Three Stars of Centauri

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"When God created the Heavens and the Earth, he did not compromise." Valtor

We see an awesome spaceship, and then move on into the inside where we see three couples. They are the occupants of the ship called Eve. We follow one couple as they make their way throughout the ship, doing all sorts of technical work, together. Then they finally retire to their quarters.

Zori said, "We will be there in three days."

Oscar replied, "It seems like we’ve been on this expedition forever."

Zori responded, "That’s because the trip has taken a thousand Earth years to complete. Even traveling at the speed of light, space is very vase."

Oscar nodded, "We are suppose to get the final transmission from Earth tomorrow. They sent it within a hundred years of us leaving, give or take. It will be interesting to see how the computer improvises the message."

Zori uttered, "The ship’s ability to improvise is the only way that we were able to travel such a vast distance, and still make it all seem so simple."

Oscar stated, "But it hasn’t been. Throughout our hibernation cycles, the others have reported all sorts of unexpected things. We encountered alien spacecraft. Unexpected gravitational anomalies. A whole host of other unpredicted things."

Zori voiced, "But Eve made it through all of them. She is the most advanced spacecraft mankind has ever made."

Oscar uttered, "She is also a thousand years old. Who knows what type of advancements Earth has made since then."

Zori responded, "Couldn’t be too advanced, we still haven’t had anyone from Earth, knock on our hull doors in all this time."

Oscar spoke, "Maybe they have all forgotten about us. Like they forgot how to go to the Moon, way back then, and they had to learn how to do it all over again."

Zori shook her beautiful head, "That was all propaganda, Oscar, and you know it. Back then, NASA didn’t forget how to go to the Moon. Up until then, they had never gone. It was all a hoax. When the technology finally reached the point where it was possible, the government had to come up with a reason why things were not as they should have been."

Oscar stated, "So then, our ancestors may not believe that we really went out into the stars. All because of a hoax, finally revealed."

Zori uttered, "Back then it was all about saving face. Out doing the Russians. But now, we are three couples, taken from very different cultures. Not based on our races, but on what each of us contributes to the mission."

Oscar said, "Yeah. But we end up with six different races. So. Yes. I guess it all works out in the end."

Zori expounded, "In three days when we arrive on ToriPrime we can start to set up the Transtimeuet and then transdoor back through time and space, to within a year of us leaving Earth. And these thousand years will have been crossed in days, for all intents and purposes, to the people left back on Earth, it will be like we’ve only been gone a year."

Oscar said, "Yeah. That is both the beauty and blessing of star travel. No matter how long the trip actually takes, when we get there, all we have to do is transdoor back to a previous time."

We see the three couples as they stand and sit around an autioimage. They are viewing a final transmission from Earth that was sent hundreds of years ago, but has just now managed to reach them. Eve, the spacecraft has the ability to improvise information, including the transmission. So it is as if the transmission was sent a moment ago. On the autioimage is Admiral Cullan.

Cullan said, "All of Earth is proud of the six of you. You have managed to brave the extremes of deep space in order to get to where you are going."

Oscar spoke, "We appreciate your confidence, Admiral."

Cullan took in a deep breath, "All of that said, I have some bad news to tell the six of you."

Zori asked, "What is it, Admiral? What kind of bad news?"

Cullan went on, "About time you get this message, Earth Prime will have been destroyed. We are facing a catastrophe of biblical proportions. It is threatening to destroy the entire planet."

Oscar uttered with disbelief, "What manner of disaster could do such a thing? Specially now days? I mean, we are so technologically advanced?"

Cullan said, "Mankind can’t control everything, Oscar. There are just some things that are beyond the control of humankind and this happens to be one of them."

We see the rest of the crew as they all become slightly more than upset. The six of them give each other looks.

Zori finally spoke, "What is the nature of the disaster, sir?"

Cullan responded, "We call it the Revelation!"

Oscar said, "The Revelation? What does that mean?"

Cullan explained, "It means that everything that was feared has come to past. The planet is being pulled apart by cosmic tidal forces that we do not completely understand. Remember, 95% of what is in the Universe can not be see with the naked eye. Because we are part of the universe and the universe is part of us, that law holds true for Earth and all that is on it. I’m sorry to have to tell you like this."

Zori retorted, "This can’t be happening. I mean, this couldn’t have happened! Eve are you sure that you have decoded the transmission correctly?"

Eve uttered, "Decoded transmission is 95% accurate."

Zori said, "What about you improvisation?"

Eve reported, "95% accurate."

