Zeus Pangeasus

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"1. The theory that there exist one super-massive blackhole in the center of the universe. This blackhole was the first blackhole to form when the universe first came into existence. All other blackholes are pangenesis of this original blackhole. 2. Mono-magnets were first postulated by Einstein; the theory that blackholes are actually mono-magnets, possessing a north or south pole, but not both. 3. If the Primordial Blackhole is a North polarity blackhole, then it would have "eaten" all South polarity blackholes, leaving only North polarity blackholes in the universe. Thus, forcing the existing north blackholes that are still forming in the universe to flee from the Primordial Blackhole, in essence, forcing what is left of the universe to expand. 4. The reason that astronomers can not directly view the Primordial Blackhole is because light has an attendancy to bend around massive gravitational fields. Thus, a galaxy on the opposite side of the Primordial Blackhole, could be viewed from some other point in space. 6. The reason that everything in space is in motion, due to the gravitational effect of this massive primordial blackhole." Dr. Everet T. Pystrum

We see a vast and extreme region in space and time. A place that is directly in the center of the universe. There is a complex spacecraft resting just at the point of no return. It is in a fixed orbit. In front of it is the most massive and largest blackhole that has ever existed. It is the primordial blackhole that was formed at the inception of the universe. We see inside the enormous research craft. All sorts of things are going on. The crew is augmented by robots that go about doing most of the mundane things while the human alien part of the crew are taking on the higher forms of research. Now we see the transtimeut room, where a very sophisticated transtimeut rest. People and supplies are going to and fro, through the transtimeut. This is a device similar to a transdoor, but far more sophisticated and complex. The transtimeut allows people and objects to travel through both time and reality and space. Once a point to point connection is made, one can travel anywhere in the universe. The name of the research ship is the Question. It took one million years for the craft to reach its current point in space and time. But thanks to the transtimeut, once the craft reached its destination, it took only one year for the point to point connection, and for people to start filing through, to do research. Thus, the vastness of space and time is conquered, what was once thought impossible distances to travel, become irrelevant. We see Dr. Kane as she comes through the transtimeut, she is met by a man named Dr. Howard.

Howard said, "Dr. Kane, it is great to finally meet you. I’ve followed your work on deep seated quantum singularities for some time. I even did some of my doctorate research on your mathematical theories as to how Zeus Pangeasus actually formed."

Kane smiled as a robot came and took her luggage and other things, she said, "Well it all stems around the theory that everything that happens in the universe has a equal reaction. Einstein’s theory of relativity still holds. When the universe was first created, if there was a quantum moment, it had to be countered with an equal and opposite anti-quantum moment. Thus, Zeus Pangeasus was formed."

Howard added, "And at the exact point in time where the quantum moment began."

Kane uttered as they went on down the corridor, "I like to think of it as the counter reaction to the quantum moment."

Howard said, "Long time ago, scientist like to call it the Big Bang theory. But is was largely disproved a few centuries after. We now call it the Theory of Quantum Inception."

We see a large deck were the crew can gather to look onto the scene of the primordial blackhole named Zeus Pangeasus. It is an observation deck and on it we see Dr. Kane as she is sipping on a refreshing beverage. A research robot named Markus joins her.

Markus said, "It is a most impressive sight isn’t it."

Kane returned, "Yes. Yes it is. To be honest, I’ve spent all my adult life studying these phenomena from a distance or through holographic processes. This is the first time that I have actually traveled to one, and of that, the primordial ancestor of all blackholes."

Markus uttered, "My name is Markus, I will be working with you and Dr. Walters on this project. She has some very interesting ideas about the final days of the universe."

Kane said, "Yes. I’ve read about some of her theories. She believes that the original place where mankind was created is out here, orbiting around Zeus Pangeasus."

Markus nodded, "Yes. She believes that Eden is out here somewhere. And that she can find it."

Kane asked, "It is interesting to think. But it is also possible that Eden was eaten by the primordial blackhole a long time ago."

