Everlasting Breath

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the sequel to "Victoria Dawn."

Table of Contents

New Beginning

This is the sequel to "Victoria Dawn." Read Chapter

Dress Shopping From Hell

Chapter 2: Dress Shopping From Hell Walking through a large store, trying to find the perfect dress is more than an impossible feat. ... Read Chapter

Human Obstructions

Chapter 3: Human Obstructions “Victoria! You must leave him for someone to find! We cannot bring him back with us, you know this!... Read Chapter


Chapter 4: Complete “Okay, Dante, but we must return to the manor and have a meeting. It is the only way, you know this.” Dan... Read Chapter

Change of Heart

Chapter 5: Change of Heart “This one! This one!” Xavier was jumping up and down, pointing to a bedding set featuring SpongeBob Sq... Read Chapter

Is This Real?

Chapter 6: Is This Real? I began screaming and twisting my body around, trying to block out my extreme pain and agony. How is this ha... Read Chapter

Willing Against Thirst

Chapter 7: Willing Against Thirst “We have to go talk to April. She may know what is going on here. That is, unless you don’t wan... Read Chapter

Start of a War

Chapter 8: Start of a War I stayed up next to Dante for the rest of the night, talking about wedding plans, and if our wedding would ... Read Chapter

Our Mission Has Begun

Chapter 9: Our Mission Has Begun “We must see Nicholas, Christopher, Melissa, and Summer, next. They will be pleased to be included... Read Chapter

It All Ends Today

Chapter 10: It All Ends Today “Oh my God! Dante, put him down!” I ran over, grabbing Xavier from Dante’s arms. My father watche... Read Chapter


Chapter 11: Conspiracy Everyone stood around, watching Xavier as he slowly opened his eyes. They widened as he realized how many peop... Read Chapter

Battle of a Lifetime

Chapter 12: Battle of a Lifetime I squeezed from the sandwich I was in created by my father and Dante and ran out the door, never loo... Read Chapter

Agony of a Once Friend

Chapter 13: Agony of a Once Friend “Victoria! Are you okay?! Victoria?!” I opened my eyes and saw Dante’s face in mine and felt... Read Chapter

Departure of the Old Queen

Chapter 14: Departure of the Old Queen “You’ve got some nerve, Victoria.” April said as she stared at m... Read Chapter

Settling Down

Chapter 15: Settling Down Once everyone had left and everything had settled down, Dante and I decided to head on home. I tried tr... Read Chapter


Chapter 16: Shock I yawned and stretched as the light of the morning shone in the large window and warmed my face. I looked beside me... Read Chapter


Chapter 17: Torture I tried to scream but I was just pulled back further into the darkness. I reached my hand out to try to grab anyt... Read Chapter

Chasing a Demon

Chapter 18: Chasing a Demon For the next few days, I sat next to my mother on the floor, watching her. She didn’t breathe, she didn... Read Chapter

Second Thoughts

Chapter 19: Second Thoughts “Victoria!” A voice screamed in my dreams. I dreamt of a beautiful place; a place in the clouds. ... Read Chapter

False Accusations

Chapter 20: False Accusations How could I be pregnant? I kept asking myself. Countless days I sat outside, thinking about the way... Read Chapter

New Findings

Chapter 21: New Findings “Xavier, you’re so good already! How did this happen, dad?” I asked, watching my little boy. “He... Read Chapter

To Be Honest...

Chapter 22: To Be Honest… I loved the fact that Dante was part of me now, but then again, I was a little jealous that he stole some... Read Chapter


Chapter 23: Peace I finished my breakfast and we decided that it was time to leave. “Do you want to try to transport on your ow... Read Chapter

Interal Turmoil

Chapter 24: Internal Turmoil “Where should we look first, dad?” I asked, panicked. “I’m not too sure. Did April tell you ... Read Chapter


Chapter 25: Shape-Shifting I screamed as I felt my mind becoming more animalistic. I could feel my hands growing larger, my body grow... Read Chapter

The Monster Within

Chapter 26: The Monster Within “I wonder why my mom is acting so weird,” I whispered, lying next to Dante. I stared at the high c... Read Chapter

Looking Up

Chapter 27: Looking Up “I can’t stand by and watch her walk away again,” I whispered, tears falling from my eyes. I stood in fr... Read Chapter