Pale Lips

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Love, love and love...

Submitted: January 19, 2014

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Submitted: January 19, 2014



Pale Lips




“No! Sorry, I’m not ready.” I told Eric when he tried to lift up my shirt and place his hand on my right breast.

“You always do this! As soon as we get to this part!” he almost shouted at me, I could feel the disappointment in his voice and I knew that if I spoke now, my trembling frozen voice would just make him come closer, and make me look low, and weak.

It was December 16th, and the children’s playground that was right opposite Eric’s house was already covered in snow. It was beautiful, I was always a lover of cold wintery weather. I liked warm clothes. I would completely cover myself in my long scarf that you could barely see my face. I also loved making and drinking hot chocolate, and watching a film on my laptop, of course I would always cover myself with some extra covers. I love all these things, but the most thing that I adore, is coming over to Eric, sitting next to him, breathing the same air as him, hearing the same sounds as him, laying on him, and listening to the soothing sound of his heart beat that was beating calmer when I lied on his chest, I guess that made him feel safe, and I knew that I was safe too.

We sat on his white couch in awkward silence, he put his shirt back on and it covered his beautiful six-pack which I loved feeling with my fingers. He loved it when I played my fingers down from his chest to his belly button. He looked at me and giggled under his breath.

“I’m sorry hun” he silently said, almost whispered.

“What for? It’s my fault” I replied.

“No, I raised my voice on you, I shouldn’t have.” He said it in a soothing tone, it made me smile and I quickly got closer to him to touch his hand.

“I’m sorry, maybe next time.” I told him in a calm excitable voice.

“So, since we can’t do that, wanna go watch a film?” A smile shined bright on his face and it made me laugh every time I looked at it. That smile made my day, made it worth living, there is nothing I want more than him in this world. God, I love this man.

I put on my coat, threw on my hat, stomped in my warm boots and curled the long scarf around my neck, “there all set and ready to go!” I joyfully said to myself. “Eric! You ready?” I called and he came through the living room into the corridor,

“Yep hun, all done” he smiled at me, “Let’s go!” he stretched for the house keys and opened the door. “Ladies first!” he said and let me go in front.

“Thanks, haha” I replied nearly choking on my giggle. We now left the house and were on our way to the cinema.



I was looking at the snowflakes falling, thinking of my early childhood how me and my dad used to dance in the snow and make snow angels, and then our mother would scold us for being covered in snow and turning the house into a mess.

Eric came to me holding tickets in his hand,

“What film we watching?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise, hun” he kissed my cold, blue lips right after the sentence. I was silent, shy. I didn’t speak much, not even throughout my whole life. Honestly, now that I think about it, Eric was the only person I spoke to without running away after.

The cinema was cold, which was good because I could warm myself up with Eric’s body heat, he was always warm or even hot (I mean it in both ways). His heart has relaxed me even more, allowing me to fall asleep, on him, again.

“Hun!” he woke me up. I looked at the big screen my sight still blurry and adjusting, oh so that’s what it was, the credits.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry I fell asleep!” I sounded extremely dramatic.

“It’s okay, I know.” He started, “You’re cute when you sleep.” He whispered in my ear which made me back up a bit due to his ticklish S’s. “Let’s go, I wanna take you somewhere” he smiled, grabbed my hand and walked me out the cinema.



We reached our destination. He took me to the place I’ve never been to before, it was beautiful! The snow was falling as if it was dancing a waltz. In front of me there was a not big but beautiful round veranda and it was fully covered in white snow. He pulled me in, to hide from the snow that was getting stronger as the wind pushed it.

“Sasha…” He said in a very quiet voice but loud enough so I could hear it.

“Yes, Eric?” I replied, nervously. Worrying of what he is about to tell me, bad news? Good news?

“I love you, Sasha” He whispered to me while holding me tight against him forcing me to hear his uneasy heart badum faster. He softly pushed me a little away from himself so he could get a little space to bow down a little and kiss my pale lips. “I love them” He said once he stopped kissing me.

“You love what?” I asked in a shy voice.

“Your pale lips” he said while smiling at me. It was very cold outside and I could feel that I was getting weaker. The next thing I knew, I fainted, but I remember Eric catching me so I don’t hit the ground.



I woke up in the hospital with things attached to my body. I could see Eric talking to the doctor, his face flushed with disappointment. The doctor looked pretty serious, and both of them looked at me every twenty seconds. I was confused and a little, scared.

He came up to me, not saying anything at first but just stroking my black hair observing every strand of it. I grabbed his hand as if telling him to stop. I could see his worried look on his face which made me wonder why. I grabbed his blonde hair and gently pulled him closer to my lips. I gave him a kiss. It was cold, very cold. I started feeling weak again, and then I’ve drifted away, again.



When I opened my eyes, I straight away noticed the calendar, two weeks have passed, it seems. I felt a lot better, and my heart was beating like Eric’s. I was worried and I wanted to see my beautiful Eric. I noticed there was a piece of paper on the desk right next to my hospital bed. I reached for it. It said

‘Dear Sasha,

You were very sick and the doctors said there were no other way to help you, so I’ve volunteered, for you.

You shouldn’t worry about me leaving you, because the heart that is beating in your chest right now is mine, so I’ll always be with you.

You shouldn’t cry, because when you smile the world gets its sun. So stay happy forever, and use my heart wisely.’


With love,


My eyes have burst into tears, my cry was the loudest I’ve ever had. I couldn’t move but I could shout.

“No! No! No!” I screamed and the doctors came in.

“Put her to sleep she needs to calm down!” One shouted, the other followed the order and I could feel myself going drowsy. I looked at the letter again. I missed a line, the last line. It said

‘P.S. Hunny, I love your pale lips’

“P..pale, l…lips” I said in a tired worn out voice. A tear run down my cheek, and I finally admitted it.


Eric, was gone.

© Copyright 2020 Vincent Rotkiv. All rights reserved.

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