Do You Believe??

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Carrie's very special, unforgettable evening

Submitted: September 02, 2009

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Submitted: September 02, 2009



Do You Believe??

This evening, the thirteenth of September is going to be a wonderful celebration for Grandma Lily’s eightieth birthday, also for granddaughter, Carrie Roberts. Carrie has a new job as a legal secretary, she will move to the city of Kingsley. Her proud parents are happy about this but they will surely miss Carrie. It’s been three years that she had moved back to hometown Bridgeport, she worked with her dad in a lumber mill’s office. Also, she and her mom helped at Aunt Helen’s inn, Wise Owl. Carrie plays the piano for the guests. She always felt safe, so content living in this town since the break up. Her boyfriend Nathan Hayes kept a secret. Carrie had painfully found out that he has another girlfriend and a young son. Devastated Carrie moved from the city, she has certainly gotten over Nathan with work and countryside Bridgeport. Family, friends are a comfort. Recently, Carrie’s cousin, Heather in Kingsley called to tell of a new law firm that was looking for a legal secretary. Carrie applied for the job and after the interview, she was hired.

Now in Carrie’s bedroom, an opened window brings about a

cool, pleasant breeze. Carrie looks beautiful, she will enjoy the party soon. At her dresser, she eyes cute Fluffy, a toy bunny from Aunt Helen. The bunny ears move with a tune. Carrie can’t believe it still works. She chuckles. Her dad now taps on the door.

"Lovely dress! Here’s a rose corsage, you and Grandma Lily are stars! I’ll put it on." She loves it, pretty ribbons too.

"How sweet, thank you! I’ll treasure this precious evening!"

"Special memories never fade. Oh, the ribbon colours is Aunt Vera’s idea. It’s nature, the sun and the sky." Carrie nods.

"Aunt Vera believes in good luck colours, it’s nice. Dad, this job is what I want but I’m moving, leaving you guys. Part of me is excited, the other part, scared." He gazes sincerely.

"That’s natural. Carrie, your mom and I believe in you, your life isn’t just with us and Bridgeport, it’s a big adventure! You will love again, you’re not a quitter. So, we’re going soon, ok."

She turns to a smiling face in the mirror. The corsage is a reminder of the July wedding, Uncle Len and Sara. Carrie happily caught the bouquet. Now, in the hallway, she hears Mom wrapping gifts.

Carrie sits on her bed, she reaches for the flower bracelet from Grandma Lily. Carrie had recently painted Lily’s veranda. .Now, Carrie laughs at an old Halloween photo, she was a pirate and brother Mike, a mad scientist. She holds the next picture, proud Carrie with the cast members in the play, Strong, Determined Jane. Five years ago, volunteer Carrie among others helped raise money for charity. She met someone special, Martha Wells who is brightly smiling in the picture. Martha, a history teacher, volunteer made a great impact on Carrie. She adores Martha’s wit, stamina. Now, Carrie has sad thoughts, Martha’s cancer illness and death. This is dismal as Carrie cries. How she misses dearest friend Martha.

Suddenly, at one side of the bedroom, there’s a humming. Carrie curiously turns towards the window. Her heart is beating fast.

"Carrie, don’t cry, it’s your celebration! Pretty outfit, corsage! I love that picture. Kingsley is a nice place to live." Martha’s

voice is heard. Frightened Carrie sees a transparent vison of Martha.

"I know, you can’t believe your eyes but it’s me, Martha! I have news, our friend Eve Brown is fine, she loves life again! Enjoy the evening Carrie." In shock, Carrie slowly nods and

stares. A soft breeze touches her face, it’s a flashback. Carrie and Martha dressed as Santa’s elves. Martha had a hole in the seat of her pants, she taped a red bow. Carrie is laughing, Martha blows a kiss.

"Believe in yourself!" Now, the vision is gone, mesmerized

Carrie joyfully sighs. This is so amazing, unbelievabable .

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