He Rises

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A dream I had turned into this short story.

Submitted: February 23, 2010

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Submitted: February 23, 2010



Deep within the darkest chamber, his eyes open.
A thick layer of bandage obscures his sight.
With one hand he tears off his covering,
with the other, he throws off the lid of his sarcophagus.

He tries to scream out for his freedom,
when he remembers his tongue had been cut from his head.
"Those who did this to me shall pay with their lives this very night,"
he pledged to himself.

It had only been a year since the new Pharaoh's rule, and the court
was still reeling from the circumstances of his brother's death.
Ruled an accident by the High Priest of Ra,
though the truth would never be truly known.

The mummy slipped through the shadows and into the palace.
Where in a sacred chamber, the High Priest made his secret sacrifices to the Dark Gods.
Out of the torchlight, a flash reflected off the sacrificial dagger,
and spotlighted the wrapped hand grabbing for the blade.

Blood was quickly spilt as the Priest's tongue was ripped and then his throat cut.

High above the palace, the Pharaoh surveyed his realm.
All was well. Or so it seemed.
He returned to his throne and his eyes saw another in his place.
"Brother?" he demanded. There was no answer.
"Brother, it is I."

As the King approaches, the mummy raised a blood-soaked hand clutching several tongues.
Placing one of the tongues in his mouth, the mummy could finally speak.
"Hello, brother. I've missed you so."
The pharaoh was not prepared to hear these words spoken in the voice of his High Priest.
"Your treachery and his lies are what gave you my throne, dear brother!"
The tongue fell to the floor, dry and brittle.

"No one will believe you!" the Pharaoh shouted grabbing a torch,
"I shall burn your corpse to ash and no one will hear you! Guard!"
The mummy placed another tongue in his mouth.
"He won't be coming, brother," the guard's voice now spoke.
"He has been detained."

"You can't do this to me!" the Pharaoh ranted. "I am ruler of Egypt, as will my son be after me!!"
Another tongue. This time the son's voice spoke to him.
"Father? Why did you kill my uncle?"
Brought to a blinding rage, the Pharaoh throws the torch at the mummy.

One final tongue.

"No! No, stop! The pain!" The voice screamed.
The mummy burned. Then silence as the ashes fell.
The Pharaoh's eyes widened filling with tears.
He pulled a dagger from his belt,
and held the point of it to his own chest kneeling to the floor.

"Forgive me brother. Forgive me!"
He fell forward, driving the blade into his heart.
"My love... My Queen... " he sighed.
"Forgive me!"

© Copyright 2017 Viktor Aurelius. All rights reserved.

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