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Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013



Time to bring in few more changes

Yes! Time to rearrange the pieces

Polishing a few, abandoning others

Adding some and some to churners

With time ridding of the old, starting anew

These changes must come, long before I knew

I have been postponing it since long

Waiting any further will be wrong

Changes are not new, been doing year after year

But it’s always painful to let go of old and to new adhere

And then to the new, I start seeking the pleasure

Till it’s time again to take stock and for censure

With every change come few approvals

And there are few who lament the removals

Life continues and changes append

Only on death they’ll come to an abrupt end

Years ago I learned a lesson valued

And ever after sincerely it I pursued

I cannot change others and it isn’t even worth a thought

I can only change myself and only here are changes to be brought

© Copyright 2019 Vikas Sharma . All rights reserved.

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