What Death Might Bring

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"Seeking shelter, the men and women along with children, elicit the prayers of the old ways." Brother Mabus, German Monk

We see a large metropolitan city, it is at night and yet, the city is alive with all sorts of commotions, aircars dart about, land cars move about, along with extreme public transportation. We now see down a dark alley, there is a small group of what appears to be thieves. They have somehow managed to trap a single young woman. She is desperate, first running to nowhere, and then having to stop and face her worst fears. The thieves have malice in their eyes, they are a mixed group, both male and female. The woman pleads with them to let her go, but to no avail. As they go to attack her, suddenly, a dark shadow of smoke, appears, but goes unnoticed by the thugs, who kill the woman and take what they can find. But then the darkness moves upon them. Catching them one at a time, killing them in the most horrible of ways. Finally the last of them is killed and the dark shadow then moves over the victim, then it enters her body, she suddenly revives, picks up her stolen things and what seems like a daze, wanders on off into the city night.

We now see Special Agent Falcum, he is awakened by his supervisor, on the audioimage. He glances at his wife, who is still sleeping, then he transfers the call into the livingroom. It is still late at night.

Falcum said, "Yes. I’m here. . ."

Waters uttered, "There’s been another killing."

Falcum sat up, "Is it the same kind?"

Waters went on, "Seems to be. I want you and your team to meet me there, I’m sending you the location. If it turns out to be the same, then we have big trouble."

Falcum signed off, "I’ll be there."

Falcum’s wife asked, "What was that about?"

Falcum looked about, hadn’t noticed she’d gotten out of bed, "Oh, honey. Don’t worry about it. It was just my supervisor."

Falcum’s wife said, "There’s been another killing, hasn’t there?" She turned to walk away.

Falcum voiced, "Honey, don’t be like this. You know I have to investigate this. This case has been going on and off for a long time now."

Falcum’s wife looked back, "Oh, I’m not going to fault you on it. You have to do what you have to do. I knew this before we married. I was just going to make you some breakfast. I know it is still night, but odds are, you won’t be here in the morning."

We see Falcum as he goes and checks in on his baby girl. She is fast asleep. He kissed her and then just stood there, looking at her with a warm smile on his face. His wife came in and holds him as they both look on.

Falcum’s wife said, "You be careful out there. We both need you back home."

Falcum kissed his wife, "I’ll be extra careful. But you are right, it is going to take some time. I’m going to have to catch a special plane and head on out with my team."

Falcum’s wife uttered, "Those misfits. I hardly call them a team. Dr. Hill and his daughter Anna, along with his lab assistant Star. I couldn’t believe the bunch when we had them over for Christmas, last year."

Falcum voiced, "They really enjoyed it, honey. It was a good gesture, they all knew it."

We see the crime scene where the thugs are all dead. There is evidence of a great struggle and body parts are spewed all about the place. Supervisor Waters is there along with Special Agent Falcum. We see Dr. Queen and her daughter Anna along with the robot servant Star, as they also arrive and begin to do forensic work.

Waters said, "I had hoped that these type of killings would have stopped, but I was wrong."

Falcum uttered, "It looks like these people were criminals, thieves. The question is, what killed them and where is the so called victim?"

Waters voiced, "We have footage from common surveillance cameras, the entire incident was caught on camera. Here is a feed of it."

Falcum looks over the footage on a handheld, "Let me take this to my team."

Dr. Queen looked at the footage, "It is exactly as I had suspected."

Anna said, "How so, mother? Whatever killed these thugs, just got up and left, inside the so called victim."

Queen answered, "Oh, but she was a victim. This is not the important thing, it is that dark smoke, that seems to be moving around all of them. Then see, right there, the victim is actually dead, on the ground. Then the dark smoke enters into the victim, she is revived, and wanders on off."

Waters asked, "So what do you make of that?"

Falcum uttered, "She obviously wasn’t dead."

Anna said, "From the looks of it, she sure looked like the thugs had done her in."

Queen voiced, "I have a theory. The dark smoke is some type of life-form."

Anna said, "Life-form? Isn’t that a stretch?"

Queen said, "No. Just look at how the dark smoke is moving about. Killing the thugs, one at a time, swiftly, but showing deliberate processes."

Waters said, "We have a look out for the victim."

Queen spoke, "If anything, I’d not worry about her. She most likely doesn’t remember a thing. After all, she was already dead when she woke suddenly, gathered her things and wandered on off. No. This dark smoke, actually seems to be trying to help."

Anna said, "Mom, help do what? It just killed. . ."

Queen interjected, "A group of thugs and killers!"

