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Rex an adventurous boy goen on astudy tour where he encounters with a strange experience

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011







Walking through the burning sands Rex could think of nothing but his project  work to be completed in this expedition.Rex a student of Nature Science of Texas University along with his group of friends was given the yearly assignment on 'THE DESERT REPTILES' led Rex and his friends to this sandy mount.It hadalways been a feeling of another adventurous act to Rex until he felt something wrong with the place.

Santy called out ;"Hey guys come over here".On hearing this everyone moved towards the spot.Rex too accompanied them but Rex felt his vision blurring out ,he felt as if the entire world around him was swirling.He could see his friends moving forward but his feet remained buried in the sands ,he tried to call them but his throat happened to blocked with a lump of sand.The memories of his family flashed throgh his head ,He didn't want to die now ,he wanted to rush back but all he could do was stand in the urban and hot land.Rex felt his body dropping down to his feet

He could sense the sand dust in his breathe and vision.

Rex felt his end had come.The sand around him started to blanket him to death.A thunder stroke the sky which grew dark.A dark shadow was all Rex could see across the sand dunes.It came closer .A man perhaps an elderly human covered in black wizard like gown,buy his eyes sparkled in shining brightness,he smiled at Rex and raised his both hands one in wich he held a long wooden stick topped with head of a white dragon.The mas swung his arms forward and said:'To the spirits of nature I command nothing shall happen to this kid".On saying these the sand storm subsided .The man turned and told Rex:"Dear Rex nothing will happen to you as long I am with you".Rex then saw a cloud of smoke appear in front of him and he slowly closed his eyes.The sky turned bright again sending out its heat rays burning the sands.

"Wake up Rex,wake up! are you alright?!!"John,Santy,Wicky and James stood beside Rex.Rex opened his eyes and looked around and asked"hey where is the man?"

Everyone looked surprised on hearing this James then cleared his throat and said"Whom are you talking about?We were moving across the desert and it's then we noticed that you were missing,we rushed back and saw you lying unconscious"Rex stood up he stillsearched around for the man who had saved him Rex continued"I saw him there "but no one believed him they said"Rex we think you havehit your head there was noone around here" Rex walked back with his friends he was still confusedwas he dreaming??who was the man who had saved him??????was this his illusion??????

Rex got on to his Hummer and drove back home.

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