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A lost love

Submitted: June 26, 2013

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Submitted: June 26, 2013



You are much like the theory

I do not know your orgin

Where you came from, how or why

But I know that you have changed

Not yourself, but others. Me.

You have adapted in me love


You do not know of love

for you do not feel as I feel

You do not feel at all

I have come to terms with this


It is evidence, it is fact

that proves and makes you theory

you will migrate and continue to effect everything around you

But you will not change


You will never feel as I feel

You will leave me behind

only with the thought of you

the knowledge you've instilled in me


You can see no mercy in what you do

but you have given me the benefit of pain and experience

Which makes you kind


In the end you are but a whisper

heard, understood ,but will go partcially unoticed as time passes


you are an idea that is widely excepted in me

You will rest forever in my mind

You have given me peace and reassurance

It is important you know this

although you will not cherish it as I cherish you


I have a past will you

you've a past with something larger

you do not depend on me like I depend on the idea of you


So you will go, you will travel

I will be yet another soul you have changed

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