Sharing The Ferry With Frankenstein

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Hell is for the many, Heaven for the few....

Submitted: October 26, 2006

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Submitted: October 26, 2006



Sharing The Ferry with Frankenstein,

my voyage now seems clandestine.

Every twist, every turn, now laid as choices made.

No horizon seen, nor sought,

Forgotten light replaces with dreary thought.

Frankenstein muses;

"How with choice, do you take solitude over light?"

"You know humans aren't right, look what happened to you without choice. Humans don't care for any voice."

Frankenstein laughs,

"Forsaken till the end!"

While pointing at the guest that is stuck in my chest.

"Forsaken and pinned by humans who wanted me dead! I'm just happy they didn't cutoff my head!"

Frankenstein grabs the guest, and pulls it from my chest.

"Whole with a hole! Watch the blood, it may start to flow. Where are you to go?"

Vlad touches his chest, not knowing what's next.

Frankenstein seems just as perplexed.

The Ferryman points his meatless finger, both look to shore.

A pier carved from two huge, ominous figures formed.

Frankenstein looks at my previous guest,

"Maybe I should hold on to this. After all, we are crossing the river Styx!"

Closer to shore, the Ferryman changes his oars.

With Vlad's occlusion:

"The last time I descended, I observed these forms...

easily offended Osiris' Scale awaits, as before."

"What for?"

"To weigh your soul..."

And just then..the wind rises to a gale.

Lucifer flies from under the scale,

black wings, as large as sails,

preceding the only breath of wind, as he swoops in.

Stepping forward toward the pier,

his steps are heavy, and laden with fear.

Displaying a dagger received by the Throned,

for services rendered, but never atoned.

His blonde hair seems albino white

against his wings of the blackest night.

His minions move with a fury

with not as much as a query.

Frankenstein looks at Vlad,

"Who is he? I hope he is not the scale!

For if I fought him, I should surely fail!"

He says while concealing my guest.

"Lucifer The Rogue.

He fought to aid the human soul.

Defiant of God, proves the choice humans have

is not worth His Voice.

He used Adam and Eve.

Many agreed, and all were struck down.

God said, "Aid the human soul on this level!

You saw their best! Now you shall devil

with their repulsiveness!"

Now Lucifer rules over the Pit.

The coming of souls never quits."

The Ferry comes to the pier, Lucifer leers.

The minions secure the lines, as the cargo whines.

Frankenstein and Vlad watch.

The minions open the cages to remove the stock.

The Ferry begins to sway as the cargo tries to evade.

Once on the pier, the minions move all into ranks.

Two by two, they march along the bone planks.

The Ferryman laughs as he leaves,

maybe due to the cargo's fate,

maybe because there is no escape.

Lucifer waits at the end of the pier.

The cargo's fear seems to feed his leer.

Lucifer's voice echoes in our ears...

as if He has been speaking there for years:

"There is no escape. Osiris' Scale will determine your fate.

I will torture and use your soul, till the end of His Reign.

You will never know hope...only pain."

Lucifer clangs his Token against his breast plate.

The minions move the ranks forward to their fate.

Lucifer's wings create such dust,

all become dry in one powerful thrust.

Lucifer rises, and circles like a vulture.

The minions beat the cargo as an artist does a sculpture.

Frankenstein and Vlad are the final two in the procession.

They never feel the minions oppression.

Lucifer watches the cargo like a cataract eye,

similar, Jesus' last march without a caring eye.

Two by two the cargo marches forsaken,

and at the helm...Satan.

Frankenstein and Vlad follow the cargo higher and higher.

The heat so intense, we believe that we are marching in fire.

The path winds the mountain, we reach the first corner.

The cargo becomes with one glance, funeral mourners.

The Scale is enormous with height.

All the cargo gasp at the sight.

The vast expulsion of air sharpens the minions' fixation.

The cargo's breath gives the minions' whips no limitations.

Frankenstein and Vlad look on with discombobulation,

as they see the enormity of the present situation.

Frankenstein looks the Scale up and down,

"How can such a thing exist?

God's Providence must extend to the Pit!"

Vlad touches his finger to his frown,

"Speak not of the Reign.

Lucifer punishes more, for the mention of the Name."

The minions stop the cargo near the apex.

Anubis appears, the cargo look on perplexed.

Anubis or Judas?

Long is the happenstance...that Anubis,

returns to the earth as Judas.

Lucifer's cruel joke, every thousand years.

Returns the Betrayer, to feed The Son's fears.

Announcing the process with a wave of an Egyptian mace,

his visage switches from Judas to Anubis with the movement of his face.

"Only in the face of horror, can you find your true, noble self.

Confine your obtuseness, it cannot help."

With the beckoning motion of his mace,

The minions move the cargo forward with furious haste.

Obscured by the corner, a gate.

Carved it seems, from the finest lace it is so ornate.

Effigies of heros past, and all the souls that failed to pass.

"Anubis / Judas is the last of the cast.

God's revenge on Judas, giving him no chance to betray.

Guiding souls to judgement, day after day."

Vlad conveys to Frankenstein.

The first of the cargo is met with Anubis' hand bursting

through it's chest, leaving Vlad thirsting.

Frankenstein winces as Anubis / Judas swiftly

deposits the heart in its hands, as it looks on phantasmagorically.

Anubis / Judas points the cargo to stand on the plate that is convex.

He adjusts the scale to zero, and places the feather on to the next.

Lucifer circles and lands next to the gate.

The minions back away, the cargo stands on the plate.

Lucifer makes no attempt to contain his glee.

The judgement begins, and so does the Feed.

Ammit appears, the Hell Hound, a two headed lycanthrope.

Who's heads are attached at its throat.

It walks on two, now on four.

A sure sign that the pain is going to pour.

"Ammit gets the body, Lucifer gets the heart and soul.

This is how it's been done since the first judgement, such is His toll."

Vlad points up with one hand, the other to his frown.

Frankenstein's effort to speak drown.

The cargo's plate goes concave, meaning defeat.

Ammit collects the cargo in its teeth with an agile leap.

The force of the sudden gore causes the heart to fall to Lucifer's grasp.

Lucifer looks over the cargo and laughs.

He devours the heart with blood lust.

Vlad's fangs grow as Frankenstein tries to control his disgust.

Leap after leap Ammit continues to eat.

Lucifer makes no attempt to keep up, the hearts pile at his feet.

Frankenstein produces Vlad's previous guest.

At the event-horizon threshold, both look to their chest.

The minions role up their whips, Lucifer smiles a bloody grin.

The chance of forgiveness is slim, to Frankenstein and Vlad's chagrin.

He would not save two advisories to His name.

Divine involvement would probably only hasten the pain.

Blinding light engulf Frankenstein and Vlad at the gate.

Lucifer, the minions, and Anubis / Judas, cover their eyes without debate.

The light pushes all to their knees.

Lucifer makes a vain attempt to plea,

"Surely not these two! They should suffer, eternity!"

The light splits into beams as it intensifies with severity.

Frankenstein and Vlad begin to rise upon the light.

Lucifer falls to his face, his wings spread as he tries to fight.

"Lucifer could not hold a candle to the Creator's fit.

Remember Frankenstein, He founded the Pit."

Vlad points his narrow finger up the beam.

Lucifer submits with an angelic scream...

"For Frankenstein and myself, the continuos long dark night.

Though, I doubt the lack of... true fright.

Hell is for the many, Heaven, for the few.

Until next time, I bid you adieu."

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