The House of Decay

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The past of the house is awaken when the couples arrive at their new home.

Submitted: July 30, 2016

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Submitted: July 30, 2016



The House of Decay

By Vikas Valankumeri

Scene 1 The New Home

The car came to a halt in front of the small but wonderfully designed home. The couples Ajay and Deepa stepped out the car to take a look at their new home. This was their third home but none of the house they had been, even though small was as good looking as this house. Especially Ajay's wife Deepa loved it more than anything as the exterior of the house was well designed and the small garden in the front made it look even better. Ajay took the luggage and went in after unlocking the door and his wife followed looking around the house and it's garden. Ajay was also happy but was puzzled to see his neighbors and others watching them in a bizarre curiosity as though they wished them not to enter the house.

Inside the house the furnitures were placed in a beautiful manner with two cushion sofas placed around the corner in the hall between which a wooden round table has been placed on top of which a beautiful flower vase with different flowers in it has been kept as a decoration making it look marvelous. The house contained a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom with geesor and restroom and a rooftop with a water tank on top of it. They loved their new home. Their new life was about to begin from here which they hoped to be good.

Scene 2 A lonely day

The very next day after having his breakfast Ajay left to his job leaving Deepa alone in the house. After having her breakfast and washing up the utensils Deepa took a walk in the house to have a look around. First she went out to talk with her neighbors to know more about their surroundings. But was dazzled to see none of the neighbors wishing to talk with her and she was more puzzled to see every neighbor rushing into their houses when she went closer to have a talk with them. What was wrong with her neighbors? Was the only question which ran in her mind. After failed attempt to look for more neighbors she went back to her house and was about to go inside when she saw an old garage next to her house which looked shut from long time. She went closer to read a notice which had been hanging by the door at the garage. It read "Closed, under the superstition of the government. Any intruders will be penalised as per government norms". Under the notice the door was locked by a government sealed padlock. Deepa thought the garage to be a bizarre looking old garage and lost her interest in it and was returning back when she heard a faint sound from within the garage and went closer to hear what it was. When a rat came out underneath of the garage door and she jumped in the shock to see the rat come out. She had always feared the rats and hence disliked it.

Later that evening when Ajay came back from his work Deepa told Ajay all the encounters and weird things happened that morning with her neighbors and the garage to which Ajay insisted her that as time goes on everything will soon be good. But as for Deepa she was not satisfied with what was going on.

Scene 3 The last Night

It was around 11 pm when the couples decided to sleep and Deepa finished her household works and arranged the bed to sleep. Ajay stayed awake for a while as he had some official work to finish hence insisted his wife not to wait for him to sleep.

It was around twelve or half past twelve when Ajay felt sleepy and hence got up to go to bed when he heard someone whispering from the hall and so he went to the hall to see what it was but did not find anything thinking it to be a wind he was about to go back when he heard the whispering of a man's voice again but this time it came from outside the house. He went out seeking the voice and the voice was getting clearer and clearer as he went out the gate to the road and now he could hear the voice calling out for help.

The voice leads him to the garage which he found open but he remembers his wife saying it to be locked and restricted by the government to enter. Then how was it open now? Who had opened it? The voice became more stronger and clearer. He went in to see who it was that opened the door and where the whispering came from? Inside the garage it was completely dark and he was unable to see any thing at all. So he grabbed hold of the cigar lighter which he had kept in his pocket for emergencies and lit it. Through the light he could see the garage which was completely burnt from inside and rotten smell as though some rotten flesh of a animal was long left back was glomming through out the room. He closed his nose with his forehand and walked looking around the place while the whispering voice continued to call for help. At the end of the garage wall on the ground Ajay found a door knob which looked like a doorway to a basement underneath. He opened it and the dust from the door blows right into his eyes making him blind for a while but still in his blindness he keeps on walking inside the basement all the while clearing his visions by rubbing his wrists against his eyes. When he opens his eyes he is unable to see and thinks he had lost his vision and wipes his eyes twice before lighting up the lighter in his hand. When the light comes back the first thing he sees are the dozens of dead bodies left for rotting and is dumbstruck with a fear so high that in his fear he screams so loud that his wife who is asleep gets up to find her husband missing. She starts to look for him in the house but fails to find him. After a while Ajay screams again but this time with more power than the last as though his life is being taken away from him.Hearing that Deepa runs to the garage and through the darkness of the garage she could see a faint light coming from the basement of the garage. She walks towards the light with the fear stricken mind and is relived to see her husband Ajay standing right before her in the basement. But Ajay is not speaking a word and is in a state of shock and his facing other end of the wall. Now even Deepa screams with fear when she finds out the rotten dead bodies around her. She moves closer to her husband from behind him to talk to him and puts her hand over his shoulder when all of a sudden his head turns towards her while his body stays put. She screams as though she may never scream in her life when she finds out that her husband's face is rotten and that he is inhuman. She ran towards the basement entrance when the doors closed shut and she gets trapped in the basement. When she turns back her husband is no where to be found. Taking this opportunity to hide she finds a cupboard at the end of the basement and runs in it and shuts herself inside the cupboard. From inside the cupboard she could hear nothing for a while and that gave her some relief from what was going on around her. Later she started to hear a light chewing sound as though someone had been chewing a gum. To see what was going on outside she peeked through the wooden key hole and shivers ran through her whole body to see her husband chewing the rotten dead body. In the shock she steps back from the key hole for a second and with her body shivering looks back in the key hole once more to find no one near the rotten bodies. She relaxes for a second when suddenly with a swift move an eyes peeks through from the other side of the door. And in an instant he stands still infront of the cupboard while Deepa still peeking through the key whole he abruptly opens the door and grabs hold of her by her throat and Deepa starts begging for him to spare her life "please, let me go leave me alone". She repeats the same over and over and to her surprise wakes up in her bed to an evening rain surrounding the house outside. She is relived to find that she had been dreaming all of it from the start after hearing her neighbors story of the man who lived here in this house before Deepa and Ajay's arrival. Apparently the man was double-crossed by his wife for his wealth that he had kept secret. She had betrayed him over for a more wealthier guy and had burnt him and his family alive in the garage in order to escape with his wealth. Since then who ever steps foot inside his house the man spirit haunts them and their family. After hearing his story Deepa had been shivering with fear and in that fear she thought she had been day dreaming. She gets off her bed and walks out to the hall and finds the chair moving back and forth. It felt good for her to see her husband had came back from work and was well and good. She went closer to him to tell all the things that had happen while he was out for his work. For her dismay when her husband turned his head it was actually rotten and he jumped on her right away and she fell to the ground while he was still over her body and she screamed so loud that the lights went out and the only sound we could hear was the sound of Ajay chewing on his wife's dead body.

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