Abducted! And pissed off...

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John Cain is abducted by aliens and he is NOT happy about it. If you like The Human Chronicles you will like this.

Submitted: March 14, 2012

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Submitted: March 14, 2012



The world was blackness. He could hear nothing but his own heartbeat. Where was he? Was he dead? No he could feel his heartbeat clearly and he was also

freezing like hell. You werent supposed to freeze in either Heaven or Hell so he had to still be alive. But where the hell was he?
Had he been captured somehow by the terrorists? The last thing he rememberd was walking patroll outside his army base in Afghanistan.
You would think that you would be able to remember whatever you had been captured by the most American hating people in the world and was now
just awaiting a painful death, but somehow he couldent even remember that. He had absoulotely no idead what was going on.

He forced his eyes open and for a moment though he had gone insane because he seemed to be staring back at himself. When his eyes had adjusted to the weak
light he saw that he was actually staring back at his own reflection from the inside of some kind of container. It seamed to be made up of metal exept for
the front part which was made of some plastic, transparent material. He tried to see what was in the room on the outside of the continer but the light was
to weak. As his eyes adjusted further he could begin to scan the inside of his "tube" and was chocked to see atleast half a dozen small pipes and tubes
attached to different parts of his body. He could feel the first edges of panic starting to creep into his mind as he tore the small tubes out of his body.
What the FUCK was going on here? He had never heard if any interogation tactic that involved being placed in a tube and stuck with some weird looking
pipes and shit. Maybe he had been drugged? Probebly he though, i can barely remember my own name anymore. John Cain he though. Thats my name, United States
Army, 2nd Company. He couldnt remember his army group or even his ID number. Yeah definetly drugged, fucking bastards. There was no way to know how long he
had been locked up in this fucking tube, pumped full of drugs and most likely singing like a little bird for his captors. Well im awake now he though. First
i have to get out of this damn tube then we´ll see about geting us some payback.

He pressed his hands firmly against the plastic looking front of the tank and started to push. The material was harder then plastic but not nearly as hard
as solid glass. It swiftly began to bend and then flew loose with a loud pop. He was surprised that it was so easy to get out, they probebly relied on their
drugs to keep us sedated he though. Lets hope the rest of their security is as weak as this. He jumped out of his tank and immidiately started to scan the
room he was in. It was poorly lit and about ten by five metres with other metal tubes lining the other walls. He felt his anger swell when he saw that the
other twenty or so tanks also had a human in them, deeply asleep by the looks of it. He briefly considered the idea of trying to wake them up to but quickly
discarded it. He had no idea how to wake them up and besides, his own escape might have triggered an alarm alredy. He had to move swiftly, find a radio of
some sort and warn the US army about this place. What if im not even in Afghanistan anymore he though. This certanly dident look like a Mohejadin hideout.
I can be anywhere with no way of contacting the outside world, he though with rising desperation as he started to walk towards the rooms onley door.

When he was a few metres from the door he froze. He could hear hurried footsteaps coming towards him from the other side of the door. He franticly looked
for a hiding place and stepped behind one of the tubes closest to the door. It was tight room as it stood leaned against the wall and he had to squeeze his
body in between the tube and the wall. He wasent particulary big, 180 but with a well trained and muscular body, with a broad cheast and wide shoulders but
he could barely fit as it was.But thanks to the poor lighting of the room it would be very difficult to spot him behind the tank. He listened to the footsteps
coming closer. He would have to kill the person if he came into the room and saw his empty tube, he had killed before in the war but never in hand to hand
although he was well trained in close quarter fighting. He edged a bit closer to the door and got redy to jump whoever it was that came in.
As the doors opened he flexed his arms and got redy to take a chokehold but was stopped in his tracks, dumbstruck, by what was walking into the room.