Markus stated, "Dr. Walters has a theory about that. She believes that Eden is special in that the blackhole will not swallow it. The planetoid is made up of such a composition that it can orbit around the blackhole indefinitely."

Kane said, "You mean, it is made up of primal matter, like that of a neutron in an atom."

Markus said, "Yes. I see that you do indeed know about Dr. Walters’ work out here. She has been out here for almost two decades, studying this particular blackhole. It was postulated centuries ago by Dr. Everet T. Pystrum, the inventor to the Lightning rocket engine, that there was a primal blackhole in the center of the universe."

Kane uttered, "Yes. At first the physics community was skeptical, but when his equations of maximum primal force became accepted, then the astronomers knew what to look for, and indeed, confirmed that there was indeed a super enormous blackhole in the center of the universe."

Markus added, "It wasn’t until technology became advanced enough, so that mankind could go out into the far reaches of the universe and study up close such phenomena."

Kane said, "The material that this observation deck is made of, in particular the observation windows, it is made of a material that allows us to view blackholes, by capturing the quasiparticles that the blackhole emits."

Markus uttered, "You might be able to go with Dr. Walters when she makes her expedition to the planetoid Eden."

Kane said, "Are you sure? Has she found the planetoid?"

Markus returned, "Perhaps I’ve spoken too soon. It is after all, up to her, as to who will accompany her to the excursion."

Kane said, "Yes. Of course, but this is a major breakthrough, if she has actually found Eden, the birth place of all humankind."

Markus voiced, "Perhaps I should let such things be discussed by the doctor herself."

Kane stated, "Actually you are doing fine. It helps to be brought up to speed, before I first meet her, that way I can quickly try and contribute, that is why I am here."

Markus stated, "Dr. Walters is a strange kind of a scientist. She might accept your help, she might not. She is brilliant. Most scientist don’t understand her or her principles. Her theories are radical at best. One scientist who worked with her called her insane and walked off project."

We see a laboratory filled with all sorts of astronomy equipment. Dr. Lunastein is working in her laboratory. She is being assisted by several undergraduate students and several laboratory robots. Dr. Kane comes into the laboratory and begins to look about.

Lunastein asked, "Is there something I can do for you?"

Kane answered, "I’m looking for Dr. Lunastein. I’m Dr. Kane. I was sent to assist in the final preparations of further study of the primordial blackhole."

Lunastein said, "Oh, you. Yes. I’ve been expecting you. I’m Dr. Lunastein. So. The theory that there is a blackhole in the center of the universe, isn’t such a theory anymore."

Kane uttered, "No it is not just a theory anymore. And it opens up all sorts of questions as to the true creation of the universe."

Lunastein voiced, "You use the right word. The universe was created. No matter what happened after it was created, the fact of the matter is that the universe is not some accident that went right. When was the last time that you witnessed an accident go right? Those who hole to evolution of the universe haven’t studied Murphy’s Law. If they did, they’d know that if something can go wrong in this universe, it will. Kind of puts a damper in the theory of Chaos. Chaos theory is predicate on there being order to define chaos. Without order, you can not understand chaos, which is the lack of order."

Kane said, "Thus, you would have had to have order, before there could be chaos."

Lunastein went on, "True chaos is anti-order. Even if a design were to come into being by using chaos, the real order of chaos would be to render it back to chaos. Not to allow the design to exist. Thus, in order for the universe to be as it is, creation had to take place before anything else. And the universe is heading for chaos, while moving away from order. There is a universal DNA, if you will. The universe is doing what the universe does, and at some point in time, it will stop and a new universe, which is just the opposite of this one, will take its place."

Kane spoke, "Yes. I’ve read your work on the creation of the universe. I also read that you believe that Eden is out here, at the edge of Zeus Pangeasus."

Lunastein nodded, "Yes. I am very sure that I have located it."

Kane uttered, "You have? I wasn’t aware that you had managed to find the planet."

Lunastein voiced, "It is not a planet. It is a quasitoid, that exist halfway between this reality and another reality. It phases in and out of our existence. That is why it was so hard to locate."

Kane said, "Some people believe that Eden is still on Earth."

