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A story of Narrating how to look after an individual

Submitted: October 09, 2013

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Submitted: October 09, 2013




VENUE: Garden at the residence of Mr and Mrs. White.


It was a pleasant spring morning and the wind blows cold. Miss. Tom A To yawns and comes out with a cherry red night pant and matching green top.

Tom A To: “Han! What a dream...?”

Hearing to the comment passed by Miss. Tom A To shook up Mr. Pump Kin from his tiring exercise.

Pump Kin: “What madam? Still Dreaming... It is Time for you to exercise. How lazy you are?”

Astonished Miss. Tom A To stared at Mr. Pump Kin and giggled.

Tom A To: “Ha! Ha! It’s not necessary for a fit girl like me and of course you require a lot of sit ups”.

Pump Kin: (Furious Look)

Tom A To: (Giggling)

There arrived Mr. Po Ta To in a yellow jogging dress after a cycling for 2 kilometres.

Po Ta To: “Hi Miss. Tom” What laughing at yourself?

Pump Kin: “Don’t converse with her. She thinks herself to be fit and slim, Bubbly body” Now Pump Kin turned his face from Tom A To.

Tom A To: “Hey Pump, Shut up!”.”Do ask any one and they knows the truth”

Po Ta To: “What a question is this? It’s definitely me without fail, guy symbolizing fitness”

Both of them got struck and perplexed. Soon in a while, Mr. Green and Miss. Lady came in.

Green: “Hello! What’s going on?”

Tom A To: “Look Green, Po Ta To says that he is fit and was considered to be embodiment of beauty”

Green: “Hey Tom, Don’t make fun.”

Po Ta To: “I am the one who was tasted by all sorts of people ranging in different ages”. Why they are like to have? Simply am so healthy know”

Tom A To: “If you say like that, I am the one who was cooked in different cuisines”

Green: “So ..?”

Tom A To: “Am the one who is beautiful and fit “

Green: (Laugh outs loud)

Tom A To: “Hey Stop this”

Lady: “Don’t argue. There is a solution to know. Let’s work out on it and get to know who is fit and beautiful”

Green: “Yes, please lady”.

Lady: “Let’s we all will walk out this garden for an hour and returns back on dot”

Green: “So What?”

Lady: “Wait green. We will come to know our respect and honour if we goes out”

Green: “Yes. That’s a good idea”

Tom A To: “Yeah. I agree”

Po Ta To: “Yes am in."

All of them rushed to their respective Green Building.

Pump Kin arrived at the spot with a green cum yellow formal wear. Green looks stunning in a full chilly green suit. Tom A To arrived with a red cum green salwar and so as lady in a Green Patiala with light shade top.

When everyone about to start, Mr. Bitter comes in.

Bitter: “Hi every one. What’s special today?

Tom A To: “Ha! We are going to prove ourselves”

Bitter: “What?”

Tom A To narrated the entire challenge to bitter with a hesitation.

Bitter: “No Guys. You people are wrong. No one is superior to others.”

Po Ta To: “You will talk like this only as you were not fit for nothing”

Green: “Don’t Waste your time. Let’s move on guys”

Lady: (Nodded)

Every one walks out leaving Bitter behind.

Bitter: “(sad look)

An Hour later.

(Ambulance sirens)

Bitter peeps out. Pump Kin came was carried by two hospital guys. Bitter rushed to the spot and enquired, “what happened Pump?”

Pump Kin: (cries)

Bitter: “No”

Pump Kin: Hey! How can i tell you? I went out near a shop and that shop keeper invites me inside. I don’t know that today is a full moon day.”

Bitter: “So”

Pump Kin: “That Shop keeper throws me out after burning me alive”

Bitter: “Oh! My god”

At the same time, Tom A to came with a fractured leg.

Bitter: “Hey miss. What’s this?

Tom A To:  “What to say, It is all my fate. I got smashed in a meet”

Mean while, Po Ta To returned with a half body from an Italian Kitchen saying that the chef throws him as spoilt.

Bitter: “Hey what happened to Mr. Green and Miss Lady?”

Po Ta To: “So sad. They were eaten by a Cow in yard”

Bitter: “Oh! My God”

All the remaining there looked ashamed at Bitter. Their silence was broken by the conversation by Mrs. White.

 Mrs. White: “Hey white, Today no noodles for you. I have planned to cook only bitter gourd soup for you. Your diabetic level has increased so much”.

Mr. White: “No. Baby please”.

Mrs. White: “Never”

Bitter looks proud and everyone were surprised.

Tom A To: “Hey you are going to be cooked in some time. But are smiling”

Bitter: “Yes I know Miss Tom. But there is a reason for my smile. Everyone needs to attain their death in soon or later time. That’s certain. But when we are alive, we should be respected for our character and in built nature as Mrs. White did. She nurtured me for I safeguards people from Diabetes.

As against, You people thinks that external appearances will rule the entire world and killed yourselves. I felt sorry for your friends”

Bitter:  “I felt happy on being your friends. Don’t ever see the external appearances as nothing is permanent. Do remember, that ALL GLITTERS ARE NOT GOLD.”

Every one remained speech less.

Mrs. White came near garden with a Basket in hand to carry sweet natured Bitter.



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