Waters said, "Dr. Queen does have a point, it wasn’t the dark smoke that killed the victim. That is clearly caught on camera. It does seem that the dark smoke acted in response to the violence."

Anna retorted, "So. Everyone is in agreement that this dark smoke is somehow benevolent?"

Queen stated, "No one is saying that, Anna. No. Not based on the evidence, it can be said, that the victim lives because of the dark smoke, but how did such a thing happen?"

Star chimed in, "Perhaps the dark smoke gained some type of healing energy, after having killed the thugs?"

Queen said, "Very good, Star. It would explain, why it didn’t try and revive the victim, before taking on the killers. Only after the fact, did the dark smoke enter into the body of the young woman, and she recovered."

Falcum said, "So. It needs to kill, in order to heal?"

Queen voiced, "It is a strong observation, made by my robot servant, but it is a good one."

We see a really super nice private library. It belongs to Dr. Queen. We see the robot servant Star as it goes about librarian duties. Seated to one side in very plush and comfortable chairs, is Dr. Queen and Supervisor Special Agent Waters.

Waters said, "So. You believe that this dark smoke is more than just some strange phenomenon."

Queen responded, "About a half century ago, after the initial shock of perfecting cloning. Rich people suddenly had the answer to an age old question, you can’t take it with you, but now, because of technology, the very rich could leave their fortunes to themselves. They’d just have a clone of them created, and will the wealth to themselves. This ended the tradition of willing your wealth to a family member. Most wealthy people around the world, seized on the opportunity to continue living in a way that they wanted, from one generation to the next. To the point that now, we have wealthy people who are more than a few generations, cloned."

Waters voiced, "Yes. There are real issues about that, but the rich control the law makers and laws are passed in their favor."

Queen nodded, "Yes. Yes. The wealthy have always controlled the society. Even when they pretended, for the poor people’s sake, that their voice was important. It was and always had been, the rich’s voice, even when change seemed to take place, only to discover, that the change was from those super powerful few."

Waters spoke, "And this somehow has to do with the dark smoke?"

Queen stated, "In a way it does and in a way it does not. The dark smoke seems to have a sense of right and wrong, in fact, it sought justice in the last case we viewed. Killing the thugs and giving the victim a second chance."

Waters said, "Okay. Let us say for the moment, that this dark smoke is alive somehow, and is able to seek out justice, why?"

Queen spoke, "I once did some research on a theory that stated that when a person dies, they leave behind an echo."

Waters questioned, "An echo? An echo of what?"

Queen went on, "This echo is the echo of life. It is not evil or good, it just is. It is like the essence of our being."

Waters voiced, "A living soul?"

Queen countered, "No. Not the soul. That belongs to God Almighty. I’m talking about a quantum memory, that the world clings to."

Waters said, "Okay. So you believe that this dark smoke is somehow a quantum memory. Of the dead. . ."

Queen spoke, "Could be of more than one dead person. Don’t forget, we are physical beings, in these bodies. But once freed from our shells, the cosmic energy that is part of the universe, is once more free to take on a new form. The basic theory is that energy can never be destroyed."

Waters asked, "But why now. Why come out in this form now?"

Queen answered, "It might have been doing this for a long period of time. It is now, in modern times, that we have been able to see it, capture it on camera. In the old days, there were tales of strange things happening, but without proof, they were just dismissed as nothing more than tales. Now days, we can use technology to prove those tales right or wrong. And in this case, there is something to the tale."

Waters spoke, "If that is the case and what you say is factual, how do we capture it?"

We see Falcum as he walks through a really nice church. The place has high vaulted ceilings and beautiful stained glass windows. There has just been a funeral for one of the victims of the dark smoke. Falcum catches up with the priest that performed the ceremony.

Falcum said, "Excuse me, father. Do you have a moment?"

Priest uttered, "I have someplace to be, but you can walk with me. How may I help you?"

Falcum responded, "I’m with the FBI. I’m investigating the death of the person you just performed the ceremony for."

Priest nodded, "It was tragic. Horrible way to die. Not that there is a nice way to die. I hate death."

Falcum said, "Yes. But it is part of life."

Priest countered, "No. It isn’t. Just because we all have to face death eventually, doesn’t mean that death is natural. It isn’t. And in fact, it shouldn’t have to be."

Falcum spoke, "You mean Adam and Eve and all that?"

Priest retorted, "No. I’m not talking about that. I was a scientist before I became a priest. I understand the secular ways as well as the sacred. Death is like a disease, a virus, that rewrote our genetic code. A retro virus if you will. Perhaps the very first one to afflict mankind."

