the war we can never forget

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a touching world war 2 story based on the perspective of an american soldier and on the perspective of a soviet soldier. the odd chapters are narrated by the american soldier and the even ones by the soviet soldier.

Submitted: June 04, 2010

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Submitted: June 04, 2010



Chapter 1

“get up!!!....get up you knuclehead!!! We need to go somewhere safe!!!we ain’t gonna get a shot at them from here….get up!!!!!!”……I had no idea what was goin on…the last thing I remember was the sergeant shouting “we have 5 minutes to touchdown ladies!!get your damn asses ready!!!this is d-day..if you live you’re a hero ,if you die nonone’s gonna smell your damn ass..most probably noone’s ever gonna find your damn body”…we were used to all these discouraging crap from the son of a bitch…there were many stories that his wife cheated on him and he shot her 3 times….i think that’s the only reason why we all kept quiet…we didn’t want a bullet in our asses before our battle actually began!!!!!.......the weird noises were getting louder….”get up you son of a bitch…you wanna rot in france? Hell nobody wants to rot in france unless you’re a get your ass up…there’s bullets flowin everywhere man and this artillery shit’s killin me….you were downed by an artillery shot fired near you..i thought I lost you man…we need to move..these iron bars aint gonna hold up for long”….”you aint gonna loose me that easily need more than artillery to finish me off” was my reply to harry…”hell if we keep flirtin here the sergeants bloody prophecy’s gonna come true man….they aint gonna find our bodies..we’l be in pieces!!!”….clearly harry was scared…so was i….we were flirting at Omaha beach…Normandy..june 6…7.00 am…..there were bullets flying everywhere ….bodies flying was a disaster… we were on the ground hanging on to two iron bars which were saving us from the bullets….for now… artillery shot and booom…”we need to move to the bunkers..thats our only choice buddy” I suggested harry….”hell no man..we aint gonna make it…it’s too far…”..”u’ve gotta listen to me harry..we have no choice…on the count of 3…1 ….2……..3 go go go go go!!!!!!”…we just ran forward….right into the enemies…well I have experience running away from enemies at school back home….and to tell you the truth…running away was much much better..but this time running into them was the best choice…the bunkers and machine gun nests and the artilleries were placed on the cliffs and so moving below them meant their range would be zero….whereas by moving backwards their range would increase to 100%.....we just ran and ran and ran ignoring the bullets and the artilleries fired next to us…people getting blown away and shouting for help…but the bunkers seemed to be too far…so we stopped at another iron bar..this time it was an anchor shaped thing..must have come ashore from a sunken was a day saver….there was a radio operator who was stuck there with us….”this is corporal Andrews to base…we need reinforcements..i repeat we need reinforcements…we have suffered severe casualties…..air support needed..immediately” and then a bullet hit his head…we couldn’t believe what the fuck was going on…nobody told us there were gonna be so many enemies…if they knew….why the fuck did they send us in..harry was shivering…I mean who wouldn’t….i just turned back to see what was happenin behind me….i couldn’t bear it…soldiers not even getting a chance to shoot and dying….god bless their souls…it was time to move….”1 2 3…go go go go go!!!!..this time we ran faster “don’t look back harry…we aint got no time to look back…run!!!!!run!!!!run!!!”…..and finally harry shouted” we made it!!!!hallelujah…we made it!!!!!”…….yes we had made it….we grouped up with the 1st infantry division below the bunkers…it was time to move in into the bunkers and finish off the fucking bastards….we did it...i didn’t count the number of people I killed that day…but I killed a lot….so did harry….we wanted more revenge for all our dead comrades…we lost 3000 men in 3 hours and thousands injured and maimed for life…..”I’m gonna fuck my way to germany and I’m gonna fuck Hitler and shoot his ass!!!”…I coudnt console harry….i mean it’s a normal feeling when you achieve victory…it’s the greatest feeling I’ve had since I met Gloria a couple of years back..but this wasn’t the end.this was the beginning of the ugliest war ever…two days after the Omaha beach landings I got a message that they were awarding me and harry a medal and a promotion…now my name is david walters….sergeant david walters.

Chapter 2:

