Escaping Addison

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Dreaming, flying, never really finding your way back to your bed in the morning.

Submitted: June 03, 2011

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Submitted: June 03, 2011



Escaping Addison

I sat in class staring blankly at the board. \"Addie. Addie! Addison Will you listen please!\" The teacher snapped me back into reality and I looked up at her \"Yes?\" I said plainly. \"Addison Pay attention!\" she smacked her ruler on the chalkboard. \"Do this problem.\" Without missing a beat i glanced at the problem and rambled off an answer. \"correct\" she said sounding slightly astonished by my speed. I couldn't wait to go home. I couldn't wait to just Draw freely without someone hanging over my shoulder asking what it was.

I walked to the bus. After the bell rang. After school was over. After the most boring realistic part of the day was. I layed my head against the bus window staring out to the sky daydreaming like always. The questions I've had that no one in the world can answer but me swirling through my head. Painting pictures that are so strange, the colors themselves would be unfamiliar to someone like you.

\"Mama? Why does this one girl at school be mean to everyone even though she looks so sad al the time?\" I remember asking my parents that question one day and all I got was \"She's a sad child taking out her sadness on others.\" The usual answer. But what makes the brain do that? why would someone think it right to be sad? Why do they share sadness with others? wy would they show anger when they are sad? why would they cry when their mad? Why does the mind work they way it does? These questions are barely an eighth of everything i wish to find an answer for.

The bus hit a bump and my head hit the window knocking myself out of my daydreaming. One Question that i'm scared to ask others is, \"Why am I the only one who asks these questions only because I want to know if others know the answer, not because I don't?\"







Words that define my existence? am I crazy?

\"Addie get off the bus!\" my brother walked by smacking me in the head. \"Shut up\" I said slipping my backpack back on and stepping off the bus. I stared drearily at the big hill ahead of me.. \"why doesn't the bus take us up to our house instead of dropping us off here?\"

\"Who knows\" Caleb sighed scratching his head and plugging in his headphones.

I made it into my house and plopped onto the couch. I turned the TV on and who would have guessed? the Psychology channel was on. \"Shut up\" I threw the remote at the screen and went to my room. I looked at the paper covering my floor each had a drawing on them. I grabbed my laptop and slipped onto my bed. Trying to pass time til dinner then from dinner to pass time till bedtime.

I turned on music and stared blankly at the screen of my computer more questions raising in my head.

\"Who would beleive a 13 year old was able to understand these sort of things?\"

\"Why is a 13 year old girl able to understand all these things?\"

\"Do adults even undertand these things?\"

After eating a silent dinner I went to bed. I closed my eyes slowly. Hoping to gain a dream. Something else that will explain it for me. Hoping for another dream to answer my newest questions.

I didn't want to live as myself anymore i hoped for a dream that would take me into the eyes of someone else hoping to see the answer to my questions. Hoping to helkp me with my problems to help me help others with theirs.

I closed my eyes. Hoping to escape myself.

Hoping to Escape Addison

I'm escaping Addison

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