Lunastein stated, "Eden exist on every planet that can support life of some sort. Eden is a state of being, not an actual location. Eden on Earth might be very different than Eden on some other planet, yet Eden exist on them both. It is the Mother Place, where the Cosmic DNA, is first created to define the planet, state what types of life can exist on that particular planet."

Kane questioned, "Then how is it that there were people outside of Eden, when Adam and Eve were first created. There were intelligent, yes, evil creatures, beings that were outside Eden."

Lunastein nodded, "The paradox of anti-divine. The darkness existed before the universe took on form, the darkness was formless and filled with void. It was only after creation that there was contrast."

Kane uttered, "Anti-chaos."

Lunastein spoke, "Exactly. And now I believe I’ve found the original Eden, the place where all life, throughout the entire universe, received its instruction."

We see a large cafeteria that the crew of the Question uses. It is about half full with people from various stations gathered to a meal. We see Kane as she sits and basically is eating alone. Two workers come over to her table.

Jackson uttered, "Do you mind if we join you?"

Kane looked up at the man and woman, "Go on ahead."

The two join Kane and start into their meal. Franks uttered, "I hate eating alone. But it always happens when you first come onboard."

Jackson added, "Because you don’t know anyone. Even though this is a science vessel, you’d be surprised as to how many cliques form. It is like being in highschool all over again."

Franks said, "And no body needs that."

Kane smiled, "Look. I know what the two of you are trying to do, and I do appreciate the effort, but, I really do have a lot of research papers to review."

Jackson looked on, "Oh, you are working with Dr. Lunastein. In a way you are lucky and in a way, you are cursed."

Kane asked, "Why do you say that?"

Franks explained, "Dr. Lunastein is the reason that this expedition exist. But most of the scientist think that she is more than just a little off her rocker."

Kane asked, "Why, what is wrong with her?"

Jackson told, "Her I.Q. is too high. Mix that with personality, and you get crazy."

Kane said, "I spent a good while with her, she didn’t seem crazy to me."

Franks spoke, "That is because you haven’t heard about her Eden theories. Gees. Can you believe it, she really thinks she can find Eden. It doesn’t exist. The universe was evolved after the Big Bang."

Kane raised an eyebrow, "So. You think she is crazy for believing that Eden exist. But you are also with the group that doubted that a massive blackhole was at the center of the universe. Yet, here we are. . ."

Jackson stated, "I see. That is why you are here. You believe like she does. That the universe was created."

Kane went on, "It was. And there is an equal enough, amount of proof that it was created as there is that it evolved."

Franks said, "You can’t have both. Which is it?"

Kane shook her head, "It’s narrow minded scientist like yourselves that have held back progress for all these years. If the universe was created, then the unified field theory is complete, because one unifying factor contributed to the creation of the universe. If it evolved, as you’d like to believe, then it is impossible to really reconcile all the competing theories."

Jackson pointed out, "The existence of Zeus Pangeasus is proof that the universe evolved."

Kane stated, "I never said that the universe isn’t evolving. It clearly is. What I am saying is that before the universe could evolve, it had to be created. What is so hard to understand about that? And so, Dr. Lunastein’s hypothesis that Eden exists and can be found in proximity of Zeus Pangeasus is very plausible."

Franks voiced, "I guess you’ll be eating alone while you are here. Just like Dr. Lunastein does."

Kane expounded, "Then I guess I’ll be in good company."

Jackson uttered, "Only a fool believes in Creation. You are not a real scientist!"

We see Kane as she settles in for the night inside her private room. She gets into her night gown and then a call comes in on her audioimage. She answers it. It is a prioritized message from Admiral Glam.

Glam said, "I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad moment."

Kane answered, "No. No, I was just settling in for the night. Going to go over some reports I have been putting off."

Glam uttered, "How are things going with Dr. Lunastein?"

Kane cleared her throat, "Well. For the most part, things are going well. It is true what they say about her. She is a brilliant scientist. She has some funning ideas. But none the less a true thinker in her field of physics."

Glam said, "She is a Creationist."

