Gangs Of Footscray

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The story of a man who wanted it all. And discovered that you can't have it all. Where did this happen? In Melbourne, Australia.

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



It all started when a guy refused to give his son ten thousand dollars for an exchange program to Chile, a country in South America. He wanted to spend all his money on a woman's pussy instead. Her name was Tina Coruk. He would do anything for her. Give her any amount of money so she could inject herself with more Heroin.

She was a Heroin addict.

But what Gary Scholes didn't know was that there is a thing in life called bad karma. It basically means if you fuck someone over, it comes back to haunt you one day. That's why a gang of Vietnamese men appeared out of the shadows and started threatening him.

So Gary hired a gang of Turks to kill them. Three Vietnamese men from the Footscray area were abducted and killed. Bashed to death to be specific. It was a suburb in Melbourne.

But Gary didn't care about that. He just wanted to have more sex with Tina Coruk. Her pussy meant everything to him. He wanted to lick it. And touch it. And do all sorts of things with it. He believed that sex was the most important thing in life.

His son was finishing his time at school in 1996. David wanted to go to Chile but his cheapskate father called Gary wouldn't give him any money. So David had to wait.

Eventually he made it to Chile. He didn't have a great time there but it was an interesting journey. He was meant to learn Spanish. And he learnt a little bit. But he had trouble with the verbs. And he also had trouble with distinguishing between the masculine and feminine nouns. Sometimes you have to put "la" before a noun. And sometimes "el".

But while David was in Chile, more Vietnamese men went after Gary. In 1997, they told him that they wanted to take over his territory. That they wanted all his customers and that he was to move out of Footscray. Gary didn't know what to do. So, he eventually crapped himself. Then he moved up to Ballarat.

He regretted not giving his son the money for the exchange program. He knew he had been incredibly selfish. But he also knew that in this world, we can all be a bit selfish. Greed is good, they say.

Tina is still on drugs. David is learning Spanish still. Gary is still a cheapskate. And the Vietnamese gangs rule Footscray. The end.

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