“my name is sasha dimochka sir”….”are you ready to defend your motherland and destroy the fascists sasha?” ..”yes comrade shivchenko…yes iam sir..i will give my blood and my life for my motherland and for stalin..we will destroy the fascists comissar shivchenko”…”then go comrade…fight for stalin”…my briefing with commissar shivchenko was rather quick…what do you say? ?? ???? ???????….it was time to defend Stalingrad from the fascists..death was almost certain at this place…but there was no turning back..i saw one of our officers shooting two men who tried to run we charged with just 6 bullets in our hand and a Kalashnikov was very cold..we were not given enough eh what do u say in English..cold stopping materials..the german tanks started firing from close range..i lost count of the number of men we lost that day…I was lucky to be just wounded..we lost more than 400,00 comrades totally in the battle for Stalingrad which took about 8 months to finish…I used one of my 6 bullets on a german commanding officer..i missed..but the 2nd one I aimed..i sneaked behind a burning vehicle and took my time to aim..i took 5 minutes till I got him in the range..i took the shot…I missed..because he was moving round…because the sound of bullets and sniper shots were so common in stalingrad that the officer did not notice my was my third time now..i took my time again and aimed for his head the only non-armoured part in his tall body..i pressed the hard cold trigger..i hit his head and he collapsed to the ground..but my shooting revealed my position which was immediately spotted by the german soldiers who started firing at me..there were 12 soldiers firing at I felt why did I kill the officer..i was too excited..iam just 21 years old..maybe I was the only surviving 21 year old in Stalingrad. I thought that was life is gone I thought…I remember lt.gen.vasily chuikov’s words “We will defend the city or die in the attempt”..i loaded my 4th bullet and fired at one of the soldiers killing him..but that was not enough.. just when I lost hope..i heard the 62nd division shouting “????????? ????? ?? ????”ad approaching closeby..when they saw the fascists within minutes..they opened fire killing them all and finally rescued me..i was praised for doing my job..even though it was a stupid job..we had to fight for 8 months to have total control over wasn’t till November till we started winning..we perormed operation Uranus on the orders of commissar Khrushchev..we surrounded them for days…they had no escape..they were forced to wait in the cold winter. Operation Uranus trapped about200,000 and 250,000 German soldiers within an area stretching 50kilometers from east to west and 40kilometers north to south of Stalingrad. Trapped equipment included around 100 tanks, 2,000 artillery pieces and mortars and 10,000 trucks. Many wounded fascist personnel were trampled, and many of those who attempted to cross the river volga on foot on the ice fell through and drowned.[102] Hungry soldiers filled Russian villages scouring for supplies, while supply dumps were often looted in search of food cans.[103] we had won Stalingrad. The war in Russia was almost coming to a close. We captured 91000 was the greatest day of my life since I met Anastasia and saw my little baby natalya… it is time to go to berlin and take revenge.

Chapter 3:

2 days before the landings

“dear maa,

Iam fine here in England. They’ve been taking good care of me . well not exactly. I’ve been taking good care of myself. Harry’s fine too. But he seems to be homesick already. To tell you the truth I too miss you ,Gloria and little tommy. Just tell him iam gonna return soon if he barks all night. I hope u’ve not forgotten to feed him just like the time when I went to church camp. He’s getting old maa just like you.i hope gloria’s alright now. She was pretty upset about me leaving and yea yea I know you too. But this is what I gotta do maa.u know you..but I will make a promise..i will return tell harry’s girl Jamie that I’m gonna bring his darn ass back to America allright?..,We feel totally safe here maa.. except some times when they air-raid London with bombs!! A lotta bombs..i’m getting used to it though.. yesterday a bomb hit one of the camps..thank god nobody was in it. Since we’re underground they cant spot us..but I do feel sad for the innocent people who get killed everyday..i hope you’ve been taking your medication..tell Gloria to study hard and clear her subjects and tell her I’m gonna get her a souvenier from our victory in germany..hopefully..have no idea when we’re gonna go into battle. They’re not telling us..even if they tell I’m not supposed to tell you maa…they’re most probably gonna read all this.time to go maa..pray for me..take care..i love you all..cheers”.

--your little baby david

I would write to my mother and Gloria every week since I was posted in england to prepare for the war in the mainland. They would write me back. Those letters and harry and 4 other guys Neville,jimmie,Donovan and british SAS Robert rainwood were the only support I got during the time. We used to have a lotta fun. Playin cards together. Talking whole night about each other’s girls and harry’s guys. We would drink all night and pray during the german air-raids..those fucking bastards didn’t even allow us to get a good sleep.rainwood introduced us to a variety of british cuisine…well they all sucked..the legend is true then.. british food really sucks..i’d rather have something Mexican and blow my ass.. and jimmie would play the guitar and Donovan the congo in his mouth…it was hilarious. Neville was more into adult magazines..he even had a wishlist of all the hot girls in America to sleep with..he even tried to hit it off with a british nurse..she was ok…but it failed just like a british bomber’s engine..and harry tried to hit it off with a french lady about 20 years older than him even though he had a cute lil gal back home in new york..the son of a bitch got a hard slap from her..deserved it..he cried about it the whole night until we made him drink..then he started stripping the stupid bloke and then came the call to land at Omaha beach. The fun had ended and it was time for battle.i was hoping that after the landings we could all meet…that is if we survived..

chapter 4

2 days after the battle for stalingrad day 1

i am not a big letter writer. iam just a shepherd from the ural mountains. but it is the only way to keep in touch with my loved ones.

