Mother Nature's Creatures

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We have such a wonderful array of beautiful creatures that inhabit Mother Nature's earth... But not all animals are looked after and allowed to be free, the way life had intended for them. The elegant elephant that roams the African landscape is killed for it's tusks, which is then sold on the black market around the world. The Rhino, also an inhabitant of the African landscape, is killed for sport and for it's horn which is once again sold on the black markets. Our beautiful animals are being killed, tortured and maimed for sport, fun and for profit. Look at how bears have been used by 'performers' to dance for the entertainment of others, how they are used as bait... How is this at all entertainment? It's not, it's just damn right cruelty. No animal should ever be abused, hurt, maimed or killed for such ludacris activities. When you look at an animals, you don't just see an animal... You see a soul, a life that beats the same as ours, a soul that can feel pain, happiness, sadness and joy. Treat all animals on this earth with respect... Why treat them any different?

Submitted: February 05, 2014

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Submitted: February 05, 2014



Oh what wonder has been bestowed,

Upon this world we call home,

Such beauty that walks and flies and crawls this earth,

These creatures that so gracefully roam.


They are part of this world,

And yet they are treated badly,

They are killed, tortured and maimed,

'Tis their life that is taken so sadly.


The beautiful elephant,

A majestic creature of it's land,

As it roams the vast landscape of Africa,

Unknowing of the evil that is at hand.


They have their young,

Just like we have our own,

So what's the difference,

Why is it their life that is so horribly thrown?


Rather than letting these creatures walk free,

They are instead killed for their tusks,

Ivory that can be sold around the world,

Why is this seen as a must?


Think of the elephant's young,

Seeing their own mother butchered before their eyes,

Their provider and their protector now gone,

No-one to help them through life.


Such beautiful animals are becoming extinct,

All because of the greed of man,

The evil that flows through their veins,

Such horrendous practices should be banned.


The rhino is another beauty of life,

A creature so magnificent,

But there again man is killing them fast,

Soon, there will be no more of this creatures' elegance.


Who has the right to hunt these animals,

To kill them for sport and for profit,

I tell you that no-one has the right,

'Tis a shame we cannot just click our fingers and stop it.


These animals have feelings like us,

They feel pain and they feel joy,

They can hurt just like we can,

So why is it their lives we destroy?


These beautiful creatures should never be subjected,

To such hate and such cruelty,

To see creatures of this earth perish at the hand of man,

Is nothing but damn right foolery.


When you look into the eyes of an animal,

How can you not see the soul,

The soul of a living breathing life form,

A soul that, from their own being man has stole.


Look at a creature of the earth,

With beauty and intrigue and wonder,

See how they make the world around us so interesting,

Rather than seeing them as mere trophies for a hunter.


Animals have the right to live,

To breathe and to be happy on earth,

To live a life that's free from malicious human intervention,

For like us, they all too have intrinsic worth.

 -- James William Cooper

© Copyright 2019 James William Cooper. All rights reserved.

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