The being, for it was clearly not a human, was about one metre tall, with a thin grey body and a large hairless head. It was clad in some sort of thin
silvery material that covered its whole body up to the neck. The alien hurried past him deeper into the room as he just stood there staring at it from
behind. He´d seen a couple Sci-Fi flicks and this alien looked exactly like one of the infamous Grays that was described by ufo abductees in the US.
He watched it almost run up to his tube and stop dead as it saw the entire front of his container laying shattered below. He saw it slowly peek into the tube
with its big black eyes then swiftly take several steps back and, looking to its left and right, beginning to walk backwards towards the door.
It´s afraid, he though, as he saw it franticlly trying to see into the deep shadows of the room. His mind whirling he just wanted to curl up in the darkest
corner of the room and try to wake up from this nightmare, but as he saw the alien geting closer to the door he realized that he couldnt let it get out
and warn its friends about him being awake.

The little alien was still walking backwards towards the door when he stepped out from behind the tube he had been hiding behind and took a firm hold
around its thin neck with his hand. The little gray alien almost jumped out of its skin as it was suddenly lifted over a metre from the floor by him.
His hand completely encirceling its frail neck it struggled feebly to free itself from the human. Its arms franticlly tried to pry his hand open from
around its neck but to no avail. As he realized that his hold was practiclly strangling the alien he loosed it a little and studied its face. Its large
black eyes was wide open with what was obviously fear and its noose just two slits in the face as it franticlly tried to breath. The mouth had almost no
lips and he could see very small, flat teeth inside it. What are you? Whats going on here? John practiclly screamed in the little aliens face. His mind
filled with fear, amazement and confusion he shock the alien who was practiclly whimpering, its legs dangling almost a metre above the ground.

It began to say something with a thin, shaking voice and John leant forward to listen when he felt a sharp pain in his ribs. Throwing the alien away from
him he saw a small, smoking burn wound to his side. The fucker had shoot him! The wound, altough it hurt like hell, dident appear to be deep and as he looked
towards where he had thrown the alien he felt his anger, aided by his absolute confusion about what was going on, rise to the fore. He saw the alien laying
in a heap several metres away, its legs bent in a unnatural angle, trying to raise a small pistol looking object towards him. He was at it in less then a
second, his battle instincts taking over, he gripped its thin wrist and Pulled. With a horrifying tearing sound the aliens entire arm was ripped from its
socket as it screamed in pain and terror. Snarling with rage John dropped the bleeding arm and crushed the aliens large head beneth his foot.
It ruptured like an overripe melon as the screams from the alien suddenly stopped abruptly.

Shaking brainmatter and blood from his foot he looked around. There werent mutch recognizable of the alien left exept a bloody torso and atwitching arm
holding a small pistol. He picked it up but couldent fit his fingers around it so he let it go as he looked towards the tubes again. Looking at the tubes
he saw a girl who couldent have been more then 16 years old. So these aliens were kidnapping people and doing what to them? Experimenting maybe? Whatever
they did they definetly werent going to just let him and the other humans go, especially once they discover their unlucky mate here. I gotta get these people
out of here, he though. Casting a final glance at the twitching alien mess and the still sleeping, oblivious, captured humans, he left through the door.
He had more aliens to kill, he though with a grim smile.

Shipmaster! We may have a situation! What now, though Exar Kun. Not onley had this expediton taken several cycles longer then expexted thanks to some faulty
dark matter generators but they were also picking up some other ships on the heat sensors. If were lucky its onley some trade freighters, if were unlucky
were being tailed and scanned by pirate frigates. What more could possibly go wrong on this Dainthar cursed expedition?

What?? he sharply asked his ship security supervisor. Honoured Shipmaster, he blurted out with a hasty bow, we have lost contact with engineer Dari Thol.
He was supposed to repair a overloaded power coupling on deck 4 but we lost all contact with him five minutes ago. Well keep trying to raise him and if he
still doesent answers send someone to check up on him. At once honoured Shipmaster, supervisor Cho Tar said, and scurried back to his station.