Oscar spoke, "We are going to have to access the raw data."

Eve responded, "Accessing raw data transmission will not change communication. Information was not improvised only basic conversation. Outcome remains the same."

Oscar said, "Eve, you are telling us that Earth has been destroyed by something called the Revelation. And that only those who are out in space have survived?"

We see the autioimage continue, "That is correct, Oscar. I wish that I had better news for you. But the truth will set you free."

Zori spoke, "So. The only hope that humanity has are the various outpost and other deep space missions where human beings have managed to settle."

Oscar stated, "It gives a new argument, to human space exploration. Just think of the shortsightedness of some leaders who tried to shut or limit human space exploration."

Zori said, "It is the whole reason for going out into space in the first place. To extend the reaches of humankind."

We see the spacecraft Eve as it makes its final adjustments and lands on the alien terrain of the planet. The three suns are just starting to rise and the alien trees and other forage seem to be coming to life after a long night’s sleep. There are strange creatures occasionally seen darting about the forest. Eve has managed to land in an area that is not populated with a great deal of forage and thus has done very little damage to the forest. It is awhile and then we see doors opening and robotic surveying teams going about their business of gathering information about the surroundings before any of the human occupants leave the relative safety of the craft. Finally we see the three couples as they come out and begin their duties of gathering samples and other chores.

Zori said, "This planet is more beautiful than what was depicted."

Oscar uttered, "No matter. This is going to have to be our new home no matter what."

Zori voiced, "Once we get the transtimeuet up and running, we can transdoor back to Earth, about a year after we left. We can warn the officials about what we have learned, and maybe, just maybe they can evacuate enough people, to colonize the stars. Thus preserving the human race."

Oscar pronounced, "Don’t you think I’ve given it that much thought. And even if I didn’t Eve surely has considered that possibility. But have you heard her say anything about it?"

Zori considered, "No. Now that you mention it. She hasn’t. The fact of the matter is that none of the others have mentioned it either. Wonder why?"

Oscar spoke, "Because there is more to it than that. Even though the original message has been viewed, there still isn’t much more information given than when Eve improvised the message to us."

Zori asked, "What are you saying?"

Oscar told, "Well. It seems like whatever really did happen to Earth, they don’t want us trying to go back and warn them. It is a high probability that whatever happened to Earth was our fault."

Zori repeated, "Our fault..."

Oscar shook his head, "No. Not us, them. Those who remained back on Earth while we slept for a million years."

Zori told, "It is our duty to transdoor back as close to the original launch date as possible. And in this case, would be about a year after the original launch. We need to warn them about the disaster that will unfold."

Oscar questioned. "What if we did already?"

Zori said, "What?"

Oscar went on, "You know how the transdoor paradox works. What if we already have transdoored back and did all of that and the disaster or event still happens? What if this last message Earth sent to us was to tell us not to keep on trying, over and over again, but that we are to move on. What if we are to colonize that big new world ourselves and mankind lives on, in us?"

Zori fought back tears, "That means that everyone that we knew, our relatives, friends, everything is gone."

Oscar stated, "They are already gone, Zori. We’ve been in deep space for a million years. Everyone that we’ve ever known has been dead for a long time. Maybe that is just the way that things have to be."

Zori spoke, "I won’t accept that. I’m going to have a look at every piece of raw data."

We see that everything is going on schedule. The robots from the ship Eve are busy as usual doing all sorts of technical things. Mostly things that the human crew don’t want to do or that is too dangerous or just working around the clock, taking care of certain things. It is now in the morning and Zori and Oscar are out near where the transtimeuet is being constructed. There seems to be a problem, we can see that there has been obvious damage to the machine.

Zori said, "This is crazy. How could this have happened?"

Oscar uttered, "An accident maybe?"

Zori shook her head, "I don’t think so, Oscar. Just look at this. It looks like someone knew what they were doing. Only this area has been damaged. I thought this planet was suppose to be inhabited by lower life forms only. Nothing on this planet is suppose to be able to possess the knowledge to sabotage a transtimeuet? Not in this way."

Oscar examined the area, "Maybe we were wrong. Maybe there are being that are more advanced than what we were told. Maybe there is a society on the planet and they have been monitoring our progress since the beginning."

Zori voiced, "You say that in slight jest, but there might be truth to what you say."

Oscar spoke, "Come on, Zori, you know as will as I do that this planet has been surveyed from the sky by our most sophisticated satellites, there is no way we would have missed an entire society on the planet."