Falcum said, "So. You think that death is something that can be cured?"

Priest spoke, "Overcome. It is not and should not be viewed as something that has to be. If you know anything about the human body, you know that if we all functioned at our optimum. Sickness and disease could not affect us. Human beings are just that complicated."

Falcum asked, "Well. How could we function at that level?"

Priest responded, "If we had conscious will over all of our body’s functions, if there was no, subconscious, only consciousness. When the death virus infected us, it was then carried, from one child to the next. From one generation to the next. But the way that it worked, was to split our process of thought. We once functioned as a whole being, our mind’s were one. We had conscious control over every bodily function. Our heart, liver, immune systems, you name it. The things that seem to function automatically, we once had conscious control of. We could simply will our body to do whatever we wanted it to to. But then, this evil virus, the death virus, mankind was infected with it. It quickly split our conscious thought into two components. Our conscious mind today is just a remnant of what we once possessed."

Falcum spoke, "If that is the case, then nothing could ever go wrong with us, because we could fix it, at the molecular level. We would never get sick or die."

Priest said, "Exactly! But something happened to mankind."

Falcum said, "The death retro virus?"

Priest spoke, "It is an alien virus. Science is dumb and stupid. That is why I became a priest. Science thinks that disease is just some reactive process. But it isn’t. Disease is really a symptom of something much more insidious. Disease is actually a byproduct of alien influence. That is why it always outsmarts us. Is one step ahead of us. People ask, have we been contacted by aliens. Well, the answer is hell yes. . ."

Falcum spoke, "Then what you are saying is that sickness and disease, originate from intelligent sources. It is like mankind is under constant attack. But how can that be?"

Priest uttered, "Everyone wants aliens to be seen. But if they were truly alien, they’d be so different from what we understand, that they would be like disease. Because they don’t belong here. There very existence would be an affront to our existence."

Falcum said, "So. You believe that intelligent life has already exerted influence on us."

We see what looks like a lovely meadow. Out in the distance we see a lake with a few sailboats drifting on the calm waters. Falcum is meeting with a contact, a woman who seems mysterious and dangerous. They watch the boats sailing for a moment then get down to business.

Gragel uttered, "I didn’t think you’d show up."

Falcum said, "You said that you had information regarding the dark smoke that is killing people."

Gragel nodded, "I do. But the information isn’t free."

Falcum told, "That is it. I’m out of here."

Gragel spoke, "No. Wait! You are going to want to hear this."

Falcum uttered, "That all depends."

Gragel said, "The smoke is part of a secret weapon. It all started with a Pentagon project to try and simulate alien technology."

Falcum voiced, "The dark smoke that is killing people, is from another planet?"

Gragel responded, "I don’t know about this dark smoke. But there have been other types of phenomenon."

Falcum stated, "I know. This isn’t the first time that the dark smoke has killed. The problem is that no one that ever witnesses these killings are ever believed. It never makes any sense that something like smoke can kill. It leaves no forensic evidence. So local police just do what they always do. They find some poor person that can’t defend themselves in court and blame it all on them."

Gragel announced, "I’m impressed that an FBI agent would be willing to admit such an injustice."

Falcum responded, "I’m not your average FBI agent."

Gragel went on, "No. You are not. Anyway, long time ago. The military discovered that aliens had ways of targeting their enemies, using back then what must have seemed like magic. The perfect way to kill your enemies without collateral damage."

Falcum said, "And so, that was the beginning of the dark smoke killings?"

Gragel stated, "You know how those military minds are. They are not happy with theory. They want proof that something, weapons systems, really work, so that they can get more federal funding."

Falcum questioned, "Then why is it that the killings come and go? I mean for years, big gaps?"

Gragel answered, "They play games, Falcum. When the funding is going well, the killings stop. When the funding is going poorly, the killings start up again. Just think of it, why are the killings in certain areas and not in others? It is nothing natural about it. It is done in places where, those that are watching, can see the results, without, raising a red flag."

Falcum voiced, "Every once in awhile, those who are responsible for funding, need to impress certain others, so thy arrange a test, to prove that the money is well spent. So this is a weapon that can be used in mass as well and singular targeting."

Gragel nodded, "And this one is not the only one. They have all sorts of stuff, all of it gathered from aliens.’

Falcum stated, "Aliens from other planets don’t exist."

Gragel laughed, "Who said anything about aliens from another planet?"

Falcum uttered, "I don’t understand?"

Gragel went on, "I’m talking about aliens from this world. Aliens from here!"

© Copyright 2017 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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