Colour Me Happy!

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Joan delightfully helps out.

Submitted: September 21, 2009

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Submitted: September 21, 2009



Colour Me Happy!


It will be a special morning at, Little Darlings Day Care. The Merry Entertainers will soon arrive for the pre- school children. Rose and Lindsay who run this place will greet Lolly, the Dancing Rag Doll and clown juggler, Butterscotch Breezy. They’re going to sing, dance, tell adventure stories. To keep busy, the excited children are drawing pictures, gifts for them.

Good friend Joan Harper now drops in, she works at the clothing shop next door. Joan enjoys decorating the store for fall season. Today, she is anxious about the guests. Dressed in lilac, pink colours, Joan holds a box of scrap paper for the children. They love drawing and colouring. Grateful Lindsay takes the box, she places it on a striped cabinet. Nearby, Joan smiles at a lovely collection of art for Family Night next week. The colours are amazing. Now, she cheerfully turns to Rose and Lindsay.

"I’ll be over at ten. I’m a fan of the Merry Entertainers, I

enjoy dancing to the music!" Lindsay chuckles, she heads to

close the window. It’s starting to rain but it’ll be a fun morning.

At nine twenty, Rose has a phone call and she looks a little down. Their guests will not be coming, they have car trouble. It’s sad as Rose thinks of other entertainers. Lindsay hears the news, she mentions puppeteer Sara but she has the flu. Rose gazes at the raindrops on the window. She has an idea.

"How about, Pal Pete and his magic bag of tricks?"

" No, Pete is working away. Maybe, Tippy Playtime?"

"She is filling in at the hospital. So, we can make leaves."

Suddenly, Joan enters, she has a comical grin on her face.

"Silly me, I left my notebook in the scrap paper box. Why

the long faces?" Rose quietly tells the news, Joan will help.

"Don’t mention anything to the kids. I’ll be back to put on

a show. I was once a kids leader at summer camp!" Joan said

proudly. Rose and Lindsay look surprised, curious too.

Moments later, Joan returns with a very pretty, colourful fan The children look interested in Joan’s fan and now she tells a story. Rose and Lindsay are delighted, it’s about a princess who had lost her rainbow fan. Each child is listening, their eyes are deeply set on Joan. She definitely knows how to catch a young one’s attention. Today, Joan is a wonderful rainbow.

"Ok kids, I have a song, easy to learn. It’s, ABC, Smiles

and Glee, I know a colour game, will you play with me? What colour is an apple?" she asks. The children eagerly shout.

"Red!!!!!" Joan now wants them to look around for red things. It seems they are all having fun with colours. Rose and Lindsay are so happy. Soon, it’s time for a snack, fruit and cupcakes. The children didn’t mention Lolly or Butterscotch Breezy. It seems they’ve forgotten about their visit but it’s nice to know they’ll be here tomorrow. Now, there’s one boy, four year old Chris who turns to Joan. He adorably folds his arms.

"You’re pretty good, I like the song with colours. But you

really need a name like, Lolly, the Dancing Rag Doll or Butterscotch Breezy. Something for you." She nods.

"How about, Colour Me Happy, because I am!" She waits for a reaction. Chris now happily nods with a big smile.

"Terrific! I like it and I like you!" He reaches for a hug.

It’s a wonderful day after all.

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