For There Be Demons

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She was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent an evil from entering this world. Warning: This story contains graphic violence and adult content. Do NOT read if offended by such content.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014





She hastily navigated her way through the crowded streets. Shadowy figures approached. Others passed. All were a blur, as  a sense of dread subtly echoed within her head.

Do not look back. For there be Demons.

And look back, she did not. For the only demon of concern was the one within her.

She made her way to a decrepit building and pushed the splintered wooden door ajar to enter the bar. Although the twilight of the evening had already arrived, inside it was midnight black. Only dimly lit candles, sloppily placed on top of cheap plywood tables strewn across the room, provided any remnant of light.

The smell hit her first. The nauseating stink of wet urine and dried vomit. Fresh feces littered the floor. There were no workable toilet facilities here. You pissed and shit where you stood or sat. She readily realized she was at the end of the world. A place where the barely living and the already dead came to make their peace, or a last second deal in order to sell their soul for redemption. She was here for neither.

Immediately, she is given the suspicious once over by the bartender; a dude whose drug addled, anorexic body is covered with pornographic tattoos and maggot infested sores that dripped beads of pus down his pencil thin arms and hunched back shoulders.

“What ya want, bitch?” He managed to hoarsely croak, his cracked grimace revealing vampire teeth the color of stale mustard.

“Viper.” Her one word reply.

The bartender nodded towards a table in the back. She turned and walked back into the darkness and straight over to the man  slunched over that table. As she stood before him, he glanced up. His shaved head glistened in the dim candlelight, while a scarred face framed cold and burnt eyes. Eyes that had seen the dark side of this world for far too long of time. A man who had lost his compassion and empathy long before she was born. Just the type of man she needed.


He nodded, while making a subtle motion with his calloused hand to the chair across from him. She sat down.

The candlelight delicately illuminated her face. Pretty, with forehead bangs and light dark hair that tapered down to gently kiss her shoulders. Her brown eyes are soft, frightened. Her long, flowing, ruby red dress covers a protruding stomach. Pregnant. Seven, maybe eight months along.

“So you’re the one I hear has been asking around,” Viper asked in wiley amusement “and somehow my name came up. I know you though, don’t I?”

Do you?” Came the callous counter question.

“Your name’s Brittany, right? You work as a stripper over at the club.”

She nodded ever so slightly, “Brittany was my stage name, but it’s been awhile since I’ve danced there, as I’m sure you can understand.”

She glanced down to her belly bump, as Viper lustfully smiled.

“Yeah, I remember. You used to give some of the best God damn blow jobs ever.”

“Well, I’m so thrilled thatI got you off.”

“Hell, I’m getting a hard on just thinking about it. So ya wanna give me another blow for old time’s sake? I’ll bet you could still suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.”

“I’m sorta retired at the moment.” The reply frostily offered.

Viper, frustrated as all hell could only nod, as he re-directed the conversation back to the subject at hand.

“Yeah, but you’re here to ask me about something else, ain’t ya?”

It was now her turn to nod her head.

“So you got the money?” He got right to the business at hand.

She reached into a pocket on her dress and pulled out an envelope and placed it in the middle of the small table between them.

“$5,000 cash.”

“So who is it you want me to tap?”

His question as casual and methodic as some ex-con cashier asking if you wanted fries with your order at some piss ass burger joint that had live roaches on the counter and dead flies on the menu.

“What type of tool do you use?”

Her inquiry just as casual and methodic.

“Tool?” You mean what type of weapon?”

She again nodded.

“Taurus. .357 Magnum Revolver.”

“How many shots?”

“Six. 158 grain. Hollow point.”

She nodded like she understood, but it didn’t matter.

“So who is it you want me to take care of? The fuck face who knocked you up? Or the bitch he’s screwin’ on the side? Maybe both?”


“Then who?”

Before she replied, Viper noticed her brown eyes suddenly take on a blackness that even chilled what was left of his own soul.

“Me!” she coldly stated, “I want you to put a slug through my brain. Then I want you to use the remaining bullets to kill this thing growing inside me.”

Viper sat in silence for a few seconds, mulling over what she had just said.

“Sweetheart, you’ve obviously got into a little bit of trouble several months ago. What is it? The guy cut out on you? Too embarrassed to tell your folks what happened? Look, you appear to be far enough along, so why don’t you just go ahead and give birth then put the baby up for adoption?”

“Adoption is not an option, what's growing inside me mustn’t ever be allowed to be born.”

“Well, for what you’re asking me to do, your baby’s father must’ve of really pissed ya off!  C’mon, ain’t you being kinda harsh in your decision?”

“Who are you?!’” Her impatience turning to anger. “Some God damned priest?!”

“Hell, no, just trying to get you to re-consider what you’re asking me to do.”

“I know what I’m asking you to do, but if you have to know… I was raped.”