The damned engineer had probebly just forgotten his comm unit, Exar Kun though to himself. If the ship was in bad shape the crew was even more incompetent.
How did the Executor expect him to complete this journey in six cycles with a second grade ship and crew?! If onley the dark matter generator had not broken
down, he though to himself. Not onley did it provide power to the faster then light (FTL) engines but it also made the ships limited stealth drives
completely useless! Those stealth systems had allowed his ship to travel beyond Dominion space undetected to bring back specimens to his homeworld.
And now they were completely in the open with unknown ships tailing them! Best not to take any chances with the cargo right now, Exar Kun though.
The are after all also on deck 4. If some of the cryo tubes would fail it would be impossible to replace the cargo within.

Radio in on all security teams and tell them to start regular patrolls through the ship, supervisor, Exar Kun ordered. And if any more anomalies are reported
i want to know at once. Also send someone to check up on the cryo room. As he got confirmation on his orders his thoughts returned to the cargo once again.

These "Humans" as they called themselves would make a very usefull labour force, he though to himself. Primitive yes but strong from developing on a heavy G
world. Surprisingly intelligent to, even though they were still divided in nation-states. Still they would bring in a hefty price on the market and ensure
that he dident have to settle for a minor class ship ever again. Yes the Executor would be very pleased with the cargo, he though to himself. If onley i can
get that damned generator working again...

They sure got large corridors for being so small, John though. The last minutes he had been trying to figure out where he whas and how he would free the rest
of the people in the cryo room. The first question was answered when he came to a small window built into the corridor that showed nothing but blackness and
stars outside. This might complicate things, he though as he looked out at the distant stars. What the hell would he do? Even if he somehow maneged to take
controll of the ship he had no idea how to get back to Earth. He was starting to feel the edges of desperation creeping upon him again and tried to fight it
down as he continued through the ship. The large corridors was well lit and his bare feet barely made a sound as he walked deeper into the ship. I gotta find
some clothes first, cant go around an alien ship bare ass naked he though with a thin smile. He suddenly froze as he heard another alien coming his way.
He franticlly looked for a hiding place when his eye caught the large pipes running along the ceiling of the corridor. He easily pulled himself up over them.

The gravity feels lower on this ship he though as he saw another of the gray aliens walking below him. It dident look up as it hurried back the way he had
came from. Seams like someones missing the alien i killed, John though. He´d better hurry and come up with a plan before the alien discovered his dimembered
friend. Gotta find a weapon before the whole ship is alerted he though as he crawled along the pipes at an incredable speed thanks to the low gravity.
As he came around the corner he spied two more aliens standing guard before a door. His eyes went to the strange looking rifles they held. They appered to
have no magasines that he could see and had a mutch shorter barrel then any earth firearms. Still they pack a hell of a punch, John though as he felt his
burned side hurting. Those silver looking clothes might also fit me with a litte tearing he though grimly as he silently positioned himself right above the
alien guards...

Shipmaster! Yelled supervisor Cho Tar. Engineer Dari Thol is dead! Torn to pieces in the cryo room! What?! Exar Kun screamed as his thoughs of his impending
fortune was interupted. What is the status of the cryo tubes, he asked with a suddenly terrifying though. Supervisor Cho Tar began to shake wisibly as he
listened to the report over the comm unit. One of the cryo tubes is empty, Shipmaster, and and the human is missing, he finished with a shaky voice.
A human loose on the ship?? How could this be happening? He had been assured that the sleeping drugs would keep them sedated for the entire journey. And now
one of those violent aliens was loose on his ship and had alredy killed one crewmember. Security stations everyone! Sound the alarm and isolate the bridge!
he shouted while trying to keep his voice steady. Report in all security teams!

Team 1 reporting. Team 2 reporting... Team 4 reporting.. Wait, wait, what happend to team 3, he yelled franticlly! Team 3 report! Team 3 report immedietly,
supervisor Cho Tar almost screamed into the comm unit. As the seconds went with no answear the fear started to spread among the halfdozen crewmembers on the
bridge. None of them were fighters. They were just normal spacers who had signed up for a routine mission. To have a deadly alien loose on a ship with minimal
security was almost sending them into a panic outright.