Zori said, "Unless they wanted us to not see them."

Oscar spoke, "How do you hide a civilization from advanced satellites, that can detect a wart on the back of your ass from outer space?"

Zori answered, "By not being a wart on the back of anyone’s ass! Look at this, whoever or whatever did this knew to tamper with this section of the transtimeuet, not the other part. I mean, it only slows us down but it doesn’t keep us from going on. We can repair the damage, but the fact that there might be advanced beings on this planet means that we are not just colonizing this world, we are going to have to share it."

Oscar pointed out, "But the fact that the transtimeuet has been sabotaged, means that who or whatever is on this planet with us, doesn’t like the technology we have brought with us."

Zori spoke, "Tomorrow we are going to have to go out and do a little exploring, the human kind, where we take a first hand look around this place."

We see a very special robot approach them. The robot is android-like, very elegant and beautiful. It is Eve, she has managed to manufacture a robot body for herself, so that she can better assess the surroundings.

Eve uttered, "Perhaps I can be of assistance in this matter?"

Zori voiced, "Eve, is that you?"

Eve answered, "It is I. I thought I might be of better assistance if I were mobile. The other robots seem to be able to do much more, so I decided to give it a try and created this body for my artificial consciousness."

Oscar spoke, "Well you seem to have done a good job. You already know of the situation. You are the one who alerted us to the matter."

Eve voiced, "We are going to have to place guard robots around the area. We can no longer assume that we are safe. Whatever or whoever did this, could easily do other things, like try and harm the crew."

Zori stated, "Eve has a point. That is a good idea, Eve. Tomorrow we are going out, on an aircruiser, what to come along? I’m sure between the security robots, things will be okay."

We can see that Oscar and Zori along with Eve are flying over the alien tundra in an aircruiser. Below them we can see a glimpse of some larger animals, alien as they are, the planet is obviously teaming with strange life.

Zori said, "I’m getting some strange readings over there."

Eve uttered, "Please feed me the coordinates and I’ll fly over to investigate."

Zori responded, "Will do. You should have them now."

Oscar uttered, "What the heck? Why didn’t the reconnaissance satellites pick this up the first time?"

Zori spoke, "It does seem hard to have missed."

We see the aircruiser as it flies over a rather large complex. It could be a small city or village, but there is no doubt that the complex is very sophisticated. They make a few fly-overs and then they find a safe place to land. We see three as they now begin the task of exploring the complex, using sophisticated scanning equipment.

Eve uttered, "I’m getting reading that indicate that we are not alone."

Zori voiced, "So am I. Over there, there is something. . ."

Oscar spoke, "Be careful. Remember, whatever we are dealing with, it knew how to damage a transtimeuet. And even then, we all saw the wildlife that this planet has, some of it looked pretty dangerous from above."

We see them as they cautiously start the process of finding out what has been following them for so long. Finally the creature is revealed. They are all shocked to find that it is a female robot.

Question uttered, "Please don’t hurt me."

We see the three standing off with weapons drawn. Finally after a quick scan, Zori uttered, "Who are you and how did you get here?"

Question replied, "I’ve lived here all my life."

Eve spoke, "You are an android, and from what I can tell, more sophisticated then I am."

Oscar asked, "Are there any others, like you?"

Question replied, "No. There is only myself and Mother."

We see the three as they look at each other. Zori spoke, "Mother. Who is mother?"

Question said, "My name is Question. Mother is the one who created me."

Zori asked, "Can you take us to your Mother?"

Question uttered, "Yes I can. I’m sure that she would be pleased to have the company. It has been so long since we have had any real company."

We see the three as they group together. Oscar said, "How is this possible that this robot and this so called Mother are on this planet. More so, we do not need to use our universal translators to speak with Question."

Eve offered, "She is an android, maybe she possesses an universal translator inside of her, like I do."

Zori spoke, "Anybody seem to think that the design is somewhat familiar? I’m talking about the robot and the surroundings."

Oscar stated, "Now that you bring it up. What are the odds that we’d travel a million light years, only to find an alien culture similar to our own?"

Eve answered, "Not likely."

Zori voiced, "Yet, here we are. . ."

Oscar addressed Question, "Take us to Mother. We’d like to talk to her."

We see a fantastic building, filled with all sorts of scientific wonders. Now we see Oscar and Zori and Eve, following Question as they make their way through the building and finally end in an equally impressive study. Seated across from them is an old woman, but she is in great health and beauty.

Mavus said, "I’ve been waiting a thousand years to finally speak to you face to face."