Kane nodded, "Yeah. I know. A group of scientist seem to have branded me with the same label. I think it has to do with my open mindedness towards Dr. Lunastein’s project."

Glam asked, "How is her project going?"

Kane answered, "Really well. From what I’ve been told and from the research reports I’ve been able to read, she has found Eden."

Glam uttered, "Really?"

Kane went on, "Yes. And she plans on sending an exploration team to the quasitoid."

Glam voiced, "Is she going to go herself?"

Kane spoke, "From what I can gather, yes. I mean, if she is right and this turns out to be Eden. Then this is as great a find as Zeus Pangeasus itself. I mean just think of it, Eden isn’t just a place in time and space, but it could have existed on every planet in the universe that has supported life. In fact, it might be the reason what live developed on certain planets and not others."

Glam retorted, "It is also dangerous."

Kane said, "What do you mean? Dangerous to go to the quasitoid or dangerous because of the political mess?"

Glam voiced, "Scientist back here have postulated that if Eden were to slip into Zeus Pangeasus, it could mean the end of the universe as we know it."

Kane asked, "How could Eden slip into the blackhole? It has been in a fixed orbit around Zeus Pangeasus for all time, since the beginning of creation. Why would it suddenly lose orbit and slide into the blackhole?"

Glam went on, "Because it has been postulated that Eden is the key. It is the key to life and the key to the destruction of the universe. It was the first place where life formed, a type of quantum terra-former if you will. It is the most ingenious way to terra-form a planet. Specially on a mass scale, like has happened in the universe."

Kane uttered, "Okay. Eden is why life exist on various planets throughout the entire universe. But why would it suddenly slip into the primordial blackhole?"

Glam stated, "Because that is what Dr. Lunastein’s core research is all about. She believes that by sending Eden back into the blackhole, it will automatically reset the creation sequence, generating a new beginning, in essence, starting the process of creation all over again, but this time, in a different way."

Kane nodded, "A total and opposite reaction to the first universe. This one will roll away and a new universe will roll into its place. One that is unimaginably different to this one. A universe that is everlasting, immortal, where there is no death or end. A spiritual universe."

We see a small group as they settle in inside a small spaceship. We see that the group includes Dr. Lunastein and Dr. Kane along with Markus who is piloting the craft. They are setting off for Eden.

Kane said, "This should prove to be an interesting expedition."

Scientist One uttered, "There is still no way to prove that this quasitoid is really Eden."

Lunastein answered, "According to my calculations, there can be no doubt that it is indeed Eden. From what we know, Eden was a place where both the physical and spiritual could co-exist without a quantum veil."

Kane asked, "I don’t understand, why a veil?"

Lunastein went on, "In our existence, we have a veil that covers all existence. We see only partly what is really there. But in Eden, there was on veil, Adam and Eve could see and talk to God directly."

Scientist Two spoke, "There is no evidence that Eve spoke directly with God."

Lunastein shook her head, "That is just silly, what you just said. Of course she did. God commanded them both and gave them instructions. In fact, Eve was created away from Adam. Do you really think that when she was brought to life, she didn’t talk to God? All women are daughters of Eve, do we ever take anything at face value? Besides, your logic is the same logic that anti-Christ use to try and keep those who would like to pray the Lord’s Prayer."

Scientist Three said, "There is no proof that Jesus Christ ever prayed the Lord’s Prayer."

Kane interjected, "From what I know of Jesus Christ. He never did or said anything that he, himself, would not have done. Not to mention the fact, that if something belongs to you and you give it to someone else, it is common sense, that the thing given is credited to the giver. The Lord gave mankind the prayer, therefore, it is the Lord’s Prayer. So many anti-Christ posing as Christians, are stumbling blocks to the truth."

Lunastein looked over, "I didn’t know you were a Faither?"

Kane answered, "I’m not really. I just try to keep an open mind and I hate those who try to alter the truth for their own gain."

Scientist Four uttered, "For the sake of argument, let’s say that you are right and that this quasitoid we are headed for is Eden. What are you hoping to prove?"

