Why Did He Die?

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Was it suicide that killed him? Does anyone care?

Submitted: February 28, 2008

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Submitted: February 28, 2008



Why Did He Die?

By Landon Gray

He sat still in the backyard, propped up 'gainst the fence. Around him, snow had accumulated like a blanket. He didn't blink, nor show any sign of emotion. He sat, and waited. The moon shone dimly through the clouds, only visible in between breaks of snowfall.

His parents would find him there in the morning. They would find him sitting just as he was the night before. Around his neck would be a sign. It would read:

I heard freezing was a little bit like falling asleep, and I could sure use a nice rest.

His mom would drop to her knees. His dad would put his hands on her shoulders. His siblings would stare and wonder why Jacob had decided to leave them behind.

See, if you looked at Jacob from the outside perspective, he would seem pretty normal. He was an average student. He had many friends, and several whom he regarded with the highest level of trust. He kept to himself mostly, but still slipped in the occasional joke. On weekends, he might have parties in his backyard, or attend one somewhere else.

He was an athlete and a leader. He considered himself to be a gentlemen, but never wanted to flaunt his strong points for fear of being too proud.

Inside his head, however, things were in constant chaos. He over analyzed things, sometimes developing complex plans in his head. He would then tell part of that idea to someone, but having not explained it they might have just looked at him with question as if to say “What the hell are you talking about?”

He never got to sleep on time. He found himself actually fighting sleep. Why this was he had no idea, and he regretted it everyday in 1st period. But even if he did get to bed on time, he never could fall asleep easy. His thoughts drifted and danced miserably around his chaotic mind. Little things, stupid things, they could keep him awake. Thoughts regarding whether or not the dog needed water, or if a remark at school pissed a teacher off, or just made them laugh.

But there were bigger things too. The 'heavy hitters.' Thoughts questioning his hope of ever getting a girl that he truly loved (that didn't live over 500 miles away, like Her.) Would he ever be seen for who he was, instead of just “Jacob the O.K. kid”

But who the hell would ever know? He was dead, sitting 'gainst the fence in his backyard, head still held high. No one would ever be able to find out what it was that was absolutely killing him inside. No one ever even considered when seeing him at school that this kid was dying. And anyone could have saved him. Anyone could've asked him why he had thedark and contemplatinglook on his face. But nobody cared. Nobody gives two shits about Jacob Finton. And now, Jacob Finton is dead, and all those people, all those fools, are now wondering, why?

The End.

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