. Space voiced, "You can kill the flesh but you can not kill the spirit."

Amanda voiced, "Please don’t kill us. Look. We have only supplies to give to the poor."

We see that Dr. Space and Amanda are in the sickbay of the Eon Dove. Dodo is acting as a medical robot and is treating their wounds. Off to the side are the others as they stick their heads in the room to get a look at the sick crew members. Then David and Rachael go on towards another part of the very complex spacecraft, which is also a realityscraft, because it can travel through time and space and other realities. The craft is one hundred percent automated and doesn’t require that anyone pilot it.

Rachael said, "This is bullshit! They almost got themselves killed by the United Planets Stais! If Dodo hadn’t been dispatched for backup and got there when he did, they would have killed them."

David spoke, "Fortunately, the robot stopped all that from happening. At first I thought it a mistake to have Dodo along, because I thought that the robot just took up extra space and got in the way. But now I see a greater wisdom."

Rachael uttered, "The Lord moves in mysterious ways."

David agreed, "Amen to that."

Rachael went on, "I guess it goes without saying, that the establishment is onto us."

David answered, "We all knew the risk. Dr. Space and Amanda just ran into it before any of us thought is would catch up to us."

Rachael asked, "So. What do you want to do?"

David questioned, "What do you mean?"

Rachael voiced, "Just that. What should we do. Like it was told us, they will be laying in wait, if we try and finish what we have started. Up to this point, we haven’t committed any crime. Least not on the United Planets level. Oh, they have their Stais police watching our every more, when we land at any developed port. But. They are waiting for us to try and trigger the Cosmic Reset, so they can arrest us."

David retorted, "Are you serious? Really? Two of our friends just got the shit beat out of them. I’m not even thinking about turning back. I’m going to finish this because they were attacked. Don’t you see? We must be doing something right because all the right people, the establishment hate us. God said if you are hated by man it is because you are loved by God."

Rachael nodded, "The scriptures are true. But it is still hard to live by. No one wants to be hated. Least not at first. Everyone starts out the same way. Just a baby. How is it that we all end up in strange ways like this?"

David answered, "Life. Life sucks. You start out with your eyes wide and hoping for the love that you need in order to survive. But instead, life treats you like shit! Just think of all those poor children, their mothers and fathers, starving to death? Or the wars that the rich and powerful wage, for natural resources that don’t belong to them. These people will kill to get wealthier. It doesn’t even make any sense."

Rachael uttered, "Those who have, more shall be given"

David voiced, "It is the truth, but it still hurts. Just think of all those poor souls that have suffered and died, all for want of someone else’s resources. Just think of the little dark children that no one cares about, they come into this world, and they suffer right until the time that they die, at such a young age. Never having known, love, and caring, hope..."

Rachael had a tear in her eye, "You are right! We can’t give up. If we do, the rich bastard’s that caused all this suffering will win."

David spoke, "They already have won. What we want to do is make them pay!’

Rachael interjected, "The poor of the galaxy shall rise up against their oppressors!"

We see David and Rachael as they are in a vast complex that seems to have been created before mankind was ever created. The complex houses the wisdom and the technology of the entire universe. It is so complex, yet so simple to understand, that only the genius of God himself could have had a hand in its creation. We see that there are twelve key slots in a control wall. We watch David and Rachael as they place the twelve Holy Artifacts into their proper place. At each placing, something more wonderful than the last happens. Finally, they are down to the last artifact. An angel comes into the room.

Angel said, "You are one step away from fulling your destiny."

Rachael responded, "What will happen after we finish?"

Angel answered, "The past will cease to exist. There will be only future."

David voiced, "But how can you have a future without a past?"

Angel stated, "The past and the future are one and the same. They are simply viewed from different locations. Change your location, and you change the observance."

Rachael uttered, "So. What is needed is fresh perspective?"

Angel answered, "For you, that is impossible. But for God Almighty, the father of the Lord Jesus Christ, all things are possible."

David retorted, "Will the future be better than the past or will there be more killing and suffering?"

Angel voiced, "The future is what Jesus Christ creates. It will be perfect forever."

Rachael spoke, "But we are not perfect. How can we live in such a place?"

Angel answered, "Perfection is not about physical perfection. The perfection I speak of is of the spirit. When the soul finally realizes that hope and faith and wisdom and peace and love are the perfections in mankind that God Almighty seeks."

David uttered, "Then it isn’t about who looks better and who is richer?"

Angel spoke, "Those things are even now gone away. If that were the case there would be no reason for a New Heaven and a New Earth. Yet behold, you even now see the old Heaven and the old Earth as they roll away, like a scroll. And look, a New Heaven and a New Earth are even now, rolling in their place."

