Victoria Dawn

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Victoria Dawn is always one to follow her instincts, lo and behold the one time she doesn't, disaster strikes down upon those she loves and the town she grew up in. A beautiful man comes to save her but he is one of the very monsters that she now despises. In a world of vampires, does one become one of them or stand by what she believes in?

Table of Contents

The Incident

Victoria Dawn Chapter 1: The Incident I wished we had left when I told my mother how I felt. We ran out the front door. M... Read Chapter

The Stranger

Chapter 2: The Stranger After finally falling asleep, I woke up the next morning as though the day before had been a terrible dream. ... Read Chapter

The Departure

Chapter 3: The Departure As soon as I was well enough to leave, we fled as quickly as possible. I grabbed a few photos of my moth... Read Chapter

New Home

Chapter 4: New Home That night, I must have fallen asleep…but when I woke up, I was in a beautiful bed. The blankets were crimson r... Read Chapter

Birth of a Monster

Chapter 5: Birth of a Monster “So,” Dante said as he grabbed my hand, leading me to the same leather sofa we’d sat on the night... Read Chapter


Chapter 6: Confessions “Well, as you know,” I started, feeling insecure about my past and what it had done to me, “I lived with... Read Chapter

Story of a Slaying

Chapter 7: Story of a Slaying I had no idea what Dante was talking about. How had he known me all along? And if he had, why did he ma... Read Chapter

Message of Terror

Chapter 8: Message of Terror Months passed and Dante and I’s relationship flourished as beautifully as ever. I had thought everythi... Read Chapter

Decisions, Decisions

Chapter 9: Decisions, Decisions Dante went out that night to hunt and made me stay home for the time being. I paced back and fort... Read Chapter


Chapter 10: Revealed I wish Dante wouldn’t lie to me. How am I supposed to trust and love a man when I still feel as though I hardl... Read Chapter

New Found Power

Chapter 11: New Found Power I hang from the wall, motionless, hungry, deprived of sunlight, waiting for Dante to arrive to once again... Read Chapter


Chapter 12: Explanations “What happened to me, Dante,” I wasn’t about to let him off the hook if he knew something I didn’t. ... Read Chapter


Chapter 13: Panic-Stricken “My father, coming here?! Why? I haven’t seen him in years! How does he even have a clue where I am?... Read Chapter


Chapter 14: Reunion I spent the rest of night alone. Dante’s feelings were so badly hurt that he went downstairs to the living ... Read Chapter


Chapter 15: Insecurities Dante slowly rose from the couch, bending over to kiss my forehead before he walked out of sight. My fat... Read Chapter


Chapter 16: Embracing Winter has approached us and all is well, so far anyway. I really needed that extra something from Dante an... Read Chapter


Chapter 17: Discussions “There are a lot of things about your power that you will just have to find out for yourself, my love, you ... Read Chapter


Chapter 18: Fear Why does everything have to be so complicated all of the time? I think I’ve got everything figured out, and then t... Read Chapter

Death of the Innocent

Chapter 19: Death of the Innocent I awoke shortly after with my father’s voice screaming on the phone for me to wake up. I heard hi... Read Chapter

Questions Without Answers

Chapter 20: Questions Without Answers Even though Vincent hasn’t been in the picture for a few months now, since he last attacked m... Read Chapter

Complete Confusion

Chapter 21: Utter Confusion “Are you sure that’s the best idea?” Dante was just trying to make sure, but my mind was set. I nee... Read Chapter

My Answers

Chapter 22: My Answers Dante grabbed me by the waist pulling me as close as I could get, and off we went with the small, familiar gus... Read Chapter

The Most Powerful Being

Chapter 23: The Most Powerful Being I ran full speed, finding my way out of the large mansion. I busted through a door leading outsid... Read Chapter