“Then report it to the fuckin’ cops. Do you even know who the asshole was?”

“I don’t know who he was, but I know what he was.”

“Look,” Viper tried to reason with her,“ I know a guy who was kicked out of medical school, but for five grand he won't give a fuck how far along you are. So he'll give you a good back street scrubbing. It may not be the most sanitary procedure and your cum catcher will probably get all fucked up by the rusty coat hangers he'll use, but it’s quick and quiet and this guy'll keep his mouth shut.”

“No abortion!!” Her statment firm.  “It must be thoroughly destroyed within the womb with no one else around. Then I need you to burn my body along with what's inside me. I need you to burn us to a crisp.”

“What the hell?! Lady, you’re fuckin’ psycho! If you want to commit suicide why not just use your money to buy a nice big gun and then go out and threaten a cop? They’ll end up doing the job for you.”

“No. I want you to do it. I hear you’re the best at what you do. So are you the best or are you just wasting my time?”

She nudged the envelope further towards Viper. He stared at the wrapper before him.

“Alright. Fuck it!” he mumbled, as he snatched the envelope up and placed it in his shirt pocket.

“When you want this done?”

“Right now.” The look upon her face could only of been described as eerily serious.

“Then come with me.”

She got up and followed him out the bar’s back door and into a darkened ally where a ruby red 1993 Cadillac Deville awaited.

“We’ll take my car. There’s an abandoned warehouse a couple of blocks over where we’ll do it.”

“And what about the burning?” She reminded.

“I’ve got a can of gasoline in the trunk and a book of matches in my pocket. Satisfied?”

She nodded once more.

Five minutes elapsed, as they pulled up to a tin building that once was used to store dry goods. After Viper retrieved the gas can, they both went inside. Their footsteps echoed into the cavernous ceiling.

“So, here we are,” Viper obviously noted, as he placed the gas can down upon the cold and cracked cement floor, “you still want to go through with this?”


So Viper reached into his black leather jacket and slid out the .357 magnum revolver.

“Okay, turn around.”

“What for?”

“I figured you didn’t want to watch.”

“No, I want that bullet to strike me directly in the forehead.”

“Well, you ain’t even gonna see the bullet comin’,” Viper sneered, “if that’s what you expected.”

“No, I didn’t expect to see the bullet. I expect you, however, to see my brains scattered all across the back wall.”

“With a hollow point bullet, I definitely will!” He tried to re-assure her.

“And most importantly,” she continued, “I expect you to pump the remaining bullets into my belly. I want this thing inside me slaughtered!”

“Yeah, yeah!! I know!!”

She detected a slight hesitation with his reply.

“I mean it, Mr. Viper. Then when you’re done, you burn it all.”

“Yeah, okay lady. I get it.”

“So do it!”

Viper raised the gun and aimed point blank at her forehead. She could hear him click the safety off, as she stared unabatedly into his delirious eyes but he just stood silently still.

“Don’t you wimp out on me now! You've got your cash, now do your job.”

“I will if you’d just shut up!”

Viper was becoming irritated about the whole situation. She was as well.

“Then blow my brains out! Blow my head off!! But do it, damn it!!”

“I told you to shut the fuck up!!”

Viper’s anger was steadily growing. A man used to being in command, he mysteriously felt he was rapidly loosing control of the situation. A situation he didn’t like one fucking bit; five thousand dollars or not.

So she began to taunt him.

“Then what the fuck are you waiting for?! Til Hell freezes over?! Well, Hell’s just froze! Be the hard ass tough guy you try to portray yourself to be. Or are you just another pussy whipped faggot?!”

Viper still stood rigidly silent. His face turned sixty shades of angry red.

So she went for one final taunt, as she screamed out.


So Viper pulled the trigger.

The bullet pierced her forehead. Viper looked into her eyes at the exact second they morphed into lifelessness. Eyes that would no longer register the world before them. As promised, the back of her head exploded into a thick mist of crimson blood and grayish chunks of brain matter which splattered across the back wall like some Jackson Polack painting created during a  cannibalistic acid trip.

She fell back, hitting the floor with a loud thud. Her body spastically twitched and twisted for a few more seconds, as her life bio-electrically ebbed away. Soon she was still. Her pretty face stared up at the ceiling, this time with brown eyes portraying the blank look of death. A pool of blood quickly swelled out from behind her head, soaking her dark hair into a matted twirl. Viper stood over her body, as he re-aimed the magnum at her belly bump. Sundry thoughts ran through his head.

I can’t see wasting five bullets. That baby is already as dead as its mother.

Then his thoughts quickly turned from perverse to perverted.

Although she still looks fine enough to fuck.

He slipped the gun back into the left side pocket of his black leather jacket, then retrieved a switch blade knife from the right side, as he took the jacket off and carelessly let it fall to the floor. He then casually reached down and sliced off her dress, then proceeded to tear off her matching red lace bra and thong panties before tossing them aside.