Rachael asked, "But how can this be?"

Angel answered, "Because. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. The passing away of the physical universe will make way for a spiritual universe, a universe in which there is no end, because, in the physical universe, all things must come to an end. It is the nature of the universe. But in the Kingdom Come, the Kingdom is already upon you, because where the King is, so is the kingdom. Jesus Christ has already come, so. Thus the kingdom."

David voiced, "What about all those poor souls that don’t believe in Jesus Christ?"

Angel answered, "You worry about your own salvation and let them worry about theirs."

Rachael said, "So. Then there will be more than just 144,000 people that will make it into the Kingdom Come?"

The Angel laughed, "That is an old tale told by those who lack understanding. Did not the Lord say, in the latter days, all you will have to do to be saved, is call on his name? Let God judge and do the honors. It is God’s creation, his vision, his work."

David spoke, "Then the work, us and everything in the universe, can’t save ourselves. God has to be willing to save us."

Angel retorted, "God would not have given his only Son, if he was not willing to save us all. We are all saved because Jesus Christ chose to be obedient, and became human. Amen."

We see the group as they are all together. Dr. Space and Amanda are doing much better now. They are all onboard the Eon Dove.

Sandra said, "Now that the process has been started, we are going to have to get on with it."

David spoke, "It takes awhile for a Cosmic Reset to take place and no one really knows what that process will look like."

Amanda asked, "Will we even be here? Or in doing so, have we doomed ourselves?"

Dr. Space retorted, "When something like a Cosmic Reset takes place. It happens in the twinkle of an eye. One moment things are one way and the next, they are different."

Sandra uttered, "I guess it is too late to decide I don’t want to go through with this."

Friar Joe spoke, "It is only natural to have second doubts. I mean, what we all have done is really big. So big. That if God Almighty didn’t want us to do it, he would have stopped us in his mysterious way."

Rachael voiced, "So. You are saying that God Almighty wanted us to do this?"

Friar Joe answered, "What I am saying is that what is done is done. If we are right, the rich will experience a serious reversal of wealth."

Amanda uttered, "And the poor?"

Dr. Space said, "They should be the ones who really benefit from all this. If we are right, once the Cosmic Reset takes full change, those who once were poor will be rich and those who were once rich will be poor."

David pointed out, "There are going to be a lot of people who are going to want us dead. Wealthy people don’t like to be made poor."

Sandra uttered, "Ah. But they won’t have the wealth that they once had. They will all be poor. So. They won’t be able to do anything to us. They all will have lost their power."

Dr. Space corrected, "It is not going to happen over night, people. The effect will take place over a long period of time."

Amanda asked, "So. We still will not have stopped the flow of evil that spreads throughout the galaxy?"

Dr. Space answered, "No. The flow is in favor of the poor. Think of it this way. Poor people will suddenly start to get a break. They will start to move out of poverty. Like fate itself is shining on them, because it is."

Friar Joe added, "In the end, what we all have done, in faith, will be manifested. Nothing done in God is done in vain."

Amanda spoke, "So. Those who wanted to kill us, will have no power to do so?"

David voiced, "I’d still walk softly for the first few years or decade..."

Amanda echoed, "A decade? It is going to take that long?"

Dr. Space uttered, "There are a lot of poor. It takes time to reverse all of their bad fortune. But it will get done. Good will come and last a thousand years."

Sandra uttered, "Maybe that is all we really can hope for. To be around when the total fruits of our labor come true. To know that we and countless others who helped us, will finally see some good come of all of it."

Amanda asked, "Do you think God cares that we did this?"

Dr. Space answered, "It was given to us to try. And we did. God knows that we tried."

Friar Joe added, "And good comes to those who wait."

Rachael spoke, It is hard waiting on God. Have you tried it?"

We see Sandra and Dr. Space as they are working on a certain part of the Eon Dove. They are busy while Dodo the robot assists them. They are on the outside of the craft and we can see that the craft has landed on a planet that is very dry and desert like.

Sandra said, "Well. It looks like it is going to be me and you, kid."

Dr. Space uttered, "I could think of worse company in the future."

Sandra voiced, "I’m not perfect, you know. Have all sorts of doubts about what we have done. I could switch alliances in a second."

Dr. Space spoke, "I don’t think you are a traitor, Sandra, if that is what you are working up to. I know there are those who question how me and Amanda landed up in that trap. But I don’t believe it was because of you."

Sandra pronounced, "Dr. Space, are you telling me that even with all that suspicion, you are willing to give me the benefit of the doubt."