"dear mother,

your son was very brave in the battlefield today.we forced the fascists to move to the other side of the city. we lost a lot of brave men today including commissar shivchenko. i will certainly miss his inspirational speeches. he inspired us to fight well for her country. i want you to pray for him and for all the soldiers of the motherland. take care of anastasia and my little natalya.good bye"

-----your sasha

my father was a shepherd. i too followed his path. our family was hence very poor depending on animal husbandry most of the times. but still ours was a happy,dada,mama. till the fascists invaded our motherland. killing innocent lives.raping our women. stealing our food. destroying our crops and our livestock. i couldnt bear listening to the radio each morning about the families killed by the germans. i was one of the first to volunteer for the war. i did not make much friends at army camp. most probably because i was well built and all the new volunteers looked like a bunch of school children. but i did not care. defending my motherland was my only priority. after the first day at the battle of stalingrad,i was praised for my bravery and i was made incharge of a squad of 4 soldiers. it was a pretty big honour for a shepherd. finally the next day i led them into the battle field. they were good,bright men but lacked the courage of a true soviet soldier. they were all killed due to mortar fire from the other side of the city. luckily the mortar just missed me by 4 feet.this was among the many escapes i had throughout the war. i was beginnning to lke my job. like my job of leading soldiers into the battlefield. commading them to victory. it was something new for me but it was fantastic till that sad day which i can never forget. i was leading a group of men. we were assigned to elminate officers in a german camp. stalingrad had many factories. but all were destroyed due to the frequent bombings by both the air forces..hence the destroyed factories proved to be a good hideout. we were going to a german camp sneeaking through a pipeline. i ordered all of my 4 men to not make any sound while crawling though. because i was hearing from my other comrades that the germans were comming to know that we sneak though these pipelines. so we crawled and finally got a visual of the german camp. there were many trucks. and arms and ammunitions were being loaded into the trucks. for a minute i thought the fascists had had enough and were leaving. but then i came to know that they were just moving out empty crates. we were just metres away from the camp and any small noise would attract attention. i clearly ordered my men not to fire without my permission. the task did not look easy. but we did not have whole day either. we either had to neutralize a camp of 20 men using just 4. or we had to report this camp to the headquarters and they would send someone more "able" to do the job. we the red army give our lives for dignity.i could not let such a thing happen. i decided to go for the kill. i feel it is the biggest mistake of my life.

chapter 5:

a week after the landings

"david!!! david!!!save yourself yourself...tell jamie i love her run run!!!!!!!!" god it was just a nightmare. i thought i was loosing harry for real. i first thing i did after getting the nightmare was to hug harry. felt better. "get a life bro!!!you wakin up from a nightmare? what do you think we're in?cinderellaland?" came the usual sarcastic reply from harry. i just loved the guy.he was my best friend since 4 th grade."did any of our guys make it alive?" i asked harry.."well i've got some good news for you man !!!i heard neville,jimmie and donny made it..they're in the hospital a few blocks away..but have no idea where doyle is"replied harry..."he is SAS right?that means he wasnt part of the landing group..he must have parachuted into france last weekihopehe"sallrightharryIwasgladtofinallymeetmyoldfriendsagain.theywererecoveringwell...apparently their landing craft was hit by an artillery and they were all thrown into the channel..i have no idea how the bastards survived all the bullets. well that was not for me to worry. i wrote another letter to mom confirming that i and harry were all safe. it was now time for more action. i was personally called by general johnson. he praised my bravery and said some unsual things.."look son it wasn't just luck that you made outta omaha alive..i do not want to waste talented soldiers to like you to just patrol german infected areas in're a sergeant now..i want you and you're friend there to be a part of somethin would you like to do some covert operations behind enemy lines?"...i was shell shocked and surprised..i just dont know what happened to me..i just said yes...i had no training in covert missions...i just liked the sound of the word "covert" and said yes..i always wanted to become a spy..but harry wasn't very pleased with my decision.."what are you crazy?do you even know what covert means?it means behind the fucking enemy lines..we're gonna be kissing their asses brother..kissing their asses..inside their territory..this is madness man..why would you accept such a thing and make me a part of this..i have a beautiful girlfriend back home man and so do you..this is certain death..."harry..we thought omaha was a certain death..but we made it didnt we?together? we'l do this too...besides we wont be alone.. we'l be lead by master sgt james flakes..he's got one heck of an experience kissing enemy asses in their backyards man...if you still wanna leave..then fine..your call"..."when you talk shit like that any fucker's gonna say yes..but since i'm yor buddy i'l do it...swear to watch my back alryt?".."i promise go get some wine...could be our last glass"..."you son of a bitch..stop it will ya"...i loved teasing harry...even though i had lost my brother in a hiking accident some years back, i found a true bother in harry. finally the day came. "alryt ladies i'm master sgt flake..i'l be leading you ladies into enemy occupied france today..what we shall do today is infiltrate a german controlled warehouse 10 miles to the north. we will be assisted by the members of the french will follow all my orders or you will die...and listen if you get lost in the woods..dont bother're dead anyways"..."how do these sons of bitches get spawned up wherever we go".."i have no idea harry..atleast this one aint got a wife to cheat on him"..there was 4 other guys on our team. dont remember their names exactly.werent catchy. i think there was a bob or a reynolds or somebody like that. the first mission was pretty easy. we met with a french resistance members regina and bernard at the crossroad near the warehouse. the warehouse was guarded by a machine gun post and a buncha nazis.since our job was not to attract much attention...we had to finish them silently...regina was given the job of posing as a villager and approaching them to ask if they wanted anything and when they got distracted thanx to her good looks we would use our silencers and finish them off with french elegance. we succesfully completely several easy missions until this new was a search and rescue operation on the french-german border or as most called it deathland.

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