Twin Secret

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the story about twins who refuse to be seperated after they are forced to go to an all boys bording school in america even though ones a girl :D

Table of Contents

Twin Secret

This is the story about twins who refuse to be seperated after their sent to america to live with their great aunt Wakatsuki Read Chapter

Kaoru's POV

WE drove from the airport and pulled into a drivewaay in front of the biggest house I had ever seen \"I tucked my hair behind my ears and... Read Chapter

Meet Noah

\"Noah!\" I heard my mom's voice call from downstairs. \"your new uniform just arrived!\" \"finally!' i caleld i put down my Manga an... Read Chapter

Meet Logan!

I put myphone down and grumbled. The last three years I was lucky and got in the same room as Noah. I sighed and picked up my pencil. I w... Read Chapter

Back to the bus

\"kaoru!\" I nudged her awak she was out like a rock \"kaoru you have to get up! we'll be late for the cozch bus! Luke said that Aunt wou... Read Chapter

In the rooms

we went up to the indow and slid our card through the little hole and the slid a key back out. all four of us i thought about how awesome... Read Chapter

Keeping the Secret

I opened the door to see Logan standing there. \"Yeah?\" i said. \"kaoru wants you\" he said \"Can we switch rooms for a moment?\" He... Read Chapter

racism and nudity

I stared nat the ceiling of the bed and logan re-enterd our room. I can't tell him. I can't tell him. We went to bed that night. I wa... Read Chapter

Welcome!! To gym!

"Welcome new seventh graders!!" The voice of the schools principle echoed all through the auditorium. I sighed and leaned back in my chai... Read Chapter

Whats wrong with Skins O.o

I walked with kiyo and kaoru to gym class after we seperated from Noah down the hall. Kaoru looked terrified out of his mind. He was clin... Read Chapter

Mikhail after Math

I held kaoru against my shoulder her wet hair saokingmy shirt . Logan stared at her and I glared. We heard a loud buzzing and Logan jumpe... Read Chapter

The Dude's no Dude

  I stared at Noah who was questioning me and before. I knew it his lips touched mine. I pulled away "Yeah.." Noah said his ... Read Chapter