Dr. Space explained, "Just because you profess not to have all the answers. Just because you have doubts doesn’t mean that you don’t have faith. If a person has doubt, they can still have faith. All it means is that they believe in something else."

Sandra voiced, "So. Doubt doesn’t mean that I lack anything, it just means that I see things differently. Is that what you are saying?"

Dr. Space spoke, "Look. We are all human beings. Humans have been so conditioned by the evil ways of the world, that if it were God-like faith that God was looking for in us, only Jesus Christ himself would qualify. But God knows only too well, the suffering we all have gone through, by virtue of just being human. Think about it, does the fact that you question things make you less faithful. Or, when you do make up your mind, doesn’t it in fact, make you more informed and more likely to carry out those things that are important, to both you and God?’

Sandra echoed, "I don’t have faith, Dr. Space."

Dr. Space questioned, "Are you sure?"

Sandra answered, "Well. Yes..."

Dr. Space went on, "Then why did you come on this mission?"

Sandra smiled, "Oh, that is easy. I came on this mission because I am in love with you."

Dr. Space paused, "I see."

Sandra uttered, "Not the response I was hoping for, but, in light of all that has happened. I’ll take it."

Dr. Space responded, "It’s just that we have never been intimate or anything. I just wonder how this all came about?"

Sandra talked, "First. I’d like nothing more than to make love to you. So. That is out of the way. Hell. I followed you to the ends of existence and back. That has got to tell you something about me. I love deeply, when I am in love. And I am in love with you, Dr. Space."

Dr. Space voiced, "I see. And you telling me this, doesn’t it require you to have faith?"

Sandra asked, "What do you mean?"

Dr. Space said, "Well. You have faith that I will understand where you are coming from. It takes faith to tell someone else that you love them. You have faith, just not in all things. And believe me, that is a good thing. Because not all things in the world deserve your faith. There are false gods you know. And they come in many different forms."

Sandra added, "Money is a false god."

Dr. Space spoke, "I love you too, Sandra."

Sandra smiled, "Now. That wasn’t so hard to say, was it, you big lug?"

We see David as he is sitting on a big rock near a brook. He is throwing stones he finds along side into the water. It is a nice day. The sun is shining and the weather is mild. We see Rachael as she comes over and joins him.

Rachael said, "You busy?"

David chuckled, "Throwing rocks."

Rachael spoke, "We need to talk."

David responded, "Oh. Here it comes."

Rachael asked, "What?"

David continued, "I guess I just assumed that everything would be okay after we finished. But the truth of the matter is that we all nearly didn’t make it. And even now, we see that things are slowly starting to change. The Cosmic Reset is working, but no one knows where it all is going."

Rachael nodded, "No. We don’t. And that is both the beauty of life and the horror. We don’t know what is going to happen and it frightens us. Rich people do stupid things, like go to fortunetellers, and other stupid things like that. We all want to know what is going to happen next."

David responded, "But we don’t do we?"

Rachael answered, "No. We don’t. Perhaps we should not. God didn’t make us that way and if he had wanted us to know the future, he would have made us like the angels. So that we could move back and forth through time and space in the twinkle of an eye."

David told, "Maybe that is what God meant, when he said that man was a little bit lower than angels. Our ability not to be able to move in both directions through time. Maybe that is what really separates us from them."

Rachael shrugged, "I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe it is more complicated than that. Like all things in life. The simple seem easy until you realize how complicated the simple can be, and how simple the complicated can be."

David asked, "Do you think we made a difference?"

Rachael uttered, "What?"

David went on, "Do you think any of this will change anything? I mean, I’ve just allowed myself to realize, making the poor rich only means that someone else has the power. Maybe the right thing to have done was to see to it that no one had an advantage over anyone else."

Rachael voiced, "Ah. Equality."

David said, "Sounds stupid. Huh?"

Rachael retorted, "Being fair is a hard thing to accomplish. Being fair requires that you know what being fair means. To one group, being fair means sharing. To another group, it means, taking from one to give to another. So. No. We can only be human and try to do our very best."

David asked, "What if our best isn’t good enough, Rachael? What if, no matter how much we try, we always fail?"

Rachael answered, "You can’t fail if you try. You may not always win. But you can never fail. The mere fact that you tried means that you didn’t fail. I’m not talking about some evil concept of mankind’s system, and definition of failure. When if you don’t get a certain grade or come in first, you are touted as a failure. I’m talking about God’s perspective. If you use mankind’s definition then Jesus Christ, when he was crucified, is a failure, because he didn’t win. God’s definition of winning is different from ours. Winning to God means, did you finish what you set out to do?"

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