We see the others as they are puzzled as to what the old woman means. But they are shown to seats by Question.

Oscar asked, "Who are you?"

Zori added, "There aren’t suppose to be any other humans on this planet other than us."

Mavus smiled, "And so you were told by your superiors. Rightly so, they would not have known back then what would happen to them."

Zori asked, "You know about what happened to Earth?"

Mavus nodded, "Know about it? I’m the reason it happened. . ."

We see the three as they tense up, reacting to what they have been told by this strange woman, in this even stranger place."

Oscar finally spoke, "How could you have destroyed Earth from way out here?"

Mavus answered, "Oh, I didn’t do it on purpose, Oscar. No. Good Heavens, if that is the impression that the three of you have gotten. No. No. It was quite an accident, I assure you."

Zori asked, "An accident? What type of an accident?"

Mavus explained, "It all starts when you and your crew finish building the transdoor that they are now working on."

Eve uttered, "The transtimeuet? Something is going to happen to it?"

Mavus answered, "Not quite, Eve. And it is so good to see you again. All of you in fact."

Oscar stated, "I’m sorry. We’ve never met until this moment."

Eve uttered, "There is going to be an asymmetrical paradox, with the transtimeuet."

Mavus nodded, "Exactly. That is why I started to tamper with the transdoor that you are building."

Zori said, "So. It was you behind the sabotage of the transdoor? But why?"

Mavus voiced, "Because if you finish building the transdoor, and use it to transdoor back to Earth a year after you left, it triggers a paradox."

Oscar stated, "But paradoxes happen all the time when using the transdoor. There has never been a report of a planet being destroyed, not in all the history of using transdoor technology. It is very safe and predictable."

Mavus nodded, "Generally it is. But this particular multi-star system has some unique properties that make use of the transdoor very unstable. A thousand years ago, you finished the transdoor, went through it, back to Earth, about a year after you originally left. That act caused a series of subspace cascades, for which the destination planet, the destination point of the transdoor, Earth, caused it to become unstable, at a subatomic level, and it finally exploded."

Zori spoke, "What you are telling us is impossible. We received a message from Earth, after we entered orbit around this planet."

Mavus spoke, "And it was the last message that you will ever receive from Earth, unless you do as I instruct."

Oscar said, "So. Who are you?"

Mavus answered, "I am your daughter. Yours and. . ."

Zori spoke, "Ours. Oscar and mine? You are our daughter?"

We see the group as they walk through the facility and we see all sorts of robots doing all sorts of fantastic things. The three trail in back of Mavus and Question, but not too far back.

Zori spoke, "Do you really think that she is who she says she is?"

Oscar answered, "You know, at this point I really don’t know what to think. I mean, her story is pretty fantastic. I mean, really, we caused the Earth to be destroyed? Come on. . ."

Eve interjected, "Mavus’ explanation of the catastrophe does seem possible, but the only way that we could possibly know for sure is to build our own transdoor and then go through it. Closely monitoring the subspace field to see if there is truly a subspace cascade effect of the magnitude that could destroy the Earth."

Zori said, "The only problem with that is that about time we find out the truth, it would be too late. Nothing can stop a subspace cascade once it gets started. It has to play itself out."

Eve answered, "I can think of no other way to validate their story."

Oscar said, "Eve is right. Either we build out own transdoor or not. . ."

Mavus turned to them, "This conversation has happened before and it will happen again."

Zori questioned, "What are you talking about?"

Mavus went on, "The three of you are trying to figure out what to do. If what you have learned is the truth. Your mission is at jeopardy. If you don’t trandoor back to Earth, then your mission, all those years would have been for nothing. Here you are on a planet that can support human life. It is a new beginning for mankind. I have built a transdoor that will not cause a subspace cascade. This is the one you have to use in order to complete your mission."

We see a really complex transdoor, unlike the one that Oscar and his crew are building. This one has special features to thwart the effects of the subspace cascade. The three examine the complex machine for a good while.

Zori spoke, "All this time. You’ve been here. Alone. Waiting for us to arrive, so that you could tell us what happened and give us a second chance, to get it right?"

Mavus answered, "It was what my mother created me for."

Oscar said, "I don’t understand. I thought you said that you were our daughter?"

Mavus answered, "I am. And then, I am not. . ."

Eve interjected, "She is a hybridroid. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first. But now I can sense the truth. You are the most complicated living machine that I’ve ever encountered."