What was team threes last known location, Exar Kun asked? Standing guard outside the messhall shipmaster, one of the crewmember replied after some frantic
activity. Bring up the cameras of that hallway Exar Kun ordered. The sight that greeted him shocked him to the core. The monitor showed a hallway full of
blood and body parts. It was hard to discern the two guards who had been standing guard there among all the blood. He though he saw a face, locked in a
grimace of pain and terror as it laid several meters away from the guards body.

Holy Godess, someone on the bridge whispered as they all stared in terror at the bloodbath through the cameras. A sudden beep made them all jump in fright.
Navigator Ra Hoth suddenly looked up from his scanner. Several ships closing in on our position shipmaster! Frigate class, they look like pirates.
Commence evasive manovers, Exar Kun yelled. All security teams we have a loose human abord. Casulties confirmed. Lethal force authorized, find it and kill it
fast! And tell those damned engineers that if they dont get that dark matter generator working soon we are all dead!

CONTACT! CONTACT! Team 1 is pursuing the alien! Damn its fast. Chasing it through hallway 3 now and .. AHHH. Its armed, repating, the alien is armed. Tho Lak
is dead and im pinned down. Send help now! I cant hold it! I cant hold it!.. The comm suddenly went out and Exar Kun struggled not to panic. Team 2 and 4 get to
to the bridge immidietly! You will get slaughterd in the corridors! Establish a perimiter around the bridge entrence, if the alien gets to the bridge were

Whats the status on the enemy ships he asked Navigator Ra Hoth. They are boxing us in. With the generator offline we cant shake them. They are preparing to
board. ITS HERE! THE ALIEN IS IN THE GENERATOR ROOM, the comm suddenly yelled. ITS KILLING EVERYBODY!! PLEASE HELP US!! Holy Godess, Exar Kun though as he
listened his crew geting slaughtered.

John stepped over a alien body as he shoot anothers brains out with his stolen rifle. He had abandoned his rescue plans because he had no way of geting home
anyway and now he simply wanted to make the aliens pay for taking his life away. By his count he had killed atleast 12 of the little bastards now. He left
no survivors as he went through the ship. He was currently in some sort of generator room and blocking the onley exit as he killed one alien after another.
One of the alines, realizing that the onley way out was blocked, tried to hit him with a metal pipe but John simply grabbed it in midair and kicked the alien
in the stomach hard. He felt bones and internal organs rupture as the alien was kicked clear across the room. Another of the alien civilians tried to shoot
him with another of the little pistols but its hands were shaking so hard that it missed him by several meters. Thanks to the low gravity on the ship John
almost flew across the twenty meters that separated them and brought his fist down on its head. To his surprise its entire head split apart around his hand
and he spent a couple of secounds trying to shake its brainpan loose from his hand. The last alien tried to make a run towards the exit but John simply shoot
it in the back.

Shaking gray brain matter from his hand he looked around for more aliens to kill when he saw another two of the alien guards enter the room, rifles held at
the ready. They frooze as they starred at the blood splattered room, giving him time to shoot one them in the shoulder while taking cover behind a table.
The aliens painful cries was shattered by the cracking noice of several heatbeams being fired in its direction. John feel the metal table geting warmer
against his skin as the surviving alien loosed shoot after shoot into it. The alien guns dident fire bullets but some kind of concentrated heat beams.
While this allowed them to keep firing mutch longer then a standard human rifle that needed to be reloaded, the power of the individual shoots were lesser
then those from a human weapon. Had this alien been armed with a P90 for example, John would have been filled with very tiny holes right now, table or no

Waiting patiently John was finally rewarded with a sharp beep from the aliens weapon, indicating it had been overheated by the aliens paniced shooting.
Rising from behind the table John looked straight into the aliens wide eyes as he put a heatbeam between them. Suddenly he felt something crash into the
ships side and he quickly went to one of the rooms windows and looked out. He saw a smaller ship had extended some kind of tunnel from its side and attached
it to "his" ship. So they have called for reinforcements. John though. If i can find the ships controll center i can probebly cause some serious damage.
That will teach those bastards not to kidnapp any more humans, John muttered to himself. Now, how do i find the ships bridge, John wondered to himself as he
walked out of the blood splattered engine room.

