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Submitted: November 22, 2007

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Submitted: November 22, 2007



"Let's go down for a drink"
You look nervous as hell
But we've only got two hours
And your sex I can smell

So we start with a kiss
And then two or three more
While hugging so tight
So happy and sure
The moment of magic
We don't need to say
Locked in each others arms
It's more than foreplay

Now we start slow and easy
Exploring anew
Your skirt up so high
I've a wonderful view
Of your sexy smooth legs
Blending into your pussy
Exciting and hot
Delicious and juicy

We're crazy together
In passionate lovemaking
You're groaning and moaning
I'm know you're not faking
You feel amazing fantastic
You're rocking my world
Having the best sex ever
And I mean it, girl

Waking up in the morning
With you curled in my arms
Let the loving begin again
And forget the alarm
You're relaxed and so beautiful
Without polka dot panties
We're happy, we're horny
Doing whatever we fancy

You're laughing, you're sighing
It's time to get moving
It's been such a great time
We both hate leaving
But there's always tomorrow
We will do this again
So much fun, so much pleasure
Maybe even better I'm sayin'

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