Lunastein answered, "For one, that Eden really does exist. And for another, just as equally important, that Eden existed on more than one planet in the universe. In fact, that Eden is the nexus of all life on those planets that life exist."

Scientist One said, "That would mean that there is some kind of natural occurring transdoor or transtimeut on Eden."

Lunastein shook her head, "No. My theory is that Eden is the first transtimeut to ever exist. We should be able to stand on Eden and view billions of planets that Eden is linked to. All those worlds which were touched, transformed, by Eden’s existence."

Scientist Three voiced, "You are trying to discredit evolution! This is sacrilege!"

Lunastein stated, "Only if I am wrong!"

Kane interjected, "Right or wrong. This quasitiod will prove to be very interesting. No doubt it will make history in the scientific community by adding yet greater understanding to the creation of the universe."

Scientist Two voiced, "So next you’ll be telling us that you have found God Himself?"

Lunastein answered, "If this is Eden, I think it more likely that God has found us!"

Kane said, "Well, we are getting ready to find out because look up ahead, it is Eden!"

We see the spacecraft as it lands on the quasitoid. The area is filled with an air of mysticism. Out in the distance, from the quasitoid’s point of view, we see countless planets where Eden has influenced the creation of life on those planets. The crew gets out and start to do preliminary sensor research and experiments. We see Dr. Lunastein and Dr. Kane as they work together with the assistance of Markus.

Lunastein said, "The others are going to try and steal the glory of this research find."

Kane looked about, "They can’t. I won’t let them. You’ve spent your whole adult life trying to prove that Eden was real and now that you have found it, the credit should go to you."

Lunastein asked, "Are you really on my side, Dr. Kane?"

Kane explained, "There are those in the Science Academy that feel as I do, that science and religion are actually one and the same, they are just coming at the problem from two different directions. Both seek the truth. Both have legitimate approaches, they are not exclusive of one another. It is like an observer viewing the ocean from different points of view, but they are trying to explain the same phenomenon."

Lunastein uttered, "Would you like to see the first human beings?"

Kane voiced, "Is that even possible?"

Lunastein nodded, "Sure. This is a quasitoid. They don’t follow the same rules of time and space as do other objects in the universe. On this world, time has no real meaning. It is today and it is tomorrow and yesterday all at the same moment."

Kane expounded, "Then you are saying that we can walk back in time and witness the creation of life on Earth?"

Lunastein retorted, "Any planet that has been influenced by Eden. We can witness the creation of life on countless worlds."

Kane said, "But that would mean that we could see God as he created life?"

Lunastein spoke, "We can watch life being created. I’m not sure that we can witness the Creator. Don’t forget, no man or woman can see God and live. Not the way we are, not in our fallen state of being. We are thousands of years fallen from perfection. In fact, we are so far removed from perfection that we have gone full circle. Except for our faith, we are become like demons, fallen angels. We are material. . ."

Kane questioned, "But I thought that angels or demons were spiritual beings?"

Lunastein said, "God’s Angels are spiritual beings. But the demons, they are something else. While they possess spiritual qualities, they fell from perfection a long time ago. Those fossils, found in strange places, indeed, on different worlds. They are sometimes called dinosaurs or by other names, but they are the remains of fallen angels, before they evolved into demons."

Kane nodded, "I did graduate work on the subject when I was in university."

Lunastein postulated, "That is why I accepted your transfer when it came up. I had many candidates to choose from, but after reading your work, I became convinced, that you were the right one to assist me in my final project."

Kane frowned, "Your final project? I don’t understand?"

Lunastein stated, "It is going to be left up to you, Dr. Kane, to carry on my work. To fight the good fight, for the truth. Because scientist whine about wanting to find the Unified Theory of everything, when God is the living unified proof of everything. God is one!"

Kane stated, "It was there in front of us the whole time. It took science all this time to arrive at the truth that religion always knew."

Lunastein spoke, "The simplest answer is usually the correct one. Can’t get any simpler."

We see some of the scientist as they gather around Dr. Lunastein and Dr. Kane and Markus. The scientist are up to no good as they point weapons at the three.

