Ashes to Ashes

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Part I of the "Ashes" series

Sherlock is alive, John has moved out, there's a new resident at Baker Street, and Moriarty is back. Can things get even more interesting for Sherlock Holmes?


The Crown Jewels have disappeared, and there's a little note left for the Great Detective. Lestrade is on the case, and he's enlisted the help of Sherlock and the new Baker Street resident. It doesn't take Sherlock long to figure out she's a proper genius. She's more than intelligent, and she stands toe-to-toe with Sherlock as they're forced to team up and not only find the Jewels, but dismantle Moriarty's network. The crime web is repairing itself from the Fall, and these two geniuses are teaming up to bring it down - again.

Moriarty has gotten to the Crown before, but this time something is different. The Jewels are gone, and so has the criminal mastermind. Instead of a game, however, there's a shadow. The shadow of an accomplice in the security footage, and everyone knows they will never catch them once Moriarty is arrested. With two genius detectives working the case, Moriarty is an easy catch, but the second party - the only person Moriarty will work with - still eludes them...

... and then the jewels are found.

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Submitted: February 27, 2016

Cat-like footfalls echoed lightly down the Berlin alley, long, black hair and a crimson scarf trailing behind her as she ducked around a ... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 27, 2016

I tore up the steps, taking them two at a time as I heard the landlady bustling about. She clearly desired to know who was going upstairs... Read Chapter

Not Dead

Submitted: February 27, 2016

Ash and Sherlock sat patiently at Baker Street, awaiting John's arrival. Ash drummed her fingers thoughtfully on the armrest of Sherlock'... Read Chapter

Take the Case

Submitted: February 27, 2016

Short chapter - sorry Read Chapter

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Ashes to Ashes

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