The Diamond Ring

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This is a poem about the Diamond Ring that is formed at the time of complete Solar Eclipse.Here the diamond ring is considered as the ring exchanged at the wedding of the Sun and the Moon....

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011




The gently smiling moon,

In her white bridal gown,

Is moving to reach soon,

Near her bridegroom.

He, the rising sun,

Extending all his hands,

Is waiting for his lass,

To receive her as his bride.

With light steps she moves,

Towards him who is bright,

Mounting the golden steps of clouds,

To give us all that amazing sight.

And when both of them meet,

There in heaven the angels sing,

Embracingwith all their love,

They exchange the Diamond Ring.

Though eager but with patience,

Staring through their dark glasses,

Wondered the anxious eyes on the earth,

Oh! The gorgeous Solar Eclipse!

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