The Dragon

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A humorous poem, not my usual writing style when I did poetry

Submitted: February 23, 2010

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Submitted: February 23, 2010



Through the castle gate I bound,
The dragon must be surely found.
Over pits and traps I tread,
Past the other knights, all dead.

I felt the heat, choked on the smell,
Brimstone like they have in hell.
I carried on my throat it burned,
I must succeed, my treasure earned.

The townsfolk, grateful they will be,
I'll slay the beast, collect my fee.
I knew that I was getting near,
I heard its rustling in my ear.

"You need not hide," he said to me,
"Come out so that my eyes may see."
I stood my ground, I did not leave,
"You're tricking me. Do not deceive!"

"I do not lie, believe me do.
For years I have awaited you."
I peered around into his place.
He looked so old, a kindly face.

"As you can see, I cannot fight,
please sit and talk with me tonight."
I dared and closer I did walk.
"You'll not eat me? We'll only talk?"

"Surely, I will keep my word,
to lie to you would be absurd.
I promise I will kill you not.
Apologies, if my home is hot."

"You're quite a gracious host," I said.
"Your nothing like the books I've read."
"Propaganda, lies and childish tales,
to sell more books, increase their sales."

I sat down on a treasure chest.
He was polite, he was his best.
His lair was full of gems and gold,
Jewelry, pearls, magic from old.

"I have collected much you see,
it bores me, I give it to thee."
"Mine," I gasped, I nearly choked,
"You jest with me!" He must have joked.

"On one condition, yours it be,
you must sleep here tonight with me.
I am so lonely as you can see,
I'd like to have a guest with me."

"That is all, and it's mine free?"
"Just spend the night here, you and me."
And so we slept, he kept his word,
By morning I would be a Lord!

True to his vow, he never roared,
Unfortunate for me he snored!
Flames erupted, like the sun,
"Drat! There goes another one!"

© Copyright 2017 Viktor Aurelius. All rights reserved.

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