A girl who cant feel a thing

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just simply a girl who cant feel a thing

Submitted: April 16, 2016

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Submitted: April 16, 2016



A girl who cant feel a thing

Once upon a time a decent girl with two lovable parents, caring brother and loyal friends. She had a gratefull life, her grade in college isnt that bad and so does her face.

She had lots of friends some of them even adored her.She was funny but sometimes like to give a few not so funny story ,but everyone seems to liked her. She think.

But that girl had another story, she cant feel a thing. Her life was numb to her, she doesnt know what she wanted.

She confused , why she feeling that way when her life is already perfect.

She supposed to be happy. But she doesnt feel a thing. She can be laughing time to time but she cried too time to time

when shes alone, shes always feel something in her heart thats hurt,but she always wonder why. the only thing that make it ease is that she have to cried. So she cried and thought what is it this time that make her cried .

she go through the day she spent and found something dumb that doesnt need a tear to drop. The reason somehow laughable, its not a reason to cried on. But the ache is still there so she have to cried all the way for she want to make her heart at ease?

She want to tell someone about this weird conditions she have but she afraid to make her family norher friends worry.,so she began to search online to find the right person that she can talk to but theres no one. Sometimes she go to depression website to pour her confused feeling, but the ease feeling is temporary it will grow back to her tomorrow . so , the best thing that she could do is forget and not think.thats why she always forgot everything, from a gossip that her friend said earlier to her house key that she left inside her locked house.

To be continue..

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