Mavis smiled, "Well. Coming from you, Eve, that is quite the compliment. When you consider that it will be you who helps to create me."

Zori uttered, "Hybridroid?"

Oscar uttered, "Unlike Eve, who is an android, and the artificial conscience of our ship. A hydridroid is an actually living being. Fashioned as if God the Almighty had created it. In this case it is the ultimate in man trying to create like Jesus Christ."

Zori asked, "Why a hybridroid, Eve?"

Eve uttered, "Because from what I can glean, Oscar will be killed before being able to get you pregnant. The only choice you, Zori will have to is allow yourself to be genetically psycanned."

Mavus nodded, "As a result of that, I am created and given the charge to survive until you arrive. Hoping that we can change the past by changing the future."

Zori said, "I’ve heard of changing the future by changing the past but not the other way around. But in this case, by changing the future the past has to be reconciled."

Oscar voiced, "But the fact that we arrived, means that the future wasn’t changed."

We see a great room in which all sorts of elegant furnishings are displayed. Mavus and Zori are in the room. They are seated across from one another but at opposite parts of the room. A robot butler brings them both some refreshments. Then after awhile the mood changes to more serious things.

Mavus said, "I always wanted to meet Oscar. You know I never actually met him."

Zori asked, "Why is that? I was meaning to ask you about the events that led up to the disaster?"

Mavus voiced, "Well. It is more complicated than just a simple answer. A lot depends on what the two of you decide to do. One of the outcomes is that the ship never lands and in that event, Earth still goes on, but something bad happens to the crew onboard Eve."

Zori sipped her tea, "Well, that doesn’t sound very pleasant."

Mavus retorted, "It might not but the truth of the matter is that the fate of the entire world rests on the decisions you make after this point. You see, the way in which God Almighty created the universe, the way in which Jesus Christ masterfully designed everything, they are all interconnected. Something small and seemingly insignificant happens on a distant world, and eventually it affects the entire universe."

Zori spoke, "I heard of that law, the Law of One. It states that God created the universe but the universe was not aware of God’s presence, except that his voice was ever present throughout all time and place. A faint radiation left over from when God said, let there be light, and it was."

Mavus nodded, "Yes. But many that do not believe misinterpret the echo of God’s voice and call it many things. Just like they misinterpreted the stones of creatures they called dinosaurs, and what not, when in truth those were the remains of demons, that had fallen to Earth from the heavens."

Zori stated, "So the fate of the world is in mankind’s hands."

Mavus countered, "It always has been. Just think of it. The divide and conquer that the devil used against Adam and Eve. Once they had been subverted, the entire world began a long decline towards the end of existence, something that affected all creation. The fall of mankind was always the destruction of the universe."

Zori spoke, "So then, what is the point? If all the universe is eventually going to be destroyed and a new one comes in its place, why struggle to keep things going?"

Mavus answered, "Because there is more to Heaven and Earth than what meets the eye. We don’t have all the answers, and we see only in part, even with all of our advanced equipment, we are ever so blind. For there are none so blind as those who can see."

Zori uttered, "So you are saying that this is fate. We are doomed to repeat the same mistake over and over again?"

Mavus shook her head, "No. That is why I am here. To guide you to the right outcome."

Zori voiced, "But in the end, everything gets destroyed. I fail to see the point of any of this. The Earth is gone, why fight to bring it back? Let the end of all time come."

Mavus answered, "Because all time has already come. The end has already come. The universe is like a finished book or a piece of music. The creation has already been created, it simply has to be experienced, but the beginning and the end are already written."

Zori spoke, "So life is the process of God experiencing all of this?"

Mavus answered, "All things were created for Him, and without Him, was nothing created."

We see the transdoor that Mavus has built and it does look very different from the one that Oscar and Zori’s team are building. Question is supervising some last minute technical problems as Oscar and Zori look on. Eve comes in to the area and hands them some information.

Question sees this and comes over to them.

Question said, "What do you think of the transdoor?"

Zori answered, "It’s different. That much I can give you. Some of these things, I’ve never seen before."

Question spoke, "That is because they come from the future. A few of these devices won’t even be invented until Earth is destroyed. They will be created with the expressed purpose of stopping the subspace cascade field."

Oscar uttered, "I just don’t see how any of this is going to make a difference. Every time a person goes through a transdoor, a slight subspace field is generated. It is just part of the nature physics."

Question expounded, "Some of these devices are not from this universe. They come from a place beyond place and time. There are those that do not want to see the Earth destroyed, even though they do not come from Earth, or this universe."

