Half Full Glass

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Wonderful Happiness arrives for LeeAnne

Half Full Glass

There’s something magical about a sun shower as the beads of rain glistens on grass, trees and fresh, coloured flowers. This lovely June evening, Lee Anne Holmes gets ready for a date that her best friend Kelly set up. His name is Ron Porter, a real estate salesman. He enjoys coaching baseball and weekend camping. Lee Anne, who plans to be a biologist has enrolled in a two weeks summer program at the college. Lee Anne, a part time waitress also works with Professor Dale in the lab. It seems that Lee Anne’s main interest is her work, courses. She had endured this way of living since the dreadful car accident. Three and a half years ago, her boyfriend Keith Shannon, a tired intern was driving home from a night shift at the hospital. His car hit a street sign. Grieving Lee Anne is adjusting by keeping busy.

At eight, Lee Anne and Ron will see a fun musical play, Welcome Home Daisy! Now in a bathrobe, Lee Anne looks at two outfits on her bed. The doorbell rings, she thinks it’s Kelly.

"Hi Sweet Pea! Surprise, surprise, I love the look on your face!" Grandad Jim hugs stunned Lee Anne, she laughs.

"You’re so sneaky! Ah, it’s Tuesday, weren’t you going to that art exhibit, June Fair in Kingston?" Grandad Jim heads to his cozy chair in the apartment. He looks serious.

"Well, my friend Stanley is having heart surgery Friday morning. He has to be alright." Lee Anne taps his arm.

"How thoughtful, we can hope, pray. Care for a drink? My neighbour made cupcakes." He sees the pretty chimes, plants by an open window. He turns to the summer, winter photos of smiling Lee Anne and Keith.

"How are you Sweet Pea? I don’t mean work or college."

"I’m ok. Summer is alright but it’s just not the same. Keith made the seasons perfect. The water glass is half full for me but I’m in the right direction of my goals. Anyways, soon, my date Ron Porter is taking me to a play. That’s nice!"

Jim smiles from ear to ear. Lee Anne should be having fun.

"Great, I’m so happy for you! I will now have a cupcake!"

She chuckles. In the bedroom after, Lee Anne picks the rose outfit. Nearby, she sees a striped cup that is full of special trinkets from dates with Keith. Lee Anne now has a call from Kelly. Grandad waves, they will meet for lunch tomorrow.

Ron now arrives. He has a warm character as he admires his date, the apartment. Instantly, he sees a photo of young Lee Anne at Camp Sparrow’s boat race. Excited Ron tells of his Camp Sparrow days. He was on the raccoon team. A very surprised Lee Anne reaches for a nearby sweater, purse.

"Wow, I was too!" She is delighted, he looks sincere.

"I loved camp, there I met an awesome friend Danny who later married my cousin. Danny stood by me in good and bad times. He ran a glass shop until his illness took him. It’s five years. His glass shop is a reminder, half full happiness." Lee Anne quickly sighs.

"Sorry to hear it. My boyfriend passed away, I find it hard to let go. I believe, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Half full glass, we share something already!"

They stand by the door. Ron anxiously touches her hand.

"We do, this summer will be full of enjoyment!"

Submitted: June 10, 2009

© Copyright 2020 Vincey Delaney. All rights reserved.

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Aw, that was cute! I loved it! :D

Tue, November 3rd, 2009 5:03pm


aw, this was such a great story. Short, but concise and your character development is great and really clever. I loved how your narrator took the story with such simple transitional phrases/sentences.
This story was great.

Thu, November 5th, 2009 5:33am

Mistress of Word Play

Hi my friend another well written story. Love the story line and how you did this one. Wonderful. Voting I like it. Susan :)

Sat, November 21st, 2009 3:33pm


I love it!! I usually don't like stories this short, not enough for me, but this story is so very sweet, perfect length!

Sun, November 7th, 2010 11:10am

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