Scientist One uttered, "I have to admit that when I first signed on to the project, I never really thought that I’d be standing on Eden."

Lunastein retorted, "I never had any doubt that Eden really did exist. It was just getting the council to sign off on the project. So I convinced them that studying Zeus Pangeasus up close and personal was the only way to gather the vital information that we needed to further our understanding of the universe."

Scientist Four uttered, "But now we know that the universe is going to start to die off in an obvious way. Stars that were thought to shine forever will start to fall out of the sky and into this monster of a blackhole."

Kane voiced, "All of this was postulated long time ago. It was just getting the courage and the technology to verify that it was all true."

Scientist Two spoke, "And now we know that it is. But while you two were busy playing the good scientist, a group of us came up with a different plan. What if we were to go back into time, to the creation of life and genetically engineer the process? Imagine what things there might be?"

Lunastein answered, "You can’t be serious? Do you have any idea of what you might do? You are not the one who created Eden. You can’t just use Eden to your own evil plans."

Scientist Three said, "You see, that is where you are all wrong. There isn’t any good or evil in this plan. All we want to do is go back in time and alter the course of human existence."

Kane pointed out, "And that is not evil?"

Scientist One said, "No. It is no more evil than doctors using medicine to try and save lives or people living in houses. Mankind has been trying to alter human existence all of his life. What we are going to do is go back in time and introduce future technology to early human beings. Just imagine, mankind going to the stars, when the pyramids were being built? Imagine all the advances that can be made. Good Lord, about time, history reaches our time, who knows where we might have advanced."

Scientist Two announced, "We’d be like gods!"

Lunastein answered, "And the scientific community calls me mad and crazy! Just listen to the four of you. Do you really think that God is going to let you just waltz on into the past and screw up everything He has planned?"

Scientist Three countered, "Sure! He’s never done anything to stop us yet! Fact of the matter, if there is a God, he’s probably off somewhere doing God knows what with God knows who."

Kane raised, "And that is how you see God? Someone who is detached from His creation? God is just off somewhere letting everything go to hell in a hand basket?"

Scientist One nodded, "Pretty much. Or He would have done something to stop us now. And yet, here we stand. Truth of the matter, I’m glad that Eden exist. Because it makes possible the impossible. We will plant clues and riddles, pointing to advanced technology and secrets, for our children to discover and make use of. We will change the outcome of the future."

Lunastein shook her head, "You can’t change the future by changing the past, it is a paradox, the only way to change the past is by changing the future. Jesus Christ taught us that. There is a new Heaven and Earth coming and nothing you do will stop it."

Scientist Four uttered, "Then we will just have to see who is right and who is wrong."

We see Dr. Kane and Dr. Lunastein and Markus as they hunker down for cover. The four bad scientist are firing weapons at them, while setting up a strange machine that will allow them to carry out their diabolical plan to seed the known planets with advanced technology that will change the course of history.

Kane said, "We are trapped here."

Lunastein voiced, "I can’t believe that I didn’t see this coming. How could I have been so stupid! Some genius I am . . ."

Markus spoke, "It is not a question of how smart you are, Dr. Lunastein. From what I can gather, no matter who might have traveled here, those particular scientist had insular motives. They manipulated themselves onto the Question with the very idea of hijacking the project for their own terrorist plans."

Kane said, "Markus is right. Everyone on this expedition was suppose to be well vetted. Somehow they were able to fool a lot of people and now, well, now, here we are."

Lunastein spoke, "If they are about to set up their equipment and go through the natural transtimeut process that is present on Eden, the amount of damage that they can do is beyond understanding."

Kane pointed out, "It would explain a lot though."

Lunastein asked, "How do you mean?"

Kane went on, "Throughout history, there have been strange and sudden discoveries of ideas. Things that seem to be quantum leaps, from where the society was, taking mankind forward in a sudden and unexpected way. What if that is how it was done. People from the future going back in time and planting the seeds, needed to advance forward . . ."

