struck'd by beauty

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Submitted: March 02, 2012

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



I was once strucked by beauty, so pure and uncut

haven't known her long, but she meant so much

stuck is my mind, body, and soul, tangled up

thought tha relationship we started no one could possibly touch

fuck I was dead wrong

find myself bein' head strong

yet Im strugglin' 2 hold on

when wit her I cheer from ear 2 ear, cuz of racin' hormones

every mornin' I wake up in fear

thinkin' that she'll be gone, like an absentee

no one else's opinion matters to me

to a degree, I strive 2 be tha best kind of man you want me 2 be

if you wanted perfection, why did you even choose me?

@ this game of love thang, Im no compitition

inexperienced is tha key word

so feelin's get deferred, red eyes, vision blurred

emotions are now backward

from tha start I showed you who I was

I didn't know what I was gettin' into exactly

but who does

should've known in her heart, I wouldn't always have a place

unkept promisses are wat I now must face

it started off as a trill of tha chase, dismissed

now its more like an open and shut case

am I fake for keepin' it real

I can't blame you if you feel as I feel



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