Hot Swap

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The swap meet...find what you're looking for....

Submitted: September 09, 2007

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Submitted: September 09, 2007



The swap meet is crowded

There are all kinds of guys

And all of them look at you

With "Wow" in their eyes

You're walking behind

Your husband and daughter

With your sweet tits up high

And your black skirt hitched shorter

You're so hot 'n sexy

You're the main attraction

Each guy who sees you

Wants a piece of that action

You feel good and horny

And don't try to hide

That their staring excites you

And your pussy inside

So you tease the poor bastards

The're so shit out of luck

Why, you're there with your husband

There's no chance of a fuck

Or so it would seem

But there's many away

That your hot little ass

Can change a slow day

"You go on, I've gotta go back"

"To our truck"

"I've forgotten my chapstick"

"And my mouth's getting stuck"

As you turn and go back

There's a guy who's not shy

He's hard as a rock

And gives you the eye

You smile and just show him

A slip of you tongue

There's a chance of a home run

If he's ready for fun

In the back of your truck

He pulls out his hard dick

It's big, strong and ready

For your kiss and lipstick

You start giving him head

As he feels your hard nipples

You're coming so fast

In passionate ripples

He explodes in your mouth

And you suck him away

As you come to a climax

The best one today

Your husband says "Honey"

"We've eaten. You're late"

You reply "Oh, don't worry"

"I already ate"

"The hot dog stand was there"

"Boy, that wiener was hot"

"Thick, juicy, delicious"

"It hit the right spot"

"It was so big and long"

"Filled my throat to my tummy"

"But after I swallowed "

"It tasted so yummy"

At the back of your husband

The same guy was standing

The Portacabin was there

You looked, understanding

“ I’ll be back in a moment”

You explained “Washroom time”

Your pussy felt happy

As you made up your mind

It was tight in the cabin

There was no space at all

He had you bent over

Hands up against the wall

He grabbed your hot chi chi’s

Pulled your panties aside

Lined up his big dick

And shoved it inside

Rough sex, don’t you love it

Riding down his big cock

So exciting, so sexy

The cabin started to rock

He’s coming quite close now

He’s on the short stroke

Your cunt feels so grateful

You’re about to blow smoke

He finally comes

One more time in your pussy

You also cum with him

Fucking so hot and juicy

Your husband says “Girl”

“You look hot” you just laugh

“I was so hot in there”

“I was having a bath”

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