Markus added, "I think that Dr. Kane might have something. There have been odd examples of technology becoming available, that in hindsight, should not have been, given the state of society at that time. Cave drawings of what can only be considered as astronauts, people from the future, the American Indian had strange gods that were suppose to have come from the stars. Ancient astronauts and time travelers, the whole legend of Atlantis."

Kane said, "But Atlantis was swallowed up by a great earthquake, there is no real evidence that it ever existed."

Lunastein said, "Actually there is. And anyway, we all know that the reports of strange occurrences have been throughout time. Remember back in the day, when crop-circles were prevalent. It was so obvious that we were being contacted by an alien culture. The patterns kept evolving, it was a language. Just like we sent out our pathetic prob into the universe, hoping to find intelligent life. Well, intelligent life found us, and then the governments of the world, swiftly began to try and cover it up. So the aliens kept making the communications bigger and more complicated, hoping to gain notice of understanding of the general masses. We were experiencing, contact, and the governments just kept acting like nothing was going on. But it was, because the communications were actually instructions as to how to contact them."

Kane spoke, "They were coming. I always thought it was funny, how mankind was supposed to have gone to the moon. But only a few decades later, when technology really did get to the point were they could do something like that, they claimed that they had forgotten how to go to the moon. And then it was announced that the so called moon rocks were actually fake. And then they announced, that the so called original footage of the moon landing had been accidently destroyed. Come on, if ever there was a bullshit coverup, it was right in front of our faces. And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, a breakthrough!"

We see Dr. Kane and Dr. Lunastein as they are being debriefed by Admiral Glam over the audioimage. They are in a small conference room. Markus comes in and stands off to one side.

Glam said, "Well. I can’t say that I’m happy with the results of what has happened. To be sure we should have known what those four scientist were up to."

Kane spoke, "We were just barely able to escape with our lives. They had all sorts of equipment, that from what I can gather, they plan on using to plant clues and seed the past with advanced technology."

Glam uttered, "They basically plan on introducing ideas to the local people of whatever time they are in, ideas that are far more advanced than what the people of that time would have."

Kane asked, "But to what end? Just to change history?"

Lunastein spoke, "Perhaps I can shed some light on the subject. They want to try and change the outcome of Christ. They want to make this universe last forever. And by changing things in the past, they hope to create a different future."

Glam asked, "They have already gone back into the past. Why hasn’t the future changed now?"

Lunastein uttered, "Because of the very reason that transdoors and transtimeuts can exist. The universe is capable of hosting paradoxes. It is just one in many events that might have taken place. You see, when they went back in time to change the future. They might very well have succeeded."

Glam spoke, "I don’t understand. Everything seems normal here from my point of view."

Lunastein answered, "And it would no matter what the changes would be. Not having an alternate point of reference in order to judge events by, how can we tell what has changed? Not just that point, but a greater point is that if changes took place that were great enough, then an alternate reality would have been created, and they are living in a reality different from ours."

Glam stated, "So they might have created a reality in which the universe never ends?"

Kane said, "It is possible. And it is possible that we may never know the full extent of the changes that were made. If they made changes that were grand enough, there is always the possibility of the universe undergoing a cosmic reset."

Glam said, "And that would be. . ."

Kane went on, "It is a failsafe that physicist have postulated about how the universe works. Think of the universe and everything in it as part of a living organism. A very complicated living organism, but one never the less. The universe is part of something that is even bigger than itself, in fact it might be a small part of something much larger. Think of a cell in the body of an animal, it is but one in billions, and makes up something even larger, which might be in something, unphanthimable, like an animal exist in the world."

Lunastein said, "The universe might be a small part of a much larger and more complicated existence. With things getting infinitely larger and infinitely smaller. Think of quantum fractal theory."

Glam voiced, "So those four renegade scientist, could have triggered any number of other cosmic events, and we’d just think it was normal?"

Lunastein voiced, "There would be no way of knowing, without having a universal event in which to compare it with. As for us, I’m sure that our history has not changed, in that the changes the renegades were talking about, most surely would have triggered a spinoff, into an alternate universe. Think of the four renegades as the four horsemen of the apocalypse."

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