Shipmaster, the dark matter engine is loosing power rapidly! It must have been hit by a stray shoot. Confirmed boarders on decks one through three my lord!
All contact with team five lost shipmaster! Exar Kun listened numbly to all the reports, desperatly trying to find a way out of this nightmare. He was down
to his last two security teams. Four armed men and halv a dozen scared spacers against a murderous human and a unknown number of pirate boarders.

Whats the status of the engine? Can we squeese one more FTL jump out of it, he asked his bridge crew. Negative Shipmaster, were loosing power in all systems
and.. SHIPMASTER! Power lost to the cryo room! The rest of the humans are waking up! Screamed one of his command crew in almost complete panic. Oh Shit!
Exar Kun though. Cut all oxygen to the cryo tubes and then went the room to space in case some have alredy escaped, he yelled. He dident dare to think what
would happen if more of the human woke up. There goes my future, Exar Kun though as he watched the cryo tubes go offline.

Even if he somehow managed to survive the next fifteen minutes he would never command a ship again. Not that that is looking to be a problem he though as he
watched more and more of his ship systems go dark. Suddenly he heard gunfire and screams right outside the bridge door. Onley he and ship supervisor Cho Tar
carried heat pistols and they both armed them as they heard the last screams die out from outside the security door. Dont worry he said to his scared bridge
crew. That door is made up of over ten centimeters of Adamatium. Not even a raging To´Lak would be able to get through that, Exar Kun stated to give his crew
some courage back.

Suddenly a thunderous crash resounded through the bridge as one of the roof panels came loose and crashed down upon Navigator Ra Hoth, splitting his head
upon his own navigation consule. A human jumped down from the now gapin hole in the ceiling and landed not three meters from Exar Kun. The alien human was
big, almost twice as tall as himself and several times heavier. Its head had black fur growing upon it and its small eyes was narrowed in bloodlust as it
scanned the room and its fear froozen crew. It was almost completely covered in the blue blood of his crew and had apperently used several teared up overalls
to cover up the rest of its body. Faster then Exar Kuns eyes could follow the humans hand went up and fired its stolen heatrifle. Cho Tar died immidietly as
the beam hit him right in the forehead, frying his brain in its socket. With unbelivable speed the human then procceded to kill his entire bridge crew.

Scanner expert Kal Yo died as she tried to get out of her chair, her neck broken by a blow delivered by the human. Cargo supervisor Ji Lang whas hurled with
incredable force into the bridge wall, reducing him to a spasming pulp of flesh and broken bones. Kah Go tripped as he franticlly tried to flee and had his
head ripped from his shoulders in a spray of blood. The last of Exar Kuns bridge crew died while beggin for her life untill the human silenced her to.

His shipmasters chair, which stood a bit away from the bridge stations, had this far saved his life. The whole event had taken less then six seconds as
Exar Kun had watched, being unable to move, his crew geting slaughtered. As the humans eyes turned to him he snapped out of his stuppor and fired his heat
pistol at the advancing human. He hit its right shoulder and the human dropped its heatrifle and screamed in pain. Exar Kun expected the human to go down but
his pistol shoot had apperently not been a killing shoot. It continued to advance towards him as he scrambled backwards, firing shoot after shoot at the
human who onley screamed louder as it shook of the hits and rushed towards him. Suddenly Exar Kun tripped over the command platforms edge and fell backwards,
landing hard on his back and drooping his heatpistol. He screamed in panic as the human threw itself at him with murder in its eyes.

Those same terrifying eyes were suddenly showing confusion as the human continued to fly past him and crashed head first into the other side of the wall.
It went limp as blood started to flow from its head and up towards the ceiling. The gravity generator must have gone out, Exar Kun though, almost being
unable to belive his luck as he scrambled towards the bridge exit in the sudden zero G. His thoughs, focused on geting to a lifepod and away from the
terrifying creature back in the bridge, did not notice anything wrong untill he rounded a corner and suddenly found himself looking into the barrels of
atleast a dozen heatrifles held by some rough looking pirates. Oh shit, was Exar Kuns last thought as the heatrifles fired.

To be continued...

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