Magic Paper Hand

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Poems from beyond the razorwire

Submitted: August 22, 2011

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Submitted: August 22, 2011




For Amanda, JD and Joshua X.

Today I sit here pen in hand,

To try and make you understand…

That I believe in Fairytales,

And that with love one never fails….


I too believe that dreams come true,

For proof of this I look at you.

You’ve fulfilled my expectations…

Your future has no limitations….


I’ve found you have a special skill,

But graced with magic, if you will…

Might even be the ink that fills,

The instrument you call your quill…


In the mail I just received,

The cutest thing to be conceived…

An outline of your tiny hand,

On paper, which travelled all across this land…


And as I join your hand to mine,

Like I’ve done a thousand times…

I no longer feel dismay,

My problems seem to fade away…


So I have done the same for you,

For every time that you feel blue…

When problems seem too much to stand,

Just touch my Magic Paper Hand.


© Copyright 2019 Vincent Rubio. All rights reserved.

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