Zori asked, "Why?"

Question went on, "Because in their universe, when our Earth is destroyed, because of the subspace cascade effect, it causes problems in their universe. This was an accident that was not suppose to happen. This accident was engineered . . ."

Oscar spoke, "Sabotage?"

Question stated, "Exactly."

Zori uttered, "But who?"

Question said, "We are not sure. But the only way to make things right, is to do things differently. So. You can’t go through the transdoor that you are building, because that is what you did last time, and we all know the results of that."

Oscar asked, "How quickly does it happen?"

Question answered, "You are the first one to go through. Right after that, no one else can go through the transdoor. Later it is discovered that Earth was destroyed, and that is the reason given to the malfunction."

Oscar spoke, "So, I am the reason that Earth is destroyed. I mean, it is hard to wrap my head around it."

Question voiced, "This is an opportunity to get it right. The whole purpose of the mission is to colonize a new world, so that people from Earth can migrate to it. That is the mission. In your reality, that never takes place. Plus those who were expecting better, got worse."

Zori said, "In the end we all are going to die, so what is the purpose?"

Eve interjected, "Life is the purpose, Zori. I’m a machine and I can tell you that."

Zori went on, "But in the end, Heaven and Earth shall roll away and a new one comes in its place. Who is to say that what happens isn’t part of that bigger plan?"

Oscar uttered, "We are not God Almighty. We don’t have the answers to everything. But what we do have is the ability to do the very best that we can do, everyday. The future is the past and the past is the future. If you travel into the future, then the future becomes your past, while your past becomes your future. It is the transdoor paradox."

Question said, "All of this has been done so that a different future will be written. One can live without a past but one can’t live without a future. One is real, the other an illusion."

We see a spaceship as it enters the solar system where Mavus’ planet is. The spacecraft is the Eve, but something is different. Is this the first time that the spacecraft has entered the solar system? As the craft approaches the planet a message from the planet is detected. The crew onboard Eve bring it up. We see a group of people standing in a room filled with elegant items. One of the people is the spokesperson for those that live on the planet.

Ariana said, "Greetings. I’m sure that you are confused. You were told that there were no people on this planet and that you were the first to colonize this world. In a sense, that is true. But what you don’t know is that this is not the first time that you have been here."

Zori responded, "I don’t understand? You look and sound like people from Earth. But how can that be? We’ve just gotten here."

Ariana went on, "You’ve actually arrived on this planet over six hundred times. Each time you valiantly make an attempt to undo a tragic event that takes place when you try and transdoor back to Earth, and each time you end up destroying Earth in the process. We are uploading data that you can easily verify. There is data on every attempt and every time that you arrive."

Oscar asked, "So. How is it that you are here?"

Ariana explained, "On the last attempt, after having tried so many solutions. It was decided that once things were reset in the transdoor paradox, that the only solution was to not go through the transdoor. Basically, we have been here a million years. We are your ancestors. You colonized this world as was intended. However, you never transdoored back to Earth."

Zori studied some of the data sent, "So what you are telling us is that we have arrived through a transdoor subspace paradox. We are not actually the original Eve to come to this world?"

Ariana went on, "Actually, you are the original Eve. The others we quasi-manifestations of the transdoor paradox. When the subspace cascade started it branched off many different variations of the event. Each one was a possible solution as the universe tried to seek balance, the laws of physics seeking equilibrium. Finally after so many events, this one has manifested as the optimum solution."

Oscar asked, "And what is that solution?"

Ariana answered, "You arrive, but this time you do not colonize the planet. You keep on going. There is another solar system about a million light years from here. In that system there are three planets that can support human life. You are to pick one of those planets and begin the process of colonization. You will be able to transdoor to Earth safely, arriving about three years after your initial takeoff."

Zori voiced, "What about this planet?"

Ariana said, "You can never come here. No one from Earth can ever come here, this planet can not have a transdoor. It can not be part of the transdoor link. If it does, another transdoor subspace cascade will occur, causing catastrophic damage to the subspace field."

Zori asked, "Whose idea was this in the first place?"

Oscar said, "Mine. This seems like something that I would think of."

Ariana nodded, "You are right, Oscar. This was your idea. And as a result of that, you have gone down in history as one of our Founders. In fact, all of you are credited with our creation. Without your heroic sacrifice, our world could not exist. We have sent you the data on the new world, we are sorry that you personally can not realize the effort that you have put into this, but rest assured, your sacrifice has not been in vain. Godspeed and God bless you all."

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