Her naked corpse now lay for the taking. And Viper took.

He spread her legs apart, unzipped his pants, then laid on top of her to begin this act of necrophiliac rape. Viper became aroused, then solidly erect, as he deeply penetrated her vagina and began to thrust upon her lifeless, yet still warm body. But as he simultaneously groped her left breast, while sucking on her right, her belly bump suddenly and totally collapsed from beneath him.

Viper quickly found himself face down in a pool of afterbirth. He inadvertently swallowed some of the viscous blood and gooey chunks of ruptured placenta before vomiting it back up into her concave sternum.

Perplexed as to what had just happened, he pulled himself up and out of the buckled corpse and quickly back crawled away. He still had to spit out some more of the gelatinous afterbirthic fluids that had become stuck in his throat, as he reached into his back pocket to take out a handkerchief to wipe away the red and pinkish goo that covered his face. As he finished wiping, he  noticed her decrepit body began to violently tremble. He blinked twice to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. Then he saw it.

A dark mass slowly crawled out of her. Two spindly legs lifted the mound of black flesh from out of the crater that had been her stomach and cautiously stepped down upon the cement floor. At the front of this flesh ball, two blood red circles began to glow. The mass then wickedly turned to face Viper, as it began to shift its shape.

Viper could only watch in shock, as the mass morphed into a creature that stood over seven feet tall. Its ebony skin molting off in chunks, as a scaly, greenish-red reptilian like hide swiftly replaced it. The two blood red circles evolved into puke yellowed eyes that stared creepily and soullessly over an elongated snout. A snout inside of which razor sharp fangs wretchedly sprouted from a steel trap jaw line, that drooled saliva the color of snot onto the warehouse floor.

In the meantime, two elongated spindly arms, with claw like fingers and blade sharp tips, extended out from its skeletonized shoulders, just as a long, thin, forked tail grew rapidly from its rear. Then, without a moment’s hesitation, the creature slowly stepped towards Viper. Its elongated tail dragged across the slick floor leaving a moist trail of slimy placenta in its wake.

“Jesus Fucking Christ!!” Viper heard himself say, as the creature towered over him, “What the Hell are you?!”

The creature did not reply to Viper’s inquiry, but instead used its razor-sharp claws to aggressively slash off Viper’s pants and underwear, before flipping him over onto his stomach. With his bare ass up, Viper desperately tried to crawl away. However, the creature used its claws to pierce his back and pin him steadfastly to the floor. Viper let out a whimper, which quickly turned into a scream of pure, petrified agony, as he felt the creature ram its forked tail viciously up his ass. So deep was the penetration, that rectal blood began to salivate out of Viper’s mouth.

Then just as quickly, the creature withdrew its tail and flipped Viper back over face up. Viper’s now found himself looking into those puke yellow eyes that coldly stared back. Then using its forked tail once more, the creature sadistically stabbed Viper directly through his chest, only to withdraw with Viper’s still beating heart impaled upon the tip of its tail. Ventricular blood pumped out in crimson streams, as the creature dangled Viper’s heart right in front of his traumatized face, as his rapidly evaporating consciousness took one last paltry note.

The creature then swallowed the severed heart, just before it opened its putrid mouth and encased Viper’s head within its jaws. Instantaneously, it chomped off Viper’s head before chugging it down in one ravenous guzzle. Its own appetite for human flesh still not satisfied, it began to rip into Viper’s headless body, quickly disemboweling him and swallowing his intestines as easily as one would swallow angel hair spaghetti. The creature then proceeded to lap up the rest of Viper’s pureed entrails off the floor, leaving no physical evidence that Viper was ever there or even existed.

As it turned to glance back at the body of its mother, the creature slowly approached her corpse and warily leaned in over her face. It then casually used its forked tongue to tenaciously lick the regurgitated bloodied vomit off her lips, just before savagely shearing off her face with its jagged, razor-sharp fangs.

Then it viciously tore into her, hastily gulping down her minced remains; then quenched its arid thirst by lapping up what was left of the afterbirth fluids that had formed a gelatinous pool under what remained of her body. Afterwards, it lifted its snout to sniff the air. An ominous odor led it to the back wall, where it used its putrid mouth to suck up the remaining pieces of its mother’s spongy, splattered brains.

Its ravaging appetite now temporarily satisfied, the creature moved towards the door and made its exit into the night. Now fueled by lecherous lust, it began to prowl the streets of delicious darkness in search of some unsuspecting human female. A female it would violently violate, then assuredly impregnate in order to successfully spread its demonic seed.

For on this very unholy night, a new prince of darkness had been born. An evil incarnate whose first earthly duty was to create a new heir. Just as its father had done to its mother months before.

© Copyright 2019 Victoria Quinn. All rights reserved.

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