First love, so strong, so sweet

Your glance, your smile,

You would, in a while

I knew

We were close

My heart was so pleased

Or were you all tease

I finished programming

"Let me show you, you'll see"

"It's so simple"

You smiled

"Really, for me?"

You came close then closer

Your scent filled me up

Grabbing at my hardness

"First switch on" I murmured

"Like this"

Your arm touched against mine

Concentration interruptus

"Next select" I whispered

Straining to touch you

Then you stepped up on the chair rail

Right leg exposed

In your 5" high heels

"Which program?" you questioned

Your knee nudged my side

"Your choice" I replied

My hand slipped over

And felt the silky warmth

Of your smooth inner thigh

Gently, slowly working up

Towards your secret spot

"Let's start with this"

You groan and moan

Gasping in anticipation

For my butterfly touch

On your perfect flower petals

"That's a good one" you say

Parting your legs slightly

I sense the sweet heat

Of your hot honeyspot

Now your fingers envelop mine

Only to pull aside your thong

For my sensitive fingertips

To explore your exploding sweet lips

You are so beautiful

Submitted: August 23, 2007

© Copyright 2023 Vincent Vorpal. All rights reserved.

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