Love's Sacrifice

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

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This was back in the time when I had a crush on a guy...which lasted for, what, three years? Haha. Unfortunately, still not gone.

Lost in a ream of blank sheets of white paper
Imagination wishes me to fill it in ink
With darkness to beautify the light
With light to illuminate the darkness.

In this shadowy realm I tried to grope
Tried to find my way through stifling mist
An impenetrable fog trailing all around
Until my hand hit warmth, yours wrapped around,

Is it a wonder that I fell?
Dazed and confused, you were my glowing hope
The shining star in endless oblivion
A whorl of brightness to guide my way
Down tunnels long forsaken.

Until the rays of heat alighted on my face
Cast the world in a dazzling brilliance reminiscent of a multifaceted diamond
Shocked my heart into great, shuddering life
From where it had been buried, in the dark recesses
Deep within.

I let you go because I knew
That now in the green meadows and rolling hills
You’d want to reach the clear blue sky
You’d want to feel every kind of breeze
And I’m sorry, I couldn’t be there with you.

I can’t promise you my faith
To withstand all that obstructs our way
I can’t promise you eternal loyalty
Doggedly following each and every step
I can only promise you this fickle love.

Yet though I said I’d let you go
Though I swore that I’d move on
Why does it feel so hard to tear myself from your grasp?
Why does it hurt much worse, instead of torturing me less?
Why do I pray to God that I get through all this?

Deep within, my heart still beats for you
Candle flame still burns brightly
Tree still growing, branches spreading
Hoping all of it can take you in, all of it could make you feel…
The same way I feel.

Submitted: April 02, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Victoria Villa. All rights reserved.

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Mistress of Word Play

Just a really sad but beautiful write of love and loss. You write so well. Love the emotions and reflection in this one. Susan :)

Sun, April 4th, 2010 9:01pm

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